My Husband's Mistress

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"You are so rude! Are you really flirting in the office? Are you going to fool me again?" I screamed. "You." I faced my sister again. "I'm your sister, i aren't ? Why did you do that to my husband? How did you do this, SISTER?" I stress the word 'sister'. "My sister! You should be my sympathizer in these times. But what did you do? But where are you? You hurt me. And you're still hurting me, you animal." And I tweaked her again, I even pushed her. She didn't fight back. Nate tried to stop me but once he tried to stop me, I punched him hard and slapped him. "Don't try to stop me Nate, because if I did nothing at first but run and cry now I won't do something that will make me look miserable!" I exclaimed angrily. And my sister was tweaked again. "Please Elle it's okay." sHe was crying. I slapped her so hard that she leaned over. It cries. "That's enough? Are you kidding me?" I said sarcastically, I even faked a laugh. "I would be the one to tell you that. I would be the one to tell you THAT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I CAN'T. IT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I'M SICK. IT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I'M BROKEN. HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO FOOL ME? ACCEPT YOU. YOU ARE ANIMALS!" I still scream. And i was slapped her again and then pushed, causing her bag to fall and its contents scattered. "Kelly." Nate shouted and helped Kelly to her feet. Attention turned to a small rectangular object on the floor. My knees went soft while looking at it. I approached it and looked closely, it had two lines, which means 'positive'. My lips are trembling, but I managed to ask anyway. "D-Don't tell me........ ......Y-You're...... .....p-pregnant.......? .....w-with my h-h-husb-band?" Please tell me his not the father. Please somebody tell me. But my sister cried even louder. So he is? sHe isn't, right? He's not the father right? "E-Elle, I'm sorry. Sorry." She was crying. While uttering the word sorry. "Sorry? Do you think your sorry can take the pain away? Do you think your sorry can bring back my unscathed heart? Do you think your sorry can bring back the old times? Do you think so? SISTER. All the pain will go away Are you SORRY? Sister, it hurts. It hurts so much." And I seat on the floor. "It hurts, sister. And my dream of Nate telling me that he loves me was fulfilled by you. And now? My dream of having a complete family was destroyed by you. You two destroyed it. Is it also possible to have Is the child still yours? Sister, what about me? Is there anything left of me? Well, almost everything is yours, daddy, having a complete family, the man you love, and now the man I love? How about me? What's left of me? My father didn't accept me, my husband hit me, and now, even you are gone." I was crying out loud. And so he is. Nate remained silent. It's like he, himself doesn't know what to do. "Ahhh... The pain..." sister shouted while holding her stomach. I saw blood flowing on his thigh. "Kelly? Oh f*ck." Nate promised nervously. While I just looked in disbelief. I can't not move. I was still sitting on the floor, staring at them. Nate immediately called for help, and soon an ambulance arrived. Nate was about to follow them but I stopped him. "Nate, please stay." Even now Nate so I have a reason to stay by your side. But he just looked at me and I saw the tiredness in his eyes. "I need to follow her to the hospital. She's carrying my child Elle." He said his eyes were pleading. Am I too, Nathan. I'm bearing your child. I want to say it out loud but I don't want to make my child a way to stop him. If he really wants to stay. He will stay. He was about to leave, so I let out a word that I know whatever his decision is, it's either I'll leave or I'll stay. The decision is still with him. "Nate. If you're going to step outside of this room. Then just forget that you're married." He stopped for a while I even saw how he sighed deeply. "Please don't make it hard for me Elle. I'll be back here later. Promise." And the next thing he did was break my already broken heart. I smiled bitterly. He walked away. Leaving me here sitting on the cold floor alone. Along with no one. Fountains of tears were pouring.

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Chapter 1

Where are you, little sister? Is there a sound over there? Over the other line, my big sister Kelly questioned me.

Hello, big sister; give me a call later. I replied, looking around the exclusive club's exterior. "I'm just going to check on something."





I'm assuming you're not at a bar or club right now. Again, she questioned

"No. Yeah, I guess. However, I only came here to see something; I had no other purpose.






Who are you gazing at, by the way? Is this the person you often mention to me? You'd better leave right away since that man doesn't deserve you, and you never know what can happen.

You remember how he always disregarded you? As a result, kindly ask Elle to refrain from being so stubborn this time.


As she spoke, her voice was filled with fervent cries.

My big sister's earlier statement made me squint and almost laugh.

Seriously, big sister?

My age is not that of a five-year-old. My actions are well-informed. I promise not to do anything that will hurt me, so please stop worrying about me.

I consider everything before I act. I'm an intelligent lady.



I give her my word of assurance.


"Yeah, you're smart, but sometimes... I interrupted her.

My older sister, Kelly Gibb Grosvenor, is pictured there. I'm Ellesa Peregrine, by the way. Despite not being related by our mother, we are siblings.




Even though we are only half sisters, we care deeply about each other. She is the only family member—with the exception of my mother—who genuinely loves and accepts me.

Because he claims that my mother is the reason why he and his wife split up, my dad doesn't accept me.






People who refuse to acknowledge

Their own sins are that old-hag sonsuva bitch. How is it that my mother is the only one at fault?

They had fun together and performed a miracle.

But as long as my older sister is there, even though our father doesn't accept me,