The Pain of Love


Ashley bit down on her bottom lip nervously and looked over at the clock. It was half past nine. Three hours haves passed since Dante should have been home. She stood up from her seat and started fiddling with her fingers, staring out the window every few seconds. Where is he? She thought as she listened for the sound of a car driving in. He has never been home this late before. He didn't even call. Ashley knew that she sounded like a clingy wife right now but she couldn't help but worry for her husband's safety. He was never one to come home late but yet, three hours have passed and he still wasn't home.


The Wedding Night

11.0K·Oluwatosin Melody

A wedding night that was supposed to be memorable for a couple turned to a sorrowful night. Melody and Franklin were happy to be married and on the night of their wedding, a terrible event occurred which leads to their separation. Now, 5 years later, they met again, and this time Franklin is now Giovanni, a ruthless billionaire who doesn't give a damn about other people's feelings. The shocking fact is that Giovanni has no memory of what happened 5 years ago and the first time they met, Giovanni couldn't recognize Melody. What happened on the wedding night that led to their separation? What happened in the past? How come Giovanni didn't recognize Melody? Read and find out in this story.


My Hot Forbidden Neighbor

3.0K·Indus Leo

"I should fuck your pretty mouth to make a better use of it. It talks too much..." Would it be a fair revenge or cheap stunt to get involved with my Ex's best friend? ..... "Go easy there..." He stands way too close to me. I glance at him but don't object. "Why do you care? It might serve you some purpose." I say while sipping my drink. He takes a hint and wraps his arm around my waist. "Good point! But I don't like sloppy girls in my bed." That one mistake and Natalie’s life became hell. Now she wants to spend her last year in school quietly with her head down. The past year bought so much drama and pain in her life, she wants to stay invisible and forget everything. Things get stirred up when his hot new neighbor joins her at school. Jacob doesn't like to explain his lack of interest in girls (or boys) to others. He knows he is different, but not sure exactly how. Life is about figuring yourself out and it's called a Spectrum for a reason, after all. When his friends were crushing over girls at barely 12-13 years old, He thought his time would come probably a year or later. Just when he lost all his hopes, he finally meets his first crush ever at the sweet age of 17.


The Billionaire’s Substitute


Rachel is falling hard and fast for Ethan, she believes he is her Prince Charming. Yet Ethan never gives her a chance. The more time she spends with him the more she is doubting their relationship. She can't help but wonder if she's just his ex-girlfriend's substitute.


Your Dad Will Pay


I've been harboring a dark secret for two long years. I've been fantasizing about my fiancé's father, thinking filthy thoughts that a good daughter-in-law should not be indulging in. So when I catch my fiancé cheating on me, there's only one revenge that will fulfill all my needs. I'm going to seduce his father. It's dirty and it's wrong, and I don't care. I want him, so I mean to have him.After this weekend, my ex won't be the only one who calls his father Daddy.


About Last Night


Rated SPG!! Read at your own RISK!!! Kristina will accidentally and unexpectedly give her cherished Dignity and Cleanliness as a virgin woman to the young man she meets in just one night. Kristina got a one-night stand with Troy Madrigal for the reason that both of them are drunk and not in the right frame of mind. But despite the accident that happened between them. It would make sense to Kristina, even though she once regretted the mistake she had made and why she had given herself to a young man she didn't know very well. It seemed like she just had a preference and interest in the young man after the hot event that happened to them that night. Which seemed to lead to the point that she fell in love with the young man in just an instant. Can Kristina continue her feelings for the young man, who after taking advantage will leave her alone just like a hired woman? Will she be able to love the young man when they meet again after disappearing like a bubble?


The Billionaire's Secret Desires


"Bryn? What are you doing?" Veronica asked pinned against the wall. “This means nothing.” But his body contradicted his words as he claimed her mouth in a fierce kiss. ************************* To save her family's home and bookstore, Veronica signed a deal with a man who had once crushed her heart. Bryn desired to claim the inheritance his uncle left him after his death. But there was only one problem: he couldn't get the inheritance without a wife who would be with him for a whole year. And time was running up. Left with no choice, he offered a deal to the only candidate with all the qualities he needed. His sister's best friend who had an unforgettable romantic past with him. The rules of the deal were simple: no emotional attachment, no sexual relationship, and no falling in love. But what happens when they break the first rule at their first meeting? Will Veronica trust him with her heart again? Or will one night of steamy passion change the rules of the deal?


The Ex


"I want to shower with you." "Really?" "Yes. But don't do anything silly okay? I wouldn't want us arriving late to work like the last time." Scott laughed at how Laura was acting. "Okay, I promise I won't cause any mischief." "Good, let's go shower. You know we're expecting some investors today."


The beast I married

1.0K·Zee money

“No one can ever make you feel the way I do” his husky voice whispers against her ear and her body quivered in pleasure. "I will not marry him” she yelled and stormed out of the house. Ashley William is the only child of Mr. Williams. She grew up without a mother and lived all her life for her father. Her simple life took a complex turn when her father insisted that she marries one of his business partners in order to strengthen the bond which she bluntly turned down, but she later agreed to marry him. Her marriage life took a miserable turn when she found out that her husband was the guy she had a one-nightstand with. Trigger warning: This novel contains sexual content.


The Billionaire's Ex

885·Nelisa Gold

When Thea is accused of dating the billionaire for his money, she finds other means to take care of her mom's health instead. Yet, the rumors cost her relationship with Ashton, one of the most eligible bachelors in Australia. They finally split and claim to move on, but fate takes Ashton back to Australia when he hears that his sister was found unconscious. The sinister situation takes him back into Thea's life as her new boss and CEO of a company he bought. Will Ashton be able to move past what Thea did and accept the fact that he is in fact still in love with her? Or will Ashton move on with marrying the model, Claire Jenkins who has other intentions for him?




She belongs to him and he would go every extra mile to make it remain so. Bella's imagination might have landed her in trouble with Jay. A man full of authority, one of the top richest men in the state. No one questioned him. A little mistake landed her as a slave to his will, and soon his possession. A journey full of all the naughtiest deeds, remodelling and reshaping her very being to fit into his world. If willing into his forever. He is the mafia lord but would be the softness of a woman like Bella melt his own rugged hardness.




"I really don't want your apology, Tim," Chloe said. "I would prefer you didn’t treat me like some unwanted stranger you can’t wait to be rid of." There was a throb of irritation in her voice. "I don't treat you like a stranger. Things are just different now." Timothy replied. "Oh please" replied Chloe. "All you did in there was frown whenever my name was mentioned. And let's not even talk about the cold manner in which you have spoken to me since I arrived. You look like this is the last place you want to be just because I'm here. Am I really that vile?" Timothy said nothing. Instead he gritted his teeth and shoved his hands into his pocket. Even in her anger, Chloe noticed him... Every inch of him... And his smell. She could pick out his unique scent. Rough. Masculine and mouthwateringly sexy. It made no sense to her, but she was attuned to his every nuance. The man she had called her best friend until a dizzying series of events dissolved the title like sugar in hot water stared at her dispassionately. It was a good thing they were outside and she hoped that he couldn't see the hurt and disappointment on her face. The look wasn't just in his eyes. It seeped through every shrug, every curl of lips she had once thought were the most perfectly created set of lips on earth. She looked deeper, pathetically desperate to find something else. Something more. A reminder of those times when they would talk to each other for hours, and resume conversations the moment they saw one another again. But clearly the Tim she knew had been replaced by a harder, edgier version of a Timothy Kavell - Packard. He was hard and edgy and cynical to start off with. If she had known that he hated her this much, she wouldn't have agreed to his parents' offer to have dinner with them. She had agreed because a stupid part of her had hoped that somehow, they would fix things and be friends again... And she was just beginning to see how wrong she had been....




After spending a few years in prison, Henrico Zattani, a heir farmer, is finally released and vows to fulfill his promise of revenge to his ex-wife's family, especially her father, an important politician and CEO of one of the largest construction companies in the country. When he finds out that his ex-wife got married, then he chooses her younger sister for his pawn piece in the game. Amelia knows that her last name attracts the most diverse predators, however, she is even more sure that being the bastard daughter is a greater target, so she will do everything to protect her family.

Soul MateCompleted

My Pesky BOSS

332·Rophine writes

Valeria Gomez came from a very poor background with six siblings left behind by her parents. They grew up with their grandparents who no longer had the strength to work and unfortunately their pension was suspended for six months. As the oldest she decided to leave the poor country to a more developed one. Xander Gates the multi billionaire CEO in City B known for narcissist attitude. Suddenly gets a secretary who he just can never get his eyes off. Her straightforward and distant behavior piqued his interest. However, in the big city she comes across Xander Gates who only wants her in his bed. With all secrets surfacing with their love suffice. " Where do you think you are going my little mouse? "His hoarse voice emerged in the darkness. " Anywhere but here. Far away from you. You're such a liar. " " You haven't gotten the memo yet, have you? You are mine forever. Yes, I might have lied about a thousand things but my feelings for you are true. " Suddenly his face enlarged in her view, and Xander aimed for her round juicy lips.


The CEO's Ex

655·Diane Klein

Calian Woods had to work with his ex on a job that was very important to him. Left to him alone, Cassidy wouldn't have the privilege of talking to him. Calian felt he should punish her for walking out of his life at a time he needed her the most but at a point, he had to ask himself if he was simply fueled by anger or by need. Was she forever going to remain an ex?

Soul MateCompleted



A broken and desperate Billionaire CEO, and the poorest of all naive girl who just lost everything in a blink of an eye, and her mother just traded her like a piece of trash. They are to be bound together by a contract as husband and wife for just five months, as he locates his beloved fiancé's whereabouts. With every effort of finding his girlfriend bearing no fruits, he slowly begins to accept the possibility of her never returning. With the help of the new girl, he regains his sanity. But can she make him forget his first love? Everything seems to be under control until one single night of total madness that complicates everything. She had done and sacrificed so much for him, asking nothing in return or ever complaining. In return, he asked for just one night to treat her like his loving wife she is supposed to be. One night they lost their souls to each other. One night they willingly surrendered to each. One night of passionate love making. Just one night, which marked the beginning of their unquenchable thirst for more such nights. In the short run, a bond is formed. What happens if the two of them break the major rule of the contract? Who will bear the blame? What's the punishment for such offense? Can they forget about the damn contract and accept what they feel for each other? Actually, this seems to be the case, because none is willing to let go of the other. But what happens when his real love returns? His crush. His first love. The one he almost went insane for. She doesn't return empty handed. The DNA confirms, she is six months pregnant with his first child. What will he do? Wait, his passionate nights with his contract wife bore fruits too. She is expecting his child. Will he marry both of them, or who will he choose?


Vincenzo's Heir


Lillian Stewart is a twenty-four years old who has always wanted a simple life. After being dumped by her boyfriend of two years and a baby on the way, her life makes a drastic turn. Vincenzo Romano was her boyfriend who never showed her his dark side, but what she didn't know was their relationship was based on lies and secrets. Was the love he had for her a lie too? What happens when he makes an appearance in her life again and she finds out a life changing secret, will she be able to raise her child in a life of chaos? A life she had never wanted. Will Vincenzo give her a choice? A mysterious man pledged to make her his at all costs, promising to eliminate anyone that stands in his way. In the midst of war and chaos, will they ignore the sparks and attraction they feel towards each other?


Give Me Second Chance


Sometimes pain is all I feel. Not the physical kind but the emotional kind. The heart wrenching, soul destroying kind. Has your heart ever hurt so much that you thought it might actually explode? It was like a void in your heart that can never be fixed. A hole that burns so deep that you don't think you could ever be okay again. Happiness is nothing but a distant memory for me. Half my soul is missing and I will never be able to fill the empty space again.


In Love With A Billionaire


"I will bring you to the top, Milo. I will make you the envy of everyone but on one condition, you must not fall in love with me." Milo Luxander, could be described as a very extremely poor man in his early thirties, whose life was unfair to. Being in a contract marriage with a Millionaire daughter, Lillian, was hard for Milo. After his wedding, he became a tool to his new family, Milo was completely shackled by Lillian's family. He became a man who has no say in anything. He was alive, but it felt like he was a living dead until the night he regained his freedom. One night changed everything for him when he met her, Arianna Gomez, the CEO of AJg==G industrial corporation. Milo finds out she is one of the richest CEO who also is the real owner of his former wife and family companies. He plotted his sweet Revenge on his ex-wife and along the line fell in love with Arianna Gomez but then, she rejected his love because she was already engaged to another man. Would Milo fight for the love he had for Arianna? Would he be able to get the revenge he so much desired when Lillian is madly in love with him?


the second chance


"Vic ,, why are you late at night?". Mariel asked her fiance anxiously ... The pokerface just looked at him ... "Why you care !!" He said coldly then passed him ... "Vic, I love you so I'm worried about you !!" I can't help but say .. Edvic stopped because of what he heard and then laughed bitterly "Honey? Really. After you left me and made me look like a fool then, will you now say that you're worried about me? Fvck who are you fooling!" "Edvic You're not me ---" "SHUT UP ,, DONT TALK TO ME" he said angrily then went straight to his room .. Mariel was left in the living room crying ... "Because you don't understand me ..." He was suddenly touched in his heart ... *God !! Help me I can't breath* sabi He and then he lost his uncious....