The Alpha chasing his Ex-Luna again

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After being the Alpha's mate for three years, they referred to her as barren Luna. However, one day she discovered that she was pregnant. She was filled with excitement to share this news with her Alpha mate. Unfortunately, before she could do so, he unveiled a shocking secret and expressed his desire: he loves her half-sister and wishes to divorce and sever their mating bond! "Alpha Xavier, step out of your limo and face me. Don't be a cheater and a coward," she shouted with frustration, her voice filled with determination. "You've already signed the divorce papers, so what do you want now? Money?" he responded, sounding bored and indifferent, refusing to meet her gaze. She raised an eyebrow, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Living among humans seems to have made you forget that those papers are just for dividing property. But we are werewolves." Confusion flickered in his narrowed eyes as he tried to comprehend her words. Before he could fully grasp the situation, she unexpectedly emphasized, "Right here, right now, I am breaking the mating bond with you, Alpha Xavier." A sudden pain pierced his chest, a sensation he tried to conceal. He never anticipated that by severing the mating bond, she would take not only his heart and soul, but also his very essence.

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Bella woke up feeling extremely ill. Xavier was not beside her in bed, and she struggled to walk due to dizziness. She hurried to the bathroom and began vomiting, realizing she had a fever. Bella thought that it might just be the flu, but as a werewolf with royal lineage, she doubted it could make her so sick.

After a few minutes of throwing up, Bella's personal maid heard her and rushed to her aid. "Luna, are you feeling unwell?" she asked, worried.

Assisting her in standing up, the maid asked, "Should I call the Alpha? He did not return last night. He informed the beta, that he is on a business trip and will be back tomorrow. But I should inform him about your condition."

Shaking her head, Bella replied, "No need. I'm sure it's just the flu." However, the maid suggested something unexpected, "What if you're pregnant?"

Surprised, Bella widened her eyes, hoping it could be true. She had been trying to conceive without success due to a reproductive issue. Deciding to confirm her suspicions, she decided to call the hospital and schedule an appointment with her doctor. Bella changed into casual clothes, a dress suitable for the pack's gynecologist examination. Ever since humans and werewolves coexisted after the treaty, they shared facilities like hospitals and shopping centers. While werewolves had the option to contact the police, they usually preferred reaching out to their own authorities if they encountered danger or a criminal rogue. Considering she had struggled for three years to conceive, Bella opted to stick with one doctor and focus on her treatment.

The day proved to be strange. Bella asked the maid to inform the limo driver to stand ready to take her to the pack's hospital, but the maid received news that the Alpha instructed him to retrieve some papers. After being mated to the Alpha for three years, Bella attempted to call her the Beta, to send his driver to pick her up. However, he did not answer the call. Ultimately, Bella had to hail a taxi since werewolves and humans coexisted, making taxis readily available.

Arriving at the hospital gate, Bella checked her cellphone and realized that her mate hadn't called her back. Feeling confused, she muttered to herself, "What's happening behind my back?" Dismissing the negative thoughts, she entered the hospital and greeted the doctor's assistant with a small smile. The assistant nodded respectfully and said, "Luna, the doctor requires a blood test first. Please follow me."

Bella followed the assistant and had her blood sampled for a pregnancy test. Then, she waited in the doctor's office for approximately half an hour. As the Luna of the pack and the Alpha's mate, she received respect from everyone since the doctor was a werewolf as well. After a few minutes, the doctor entered his office, holding the blood test results. Bella's heart skipped a beat as she felt dizzy. The doctor smiled and delivered the joyful news, "You're pregnant."

Taking a deep breath and struggling to believe it, Bella exclaimed, "Finally!" Despite wanting to celebrate, she knew she had to be cautious to protect her baby. The doctor warned her, "But be careful. We cannot risk losing this baby. Your pregnancy is delicate and unstable. Avoid anger, fights, jumping, or transforming into werewolf form. Just exercise caution."

Bella nodded and replied, "Of course, thank you. I need to inform my Alpha mate now. I'm certain he will be thrilled."

When Bella answered a call from her uncle later, he expressed concern, asking, "Are you okay?"

Feeling slightly uneasy about his worry, Bella responded, "We're fine, uncle. Why do you ask?"

Her uncle explained, "I heard Alpha Xavier took a pregnant she-wolf for a checkup a few days ago."

Laughing, Bella replied, "You think Xavier is with someone else?"

Her uncle confirmed it. Reassuring him, Bella said, "Uncle, if every male wolf in our species was unfaithful, Alpha Xavier would be the exception." However, when she called Alpha Xavier after ending the call with her uncle, his voice sounded cold. "I am busy right now. If it's not urgent, don't disturb me!" Before she could respond, he hung up, leaving her shocked and holding the test reports.

Bella and Alpha Xavier had been mates for three years, and she believed his love was deep and true. However, recently he had become distant, responding with coldness and silence. Bella couldn't help but wonder what had happened to her once sweet Xavier.

Lost in her thoughts, Bella was interrupted by a female voice. "Hey, sis." It was Samantha, her half-sister from her father's affair, accompanied by an older she-wolf.

Seeing Samantha, Bella felt irritated. "Don't call me your sister so casually. I am my mother's only daughter!"

Ignoring Bella's remark, Samantha asked, "Back for another infertility treatment?"

Annoyed, Bella retorted, "That's none of your business."

Samantha smirked and continued, "Don't you want to know why I'm here? I'm carrying Alpha Xavier's baby!

Noticing Samantha's slightly bigger belly, Bella knew she had always pursued Alpha Xavier, even when they were announced as mates. Dismissing Samantha's claim, Bella told her, "You're imagining things."

Samantha showed her a paper that shocked Bella. "Alpha Xavier's signature? Impossible!"

Four months prior, Samantha had proudly boasted to Bella about a night she spent with Alpha Xavier. She reveled in the fact that she was now pregnant with his child and believed that this meant Bella would have to step down as Luna when the baby arrived. Infuriated by Samantha's audacity, Bella couldn't contain her anger and slapped her. To her surprise, Samantha fell to the ground, clutching her stomach and crying out in pain. Bella noticed blood on Samantha's fingers and couldn't comprehend what had just happened.

Immediately, Samantha was rushed to the emergency room, and Bella reluctantly joined them, despite her initial reluctance. When they arrived, Elinor, Alpha Xavier's mother, stood in the doorway, her gaze icy and full of disdain. She accused Bella of attacking Samantha and insinuated that Bella's barrenness prevented her from allowing others to have children. Elinor's words were hurtful, but Bella couldn't deny the truth that was staring her in the face. Overwhelmed with despair, she felt herself losing consciousness until the pack's healer delivered the devastating news that Samantha had lost the baby.

Elinor's sorrow quickly transformed into rage, and she attacked Bella with such force that everything went black. When Bella regained consciousness, she found herself in a white room. Struggling against the aching pain in her body, she propped herself up against the unyielding headboard of the bed. Just as she caught her breath, the door creaked open, revealing a man with gold-rimmed glasses.

"Good afternoon, Miss Moonshadow. I am Alpha Xavier's lawyer," he greeted.

Bella was taken aback by the lawyer's presence and replied with surprise, "Lawyer?"

"Yes, that's correct. I am Alpha Xavier's personal lawyer. He asked me to discuss the matter of an impending divorce with you," the lawyer explained.

"A divorce? Xavier wants to divorce me?" Bella repeated, struggling to comprehend the situation.

Approaching her, the lawyer placed a document beside her. "This is the divorce settlement. Please take a look."

Trembling hands attempted to process the lawyer's words. The idea of Xavier presenting her with divorce papers was beyond her wildest imagination. She couldn't bring herself to even glance at the document. Turning to the lawyer, she mustered the strength to utter, "Tell Alpha Xavier to meet me in person and explain his intentions."

"Alpha Xavier is too busy for that. He won't be able to meet you," the lawyer responded coldly.

"He's too busy? He can't meet me?" Bella scoffed, realizing how distant they had become. When had their relationship deteriorated to the point where he would prevent her from seeing him?

Desperate for answers, she reached for her phone on the bedside table and dialed Xavier's number. To her horror, the call was blocked. The realization sank in that she and Xavier were now in a seemingly hopeless situation. First an affair, and now a divorce?

The lawyer stood there, glaring at the ticking clock impatiently. "Miss Moonshadow, please review the contract. I don't have much time."

Bella noticed the lawyer's change in attitude. During their three years of being mated, anyone associated with Xavier had treated her with respect and kindness. However, the lawyer's gaze now carried a coldness and detachment she had not experienced before. It was clear that this was what Xavier desired.

Taking hold of the divorce agreement, Bella reluctantly scanned the section that detailed the division of their belongings. Tears welled up in her eyes as she read the words, "All properties and belongings that Alpha Xavier owned before the mating shall remain his after separation."

Xavier had once vowed that Bella was his world, and everything he owned would be hers as well. Yet, within a mere three years, his love for her seemed to have vanished. Was this the true Alpha Xavier?

He had betrayed her, even impregnating another she-wolf. As his infertile mate, it seemed only natural for Bella to step aside. Her heart ached with bitterness. Unable to continue reading the agreement, she turned her attention to the lawyer who watched her intently. "Give me a pen."

The lawyer rifled through his briefcase, retrieved a pen, and handed it to her. As she took the pen, he added, "Alpha Xavier has also mentioned that you cannot keep any of the valuable items he has given you."

Bella stared resolutely ahead, seemingly frozen in time. Just as the lawyer anticipated her rejection, she murmured, "Fine."

Then, Bella picked up the pen and signed her name on the divorce papers. The lawyer briefly reviewed the agreement before turning to leave.

Outside the hospital, a luxurious car gleamed in the sunlight. As the window rolled down, revealing an incredibly handsome face, the lawyer hurried over to the vehicle. "Alpha Xavier, Bella has signed the papers!"

"So, she signed it?" Xavier whispered slowly, studying the lawyer beneath thoughtful eyes.

The lawyer appeared nervous, as if he wanted to respond, but remained silent. Xavier then averted his gaze from the lawyer and shifted his attention to the night sky. After a moment of contemplation, he simply uttered, "You may leave."

Refusing to let Xavier drive off without speaking to him, Bella jumped in front of his car, forcing him to step out and face her. She shouted at the top of her lungs, "Xavier, get out and confront me. Don't be a cheating coward."

Once sweet and innocent, Bella's days of naivety were long gone. The driver audaciously yelled at her, "Move out of the way!"

Defiantly, Bella snapped back angrily, "You can run me over, but I won't budge until I speak with my ex-mate, Alpha Xavier."

"Alpha Xavier, step out of your limo and face me. Don't be a cheater and a coward," she shouted with frustration, her voice filled with determination.

"You've already signed the divorce papers, so what more do you want? Money?" Xavier responded with boredom and indifference, refusing to meet her gaze.

In response, Bella raised an eyebrow, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Living among humans seems to have caused you to forget that those papers only concern property division. But we are werewolves."

Confusion flickered in Xavier's narrowed eyes as he attempted to process Bella's words. She accepted the money from him, and just as he turned his back to return to the car, he muttered, "I knew you were only after the money."

However, Bella stopped him in his tracks, declaring loudly, "I, Bella Moonshadow, am breaking the mating bond with you, Alpha Xavier."

His gasp revealed his shock as if she had taken his breath away.

A sudden pain pierced Xavier's chest, a sensation he tried to conceal. He never expected that severing the mating bond would mean Bella would not only take his heart and soul, but also a part of his essence.

Looking back at Bella, he saw her holding her head up high. She threw the money back at him and walked away with her dignity intact, and her unborn child protected.