I Slept with My Boss and Ran Away


In the aftermath of a wild company dinner, she—intoxicated and misguided—found herself in her boss's room... Whispers of his cold indifference to romance and his ruthless decisiveness were legendary, painting a grim fate for any woman who dared entangle with him. ... In one month: the sight of a positive pregnancy test sends her mind racing to one thought—she must run, now or never! As she makes a break for freedom, he's hot on her heels, turning her flight into a captivating chase where her wings are no match for his resolve!


The Alpha chasing his Ex-Luna again

27.0K·Bosy Elselhdar 2

After being the Alpha's mate for three years, they referred to her as barren Luna. However, one day she discovered that she was pregnant. She was filled with excitement to share this news with her Alpha mate. Unfortunately, before she could do so, he unveiled a shocking secret and expressed his desire: he loves her half-sister and wishes to divorce and sever their mating bond! "Alpha Xavier, step out of your limo and face me. Don't be a cheater and a coward," she shouted with frustration, her voice filled with determination. "You've already signed the divorce papers, so what do you want now? Money?" he responded, sounding bored and indifferent, refusing to meet her gaze. She raised an eyebrow, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Living among humans seems to have made you forget that those papers are just for dividing property. But we are werewolves." Confusion flickered in his narrowed eyes as he tried to comprehend her words. Before he could fully grasp the situation, she unexpectedly emphasized, "Right here, right now, I am breaking the mating bond with you, Alpha Xavier." A sudden pain pierced his chest, a sensation he tried to conceal. He never anticipated that by severing the mating bond, she would take not only his heart and soul, but also his very essence.


The Unwanted Luna


There is only so much a woman can take and Amelia Solace had reached her breaking point. All she ever wanted was a mate but fate cursed her by giving her one who's heart beat for another. He loathed her existence and he never failed to remind her of that. Her only sunshine was the son she was carrying, her mates baby whom he planned to take away and raise him together with the love of his life, breaking her already shattered heart. She was getting tired of fighting to stay afloat. fighting to be seen and to be loved and with the bond decaying inside her and old enemies out to get her, she has no other choice but to take the only option that has always been in front of her but she never dared to accept. When her former pack is attacked and the son she left behind is threatened. She's willing to fight side by side her ex mate and former pack. That doesn't mean she has forgotten the hell they put her through though. Nor has she forgiven them. The new Amelia is cold and closed off, Gone is the girl they knew. When her ex mate wants her back, will he be able to sway her cold and unreachable heart? Or has he already lost her to someone else? someone who saw her value in ways he never did.


Arranged love


A figure both dangerous and dreaded. These are the words that characterize my forthcoming spouse. Coincidentally, he also happens to be my former boyfriend. It's a tangled web. Two years ago, he shattered my heart by departing, compelled to fulfill his father's wishes. Following months of tears, I eventually conceded that he was gone for good, never to glance back. Perhaps he had never truly loved me. The idea of encountering Luca once more was far from my desire. Now, a brutal twist of fate has cruelly bound me to him in a heartless arrangement. I am now his possession. He believes he's done me a favor, but to me, it's akin to a sentence of death. His motivation for marriage isn't rooted in his lingering affection for me; no, he pursued it for wealth and more power. I'm destined to become a mafia wife, and there appears to be only one escape from this fate: death. Yet, fate has something else in store. Someone else is averse to my union with the merciless Luca Bianchi. And if he prevails, my journey might lead me to an untimely demise.


The Pain of Love


Ashley bit down on her bottom lip nervously and looked over at the clock. It was half past nine. Three hours haves passed since Dante should have been home. She stood up from her seat and started fiddling with her fingers, staring out the window every few seconds. Where is he? She thought as she listened for the sound of a car driving in. He has never been home this late before. He didn't even call. Ashley knew that she sounded like a clingy wife right now but she couldn't help but worry for her husband's safety. He was never one to come home late but yet, three hours have passed and he still wasn't home.

Sad loveCompleted

The Wedding Night

11.0K·Oluwatosin Melody

A wedding night that was supposed to be memorable for a couple turned to a sorrowful night. Melody and Franklin were happy to be married and on the night of their wedding, a terrible event occurred which leads to their separation. Now, 5 years later, they met again, and this time Franklin is now Giovanni, a ruthless billionaire who doesn't give a damn about other people's feelings. The shocking fact is that Giovanni has no memory of what happened 5 years ago and the first time they met, Giovanni couldn't recognize Melody. What happened on the wedding night that led to their separation? What happened in the past? How come Giovanni didn't recognize Melody? Read and find out in this story.


Erotic Confessions

8.0K·Amanda Aniston

The largest collection of first-person accounts sharing their erotic tales of seduction and temptation. From LA to Sydney, Paris to New York, Stockholm to Singapore, Manhattan to Malaysia, these hand-picked bestsellers will be your perfect bedside companion. The confessions might shock, amuse or excite but you'll find what you’re looking for over here ;)


What a Provocative Ex-Wife

13.0K·Lindsay Frost

Tiffany diligently served as Mrs. Harlan for three years. Unexpectedly, the former lover returned, bringing a divorce agreement. She left gracefully, erasing all traces and disappeared from his world. Undergoing a transformation, she became a prominent figure in various circles, with people following her footsteps. Later, Mr. Harlan suddenly discovered that his ex-wife had numerous disguises and was constantly surrounded by admirers, and her belly was gradually growing larger. The usually calm and dignified Mr. Harlan became flustered. He held her tightly, with his eyes turning red at the corners, and asked, "Tiffany, whose child is it?" She responded defiantly, "It's that dog of a man's." "Sweetheart, if you don't mind, I would like to be the father of that puppy!"


Falling In Love With The Billionaire Twins


"How could you?" My voice was filled with sadness. The pain hurt deeply, and it felt like the trust we had was falling apart. "I didn't mean to, Lily," Leon said, his voice shaking. "Come on now baby. We haven't exactly done it lately." "You were busy so I gave you space! You're such a piece of shit!" I felt torn, but I knew I had to be strong. "We are done, Leon! We are fucking done!" *** After enduring a heartbroken betrayal from her boyfriend, Lily finds herself unexpectedly had an one night stand with Ace, her best friend's brother, on the eve of her friend's wedding. As she tries to keep her relationship with Ace hidden, she finds herself entangled with Ace's twin brother, Alex. Friends shouldn't have relationships with their friends' brothers. How will Lily tell her best friend Cher about the wild encounters she had with her brothers? What happens when Leon threatened to expose her before she could tell Cher? On one hand, there's her best friend, always there to support her, and on the other hand, the twin brothers who consistently infuse her life with passion and surprises.


Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife


"Will you re-marry me?" He asked lying on the hospital bed after surviving an attempted murdur. "Yes. A thousand times!" She nodded with tears in her eyes. Jessica had dreamed of this moment for more than 10 years! She had had a crush on Lucas at 14 when he saved her from a group of gangsters. Eight years later, she married him despite all opposition from her parents and friends. But Lucas chose to save and defend another woman rather than her in face of danger. Sick of this toxic marriage, Jessica decided to leave and embark on the journey of vengeance. Three months later, she came back, as a billionaire CEO instead of that country girl in his eyes...


Rejected And Banished with His Heir

4.0K·emelda writes

"From this moment henceforth, you mean nothing to me," he spat, his eyes bloodshot as he stared deep into my eyes. "I, Killian Dimitri, Alpha of Crescent Star pack, hereby reject you, Elena Salvador as my mate and future Luna," he affirmed, sending stabs of pain through my already torn heart, slicing it into a million tiny pieces. "As for the punishment for your crime, henceforth, you are no longer a member of this pack, and that means you can never show your face anywhere around here anymore," My whole life was shattered in a minute, the earth had opened up and for some reason, it kept dragging me down with it and no matter how hard I tried to stay afloat, nothing could stop me from drowning. Except for the tiny little life beating inside me, my hands unconsciously fell to my stomach because unknown to Alpha Killian, I was carrying his child. ** A week ago, Alpha killian had discovered that I was his mate after years of fruitless search, nothing had ever felt so right in my life. But then, doom came knocking on my door the night he was going to announce our union to everyone. That same night, a dreadful crime was executed with my name pinned on it.


The Billionaire’s Substitute


Rachel is falling hard and fast for Ethan, she believes he is her Prince Charming. Yet Ethan never gives her a chance. The more time she spends with him the more she is doubting their relationship. She can't help but wonder if she's just his ex-girlfriend's substitute.


The Billionaire's Regret

2.0K·Vivi Jeremiah

Harriett Edwards has been in love with Damien Daniels since childhood so, when their parents arrange for them to be married, she gladly accepts even though she knew that it wasn’t what Damien wanted. For the three years of their marriage, she devoted her life to him with the hope that she would be able to change his mind and eventually get him to fall in love with her. It all comes crashing down when someone fabricates a picture of her cheating with Damien’s brother, Adrian. After seeing the pictures, he coldly said. “I want a divorce!” And even when she confessed her love to him, his reply was cold and hurtful. “I know. It doesn’t matter. I don’t love you.” What he didn’t know was that in her hand was pregnancy test results from a mistake he made due to his drunken state. Years later, they both meet at a friend’s wedding and he is shocked to see her with a set of identical twins that looked just like him. “Are they mine?” He asked. Harriett laughed and replied. “It doesn’t matter, Damien. They don’t need a father.”


The Unfinished Affair


It is a story of a teenage boy and a girl who meet and fall in love but lose each other on the way because of the conspiracies of their enemies and in the process they also lose their loved ones. Jumping from hatred to love and from love to hatred this story is about revenge and redemption that will make one believe in second chances, love and forgiveness.


Mommy, Is The President Our Daddy? The Ex-wife’s Return!

867·Josephine Ivy

“Mummy, Is the President our daddy?” Layla asked curiously, head tilted sideways. Her brothers listened in attentively, obviously wanting a response. I forced out a chuckle as I crouched low before her to cup her soft cheeks. “Honey, the president isn’t your daddy. The President is a very wicked person.” “But, we met him today and he was very polite. He even complimented my hair.” Layla continued earnestly and my heart hammered against my chest fearfully. “Cupcakes, whenever you run into the President; stay away from him because he’s very cruel, okay?” ~~~ Zendaya Montclair unwillingly got into a contract marriage with the President and suffered a great deal in the marriage– from having to break up with her high school sweetheart because of the marriage, to depression, to public humiliation– to her ex-boyfriend whom she was still in love with, getting married to her supposed best friend. Zendaya was heartbroken. She got drunk that night and spent it in her husband’s bed, which instantly led to an accidental pregnancy. The President wanted her to get rid of the pregnancy because he never saw her as a mother of his future children and only a wife of convenience. That was the last straw. Zendaya left everything behind and fled, promising herself to come back for revenge on every single person who had wronged her. Including the President, she was going to make him pay!


The Ex-Husband Returns: A Second Chance At Love

2.0K·Writer Raven

After a totally disastrous marriage, she has decided to keep her heart locked away for the rest of her life from the most hurtful things that can ever come to her. To be precise, men. She has finally realised that it’s so stupid to rely on any man or bid her own happiness on them. Even if it can be tough to be a bread earner and a single mom at the same time, even if she feels lonely at times, she will never ever enter any romantic relationship anymore. There’ll only be one person she will love with her whole heart, her babies. She can do this, and she must do this, because she is an independent strong woman who is the owner of her own fate. However what happens when the man she has solely voted to be away from comes to her aid? He comes back and asks her to be his wife? “Marry me ex-wife” on his knees, he begs. “Sorry, ex-husband, I can’t.”


Billionaire's Ex-Wife Returns With A Baby

2.0K·Krystal Writes

“We are divorced, Adams.” She sighed and wanted to walk away, but he held her. “It doesn't matter.” He answered, his voice laced with determination. “I don't love you anymore.” “That doesn't matter either. What matters is that I want you, and there's nothing you or anyone can do about it.” ***** Alicia's life has been a series of ups and downs. She suffered abuse from her husband and his family because she couldn't give him a child. She thought she had seen it all, but not until the day she returned home only to receive a letter of divorce from her husband. She pleaded but was met with deaf ears, and so she signed the documents and left. Little did anyone know that she was pregnant. She returned six years later with her baby girl only to find her Ex-husband craving her once more. How will she take this, and what other surprises does fate have in stock for her?


The Billionaire's Secret Desires


"Bryn? What are you doing?" Veronica asked pinned against the wall. “This means nothing.” But his body contradicted his words as he claimed her mouth in a fierce kiss. ************************* To save her family's home and bookstore, Veronica signed a deal with a man who had once crushed her heart. Bryn desired to claim the inheritance his uncle left him after his death. But there was only one problem: he couldn't get the inheritance without a wife who would be with him for a whole year. And time was running up. Left with no choice, he offered a deal to the only candidate with all the qualities he needed. His sister's best friend who had an unforgettable romantic past with him. The rules of the deal were simple: no emotional attachment, no sexual relationship, and no falling in love. But what happens when they break the first rule at their first meeting? Will Veronica trust him with her heart again? Or will one night of steamy passion change the rules of the deal?


The Casanova

609·TL Swan

My favorite hobby is infuriating Elliot Miles. Just the sight of my boss’s handsome face triggers my sarcasm. God knows how he earns his Casanova reputation—if a million women want him with his personality, what the heck am I doing wrong? Disgusted with my love life, I join a dating app under a fake name. I start chatting to a man named Edgar. He’s not my type and lives on the other side of the world, but we hit off a friendship, laugh and confide in each other. But lately things are getting weird at work. Elliot’s being…attentive. His eyes linger a little longer than they should, and there’s a heat behind them that I haven’t felt before. And then, in the shock of all shocks, he tells me that my vulnerability is appealing. But when was I vulnerable? Horror dawns…Has my boss been reading my emails to Edgar? Damn it, why did I use my work email? Oh no, does he know what I really think of him? I’d rather die than ever admit it. Or, even worse: is it possible that the man I loathe in real life is the man I’m falling for online?


Married To My Billionaire Ex


Kylie is a hardworking girl with lots of dreams. But all her dreams were shattered when her father met an accident. To pay for her father's surgery, Kylie had no choice but to accept Sebastian's contract marriage proposal. Sebastian happens to be the new CEO of her company and her ex-boyfriend from college. Who wants to marry her to take revenge for something Kylie had no idea of? Kylie used to hate Sebastian for cheating on her back in college. Sebastian also hates her. The reason is unknown to Kylie. So what will happen when two people who hate each other live under the same roof? Will they find their old secrets or fall in love again?