Surrender to the Don's Embrace

1.0M·HJ lovelace

Amelie Pearce, born into one of the prominent crime families in Chicago, is a princess of the mafia renowned for her physical attractiveness. However, what many perceive as a blessing becomes her downfall when she is compelled to marry Gio Locatelli, in order to establish peace between two mafia dynasties. Gio is the prospective head of the Locatelli Cartel within the New York Famiglia, a man infamous for his brutal nature and for strangling his cousin with his bare hands. Millie is filled with terror at the prospect of marrying such a monster. Despite being one of the most desirable bachelors in New York due to his good looks, wealth, and charismatic but predatory demeanor, Millie understands that Gio's bad boy persona is more than just an act. Behind Gio's captivating gray eyes and arrogant smile lie bloodshed and death. In her world, an attractive exterior often conceals a hidden monster—one capable of both killing and kissing with equal ease. However, escaping from the arranged union, let alone a man like Gio, is impossible. He would pursue her to the ends of the earth. Millie's only hope of survival in a marriage with Gio is to win his affection and gradually find her way into his heart—despite rumors that suggest Gio possesses no heart at all. A beautiful mafia princess given to a monstrous man. Even monsters harbor a heart. She fully intends to find her place within it.


After divorce, I am a billionaire


For the sake of love, Lyra left everything behind and worked as a full-time wife for three years. But in the end, she realized that all her efforts were not as good as one look from her husband's first love. Disheartened, Lyra resolutely filed for divorce. "Sorry, I'm a billionaire! I want a strong man to be my husband." Immediately after, the whole internet exploded! A billionaire super rich woman, suspected to have divorced? So, all the CEOs are scrambling to court her. Melvin in front of the screen can not stand it, the next day held a press conference, the beautiful name: kneeling to beg his wife home!


Surprised Wife With Twins

1.0M·Olive Bailey

Seven years ago in a charity dinner, she inadvertently became his antidote, pregnant with the twins. Seven years later, the two kids hacked his computer and got his attention. "Give birth to my kids secretly? And say not my girl?"


Reborn: When I Drown Back

121.0K·Beatrix Sharp

Before she was reborn, she hated him, and was forced to die in order to leave him. It was only when she was disfigured and tortured in a cave by a bad man and woman that she realized that the man she hated most had already loved her! In order to save her, he would give up everything! In her new life, she will love him, spoil him and make money to support him! She has lots of identities, with a pair of cute babies to earn a billion!


Entangled with the crippled billionaire


Her life has been a very terrible one right from her young age. She has always been condemned and maltreated for looking odd in the family. Apparently, she didn't inherit her mother's stunning and beautiful features unlike her immediate younger sister, neither did she inherit her father's intelligence unlike her older brother. To the world, she's very opposite from her sister Sheila, who is a popular diva. Her sister has always been everyone's favourite since they were young. If any incident occurs, it's always Sharon that gets blamed. She is always the one at fault. Her miseries didn't end or lessen as she grew older. Her long term boyfriend/fiance got snatched away by Sheila. It's surprising to think they are her real siblings. Feeling like she lost everything, she headed aimlessly down the road with no direction in mind. Along the way she got rescued by Jasper. He's one of the most popular billionaires in the city. He recently just lost his wife and his legs to a tragic accident. I mean he uses wheelchair. He also has two kids. She gets entangled in his life and eventually is forced to marry him. The news claims he can't walk with his legs again that is why he now uses wheelchair. But how is he able to get up every night and torment her on the bed ⁉️. Why is he hiding the truth from the whole world ⁉️. What happens when their marriage of inconvenience turns into something else and many love rivals arises⁉️. Why can't she stop herself from falling in love with his kids even if the older one behaves rudely towards her ⁉️. Why can't she stop herself from falling deeply in love with him even if he is the most arrogant, rude, self-centred man she has ever met ⁉️ Will Jasper be able to hide the truth of him being able to walk from the whole world forever ⁉️


My Husband's Mistress

29.0K·Datu papskie

"You are so rude! Are you really flirting in the office? Are you going to fool me again?" I screamed. "You." I faced my sister again. "I'm your sister, i aren't ? Why did you do that to my husband? How did you do this, SISTER?" I stress the word 'sister'. "My sister! You should be my sympathizer in these times. But what did you do? But where are you? You hurt me. And you're still hurting me, you animal." And I tweaked her again, I even pushed her. She didn't fight back. Nate tried to stop me but once he tried to stop me, I punched him hard and slapped him. "Don't try to stop me Nate, because if I did nothing at first but run and cry now I won't do something that will make me look miserable!" I exclaimed angrily. And my sister was tweaked again. "Please Elle it's okay." sHe was crying. I slapped her so hard that she leaned over. It cries. "That's enough? Are you kidding me?" I said sarcastically, I even faked a laugh. "I would be the one to tell you that. I would be the one to tell you THAT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I CAN'T. IT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I'M SICK. IT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I'M BROKEN. HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO FOOL ME? ACCEPT YOU. YOU ARE ANIMALS!" I still scream. And i was slapped her again and then pushed, causing her bag to fall and its contents scattered. "Kelly." Nate shouted and helped Kelly to her feet. Attention turned to a small rectangular object on the floor. My knees went soft while looking at it. I approached it and looked closely, it had two lines, which means 'positive'. My lips are trembling, but I managed to ask anyway. "D-Don't tell me........ ......Y-You're...... .....p-pregnant.......? .....w-with my h-h-husb-band?" Please tell me his not the father. Please somebody tell me. But my sister cried even louder. So he is? sHe isn't, right? He's not the father right? "E-Elle, I'm sorry. Sorry." She was crying. While uttering the word sorry. "Sorry? Do you think your sorry can take the pain away? Do you think your sorry can bring back my unscathed heart? Do you think your sorry can bring back the old times? Do you think so? SISTER. All the pain will go away Are you SORRY? Sister, it hurts. It hurts so much." And I seat on the floor. "It hurts, sister. And my dream of Nate telling me that he loves me was fulfilled by you. And now? My dream of having a complete family was destroyed by you. You two destroyed it. Is it also possible to have Is the child still yours? Sister, what about me? Is there anything left of me? Well, almost everything is yours, daddy, having a complete family, the man you love, and now the man I love? How about me? What's left of me? My father didn't accept me, my husband hit me, and now, even you are gone." I was crying out loud. And so he is. Nate remained silent. It's like he, himself doesn't know what to do. "Ahhh... The pain..." sister shouted while holding her stomach. I saw blood flowing on his thigh. "Kelly? Oh f*ck." Nate promised nervously. While I just looked in disbelief. I can't not move. I was still sitting on the floor, staring at them. Nate immediately called for help, and soon an ambulance arrived. Nate was about to follow them but I stopped him. "Nate, please stay." Even now Nate so I have a reason to stay by your side. But he just looked at me and I saw the tiredness in his eyes. "I need to follow her to the hospital. She's carrying my child Elle." He said his eyes were pleading. Am I too, Nathan. I'm bearing your child. I want to say it out loud but I don't want to make my child a way to stop him. If he really wants to stay. He will stay. He was about to leave, so I let out a word that I know whatever his decision is, it's either I'll leave or I'll stay. The decision is still with him. "Nate. If you're going to step outside of this room. Then just forget that you're married." He stopped for a while I even saw how he sighed deeply. "Please don't make it hard for me Elle. I'll be back here later. Promise." And the next thing he did was break my already broken heart. I smiled bitterly. He walked away. Leaving me here sitting on the cold floor alone. Along with no one. Fountains of tears were pouring.


Unwanted Wife

72.0K·Reynang Elena

"I hate you, Thunder. I will never forgive you." Living a life becoming a wife of husband, how long would Jewel handle the pain cause by Thunder? Will it takes long for her to stay? Or she'll choose to stay away from him and continue her life without the presence of her husband? A question that keeps lingering to her mind and trying to find answers but she'll end up setting it aside and continue to focus being a wife. For this unrequited love she have for him. One year of being miserable, One year of being in pained, One year being unloved, One year of suffering, Jewel Mercyl Dawson, came from a rich family and the only daughter, wife of Thunder Alcantara. A brave woman that would do everything for her husband to love her, though her husband despise her so much she'll still choose to stay beside him because she still believes that Thunder will change. Thunder Alcantara, the only son and heir of the Alcantara Family, destined to marry the only daughter of Dawson family his parents bestfriend and also for the sake of their merging business. He's the CEO of Alcantara Group of Companies. He despise and loathe his wife so much and he will do everything to make his wife life a living hell, he also blames Jewel for taking his freedom away from him since they got married.


Love Wins Over Lust

19.0K·Elk Entertainment

PS: Sequel to His Purchased Wife, please read the first book by searching "11641" to understand this one. -------- He wanted to marry her but she insulted him, not once or twice but thrice. He pledged to make her his and for that, he crossed every limit. She said that she won't marry him but to save her dying father, she begged him to marry her but she was not aware of what he planned for her after marriage...


The CEO's Return


' I crumbled to the floor and allowed the tears to fall, reality came crashing down on me like a building with no solid foundation, what my family warned me about was what actually happened. Our marriage wasn't even up to 24 hours and I was already left with no one to console me as I cried my eyes out I waited for my husband's return for hours, hours turned into days and days turned into weeks, A month later, I found out I was with child. ' Barely 24 hours after her wedding, Tracy found out her husband left without a specific explanation, years later she decided to move on completely only to find out her husband is the CEO of the new company she's working in.


Always Been You

16.0K·Favor V April

Sleeping with my best friend was something that shouldn’t have happened. We made a promise to each other when we were young, but it was long forgotten, at least by him, but not by me. I didn’t forget that he was my prince charming. He dated girls, which I didn’t mind because I was still underage. We slept in the same bed until this date, but we have never crossed the line. The problem started when his fiancée failed to appear for their wedding, and I had to play the role of his bride for the day just to save his face. That was the date everything changed. We had the steamiest night, and he told me it shouldn’t have happened because he was dating my best friend, Candice. That struck me dead in the gut. I should have known that our promises were long forgotten. He took my innocence and told me it shouldn’t have happened. That hurts, but nothing hurts more than learning you’re pregnant with your best friend’s child and you can’t tell him because he is in love with your friend. “Hi! My name is Lola.” He grinned. “My name is Dante.” “May I join you in a game?” “How old are you?” I gave him a puppy-dog expression. “You’re so adorable when you do that,” he observed. “I am nine years old.” “Well. I’m a sixteen-year-old, do you wish to play with your older brother?” I gave a nod. Just like that, I started playing with a 16-year-old. I was his little sister and he was my big brother. We grew up to be best friends. Everything was shared. We continue to share a bed to this day. Book One of The Best Friend Series.


Dark Romance: A Cruel Obsession

12.0K·K. K

Immersed in the pious tranquility of church school from childhood, she had painted dreams of a vibrant college life, a canvas of freedom and self-discovery. But as fate's brushstrokes took a darker hue, she found herself at a funeral, not as a mourner but as the unwitting bride in a macabre ceremony that bound her to Alajos Hargrave, the newly anointed head of the notorious Huston gang. Her world, once defined by only chaste lectures, was now a labyrinth of shadowy figures and whispered secrets, a stark contrast to the innocence of her youth...


I Married My Mother’s Lover As A Stand-In Bride


My mother was a lot of things but I never knew she would dare leave her Billionaire husband on the Alter stranded. My soon to be step-father was a lot of things, but he wasn't one to accept humiliation. And for that reason he made me Amelia, the daughter of my runaway mother to take her place on the alter.


Arranged Marriage With The Billionaire


"I want you to talk to me, who was that guy you were dancing with?" "I didn't do anything with him, we didn't even touch we just danced. Also, you are in no place to ask me that, you have no right to ask me that Dylan." He scoffed. "I'm your husband, I have every right to ask you that. How dare you dance with another man, have you got no shame?" Dylan was furious and Blair's tone only seemed to infuriate him even more. “And need I remind you everything is just a fake.” Blair was already too angry now. Dylan paused his teeth. “You are my wife, fake or not. You belong to me. Your body, mind and soul, everything belongs to me. Only I, am allowed to be consumed by it.” His voice was dangerously low now. Blair swallowed. She was fire, and he was ready to be consumed by her.




Sabrina had to do a life changing decision and that's choose between letting the father of the baby know or marry a man to save her family's reputation...she chose the latter and married Craig, not knowing the decision she took will not only ruin her life but that of everyone involved... When she and Alessandro meet again months later there is no denying the desire that still burns between them but can Sabrina give in to temptation and succumb to the feelings she has for the father of her baby or will her obsessive husband be the end of her?


Alpha's lust

6.0K·Nancy Morton

It was an another Saturday night, the clubs were raving with loud music, life was normal until they united again after months, ready to flip their worlds upside down once again. Daisy, a social freak. For her social media likes matter more than real life affection. In short she is a a spoilt brat of a rich dad. Her profile was filled with likes and followers as soon as she engaged Alex. Alex, a handsome, rich lad. He loves traveling. His lonely life was spiced up when he met Sasha. He didn’t realized when she became the most important person in her life. Sasha, a hardworking, simple girl. Who had been working her bones out since a very young age. She works in a restaurant and for her, his parents matters the most, until she met Alex, her friend, roomie and love. She can’t imagine her life without Alex. But she fell apart as soon as she learnt Alex got engaged to Daisy. What will happen when these three lives will collide together? Will they be able to heal each other or break each other?


The Wedding Night

11.0K·Oluwatosin Melody

A wedding night that was supposed to be memorable for a couple turned to a sorrowful night. Melody and Franklin were happy to be married and on the night of their wedding, a terrible event occurred which leads to their separation. Now, 5 years later, they met again, and this time Franklin is now Giovanni, a ruthless billionaire who doesn't give a damn about other people's feelings. The shocking fact is that Giovanni has no memory of what happened 5 years ago and the first time they met, Giovanni couldn't recognize Melody. What happened on the wedding night that led to their separation? What happened in the past? How come Giovanni didn't recognize Melody? Read and find out in this story.


My Husband's Brother is my Lover

2.0K·HJ lovelace

Monique soared to the heavens when Joshua made her his bride. Her love for him brimmed over, so much so that not even the absence of his best man could stop the ceremony. And she even fell in love more with her now husband after the union. What initially appeared to be the prologue of their happily ever after soon changed into a captivating illusion, woven with deceit and falsehood, shattering her once-rosy reality. Now faced with the daunting truth, Monique must grapple with the revelation that the husband she adored is not the man she believed him to be but instead his twin brother…Jacob. What if the lie that she had been living with was the fairytale that she had been wanting all her life? Is love enough to overshadow the web of deception entwining them?


Bred In Violence (A Mafia Romance Book One)


Untamable, powerful and rich, Raphael Boselli is a mafia don used to having his own way and his every word obeyed right up until he meets Sophie whose innocence should have been a turn off yet the very allure of it draws him to her like a moth to a flame.He knows he can't keep her forever, but the thought of letting her go is unfathomable. She becomes the center of his life, yet even as he dines her, flies her to the most beautiful cities in the world in a private jet, he knows that when the time comes for him to tell her who he really is, he might lose her forever.


What a Provocative Ex-Wife

12.0K·Lindsay Frost

Tiffany diligently served as Mrs. Harlan for three years. Unexpectedly, the former lover returned, bringing a divorce agreement. She left gracefully, erasing all traces and disappeared from his world. Undergoing a transformation, she became a prominent figure in various circles, with people following her footsteps. Later, Mr. Harlan suddenly discovered that his ex-wife had numerous disguises and was constantly surrounded by admirers, and her belly was gradually growing larger. The usually calm and dignified Mr. Harlan became flustered. He held her tightly, with his eyes turning red at the corners, and asked, "Tiffany, whose child is it?" She responded defiantly, "It's that dog of a man's." "Sweetheart, if you don't mind, I would like to be the father of that puppy!"


Sweetie, Marry Me Again?

4.0K·Melissa Owen

**NOVEL ONLY FOR 18+ AGE**If you are not into Adult and Mature Romance/Hot Erotica then please don't open this book. Carina is a proud rose who hides her thorns to marry Eric just so she can give her unrequited love a happy ending. She works hard by Eric's side for two years, and after a night of craziness, she accidentally gets pregnant with Eric's child. When she thinks her beautiful dream will finally come true, Carina hears that Eric's first love, Karen, has returned home after living abroad. It is not until Eric throws the divorce papers in front of her that Carina realizes that she has already lost the game before Karen shows up. The most painful thing is not the return of Eric’s first love, but Eric's preference to other woman in front of Carina to maintain the beauty of his first love in his memory. The scandal of her father's incest, two car accidents, jumping into the sea to survive... How many ups and downs does Carina have to go through before she gets happiness? Who is the girl in Eric's heart, and who can really be with him till the end?