The Alpha Chose Me


Werewolf’s? Werewolf’s weren’t real right? Leah Wilson is thrust into a world she didn’t know existed. Moving from her home in Florida and setting up a new life in Texas with her gran things aren’t all what they seem. Throw two witty bestfriends and a hot Alpha male into the mix and watch how it all unfolds. Leah is human but instantly feels a connection to Jake! She doesn’t understand why but she knows something doesn’t add up. Follow her journey and watch how her life begins to change in front of her eyes. Jake - arrogant, aggressive, maybe a little bit of an asshole! This story will contain sex scenes and swearing.


I Will Escape


RATED MATURE PLEASE BE ADVISED THERE IS RAPE, ABUSE, AND TORTURE:  Sabrina lives what she thinks is an ordinary life. Besides the fact she is a werewolf. Sabrina was not raised in a traditional werewolf family. She was raised in the human world. Sabrina only knew of one other family of her kind, which was her best friend Tonya’s family. One morning she goes to school, only later to find out that her life would change forever. Sabrina is captured by the Devil himself. While he takes out all his revenge on her. Sabrina discovers a strength that she never knew she had. She finds a way to survive all the abuse that she endures. No matter what she never loses hope of escaping the hell she is living. She knows nothing about werewolves or their capabilities. She is blind to it all, never knowing her true powers. Sabrina fights to uncover the truth about her identity not knowing her whole life has been hidden from her. Will Sabrina find her true identity? Will she escape the hell that she is forced to live? Read and reveal all the secrets, pain and deceit Sabrina will face .


You Hit My Heart

545.0K·Kylie Stanford

She was a sharpshooter who shoot within the accuracy of 0.01mm. She should be a daughter of a General, but she got replaced by a scheming girl. He was a devoted president of a top tycoon, but he had a flash marriage and a flash divorce with her because he misidentified his life-saver. He had never thought that one day she would point at his heart with the cold muzzle. "I will get you buried with my child!" She then pulled the trigger ......


Sex with My Mafia Stepbrother


The tiny sound. That low vibrating sound!    I kept hoping Luciano would walk out now instead of looking around like he is trying to get something right. It better not be that he is listening to the noise.      I bit my lower lips to subdue the shameless moan about escaping. My breath became uneven as I tried to slowly lower my left hand into the duvet but it wasn't working, that hot asshole had his gaze fixed on me.     His lips curved into a sly smirk as he shrugged, moved his hair behind his ears and walked away.     "I don't want to know what the heck you were doing, Tiff, next time, just lock the goddam doooooor!". ****************** It was supposed to be a normal siblings bond. Doing the forbidden wasn't part of the idea but Tiffany had other plans. Especially when all she wanted was get fvcked by her hot step brother.


Until I Met You

19.0K·Goddy Francis

She stood nervously opposite this grey-eyed delinquent. No matter how hard she tried to avoid him, he was always coming back to her. Her heart skipped the more he leaned closer to her. Her back leaned against his desk as her eyes locked with his. He was something words can't describe. "Why are you scared of me, Ariel?" "I'm not..." She stuttered. She seems to lose her breath at just his sight. "What if I kiss you right now?" That makes her heartbeat skip. They were inches apart and all she could feel was his hot breath against her neck. "I'm not feeling very well." He whispered, trailing his fingertips on the naive brunette. "Why are you telling me this?" "I want you to be my nurse, kiss me till I feel better. Or maybe..." He whispered, leaning closer to her so she could feel him. " Babysit me tonight..." **** She's a good girl. She's no different from a boring introvert. She likes to read and stay indoors. One dream she loved was going to Nun school. She was about to take her vows in the convent, but her dream went down the drain when her male best friend stole everything away from her, tearing away her holy garment as he stole her innocence. She hated herself and her family despised her more for making them lose their positions in church. Just when she was picking up her broken self, Gray Carter, bad boy, billionaire, walked into her life with his mysteries.


Savage Love On His Wheelchair


Rosemary had not finished university yet when she was forced to marry into the Grant family. On the day of their wedding, there was no wedding dress, and the groom was nowhere to be found. As it turned out, her husband, Wilson Grant, was in a vegetative state and perhaps could never wake up again. Just like that, their hilarious marriage began and she was now officially Mrs. Grant. A few months after their wedding, however, the old Mrs. Grant began to urge her to give her a grandson, but how could she have a child with her bedridden husband?


Her Twin Mates


Why me? Why did the gods have to curse me? Why did my parents leave me? Why didn't they love me or take me with them? What was wrong with me? What was I? Why did my Alpha not care for me like the others? Why was I locked away from everyone like some shameful secret? All I ever wanted was to grow up with friends, family, and people who loved me for me and not be afraid of me because of what I looked like. Ever since I was born I was different and it's not something people just say either. I was literally born different from everyone around me and I was always bullied and looked down upon for it even though I had no control over it. I never knew my parents and my Alpha always told me that they took one look at me and just left me here. I however choose to think that they loved me and died protecting me from people who wanted to harm me which didn't matter since I didn't know what actually happened to them and I knew that I would never find our either.


Kidnapped And Claimed


As the half-human outcast of the Cancer pack, I've been beaten and bullied my whole life. Gaining my wolf form and my fated mate is my only chance to change packs and hope for a better life. Except when my fated mate is revealed, he's the future alpha of the Leo pack—our worst enemies. He rejects me in front of everyone, just before the Leos slaughter my entire pack and murder my family. I manage to escape, but then I'm kidnapped by a far greater threat: the alpha of the mysterious lost pack. The 13th sign was banished from the Zodiac Wolves years ago, and I thought they were just a myth. They're real. They're holding me captive. And the dark, dangerous alpha is offering me something I can't refuse—revenge.


Wolves, Maces, And Blood


Five years ago, he was set up and thrown into prison for no reason at all. And after five years, he was back, but as King Wolf this time. To everyone's surprise, he got married almost immediately after he was back to the city, and became a super daddy. He loved his daughter and wife so much... and this is their story.


The Grateful Rejection


This rejection story is not the cliché one, where the rejected omega runs away for sanctuary in another pack and becomes the head warrior and is more beautiful.No. This story is not like the rest.Even though people say there is no limit in hatred.Truth to be told, there is.And they crossed it.Now they gotta pay for it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Maybe sensing that I did something to his dislike he growled at me. I whimpered and coward back, which made him snap and pull me to him. I started struggling as he picked me up like a fucking puppy. My legs were dandling in the air.In anger I growled at him and clawed his face baring my teeth at him but he looked at me indifferently, he pulled me chest to chest. His snout buried in my neck, I was to stunned to comprehend his acts. I was frozen in my place, he licked my neck and did something that was never expected of any shape shifters."Mine" he said hoarsely. With that everything went blank and I fell limp in his arms.

New AdultCompleted

Billionaire's Mistress Is A Hidden Heiress

3.0K·Author Anika

Playboy, Casanova and Heartbreaker were some adjectives used by the paparazzi to describe the brilliant interior designer and the hottest CEO of Grayson Group Of Hotels, Aries Grayson. But that quickly changed when his eyes landed on his best friend’s perfect girlfriend, Cara Silencio. The moment their eyes locked for the first time, her innocence took his world by storm. Cara was everything Aries secretly wished for in his life, but she was off limits, and Aries chose to abide by the rules of Bro code. Cara Silencio has her own fair share of secrets that could destroy her. Amidst masking her true identity from the world and attempting to make ends meet, Cara was exhausted. She wanted to marry the Knight of her life, Keith Wilson, and lead a peaceful life. But the demons of her past destroyed everything, pushing her into the endless tunnel of darkness. Years later, when Aries found her at the infamous strip club, his desires came back to life and this time he was aiming to claim her. A night of intimacy didn't stop his longing for her. He wanted her in his bed every night, waiting for him. Aries returned to the club to find her, but Cara was gone, leaving no traces behind. Determined to find her, he called his most competent informer to find Cara Silencio, only to stumble upon the shocking truth. “Mr Grayson, the woman you’re searching for is the heiress of New York’s most influential business empire!”


Running From The Alpha King


I always wondered what the world was like outside the walls of being an omega of a pack that i was trapped in until he came THE AlPHA KING. He made me want to forget and live, forget the position I was called everyday. He made me feel emotions I never felt before and made me feel like he cared for me so I fell in love with him. A love so deep, I wanted to hand over my life for him until the night he rejects me in front of the pack for the lady he said he only cared about as his friend. I was just a little waste of time those were his words. Broken, rejected, pregnant me strives and becomes the Alpha of Snowdew pack, Alpha Bella. Then the moon goddess makes our world collide again


Alluring Attraction : CEO's Love

1.0K·Shar Nie

Aria at 21 years lost her voice and memory anomalously, from the hands of those she could not remember. A bizarre circumstance led her to meet Mr Lucas, a successful business owner. What happens when the striking hands of love hit the cold mighty CEO and stunning Aria, amidst everyone's opposing gazes? What happens when she regains both her voice and memory and is set on making a brutal revenge to her enemies? Will she leave everything behind and focus on revenge or will she let things be and live married to her beloved?


Yes Sir!!! (MxB)


Book One.Kayden is a sweet boy with a very dark and painful past. A past that caused him to distrust and fear everything and everyone around him. All he has ever wanted was for someone to make him feel safe and protected for once in his life. But in order to do that, he will have to find the courage to move past it all and learn to trust again.Leonides, or Leo, is a Professor at Jayden's College. By day he teaches English to the many students at the College, but at night and in private, he turns into Master Leo, Master Dominant at a club called Leather Dreams. He is known as one of the most possessive and protective Masters in the club.What happens when Kayden's friend Maxie, decides to try out a club in town and drags Kayden along? Kayden happens to run into the gorgeous Professor at the club, a Professor he has had a massive crush on for the past three and a half years. And what happens when Kayden's past comes back to haunt him?We'll have to wait and see.


Alpha Adryan


"Not all monsters do monstrous things" --Jade Estrada "What are you doing in my territory, rogue?" He spits out the word 'rogue' which makes me flinch back and causes my wolf to whine again. "I-I didn't-t kn-now tha-t I-I wa-s trespassing-g on your ter-ri-tory." I stutter out in fear. "What's your name, mate?" He asked me. "J-Jade." I reply. "Look at me." he grits out and the sound of clenching of his jaw doesn't go unnoticed by me. I shake my head side to side as tears leave my eyes, trailing down my face in a fast motion. "Look at me when I talk to you, mate." he growls out throatily. "I-I can't." I yet again stutter my words out and my words seem to anger him as his hold on my chin almost becomes painful to the extent of breaking skin. I whimper out in pain. "Why?" he viciously growls out and which almost makes me take a step back in fear, but I stay rooted to the spot. "I'm b-blind." I say and his painful grip leaves my face. ***** Jade has been blind since birth, surrounded by a loving pack and parents just happen to be the Alpha and Luna of The Evergreen Forest Pack. So, what happens when a rogue attack kills her family and Jade escapes and accidentally crosses The Blood Moon Pack Territory known to be led by the cruel, vicious, and heartless Alpha Adryan Romano who just so happens to be her mate? What happens when Jade comes to know that her mate doesn't want her but doesn't reject her for his own selfish reasons, throw into the mix a blonde-haired mistress? Enter Adryan's crazy half-brother who is obsessed with Jade and would do anything to make her his. A lot of drama unfolds, new enemies are made so are new friends, new problems arise. A war is declared. Read and find out what happens to Jade and Adryan in 'Alpha Adryan'.


Human (Sequel of The Alpha's Rejected Heir)


Sequel to The Alpha's Rejected Heir Lillian Carter's life did not follow the path it was meant to. She was supposed to be normal and just like any other human, completely oblivious to the supernaturalq world. Yet in a cruel twist of fate she ended up trapped in the world of supernatural beings. Only being regarded as a tool in service of someone else's selfish desires, Lillian had been used, experimented on and sold. Then one day Lilly was finally free, or so she thought. Now in a world where danger lurked at every corner and monsters dwelling in the shadows young lily has to be constantly running and fighting for her life especially with a curse coursing through her veins that seems to be attracting everyone she runs into. Trying to find a place for herself in this world lilly wants to live the life she should have, she wants to be the one thing she never felt like she was in all her years of life the thing she was meant to be, she wanted to be Human.

True LoveOngoing

Pregnant With My Rejected Billionaire


"How could you come close to me? Did you forget that you belong to someone else?" I yelled. He frowned his eyebrow like he didn't get what I mean but then he smirked. "you're asking me how I came close to you? Did you forget 3 months ago you begged in front of me to fuck you" He uttered. I was startled at his words and then closed my eyes to digest what he said. "Did he use that word or did I miss hearing him?" I asked myself not believing that my Aaron could use such kind of words for me. I opened my eyes and looked at him with teary eyes. "What? why are you looking at me like this? Did I say something wrong? Didn't you're the one who asked me to fuck you" He scoffed. "No" I yelled... "I didn't ask you to fuck me... I'm not a whore. I asked you to make love to me that's too because I was on hear" I yelled, tears rolled from my eyes. "Love" He starts laughing like a maniac.


Rejected Mate


What do you do when your mate teaches you that fate is a curse to be broken? You run, that’s what. I dream that my mate will give me the home I never had. Will give me the life I never had. One day, my dream comes true. The finding-my-mate part. That’s it. Now I’m stuck with a mate who’s already taken. One who views me as worthless, and who never lets me forget it. Every. Single. Day. As an omega, I never had a place in my pack. It doesn’t take me long to learn that I don’t have one with my mate either. I might just find one in Winter Lake. If my mate doesn’t track me down, and if the alpha of the pack that shouldn’t exist doesn’t learn what and who I am. But staying is impossible. Not in my condition. Only, the brown-eyed shifter who saves me is making it harder and harder for me to remember all the reasons why I can’t stay. When you break your curse, where do you run? Who do you run to?


Marked By The Alpha’s Son

2.0K·Pop Precious

When it's full moon and he lost control of himself "You have got no idea how loudly you will scream" ** He was described to be ruthless, merciless, cold and everything bad but he was handsome, hot and ridiculously rich. Also. He is our Alpha's first son and the next Alpha of Night Pack, Also a well known business man but I suspect that he has a dark secret life, a dangerous life. He was unfortunately mated to me, maybe it wasn't a misfortune but he broke me! He left me after breaking my virginity, he never gave a reason for leaving… He just dumped me. Now, I am healed from his hurt but he is back and wouldn't stop stalking me, he kills or hits any man he sees around me. He came back with a part of him I never knew of, he is Possessive, overprotective and obsessed with me.

Second ChanceOngoing

Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book


Warning - This book contains violence, swearing, mature content, and scenes of a sexual nature. Alora Dennison is an orphaned child from a shamed bloodline, surviving in her family's old pack.On the dawn of her transition pushing her into adulthood, in an unexpected turn of fate, she imprints on the mate she will be bonded to for eternity. Only he isn't the man of her dreams. He is the only one in the entire state she would never have wanted to bond to.Colton Santo is the arrogant, dominant son of the Alpha from a rival pack, which is set to unite the packs and reign in one kingdom. In years gone by, his disdain for her and any from her bloodline has been prominent. Her treatment by his pack has pushed her to live in near isolation, fearful for her existence. And now, on the dawn of her awakening, before all those assembled, they see her imprint on their future leader.Fate has decreed it, but everyone around her is about to try and stop it. Fate isn't about to make it easy on her either, as a long-forgotten war erupts in their lands, bringing an age-old enemy with a thirst for blood back into the forefront of Lycanthrope life.Will she survive long enough to ever find out why she has borne a black mark on her lineage her entire life? And why Colton's father is so eager to see her dead.Will Colton step up and honor the bond, or will he be the one to deliver the final blow?