Contract Marriage: I've Always Loved You

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He fell in love with the girl he had a one-night stand with. When her true nature revealed, he hated himself for loving her and decided never to see her again. However, his fate took an unexpected turn and entangled him in a contract marriage with her, turning the girl he despised into his temporary wife. Will their love-hate relationship lead to a deeper connection, or will it keep them forever bound by the terms of their contract? * “Stand up and bend over the bench.” I comply with his orders. “Are you yearning for me, Wifey?” “Yes. I want to feel you deep inside me.” “But do you deserve it?” He taps his hardness on my wetness. “Just f**k me, Steve.” “Seriously, you think I’ll listen to you after what you did today?” He asks, rubbing my clit with his thumbs agonisingly slow. As I grind myself against his hand, he tugs at my hair, pulling my head back. “Stay still if you don’t want me to spank your little pussy this time. Understand?” “Yes.” “Good.” He pulls my hair and jabs deep into me without a warning. “You’re my wife.” He pulls out, but his tip remains inside me before thrusting himself into me again. “You belong to me.”

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Chapter 1 Your place or my place?

Steve’s P.O.V.

I’m Steve Grey, a billionaire who has everything in his life except a life partner. I have a fashion company, and my days are filled with the hustle and bustle of the business world. Despite the success and wealth, there’s a void that only love can fill.

My father wants me to get married soon. He has given me two months to find the girl of my choice, and today is the last day, and still I haven’t found her. Now I have to marry my father’s choice because I just can’t argue with him. For me, my father is everything.

I’m seated at the bar counter with a glass of drink in my hand, and with my two friends, Mike and Jace.

“Steve, look around, there are so many sexy girls. Have sex with them and relax your mind,” Mike suggests, resting his hand on my shoulder.

“You know I’m not that type of man. I’ll have sex with a girl with whom I fall in love.” I respond, looking up at him from the glass of drink.

“You have such an old-fashioned mindset, Steve. You can have fun with girls sometimes. Come on.” Mike remarks.

Jace intervenes, “Mike, let Steve make his own choices. If he wants to wait for love, then let him.”

I’m glad that he respects my values.

“Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in the power of love and the importance of finding a soulmate.” I answer Mike with honesty.

He steps down from the bar stool. “Fine! I’m going to have fun with the girls. You stay here forever with your old-fashioned thinking.”

“I’m coming with you.” Jace also climbs down from the stool. “We’ll see you soon.”

Then they both go to the dance floor, leaving me alone.

As I take a sip of my drink, I think about my father. He has always been there for me, guiding and supporting me in every aspect of life. I owe him everything, and the thought of disappointing him is unbearable.

If I want or not, I have to marry the girl of his choice for him.

I look around the bar, observing the crowd and people lost in their worlds.

Then only my eyes stop at a woman, dancing freely. She moves with grace and confidence. There’s something about her that draws me in, a magnetic pull that I can’t ignore. As she dances, I watch her, admiring her beauty.

She looks so breathtaking in a black dress. The fabric hugs her curves in all the right places, highlighting her elegance.

As my gaze travels upward, I see her long brown hair cascading down in loose waves, adding to her beauty. And I’m captivated by the way her eyes gleam with confidence.

As she notices me checking her out, she stops dancing and walks over to me while I keep my intense gaze fixed on her. She grabs her drink, taking a seat beside me.

“Is your plan to just check me out?” She asks in her husky and low voice, taking my breath away.

As I hold the leg of her chair, my hand brushes against her bare thighs.

“You’re the first girl who has ever caught my attention.” I whisper after pulling the chair towards me and moving closer to her face. There is some kind of magic in her brown eyes.

“Just cut the crap and tell me, your place or my place?” She asks me directly.

Her boldness surprises me, and for a moment, I’m left speechless, feeling a rush of heat coursing through my veins. The straightforwardness in her approach awakens something within me, a desire that I hadn’t anticipated.

The magnetic pull intensifies, and I draw towards her in a way I hadn’t expected when I entered the bar.

“Right now, right here.” I answer and then capture her lips, cupping her face.

As our lips meet, a surge of electricity courses through my body. The intensity of the kiss deepens as we lose ourselves in each other.

The taste of her soft lips intoxicates me, and I run my fingers through her silky hair, pulling her closer to me.

I don’t even remember when the last time I kissed someone in my life.

The kiss is electric, full of passion and desire. I just want her right now.

I’m shocked by my actions. Just a few minutes ago, I wasn’t ready to spend a night with a girl, and now I’m all ready to claim the woman I’m kissing.

Little did I know this encounter might just be the twist in my life that I needed.

We reach a vacant room of the club, devouring each other’s lips and roaming our hands all over each other’s bodies. It seems as if this woman has hypnotised me. I have lost all the control over myself.

She takes off my blazer and unbuttons my shirt, kissing my lips. Then she pushes me onto the bed and comes over to me. I close my eyes and a moan escapes my lips as she caresses and kisses my chest.

Fuck! Her touch is so magical. I’m so aroused.

She again captures my lips for another passionate kiss and grinds herself against my bulge. I squeeze her hips and vigorously move her against me.

It’s unbelievable that I’m doing this, but it feels so good. I feel a strong connection with her beyond this physical desire.

She sits on me, and I stare at her in amazement as she sexily takes off her dress and hurls it in the room’s corner.

Soon she lies under me naked, and I ram into her, pinning her hands on the mattress.

It feels so fucking good! The feeling can’t be described in words. The pleasure and satisfaction this encounter is giving me is inexpressible.

Is she the one whom I have been finding for so long? Or it is just a temporary feeling?

I watch her as she sleeps peacefully beside me, her delicate features illuminated by the soft moonlight coming through the curtains.

It’s not that I haven’t encountered a girl prettier than her before, but there’s something about her that captivates me like no one else ever has. This is the first time I find myself unable to tear my gaze away from her.

With a tender touch, I move my hand closer to her face and gently tuck a few stray strands of hair behind her ear, revelling in the intimacy of this simple act. A smile naturally forms on my face.

As I continue to watch her, I feel grateful to find someone who not only captures my attention but also touches my heart in ways I never thought possible.

I don’t come to know when I fall asleep admiring her exquisite features.