Where Loyalties Collide (Book 2)

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*This is book two in the series and a continuation. The first story is Where Loyalties Lie. Xev is the eldest of his race. Dragons were persecuted and banished a long time ago over the mountains. There are no more females in their race and it has caused them to lose hope. Xev included. What could he possibly want to do or even help those on the other side of the mountain for? The reason his powerful race will die out is that they can't even come over the mountains to search among other races for the rare chance one is a mate to them. However, Xev answers the call of King Ky, and in speaking with him, Xev learns a truth that brings him hope. He does have a mate, she is alive but she is of another race. While this doesn't matter to Xev, it might matter to her. Xev is more than willing to do whatever it takes to win Aqualia over. To have her at his side and bond with as mates should. Thing is how do you get someone to bond with you, when they do not trust you? Aqualia doesn't know who to trust. Her life and choices are not her own. She doesn't think that Xev understands, she can't choose him. If she does many will die. Aqualia only knows duty, and Xev will just have to understand. However, what Aqualia doesn't get is what a dragon wants and gets.

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1. Xev's Horde

“They have a dragon sapphire? You left it there?” Xev was standing as his humanoid form at a small cave entrance to the volcano that his dragon horde called home. The volcano was dormant at the moment and all the dragons would be able to sense if it started to wake. Their kind thrived on the earth magic and ley lines that volcanoes had. So there was no danger for them to call this one home. Xev however was staring out toward the mountain range in the distance that was in the midst of a snow storm. She was on the other side of that, the one he’d been waiting for. He finally had the chance he lost hope of having. A mate, to have his other half. All he did most days was stand out here watching the mountains.

“Yes, I didn’t lie.” Xev's swirling mix of blue and green eyes met his younger brother’s teal gaze. There was censor in Xev’s gaze though. There was a bit of annoyance, yet humor in his brother’s gaze. A slight daring tell.

“Don’t think to question me Trex. The stone is useless to us in our current state. We have no mated females. So leaving it where we can use it is smart. The wolves have always been harmonious with us. They have females who can help show the rest. Eagerness will get you killed.” His brother was a thousand years younger than him. Trex was humanoid too right now. However what they were talking about was a stone that held dragon magic. Magic to show you the face of your mate should they be alive. Dragons only ever had one mate, one chance. They bound themselves at the soul with their mates. It was sacred to them, and as such your mate was not always born at the same time as you. Nor the same species, but typically as one that was similar in one of their forms. It was about the soul not the physical shape.

Xev stretched a bit looking at his hands. This body was not his normal state. They were practicing their forms, most had been slumbering. Xev himself slumbered for long periods, what was there to look forward to? The hunt? The kill? They had been banished over these mountains, and the magic had held until Kaves. Though Xev agreed with King Ky as he was called now. A werewolf masquerading as a human king. He was from a very powerful and old line, his pack was older and powerful. Ky was holding ground on this dark sorcerer. Keeping him from getting through to the rest of the lands. If Ky and his people failed the rest were in deep trouble and they all knew it. So Ky had reached out to Xev, asking for help. That he had something worth his time if he chose to work with him over Kaves.

Ky had let him use the sapphire with his mate. So that Xev could know if his was alive. What he agreed with was that Kaves was a danger to them all. Those like him were the reason Xev and his people hurt so bad right now. Ky wanted Xev and his horde on their side. Kaves had reached out to Xev already via magic and flame. He also knew he was not the only dragon to be contacted. Kaves wanted to conquer and enslave. He wanted to rule this world, and then come over here to the wild lands. Search for the portals alleged to be here to go conquer more realms. Xev couldn’t let that happen, he fought far to long and hard in the past to throw it all away now.

“Just eager as the rest to know if we have a chance. If any of us also have a mate here in these lands or elsewhere.” Trex gave a sigh and also looked toward the mountains that separated them from civilization for the most part. This side of the mountains was a vast land of deadly creatures, forests and desserts alive with deadly magic. Most creatures here were feral.

“I know.” Xev growled and glanced back down the tunnel. Fifteen of them were awake of his horde. They totaled forty, but the rest were slumbering and as such you did not wake a slumbering dragon unless it was life or death. You could break the flow of magic, and that would make a dragon feral upon waking. Take days to get them back into a rationale mind. Ten of his wanted to go over the mountains and help. Have a chance to search for their mate. Or for female companionship of any kind really for the younger ones. The youngest being six hundred years. That was still child’s play to a dragon.

“I don’t think several of them believe you Xev. That you saw the sapphire, got to use it.” Xev shrugged. “Doesn’t mean they aren’t bored out of their minds and ready for a bit of bloodshed. Or to search.” Trex commented with a darker laugh.

“No one wants false hope. However no more will be able to use the sapphire until we uphold our end of the bargain. I gave my word. The five who do not wish to go will stay and guard those that slumber.” Xev’s gaze narrowed a bit. He was not going to wait much longer to go. It had already been a month since he’d gone, it had taken time to get several to agree. Xev could have made them. He was their first or alpha as many other creatures would say. However that was not typically how he ruled his horde.

Dragons noted themselves by standing, saying you were first did not mean you were the first dragon ever, but that you were alpha or king. Xev had been so for a very long time, and with age came power. He remembered when the elves and the humans were just scared pitiful creatures running around these lands. Escaping their home worlds through portals to here, just like many other creatures. Hell his kind had used the portals once to transverse and find mates. However when the demons started to come through centuries ago the portal had been sealed by magic. Then the scrolls hidden away, abusing portals and magic was a sure way to cause suffering and destruction to a world.

“How will you station us Xev? You know that Alpozex has gone to side with Kaves. We will have to fight our own.” Trex looked at his brother. He admired him greatly, his ability to lead. To keep this horde of forty safe from those with magic and powers to kill them. He’d even helped get several of the few remaining females and their mates through the portals long ago to give them a chance in another land, when the danger was high here. It took a lot in Trex’s opinion to stay behind and not follow where your kind had a chance as the portals closed. At the time there were still more dragons struggling here. Xev stayed to help them. Only a handful of females left here. In this land they heard the last female died several years ago.

She had been of Alpozex horde, she and her mate. The rumor that spread was that a few males in his horde had been angry she had a male child recently and no female yet. They’d killed the child hoping to force her to be receptive sooner to her mate. Both she and her mate had attacked the males that did it, several had died. Including the female.

Xev’s horde and the only other horde that was awake currently was Alpozex’s. However there were a few rogue dragons that just didn’t want to be part of a horde but would stop from time to time for company. They had shared the news and all found it incredibly shameful. None wished to speak or even share hunting grounds with Alpozex horde for their hideous act against a yearling and female. Xev however addressed Trex previous question.

“Then they die, here we are on the verge of extinction Trex. If they are not helping to further our kind, then they are helping to end it. We can have mates that are not dragon, but harbor the soul of one. They choose to not wait. Alpozex is a poor first and his horde has always been a stain on our kind.” Xev truly felt that way, even if there were a few good ones in the group. Dragons however were very territorial, even if they allowed rogues to stray in from time to time.

“Like your mate? You think she is elf?” Trex asked a darker smile on his face. He didn’t know any elves, he’d grown up here in the feral lands. He enjoyed the hunt, the kill and being a beast. All dragons did, just because you were kind to your own, did not mean you were nice to the rest.

“You think that they are going to be okay with a feral beast trying to take one of their females? Elves are snobbish pricks last I heard.” Trex noted a smile on Xev’s face, it was dark and filled with odd humor.

“I don’t care what they think. I will find her, I care not what she is. She is my female, my soulmate and they will not keep me from her.” He said sharply and the air around them heated a bit. Trex could not help but poke as his brother a bit.

“What if your female doesn’t want you?” Trex asked to needle his brother more and Xev slowly turned his head to look at him.

“Not possible, work it might be but soulmates we are. If she’s difficult…” He shrugged, “I have no problem dragging her back here kicking and screaming.” He couldn’t fault his brother, he’d do the same thing if handed the chance. He was excited. Trex was about to get the chance to go over the mountains and search. Help protect the land once more from dark magic that had no place here yet refused to die. He hoped so very much that he’d find his mate. Xev was a lucky son of a bitch. Though he meant that in a good way, a jealous way. His brother was deserving of a mate, and their horde of a prima, or queen. It would strengthen them greatly. Females always had a different type of magic to the males, and they were lacking that.

“We are ready.” Several others moved out of the smaller cave entrance and Xev glanced at those ready to go. Those of his horde wanting to do this. He eyed the group who he’d demanded practice their movements and fighting in their humanoid form. They were all very skilled, they were older and most had magic or abilities. Just like all species, some were born with more and some with less. Still they were going up against dangerous foes that would know them and their weaknesses.

“Good, we are going to Wolf Alpha Ky’s keep. Then from there we will make plans for where we station ourselves. Kaves is a real threat, do not let your guard down. Alpozex and his horde have sided with him. They failed to protect our last female. Show them no mercy in war should they fight against us.” There was a nod of agreement.

“Any that kill a bonded pair deserve the grave and may they never find their match.” A growl of agreement came up. Xev turned toward the sharp cliff and jumped, shifting to his real form in the blink of an eye. He was very practiced at the art of shifting, using his magic to make his body more or less. Powerful magic of mind and body that not all could control well or use. Luckily for Xev’s horde they were all well versed in it.

‘We fly straight through.’ Xev said mentally to those coming and then gave direction to those staying to protect those that slumbered. Behind Xev’s massive form were nine others. Several different shades of brown, blacks and reds, but it was easy to see just how much larger Xev was than the others. A dragon never stopped growing. Could control size somewhat, but size showed your power and age. He was not the first of the largest remaining horde for nothing. Part of him wondered regardless of seeing his mate in that sapphire if this was the right choice.

However what were they really doing in their home but waiting to die? This was a chance they were going to take. The question those on the other side of the mountains should really be asking was if the dragons would leave when all was said and done. Xev could tell you right now the answer was no, they did not deserve to be banished. If the vampires and wolves had taken keeps and ground to make their own lives on the other side, then the dragons were about to as well. They were powerful creatures that were no longer willing to stay pushed to the side. The other races had no idea what was about to fly into their midst.