Miracle Twins: CEO's Mad Love for His Wife


Five years ago, Deanna was schemed by her fiancé and step-sister, and spent a night with a stranger, causing her mother to commit suicide. Her father, ashamed of her, then expelled her from the house. Five years later, Deanna returned with twins and remarkable medical skills, attracting countless people from high society. A highly respected chairman said, "My grandson is young and promising, handsome and elegant. You are very suitable for each other. I hope Dr. Deanna can marry and bring the children." Suitor 1 said, "Dr. Deanna, I have long admired and loved you. I hope you can give me a chance and let me be a stepfather to your children, I will treat them as my own." Suitor 2 said, "Dr. Deanna is mine, no one should compete with me!" It wasn't until the big boss of the Mercer family stepped forward and declared, "Dr. Deanna is my wife, and the twins are my flesh and blood. Whoever dares to challenge, come and try!"


I Slept with My Boss and Ran Away


In the aftermath of a wild company dinner, she—intoxicated and misguided—found herself in her boss's room... Whispers of his cold indifference to romance and his ruthless decisiveness were legendary, painting a grim fate for any woman who dared entangle with him. ... In one month: the sight of a positive pregnancy test sends her mind racing to one thought—she must run, now or never! As she makes a break for freedom, he's hot on her heels, turning her flight into a captivating chase where her wings are no match for his resolve!


That Night My Boss Left Me With Our Three Babies

9.0K·Hayden Blake

Olivia Prescott married Victor Leer for three years, but it ended in divorce, leading to ridicule from the entire Seacrest community, labeling her as a forsaken woman of high society. Six years later, Olivia returned to her homeland with her twins and transformed herself into a renowned international divine healer. Countless people flocked to her, hoping to marry her. Suitor number one said, "Miss Prescott, do your children need a father? Look at me, how about considering me? If you agree, I will treat them as my own." Suitor number two exclaimed, "Miss Prescott, from the moment I first saw you, I was captivated by your beauty and talent. I am willing to give my all and love you for a lifetime. Mr. Leer may not value you, but he is blind. I promise to never leave your side!" At that moment, a little girl appeared, clinging to Olivia's leg and said, "Mommy, Daddy has been kneeling on a washboard for three days and nights, asking if you're no longer angry. If you're not, he wants to remarry you."


My ex-husband asked me to find a male lover

830·Luna Rose

The husband wanted a divorce, and shockingly offered her money to find a new lover! She refused to compromise, and he even attempted to trick her into a stranger's room. When she returned in splendor, her status was prominent. Former husband Benjamin Mitchell looked shocked, "Emily Thompson, you..." "Please call me Mrs. Turner, thank you!" They say life for a second-marriage woman can be tough, but Emily Thompson found her second marriage, whether at home or out, was filled with lavish pampering!


Mr. Burns Is Killing His Wife

98.0K·Micah Baker

She had loved him with all her heart for sixteen years, yet she was asked to leave his household empty-handed, just to make room for the angel in his heart. He thought he would find happiness without that woman, until he received her diagnosis of cancer... Panicked, he rushed to see her, only to find her holding another man's hand. "Why didn't you tell me you had stomach cancer?" "Isn't my early death what you wished for?" She sneered with a mocking laugh, "Hamish Burns, in the final moments of my life, I don't want to love you anymore."


After divorce, I am a billionaire


For the sake of love, Lyra left everything behind and worked as a full-time wife for three years. But in the end, she realized that all her efforts were not as good as one look from her husband's first love. Disheartened, Lyra resolutely filed for divorce. "Sorry, I'm a billionaire! I want a strong man to be my husband." Immediately after, the whole internet exploded! A billionaire super rich woman, suspected to have divorced? So, all the CEOs are scrambling to court her. Melvin in front of the screen can not stand it, the next day held a press conference, the beautiful name: kneeling to beg his wife home!


After Divorce, I Became A Multi-Billlionaire


Zoe Oliver had been mistreated all her life ever since she got married to the billionaire family of the Meyers. She was used, abused, and miserable because they didn't see any good in her, and treated her worse than their maids because they felt that she was not deserving of her husband. She was crumbled and broken because she decided to love the only person she thought would give her a new life. Malcolm Meyer, her husband, couldn't care any better for his wife, and let his family do whatever they wanted to her because he didn't love her. One sudden night, he dropped a divorce paper before her eyes and told her to sign it so that she could get out of his life for good. "I do not want your alimony!" She spat at him with anger. Everyone thought she was crazy to have refused millions as alimony to compensate for her miserable life. Through the spotlight in the gathering of elites, a lady emerged and sauntered through the crowd in million of dollars worth dress, and heels. She held everyone in a collective gasp as she smiled charmingly and was introduced as the Multi-Billionaire heiress. Everyone could not believe their eyes. The Meyer family almost lost their minds. Now, she would make everyone in the Meyers pay in double and triple folds for every hell and torment they made her go through. Zoe Oliver was back to rule!


The Billionaire's Regret

7.0K·Vivi Jeremiah

Harriett Edwards has been in love with Damien Daniels since childhood so, when their parents arrange for them to be married, she gladly accepts even though she knew that it wasn’t what Damien wanted. For the three years of their marriage, she devoted her life to him with the hope that she would be able to change his mind and eventually get him to fall in love with her. It all comes crashing down when someone fabricates a picture of her cheating with Damien’s brother, Adrian. After seeing the pictures, he coldly said. “I want a divorce!” And even when she confessed her love to him, his reply was cold and hurtful. “I know. It doesn’t matter. I don’t love you.” What he didn’t know was that in her hand was pregnancy test results from a mistake he made due to his drunken state. Years later, they both meet at a friend’s wedding and he is shocked to see her with a set of identical twins that looked just like him. “Are they mine?” He asked. Harriett laughed and replied. “It doesn’t matter, Damien. They don’t need a father.”


Accidentally Married


She was Dumped. He needed a bride. Jessica was to be married to her high school sweetheart and heartthrob Burke They decided to only go to the courthouse and do something small. Jessica gets dumped on her wedding day as Burke confesses to cheating on her. She is devastated. On the other hand, Xavier is the only grandson of the famous billionaire grandmaster. His grandfather who had been raising him since his parents died while he was still at a tender age is now nearing death. The grandfather wants his grandson to be married before he transfers ownership of the company to him. He doesn't care who the grandson marries he just wants him to settle down. Xavier had contracted a wife to get married to him. The strange girl whom he had never seen before doesn't show up on the day of the wedding. Coincidentally, Jessica and Xavier happen to be together in the same courthouse at the same time. While Jessica overhears the conversation with Xavier over the phone she goes to propose marriage to him and then gets married to him. She usually carefully overthought everything. She decided to do something spontaneous for the first time and it landed her into a marriage. She was going to get married either way. What happens when two people begin to spend time together? Read on to find out the thrilling love story between Jessica and Xavier


My Ex-wife, My Destination


“Daisy, do you know what your mistake is?” He asks, his hardness rubbing between my buttocks. I stay silent because I’m not allowed to speak. “That you said ‘yes’ to marrying me.” He spanks my buttocks, grinding his shaft against my wetness. “Therefore, I’ll make sure to punish you and make you regret your decision every day.” He finishes his sentence by landing a hard spank on my crotch, causing me to fall straight onto the sofa. “Stay still if you don’t want me to make your night worse,” he warns, raising my buttocks in the air again. “Happy anniversary, my fuck toy.” He grabs my waist and plunges his hard membrane deep into me, causing me to gasp. *** Her husband treated her like a sex toy, and she let him, hoping that one day he would recognise her love. And he exploited her and vented his fury on her, making her life a living hell. In the end, he divorced her, not knowing she was carrying his baby. After the divorce, the baby was her only hope of survival. Five years later, when she was living her life with her daughter, his return raised questions: Is he back to separate her from her daughter or to rebuild their relationship? *** “Fine. I’m leaving and never show you my face.” He grasps my arms and leans closer to my face, accelerating my heartbeat. I despise how much he still affects me. “Because I care about you more than anything else in this entire world. Just remember, you and Hope are my destination, and I’m ready to take any path which leads me to you both.”


Mr. CEO, You're Just A Substitute


Starry had been a perfect wife for Filip during the 5 years of their marriage. Even Filip's grandma, a very picky woman, was truly satisfied with her grandson's partner. When Starry's childhood sweetheart came back, everyone around Filip reminded him that he should prevent from breaking Starry's heart. But Filip ignored their advice and had to test Starry's limits. One day, Starry handed the divorce paper to him. Filip thought that Starry was so in love with him that one day she would beg him to remarry her. Until later, when Filip accidently found a photo that Starry had been keeping, he realized that he was nothing but a substitute for her. Everyone assumed that Starry loved Filip dearly, but only she knew that she was merely attracted by Filip's face, the face that looked similar to that man.


My Billionaire Ex-Husband Wants Me Back

4.0K·E. Dahlia

Inhaling shakily, I picked up the envelope and gave him a confused look. “What is this?” “Divorce papers,” He snarled. “Sign it before tomorrow ends and leave my house, you fucking leech!” “It’s because of Laura, isn’t it?” I kept my gaze rooted to the floor, as tears rolled down my cheeks. “I don’t have time for your useless questions. Just sign the damn papers and leave!” He barked, before marching upstairs. + Catherine Williams and Alessandro Da Silva used to be a loving couple until Alessandro’s first love waltzed back into their lives and ruined their marriage. On their third wedding anniversary, Alessandro comes home and tosses a divorce agreement at Catherine. She quietly signs it and walks out of his life, secretly pregnant. Five years later, they meet again when Alessandro’s ailing grandmother is in need of a neurosurgeon. Catherine has now become one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. Will she ignore her resentment toward her ex husband and his family to treat her? What more when Alessandro finds out about their twin sons? Will he ever be able to get her forgiveness?


After Divorce I Became A Zillionaire

78.0K·Augustina T

She has loved him all her life, she married him to save him from his vicious girlfriend but all she got in return was hatred and mistreatment from him and his girlfriend, when she couldn't endure anymore, she did what he has always wanted, she signed the divorce papers. Two years later, she's back with three gorgeous sons and was now a Zillionaire, her husband knelt before her at the airport. "Please forgive me wifey" "Ex.." She remarked. This novel contains high sexual scenes with abuses. 18+.


Virginity in second marriages


Instead of her sister, she married a powerful and dominant man who suffered from leg problems. Cristian Ferrari said, "I will never want a woman pregnant with another man's son." Serena Gallo thought it was a commercial wedding, but she lost her heart falling in love with him, and eventually left sad and disappointed. Years later, the boy exactly the same as him gave him a blow to the head: "Idiot Dad, by whom do you mean another man's son?"


After divorce, Ex-wife Revealed Identities

294.0K·Lia Poole

After divorce, he found his wife was a talented girl. "My wife studies well?" "My wife can draw with her left hand and play the piano with her right hand?" "My wife is a CEO?" Everyone said that he was stupid and lost a talented wife. Until one day, he said to her, "You are having my baby. Don't leave me!"


Bound by Betrayal (The mafia captive bride)

1.0K·Cynthia Chris

**This book contains a trigger warning. Mention about rape and torture in this book. Please read with caution** "Our marriage is nothing but a deal," he said looking at the girl, her green eyes met his cold silver eye, and both of them glared at each other. "For any rules you break, I will claim any part of your body," his gaze grew dangerously darker at his word. ************* Ashley Harlow was at the top of the world, living the perfect and luxurious lifestyle as the legitimate daughter of the well-known Daniel Harlow. But sadly, a one-night stand put an end to that and brought her life upside down and that of her family's name to the ground. To restore his family's reputation, she was forced into marrying Damien Albrecht, a young, ruthless, obnoxious, brutal billionaire and the head of a mafia gang in exchange for her father's company.


Peerless Son-in-Law

2.0K·Noah Clementine

Newly married Victor is humiliated by his in-laws for being middle-class and ordinary. When his grandfather's life is at stake and his wife is about to be stolen, Victor reveals his true identity and unleashes power and influence unlike the world has ever seen...



437·Tory June

"They were torn apart by secrets. Can love bring them back together?" ******** Marie, the secret heiress of the Smith Group, marries Max, the boy she loved as a child, even though her grandfather doesn't want her to. Lena, Max's adopted sister, has a bad past and an obsession that makes them unhappy. Lying and not trusting cause broken hearts and deception. After a miscarriage makes the truth clear, Marie leaves to start over with the help of her grandfather and Dave, who is her grandpa's adopted son. Lena's jealousy drives her to plan dangerous things when her feelings for Max come back. To get her happy ending back, Marie has to find out the truth about how her parents died and trick her enemies. Will her enemies win, or will she be able to overcome betrayal and take her proper place?


The Divorcee Who Shines

74.0K·Cali Mosley

After three years of hiding their marriage, she tried her best to please him but was still kicked out in the end! With a bitter smile, she calmly took the alimony and left. From then on, she became a stunning beauty in the translation industry! Soon after, Brendon Stuart discovered that his ex-wife not only had a successful career but also attracted countless suitors - business elites and heirs from prestigious families. Suddenly everyone in town seemed to be connected to her - inviting her out for meals and outings together. She even got pregnant with another man's child at lightning speed! Brendon angrily demanded, "Whose child is it?" Ranita Bowman sneered, "It's none of your business!" Four years later, she bumped into him while holding an adorable baby boy. It was then that Brendon realized how wrong he had been...


Wild Epic Pleasures

3.0K·F. Prince

"Jennifer will flame up and the audience won't like it either. With this dress, all eyes will be on you." "Yeah, exactly. Just like the groom. They will be staring at my breast just like how you are staring at them right now." Susan said and this brought Steve back to reality as he shook his head. Susan seduced her best friend's fiancee on their wedding day and had sex with him before the wedding kicked off. She only wanted a quickie, but after the session, she changed her mind and decided to have him all for herself.