Lycan Pleasure(Erotica)

6.0K·classic writer

The minute the scent of her arousal hit him, Cullen felt his wolf surge like nothing he'd ever experienced. No battle or woman before now had ever summoned his spirit like this. He wanted her and there was nothing else in the world right at that moment. Just this enigmatic female standing proudly in front of him, challenging him, and drawing him in. He still couldn't place her scent. It wasn't lycan, was it? But it wasn't completely human either. Could he even be drawn like this to something that was neither human or lycan? Was she fey? Maybe a druid? But he thought he knew those scents as well. Cullen felt his wolf taking too much control. He forced himself to pull his hand away from her and step back. It wasn't until he wrenched himself back into the moment that he realized his eyes had shifted. She was just standing there staring. He could smell her arousal, hear her breathing, he could almost feel her heart beat thudding in time with his own. When he felt the stirring in his pants he knew that things had gone way too far. His brain was screaming, You don't even know what she is! But his heart, soul, and wolf were insisting, Take her. **** This book also contains a compilation of steamy and erotic werewolf stories that you will love. You can be sure of getting the best collection of werewolf erotica here.


Claiming His Tempting Mate

819.0K·Raina Lori

Betrayal Hurts.... but what if the betrayer is your mate? Shyla never thought her mate and her family would ever betray her like this. She thought she had everything and couldn't ask for more but she was wrong, so wrong to think those lovely smiles and enchanting words are true. On the day of the Throne Ceremony, Shyla found her heart shattered into pieces. She found her mate enjoying pleasures with her sister. She thought there's still a small chance and could confront them but again she was wrong. Accusing her for being so weak and even giving her the worst choice to accept her fate and become the substitute, at that moment she knew she had lost everything. With the painful heart she left, she ran as far as her legs could take her. So far from the shadow of her life. But life never goes according to people's plan. In the midst of the woods, something happened, seemed like a miracle that certainly changed the perspective of her life. She found the greatest truth hiding in the woods far away from her for so many years... it was like a second chance granted to her to survive the pain and betrayal. And .....again there's he... standing like a king with those blazing eyes.. looking at her and claiming her as his? •••••••• "Let me go…." My voice almost came out like a whisper. His eyes traveled through my whole body making me feel naked even though it's covered with clothes. His husky breath fell on my face as he leaned his head. "No, not now, not ever" And at that moment, I realized my fate was sealed with him forever.


Revenge On Love Rats After Rebirth

1.0M·Olivia Marsh

Before rebirth, she was betrayed by the love rats. They harmed her mother, defiled her name, and plotted her wealth...... When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer the weak and deceitful girl. She had to revenge on the love rats!!


Horny Drips Sex Cravings


WARNING!!! THIS BOOK CONTAINS HIGHLY DISCRIPTIVE SEXUAL CONTENT AND IS NOT SUITABLE FOR READERS BELOW 18. "How do you feel?" He asked as he played with my breast. " I feel... I feel like I'm addicted to you...." I hissed in pleasure as he bit on my nipple. "Go on I want to hear it." He said in a low tone that made my skin heat up again. "You're a sin I can't fight against. You make me want more of you even when it's not right and it's toxic." I said almost whispering still trying to catch my breath. "And you love it even if it feels forbidden." " S-scott we shouldn't...." " Shhh...." He ordered as he stroked my wet clit with his fingers making me moan. "I don't want to hear more of your guilty confessions, I want you..." He paused and drew his face closer to my ears to whisper to it. " I want you to forget everything and just think about you and I and the feelings that comes with our body bonding in each other's heat." She is a stripper, entangled in the men's world. All she ever wanted was to have lots of money, a successful career and lots of men to satisfy her sinful desires. Her name is Thea, flip through the pages of this book to find out how she lives out her erotic fantasies and the lifestyle of guns and men.


City of Desire

59.0K·classic writer

The sexiest and most steamy erotica stories ever written and compiled in one collection! Full of insta-love and lust at it's finest, forbidden, naughty and so satisfying. Here is a compilation of erotic, steamy sex romantic stories that you will love. You can be sure of getting the best collection here, which includes everything from horny nuns to cheating husbands, lying priests to dirty fathers and stepfathers, professors to stepbrothers, threesomes with strangers to family orgies, and even dirty priests. The very idea makes your mouth water, and that delicious feeling jolts down between your legs. These stories feature all the lusty, explicit action you could ever hope for... Drop your reviews, and share... **********************************


After Five Years Of Marriage


After five years of marriage, Dylan returned back home drunk and he shove a divorce paper into Jessica's hands and ordered her to sign it. Jessica Albert is a kind compassionate woman and from a well respected home. She did all she could to support her husband, but what did he pay her back with? Dylan Robinson is a Billionaire CEO, and upon his first lover return to their city, he changed and filed for a divorce. Will Jessica agree to divorce her husband, the man that she love the most? Will she seat back and move away to her family house and watch Dylan bring in his first lover into their home? Read to find out how Jessica handled her husband,and see who came back home begging her to return home with him....


The Luna's Second Chance Mate

16.0K·Joy Apens

"Yes baby, just like that. Oh fuck yes! Yes!" I opened my mouth as utter shock and pain filled my body. My husband was fucking my step-sister on our wedding night. Hot tears dropped from my eyes as the wet sounds and moaning grew louder and louder. *** Larissa, the esteemed Luna of the Tokenmoon pack, had it all. A loving husband and a strong pack. But it was all a lie. Stefan, her alpha husband, was the devil. He maltreated and abused her constantly while cheating on her with her step-sister. To make matters worse, he rejected her and sent her away. Heartbroken, Larissa was lost until she stumbled across her second chance mate. . . Kaden. Kaden, handsome as sin and the alpha of Griffen-howl pack is a broken man. When his wife runs away with another man, while abandoning him and his son, he vows never to believe in love. But when a homeless woman, Larissa comes into his territory, it appears that he might be breaking those vows. She is his second-chance mate but will he be able to believe in love again?


Mr. Burns Is Killing His Wife

87.0K·Micah Baker

She had loved him with all her heart for sixteen years, yet she was asked to leave his household empty-handed, just to make room for the angel in his heart. He thought he would find happiness without that woman, until he received her diagnosis of cancer... Panicked, he rushed to see her, only to find her holding another man's hand. "Why didn't you tell me you had stomach cancer?" "Isn't my early death what you wished for?" She sneered with a mocking laugh, "Hamish Burns, in the final moments of my life, I don't want to love you anymore."


I Become A CEO After Divorce

304.0K·River Bates

They had been married for five years. She is thinking that one day he will fall in love with her. But she didn't expect that he would not only divorce her, but also fall in love with his first love! She signed the divorce agreement and left the house, breaking off with him. But when she only wants to make money for her career, he just want to chase her. She looked at the man who appeared in front of her again and again for various reasons, "Do you remember that we are divorced?"   The man handed the marriage certificate to her, "No, you are still my wife."


Wild Epic Pleasures

1.0K·F. Prince

"Jennifer will flame up and the audience won't like it either. With this dress, all eyes will be on you." "Yeah, exactly. Just like the groom. They will be staring at my breast just like how you are staring at them right now." Susan said and this brought Steve back to reality as he shook his head. Susan seduced her best friend's fiancee on their wedding day and had sex with him before the wedding kicked off. She only wanted a quickie, but after the session, she changed her mind and decided to have him all for herself.


Daddy’s Little Pet

27.0K·Author Iris

Rated 18 - Proceed with caution. ‘What am I to you? I want to hear you say it.’ ‘You are my Daddy.’ I replied hoarsely, my whole body trembling slightly. ‘And what are you to me?’ He asked again, his throat bobbing up and down, a wicked glint in his eyes, while I replied lustfully still, “I am your pet.’ ‘Good girl.’ He chimed, his left hand snaking round my neck, as he spanked my ass, and my screams echoed through the sound proof room. ~•~ Nursing a heartbreak on a vacation trip to Miami, 21 years old Renee Micheal stumbles into Robert Clarke, 43 year old billionaire mogul and ultimate sex symbol. From subtle flirts, and daring orders, she soon finds herself tangled in passionate nights, steamy sexcapades, forbidden passions, amongst other exploits. With an adventurous ride of love, lust & sinful pleasures awaiting Renee, she explores her sexual fantasies, and lives her life to the fullest. Her daddy is hot quite alright. He’s older, that’s not a problem. He also spoils her lavishly. But just when Renee thinks she has it all unbeknownst to her an underlying shocking secret is revealed, and her worst nightmare comes true. What’s would she do when she discovers this? Well, let’s hop on this ride, with Renee & her hot Daddy. This is book 1, of the billionaire erotica romance series, Sex & The City. Each story is intertwined with the last, and each page leaves you craving for more.


A Sweet Night: The CEO Loves His Wife Ardently

546.0K·Nine-Colored Phoenix

On her eighteenth birthday night, she was framed by her fiancé and stepsister, who brought paparazzi to catch her in bed. Her reputation therefore was ruined. In order to avenge herself, she had to seek a big protective umbrella. One night, Bryson Cordova, the wealthiest man in Peace City, stood in front of her. Audrey Koch, who was drunk, looked at the long legs in front of her and got furious, "It's not big at all!" The next morning, Audrey woke up with a sore back. Bryson asked, "Is it big?" Audrey was lost for words.


My Brother's Sinful Desires

2.0K·classic writer

Mike moaned as she began to arch her hips up and down, rubbing the lips of her pussy up and down his shaft and pumping his cock with both hands. She was rewarded quickly, as he started to cum, losing the fight against the excitement of the situation. She pumped her pussy and hand on his cock several times, a few thick ropes of cum arced up and layed out neatly on her torso. Several ejaculations later, she was thoroughly coated by her brother's cum, and it began to drip down her body. Note: This story is a 36-part erotic series. It contains a lot of steamy and thigh tingling erotic scenes. If you are not comfortable with such stories, kindly check my other books. ************* This is a story about Mike, his sisters, and the voice in his head. BONUS: DO YOU WANNA READ MORE EROTIC TALES? THIS BOOK GOT IT ALL Read and enjoy.....


The Memoir of Veronica Wells

40·Pink Flamingo Media

Veronica got into a serious car accident. While unconscious in the hospital, her repressed erotic fantasies come vividly to life in the form of an elaborate fantasy with Dane, a shy and handsome caregiver. In her sexual dream, Dane is a military officer, Veronica is a willing submissive. She signs a contract for life as a sex slave, performs sex acts on stage and in private with patrons at the club. When she wakes from coma, she finds Dane fondling her breasts and ass in the middle of the night. Her vivid sex dream suddenly returns. Will she go through with the marriage to Richie, her fiance? Or will she choose to live out the forbidden fantasies that appeared in her dreams with Dane?


Married To My Sister's Husband


When a 24yrs old timid, shy and sweet heiress Olivia Luthel entered into an arranged marriage with 28yrs old egoistic, widowed billionaire Markian Winfrey with serious trust-issues, she begins to doubt if she really made the right decision getting married to her late sister's widowed husband.Read the thrills, suspense and drama that seems to accompany the lives of the members of the 2 Minnesota's most powerful and wealthy families.


My Step-Dad Is My Mate


From the first time she met him, Danica has felt an uncontrollable pull towards her mother's husband aka her new step-dad, Richard Blaize. But being too young to understand the actual cause of the attraction, she played it off as a simple "school's girl crush" But two years down the road the feelings have never left but they grow even stronger as she nears her 18th birthday. Danica prayed for the time to come so she'd finally discover who her mate is...but she's in for a bit of a surprise. Being mated to your step-father is no easy deal but will the mating last? Or is a good ole rejection in play? Read to find out!


Billionaire's Regret


Janet Clinton was an investigative journalist. A few weeks after she broke up with her fiance; Jimmy Jeff, she realized that she was pregnant by him. Around this time, she also discovered a shocking truth about him. She acted on impulse and worked alongside the police to put him behind bars. What happened to Jane after Jeff was imprisoned? Will she keep the pregnancy? Will she give her heart to Benny Bells who decided to take responsibility for her pregnancy? Will her friendship with her friend; Lisa Peterson hit rock bottom? Will Jeff walk out of the prison a free man? Find out.


Alpha King's pregnant Ex-Luna

1.0K·Bosy Elselhdar 2

"Get undressed and wait for me in bed. Keep your legs open until I finish my shower," he commanded with the power of his Alpha status and as her mate. She wanted to resist. "Do you think I'm the same Luna you forced in the past? I refuse to submit to you. I won't let you touch me." He growled softly, feeling a hot desire for her. She was no longer the unattractive Luna he remembered - she was gorgeous. He wanted to devour her with his tongue. He pulled her close and pushed her onto the bed, licking the back of her ear, making her moan in pleasure. He whispered, "I won't touch your body. Just your p*ssy until you beg for more." He used to be next in line for Alpha and was under the control of his grandfather, the Alpha king. He had to accept mating with the woman he disliked the most - the daughter of one of the most powerful Alphas in the werewolf kingdom. If he didn't, he might lose his chance at being Alpha king after his grandfather's death. He thought he was mateless at the time. He didn't choose to mate with the unattractive woman, so he cheated on her day and night. But, one drunken night, he lost control and slept with her. Later, he forced her to break their mating bond. But he discovered she was carrying his triplets. He forced her to be his mate again, or she wouldn't see her children again. Six years later, he was no longer weak. He was the Alpha king of werewolves.


Married To My Billionaire Ex


Kylie is a hardworking girl with lots of dreams. But all her dreams were shattered when her father met an accident. To pay for her father's surgery, Kylie had no choice but to accept Sebastian's contract marriage proposal. Sebastian happens to be the new CEO of her company and her ex-boyfriend from college. Who wants to marry her to take revenge for something Kylie had no idea of? Kylie used to hate Sebastian for cheating on her back in college. Sebastian also hates her. The reason is unknown to Kylie. So what will happen when two people who hate each other live under the same roof? Will they find their old secrets or fall in love again?




Tom Holland, the CEO of Shellhouse Mall is nothing but a boring boss at work but has a secret no one knows of. His secretary, Amber Leo, is a fun-loving lady who also works as a stripper in the club during her free time. She got into trouble with him at work and signed a contract of being his slave when she was on the verge of losing her job but Amber didn’t know what she signed up for was bigger than what she expected. She got pulled into different dramas that even threatened her life while working as his slave. What happens when Tom begins to fall in love with her? Will Tom let her off the hook even after signing the contract with him? what exactly is the secret Tom is hiding?