Lord Death Is Now Back Home


Five years ago, Chris Shelby was kicked out of his family and ended up in East Coast. Right before he was starving to death, he met the Jefferson family, who, as advised by a fortune teller, took him in and thought he could bring their terribly ill father some good luck. Finally he married their eldest daughter, Esther Jefferson to him, yet he ran away after the wedding and their family became a joke in the city... Five years later, when he finally returned, he was already the Primus of the country with unparalleled power and wealth, yet the first thing he saw was the suffering of his wife and daughter...


Dragon Emperor

16.0K·Ben Liang

When Satan was angry, blood would be shed! His name was Satan, and in the name of Satan, he killed! When he returned to the city, he was surrounded by enemies and eventually won numerous bloody battles. Back to the battlefield where all his enemies were waiting, he only resumed his blood-soaked life of endless killing. He was Satan, the Dragon Emperor reigning over the entire world. All his life, he was ready to sacrifice his own life for his woman, his family and his brother...


The Alpha King Stubborn Mate


Hell can't hold him, demons can't stop him, the god's can't scare him, and Love.....ha love can't bind him. In a school filled with all types of Supernaturals, everyone is afraid of Jason, the Millennium Wolf Prince. All Alphas Wolf obeyed him. Rae, a new student who was transferred to the school, fall in love with Jason who didn't even notice her. She doesn't know who her parents are. Her grandmother forbids her from speaking of them, hiding the secret that she is the last mermaid and a half demon. Something happened which made Jason started seeing Rae in a new light. Rae has just two rules. Rule 1, Don't mess with him. Rule 2, Follow rule 1.


Possession, Book one of the Accalia Series

2.0K·Cortney T

Jasmine White’s life was wonderful up until the day her parents died protecting her and her best friend from rouges. Her alpha lowered her status to the runt of the pack, forcing her to live alone by the same woods her parents were killed. Soon tragedy strikes after she finds that she is mated to the Alphas son Oliver, After a rejection, he causing injuries not only emotionally but physically as well. It is said however, that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure but what happens when Oliver doesn't plan on letting her go? Not to mention the prophecy that has been surrounding Jasmine since the day she was born. Dont presume this book is like the rest. Just when you think your about to guess what happens, you will get the shock of your life each time! Enemies lurk from in and out. Danger seems to creep on every corner. Will she overcome and accept her fate? I guess you will have to just read to find out. Join the Black Alder Packhouse on Facebook to keep yourself updated on the latest with my books Don't forget to check out my first set of books in the Black Alder Trilogy. The first Installment is called Luna Rising. The second installment is titled Broken Chains, and the Final Conclusion of the Black Alder Series titled Midnight Sky.


Shadows, Book two of the Accalia Series

749·Cortney T

Ava Witch, Wolf, Angel, and possibly something more. Ava never wanted a mate, but fate has other plans for her. During her last battle, Ava met her mate Atlas, who is definitely more than what he seems. The attraction was instant, but it all went downhill after Atlas found out she was a witch and left her to fight demons alone. He came back to save her life before she was murdered for overusing her powers by destroying demons just by breathing fire from his own mouth, not only amazing Ava but confusing her. Just what kind of creature was her mate? Before she could get any answers, he disappeared on her again, without another word to her, leaving her feeling unwanted and confused. Ava puts her energy on her mission of finding her male best friend/seer. However, that mission is cut short after some events of her past are revealed to her, setting her on a new path of finding out just who and what she is. Atlas Drakos Dragon Species King of the Shadow Realm Atlas was joyed to finally find his mate, who happened to be his savior after he was abducted and kept caged by a demon for years. However, after finding out she had witch abilities, his dislike for witches overpowered his newfound love for his new mate, causing him to leave her and return to his kingdom. After being declared dead, he has found out his younger brother Adam has now acquired the throne. Complications between brothers arise as Atlas plans on taking his kingdom back, but Adam does not plan on giving up his throne so easily. The road ahead is a dark one for both and an old prophecy surrounds these two. Fate has plans for them set in motion long before they were born that could turn out to be more than each of them can handle, as the demon lord sets out his final attempt to claim more power. Follow the story of Atlas and Ava as they learn their biggest lesson on their journeys in life, love, and power. Some things are never what they appear to be.


The Alpha King's Slavish Whore


My eyes were fixed on the fragile body lying over my bed. Her eyes silently begged me not to look at her struggling state. Her emerald eyes turned teary as she was feeling this pain and urge from last night. I was confused about how a human being feels Heat. Her naked body struggling with the strong waves of heat hitting her every short duration was making her roll on the bed like a fish without water. Her small hands were touching herself to feel pleased and satisfied. She stretched her back as the fresh wave of heat hit her again in front of my eyes. Her slightly painful moans turned stronger and she tightened her thighs to stop her throbbing core. I walked closer a little. The scene before my eyes made me lose control. I was feeling hardened for my slave. "Please, don't come closer," She begged. "Ohh Myyyy Godddd," She screamed when the fresh wave of heat hit her again. The waves were getting intense and painful which I could easily notice. I sat on my knees on the floor, closer to the edge of the bed. My hands unknowingly moved to touch her ankle. "Ahhhhh, Please don't touch me," She cried in a painful urge of heat. I could still see the hate for me in her eyes. My eyes slowly danced on her creamy, white skin. She turned weak in just one day. She needed a relax from her heat waves. Looking at her state, my heart started racing not because I hadn't seen a naked girl before, but because she could become my worst nightmare. Sleeping with her could make me lose all my werewolf powers. But, her heat was turning painful now and I wasn't able to see it. So, I decided to do the next sin and bear the consequences. But the little did I know was that she was no one but the only female dragon left.

Soul MateOngoing

Where Loyalties Collide (Book 2)

1.0K·Lee C

*This is book two in the series and a continuation. The first story is Where Loyalties Lie. Xev is the eldest of his race. Dragons were persecuted and banished a long time ago over the mountains. There are no more females in their race and it has caused them to lose hope. Xev included. What could he possibly want to do or even help those on the other side of the mountain for? The reason his powerful race will die out is that they can't even come over the mountains to search among other races for the rare chance one is a mate to them. However, Xev answers the call of King Ky, and in speaking with him, Xev learns a truth that brings him hope. He does have a mate, she is alive but she is of another race. While this doesn't matter to Xev, it might matter to her. Xev is more than willing to do whatever it takes to win Aqualia over. To have her at his side and bond with as mates should. Thing is how do you get someone to bond with you, when they do not trust you? Aqualia doesn't know who to trust. Her life and choices are not her own. She doesn't think that Xev understands, she can't choose him. If she does many will die. Aqualia only knows duty, and Xev will just have to understand. However, what Aqualia doesn't get is what a dragon wants and gets.

Soul MateCompleted

She's My Fire

1.0K·Ms. Sophia

***THIS BOOK IS COMPLETE*** Harmony Moon Series Book: 2 “You’re not attracted to me? You were all over me just a second ago, before you realized who I am.” I replied. “I… I have a guy back home that…” She paused, trying to find the words to say. “I would only tarnish your good reputation.” Is this her excuse to get me to leave her alone? “You think I’m too good for you?” I laughed. “What the hell Willow? We haven’t seen each other in 10 years. You don’t even know me.” I grabbed her waist and pulled her into me. Smiling when I noticed her heart rate increase. I leaned down so she could feel my breath caress her neck. My lips grazed the skin of her ear, and she shivered as I whispered, “I’ll show you just how good I am.” She didn’t have time to protest when I moved to connect our lips. She gasped, and I slid my tongue into her mouth. Her will to resist me failed, and she kissed me back, charging our attraction and electrifying our kiss. Getting the reaction that I wanted, I reluctantly pulled away. Still high on her, I breathlessly stated my claim. “F**k this other guy!” *SYNOPSIS* When Willow Mason came of age, nothing could hold her down. She was a rebellious daughter of the original king and queen of the Lycans. Because her parents had their Lycans given to them by the moon goddess late in their lives, Willow was the first ever born Lycan. She is expected to inherit a lot of responsibilities, but her parents are having a hard time getting her to settle down with her rebellious ways. Willow has unknowingly gotten a little too close to one of the worst races known in the supernatural world, demons. In fact, she has grown very attached to a high demon named Drake Cinder. Willow thinks he is perfect for her. He gives her thrills with his fast bikes, underground fighting ring, and illegal activities. His possessive ways and careless attitude ignite her body, feeding her need to rebel against her parents. When Willow’s parents force her to attend the party of a family friend, she is separated from Drake for a few days. During that time, she gets reacquainted with an old friend, the deliciously tempting dragon prince Jaxon Brax Layden, and sparks start to fly. Brax is a responsible bad boy who is determined to win Willow’s heart. He cares nothing about Willow’s relationship with the high demon who is Drake, and he will stop at nothing to have her. Drake finds out that Willow is spending time with her old friend, and jealousy rears its ugly head. The Dragon and Demon races have a devastating history. An old enemy is about to escape hell with only one thing on his mind. He is determined to wipe out the entire dragon race and take their place. This will allow demons to take over as the strongest supernatural race in the world. The jealousy and hate between Drake and Brax only add fuel to the fire, which is the pending battle lead by the deity Hades himself. Willow finds herself at the center of it all, whose side will she be on? Follow along with Willow as she struggles with her feelings for two bad boys and falls in love with the one that she could have never imagined. Will there be a mate bond or something different at play here? An ancient feud between demons and dragons is finally settled, and Willow grows into the leader her people need her to be.


Alpha of Gods

605·Ms. Sophia

“You’re mine Rain, No one else will touch you!” He grabbed her by the forearm and roughly pulled her toward him over the bar. “She said she doesn't want anything exclusive. Release her and get the fuck out.” “Ryder don’t” Rain begged. The giant released Rain and stood up. He was much taller than my 6’5 frame. He walked over to me, placing his hand on my shoulder. “How about I put my hands on you then?” He looked at me in a way that only someone who doesn't know me would. “Get your fucking hand off me.” I spoke. The giant’s laugh rumbled in his chest so loud that the floor shook beneath my feet. “Do something little boy.” At those words my teeth elongated, and my eyes shifted from crystal blue to amber with red swirls. A reflection of my dragon and Lycan together. A low growl slipped between my clenched k-9 like teeth as my lips curled around them. My body began to grow and morph. My skin tore as fur sprouted to cover my entire body. The giant is now looking up at me. “What the fuck are you?” He whispered. “You don’t want to know."


The Witch And The Dragon Clan


Anastasia would never had believe that dragons were real, until a blue eye guy appeared into her life with the most unrealistic story ever. Not only did he say dragons were real, but that they become men by night and dragon by day. And now, she's the witch the dragon clan has been searching and waiting for...., for over a decade. The only way the spell could be broken was for Anastasia to travel back in time, with the help of the blue eye guy... Who's name is Christian. Together, they witness a whole world of magic, while staying hidden from a fearful enemy. But what Anastasia didn't know is that the break to spell she had to pay a heavy and costly price.

True LoveCompleted

Destined Mate

359·Author S.W.

Dragon shifter Cynthia and Wolf shifter Cal get a second chance at forbidden love. Is it too late? All Cynthia wants is a safe place to raise her child and heal from bitter betrayal. When Cal — her first love, her only love, and her destined mate — unexpectedly appears on Maui, he stirs up all kinds of other desires too. But trouble — as usual — is hot on his heels. Cal has spent a decade secretively protecting the only woman he’s ever loved. Cynthia may be hopelessly out of his league, but he’ll never, ever give up on her, no matter how forbidden their love is. In his dreams, he rides off into the sunset with his destined mate on the back of his vintage motorcycle. In real life...well, not every wolf shifter gets a happy ending, especially not a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. And not when danger lurks everywhere — even on a sunny island paradise. Evil shifter forces are gathering to attack the Hawaiian hideaway where Cynthia and her young son have taken refuge. It’s her darkest hour, and Cal is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. The future of all shifters stands on the brink, and even the Special Forces heroes of Koakea — dragons, lions, wolves, and bear shifters — will need help to beat the odds. Does Cal pose the ultimate danger, or is he Cynthia’s only hope?


KING MICAH: World Beyond The Ruins


Over 700 years after the death of King Elijah and Queen Celeste, their son Micah ruled over the world. After searching endlessly for his mate, he gave up hope thinking he would rule the world alone for he was the only one to have ever lived for such a long time. When words got to the king that the omegas (humans) have been escaping 'his world' to live in the ruin for almost two decades he became livid going to the ruins to kill them all and teach others never to cross him. What Micah never expected was for his mate to be lurking in the ruined palace hiding from the harsh and brutal world he created and he never expected his mate to be human. "I found you.. Mate" He breathes bringing his hand to cup my cheeks but i snapped my head backwards. "I would never be yours" I said breathing harshly while glaring at him.

Soul MateOngoing

Dragon King's Brave Mistress


Willow has been on her whole life because of her secret. All her life, she tried to hide it from others and made her way to safety. But now she is out of land in the Human Kingdom. Just when she is thinking about where to go, she stumbles open a dragon who means what he says, literally. Being a little cautious, she follows him to this fresh path only to meet with his betrayal of her trust. Ryker Wilburn, the prince of Ashenalp, stayed away from the throne for the peace of their people. But his cousin takes a different meaning from it and takes the throne for himself and to start a new war to gain five kingdoms. But he would not run from his fate anymore, and for that, he needs Willow. Would Willow be able to understand what her destiny is? Would Ryker be able to take the throne back? Would these two people who are forbidden to love, will fall for each other?


The Misjudged Alpha


"It was a regular day like any other when I got into the Hardwood Forest. However, staring at the terribly wounded human with a deadly poison almost engulfing his heart, I was utterly confused. I couldn't help wondering, " how did he get here?" "Oh yeah! How do I know his heart was almost engulfed with poison?  The answer is simple. I saw through his organs." Gosh! Do I regret saving him? I don't even know, but one thing I know is that I want to be with the seemingly dangerous man, even though I feel strongly that it's best to avoid him." ... More than five centuries ago, Annabel the elf princess, Celine the vampire princess, and Monella the werewolf royal joined their powers to stop the century-long rivalry among their kind. They aimed to unite all beings within the realm.  One among them was to wield that unimaginable power but they were all killed before the transference.  Hidden in an inconspicuous pendant on Monella's neck, she kept it away, wishing it finds its rightful owner.


King's tale


This a story about the king's royal family a family that had been a legend through the escaping time they faced fears lost their beloved one and faced too many enemies since the creation of humans and time but this marvellous family know no limits when it comes to proving their strength and royalty but as they say" keep your enemy close but keep your friends closer" so what will happen to them when they will be in thrown in the battle's field to face their deepest secrets by their most trustable people ?




Just like the title, one is fire and another is fuel. Their teaming up is only going to burn. While the world is teaming up to keep them apart, fate has another plans. A story filled with action, thrill, mystery and love blooming amidst all the chaos.


Netra and the Dragon

26·C Phillip

In Silverville, town of Wisteria Kingdom, where dragon hunters are more common than the prey, 18-year-old Netra works as a laundry maid and dreams of becoming a professional seamstress. Kai, the dashing yet villainous young Lord of Silverville, wants to make her his bride. Her rejection to his proposal becomes the bane of her existence. In a chance encounter, Netra befriends Vak, a handsome blue dragon lord hiding in the forest near her home and guarding a mysterious white dragon egg. When Netra saves Vak from a lone hunter, he gifts her a magic needle, carved from a dragon scale, that can turn thread into gold. Armed with the sewing miracle, Netra creates exquisite dresses for the nobility while Vak questions his overpowering attraction towards the beautiful seamstress. Just as he is about to leave Silverville, Vak is captured, and Netra will do anything to save him, even if it means marrying Kai, and giving up her lifelong dream.


The Dragon Lord's Cursed Bride

7·ZJ Nylibra

mily's depressed and a widow with two grown children. A botched attempt at suicide turns deadly, and she is swept into a world of curses, magic, and the wrath of a sorceress at peer with with the gods! Will the true love of a royal dragon lord save her from repeating fate? Or will she be damned yet again? Read the Cursed Dragon Lord's Bride to find out!!!



14·Moni Sky

TWO-SIDED ALPHA is a suspenseful, supernatural and thrilling Werewolf story that tells us about a cute, handsome, innocent-looking guy and also a domineering kinda person by the name Ryan Derrick. Ryan, who also is not human in nature has a brother by the name Scott and a company he runs too. The two bloodlines are not human in nature. Ryan is a half-human and half-demon werewolf. Scott, who also works in the same company as Ryan is also a supernatural being too. This story went down a cliff when Emily decided to find a job somewhere around the new city they came in, to support her Mom. One fateful day, she came across Ryan’s company and was set to be interviewed for a job and there she met the handsome and charming Ryan. Everything about Emily changed suddenly the moment she set her eyes on Ryan. Right there, the inner wolf of Ryan said, “Oh my, She’s my Mate” Ryan felt the sparks between them but quickly shooed it off when Scott came in. Scott being a supernatural being sensed it and he immediately fumed in anger because he also got to find out that Emily is his mate too. The two brothers will have to fight for what is rightfully theirs and only an ALPHA can win this fight. THIS IS WHEN IT ALL BEGAN… * * Who is the True-Alpha between Scott and Ryan? Who is Elena and why is she MATED to Two Supernatural beings? Is Emily meant to be with Ryan or Scott? What will happen when Emily founds out about herself and who her real Father is? FIND OUT MORE IN THE STORY…. “TWO-SIDED ALPHA”


Dom&Little Academy Spin Off.


Spin-off Mia was lost, in a world where everyone was classified into dominant and submissive, she didn't know what she is. Her mother abused her and her father didn't know about her existence. Until they came in, three supernatural brothers, a Dom, a master, and a daddy. All ready to try and help her find herself and who she belongs to. This story is DDLG, you've been warned. Apologies for any misspellings and grammar mistakes.

Soul MateCompleted