I'm richer than my billionaire ex-husband

1.0M·Chloe Turner

She was a wealthy woman, but she was turned into a tool which was used by her husband to save another woman. In desperation, she jumped into the fast-flowing river, swearing to the death rather than save the woman he loved. Years later, she's back gorgeously!


Surprised Wife With Twins

1.0M·Olive Bailey

Seven years ago in a charity dinner, she inadvertently became his antidote, pregnant with the twins. Seven years later, the two kids hacked his computer and got his attention. "Give birth to my kids secretly? And say not my girl?"


Stomp on Your Broken Heart With Our Babies

365.0K·Alfie Harvey

Bonnie Morgan loved Sebastian Grant for ten years, while it’s not until she’s giving birth to her babies, she found herself was just a substitute for his ex-love. Bella Jones stole Bonnie’s babies and set fire to kill Bonnie. Five years later, Bonnie came back as a designer, Annie, with three cute babies and the determination to revenge. She did destroy Bella. She thought she could kill Sebastian as she’d planned and dance with her kids beside Sebastian’s grave for they could live a happy life with his legacy, billions of dollars... Andrew: Mommy, I’ll get an international MVP title in this round to cheer for your good revenge! Lukas: Mommy, you just have to dress up nicely, and I will make money for you! Erika: Oops! Mommy, you are in poor luck today, especially luck about love! After hearing Erika’s words, Sebastian appeared, leaning over and whispering to Bonnie, “I heard you go around telling people that I'm dead?”

Single MotherOngoing

Love after Divorce

130.0K·Sylvia Bell

In order to repay the kindness of raising her up, Violet has no choice but to play ugly and marry a cripple who is rumored to be impotent. Everyone says that an ugly girl marries a disability is a perfect match. But Violet, with a secret, only wants to get rid of the man who is kind and gentle on the surface but dark and evil inside, until one day ...... "Violet, you dare to make fun of me!" , "Let's get a divorce." Violet removes her ugly makeup and leaves with her daughter. At midnight, someone is knocking on the door. Her daughter hugges a doll and says: "Mommy says, don't just open the door to anybody." "I'm Daddy. Open the door." says Louis. "Erin, I'm your brother." A boy pokes his head out Holding their hands, Violet says "Louis, their surnames should be changed into Elliott." Louis hugges Violet in his arms and says "Okay, I will marry into your family."

Single MotherCompleted

The Billionaire’s Desires


While in school, Hillary Futon was dared by her friends to kiss her childhood crush, Nathan Trent. He’s the cutest boy in school and it’s rumored that he is the only heir of the Trents group of companies. She kept shying away from it because everyone knows how much Nathan hates to be with a woman. But on their graduation day, she decided to just take the challenge and do it just for fun… She never knew that her life is going to change after that one kiss. She never knew that her presence would melt the cold ice around Nathans heart. Nathan fell in love with her when he discovered that she was different from other girls, her presence doesn’t irritate him, instead he yearns for her. He just couldn’t let her go. Nathan Trent is the only son of Simon Trent and heir to the Trents empire. He is so handsome and cold tempered and every girl wishes to be his girlfriend but he can’t be close to any girl because he gets irritated by their presence. His position as heir was being challenged by the elders of the Trent household because he has never been seen with a woman, so everyone assumed that he was gay and the elders would never let a gay man lead the families businesses. He never dates and he never commits to a woman, but when he got he kiss from Hillary, he knew he wanted her for himself.


Reborn: When I Drown Back

51.0K·Beatrix Sharp

Before she was reborn, she hated him, and was forced to die in order to leave him. It was only when she was disfigured and tortured in a cave by a bad man and woman that she realized that the man she hated most had already loved her! In order to save her, he would give up everything! In her new life, she will love him, spoil him and make money to support him! She has lots of identities, with a pair of cute babies to earn a billion!


After Divorce, I Became A Queen

49.0K·Minnie James

After three years of hidden marriage, he eventually handed her a paper divorce agreement. At that time she covered her belly and asked him, "What if I have a child?" And he was indifferent to it, "I remember I did not touch you." Later, on his wedding day with his first love, she was sent to the ICU covered in blood and never came out. Only at that moment did he realize how wrong he was. Since then, he has been missing a person, day and night, and has gone crazy about it. Until that day, at a friend's wedding, she wore a white wedding dress and brushed past him ......

Single MotherOngoing

After Divorce I Became A Zillionaire

34.0K·Augustina T

She has loved him all her life, she married him to save him from his vicious girlfriend but all she got in return was hatred and mistreatment from him and his girlfriend, when she couldn't endure anymore, she did what he has always wanted, she signed the divorce papers. Two years later, she's back with three gorgeous sons and was now a Zillionaire, her husband knelt before her at the airport. "Please forgive me wifey" "Ex.." She remarked. This novel contains high sexual scenes with abuses. 18+.

Female leadOngoing



Sage had a one-night stand with a total stranger and as a result of that night she had her adorable baby boys Liam and Logan. As a cleaner her job doesn't pay much but it pays the bills and she's happy regardless of her job descriptions. The company she is working for relocated to Miami and that's when Sage crossed path with her mystery man...the man she slept with...the father of her babies and also the owner and CEO of the company...


Pregnant and Homeless


Pregnant at 18, lonely and homeless. Jakobia is hopeless. Her ex accused her of cheating and refused to accept his paternity. Her mother kicked her out. She's been forced to move constantly, in an effort to find a staple place to live. Fate leads her to meet billionaire Uvaldo Dakoda who wants her to feel nothing but safe and protected from this cruel world. Will Jakobia fall for the man after they live together? Will Uvaldo fall for the girl who he rescues from the street or remain just her savior? Read to find out what happens between them.


Mummy, My Dad Is Super Rich


After a one night stand with a mysterious stranger. Evelyn Rosé, twenty-five years old and mother of one, came back to her City to live a new life but under the fear of her son getting snatched away from her. She had a bad history with her family and her fiance but came back strong with the love of her son occupying her heart. But then she met her new cold Billionaire Boss who looked so much like her son and whom her son kept calling 'Daddy'. "Shush, don't call him that." "But he is my Daddy." Her son pouted. Raphael Theophilus the cold-hearted unbend Billionaire smiled at her son. He remembered Evelyn Rosé but she doesn't remember him.


Hiding the Billionaire Mafia’s Twin

10.0K·Edna Bruce

After a drunken one night stand with the Sicilian billionaire tycoon and mafia don, Tito Denero, Fiorella finds herself in a mess because she's engaged to her childhood lover but ends up pregnant for Tito. Fiorella's fiancé, Dante Mancini doesn't mind accepting her pregnancy for the stranger she accidentally slept with but they don't go through with the marriage because Dante's mother looked down on Fiorella's family. Years later, Fiorella has twins , when Tito and Fiorella finally cross paths again, all Fiorella wants is to take revenge on Tito for killing her father. But unknowing to her, he was also the father to her children and the man she'd had a one night stand with. Will she go through with her revenge on Tito? Or will things become more complicated with Dante coming back into the picture as well?

Soul MateCompleted



Cassandra Miller had a one night stand with a complete stranger and unfortunately that one night had ever lasting consequences...she fell pregnant and had her mystery man's baby...but she soon realises her mystery man isn't such a mystery after all when she discovers that the father of her baby is actually her boss and that he still wants her... Emiliano is shocked to find out that his new secretary is the woman whom he'd had a one night stand with.... seeing her again only proves that he still desires her and what better way to have her...but this time as his wife... and her having his baby only sealed the deal further.....


The CEO Daddy's Doting Baby


Being framed by her stepsister and stepmother, Susan had an one night stand with a handsome and mysterious man, in order to escape from her toxic family, she went abroad. Five years later she came back with two adorable children, and later she found out that her evil stepsister's boyfriend is her children's daddy, the man stopped her and said coldly"I won't let you escape again."

Single MotherCompleted

Daddy's Affairs

11.0K·Chinenye world

Marrisa Bonifacio spent her whole life enduring all the mistreatment her husband was throwing at her, hoping that one day he would learn to love her. But when her husband mistress showed up with a positive pregnancy test result, Marrisa was done being the good wife, she picked up a pen and signed the divorce papers Three years later, her ex-husband's mother bumped into her with three cute twins that look just like his son, not only that Marrisa is now Boss lady.


A Deal With The Billionaire

9.0K·Ebunoluwa Ademide

Can second chance ever have a chance? Christopher Crawford is the perfect combination of good looks and wealth. He is the rightful heir to Crawford Corporation but to claim his possession, he had to do one thing — Get married. It was easy, he had a girlfriend. The love of his life, so he thought. But she turned his proposal down thus crushing his soul. He vowed not to love again, but still needs to get married in order to get the company. Desperate and eager, he heeded an advise from a friend. A simple and easy contract marriage. Raven McKenna is a smart, hardworking, ambitious and kind single mother of one. She loves two people more than herself — her mother and seven years old son. She loves them and can go any extent for them. So what could a poor twenty six years old single mother offer to a thirty years old corporate heir? Raven has to get married to a stranger because she needed money. She sold herself to a rich heir to save her son’s life. She signed six months of her life to help him claim his possession. Raven never knew a deal with a billionaire would change her life forever. Can he bring himself to love her after being burned so badly by his ex girlfriend? Can a marriage based on contract ever survive or last forever? And what happens when they have to battle rivals from their past? Will their love become what is worth fighting for? Find out in this story about love, heartbreak, betrayal, misunderstandings and drama.


The Couples' Teen Surrogate Baby Mama

5.0K·Cha Cha

"You are here as our breeder. My husband will sleep with you until you become pregnant, and after you give birth, the baby will be ours," Her heart sinks into her stomach as she watches the woman that bought her moments ago, says to her. Here she was, thinking she was going to be working as their maid, but she was mistaking. She was only brought here to be their breeder. "I don't want to," As much as she wants to refuse, she knows that she has no choice at this point. These people already bought her, and she's now their property. "Now, sign the contract," With a deep frown settling on the woman's face, she pushes the paper to her to sign...



2.0K·Crystal Pen

After spending a night with a strange man on the day before her wedding, Arianna left the country to start her life afresh. The 22-year-old Arianna Jason lived her life pleasing those she loved the most, without knowing that she was simply a prey being nurtured for the day of her ruin. Her life has tasted the butter pill of betrayal. She wants to give back to the world what she's got but how can she change her good, innocent personality to fit into a cruel society and world? Can her sweet nature be contaminated, or will she make it through, paddling on the right path?


Hiding My Best Friend's Triplets


Allison Gulferic is an innocent, timid and quiet angel while Nathan Zion Moretti is the opposite. They were best of friends ever since they were kids, growing up together, keeping each other's secrets and experiencing many things together. It all started with cuddles that turned into small touches, their foreplays ended up with making out until they made something unexpected. Allison was impregnated by her best friend, Zion. Both unready and together with the problems, Allison had a miscarriage because of Zion, leading her to leave him. She came back with a revenge plan, playing with Zion, seducing him until he fell then breaking him after. But her plan was successful yet a failure. Zion did fall for her but she was again impregnated. Afraid that what happened to the past might happen again for the second time, she ran away. She lives a normal and far from the life she had, with her triplets. Will Zion find a way to meet their ways? Or a mere chance will bring them back together?

Best FriendCompleted



Javier despised Angelica for what she has done to him and his company almost costing him millions of dollars. His mother leaving them at a young age and betraying their father by taking all his money had resulted in him having trust issues and not trusting women but when he met Angelica he lost sight of that and everything he has ever told himself....only to find out the woman who had come close to owning his heart betrayed him by giving false evidence to the labor department and sleeping with his former friend... Pablo.....

Second ChanceCompleted