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Amara is sweet, kind, and doesn't take crap from anyone. While Dimitri is ruthless, rude, and can be downright cruel. Amara was the only girl since middle school he would tolerate being around him. She considered Dimitri, Lucia, and Liam her best friends and accepts them for who they are, even when cruel rumors start to spread about the boys in school. She stays by their side no matter what. However things change after graduating from high school. Dimitri goes overseas with his father without so much as a goodbye to Amara. After a few weeks with her close friends no longer arounds, she leaves Detroit and moves to Wisconsin to be a CNA. After six long years of being away Amara moves back to Detroit. When the doctors she works with start spreading hurtful rumors around in the workplace. She has no choice but to return home with a baby on her hip. Dimitri has changed a lot in those six long years. He has taken over his father's family business and became the most feared and powerful mafia boss in Detroit. He has never forgotten about Amara and regrets letting her go at graduation. When he hears Amara is back in town, He becomes determined not to make the same mistakes twice. Even if he has to take her by force.

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Chapter 1

" Amara! Sweetheart Dimitri is waiting for you outside!" My mom yells up to me from down stairs.

" Okay! I'm coming!" I yell back and add the finishing touches of my makeup, before giving myself a look over in the mirror.

I wore a dark blue dress that matched my eye color. A pair of black stockings with matching black boots.

Giving myself a nod. I grab my backpack off the bed. Leaving my room and rushing down the stairs.

" Breakfast?" She asked as I shake my head.

" Sorry mom, I don't have time!" I say as I head out the front door.

Walking up to Dimitri new black ford truck. I climb in the back seat and sit next to Liam. While Lucia was sitting the passenger seat.

" About time! We have been waiting forever." Sara says in a snobby tone.

She was sitting on the other side of Liam with her arms across her chest. Her black dress that was way too tight and short against her body. Her breast were almost out for display and if her dress was any shorter. Her ass would be out for everyone to see.

Talk about desperate for attention.

Sara was Dimitri new flavor of the week. Him, Lucia, and Liam switch girlfriends a lot. The girls were lucky if they last a month.

Me on the other hand. I don't have that issue. I never actually tried dated them.

When I moved here back in middle school. I heard all the rumors about them. People said they were man whores, thugs, thieves, bullies, criminals, and blah blah.

Which they aren't completely wrong. The last thing you want to do is end up on Dimitri bad side. I seen him beat the shit out of plenty of kids at school just for coughing in his direction. Liam and Lucia aren't any different they are just as bad and can be very cruel at times.

However they have never done anything hurtful to me.They can be very blunt and a bit harsh with words, but I know them enough not to take everything to heart.

When I first moved here in middle school. They were jerks, rude, and assholes. Even made me cry, but me being stubborn and wanting to be friends with everyone I didn't give up.

Eventually they give in, and now the four of us are always together.

" Well, unlike some of us. I wanted to make sure my clothes actually fix." I shoot back at her. While Lucia lets out a snicker from the first seat.

I can see Dimitri giving me glare from the review mirror. I just give him a sly smile as he starts the car and begans to drive down the road.

Sara gasps, " Thats a rude thing to say!" She says acting offended and places her hand on the back of Dimitri shoulders. She makes a pouty face at him through the review mirror, " Your friend is being mean to me." She wines as I roll my eyes.

Its the same response with all of their girlfriends. They get jealous of me and try to turn them against me. It doesn't work, but I find it annoying. Mainly because I try to be friends with all these girls, but in the end. They are just rude, jealous, mean, and bitchy.

I eventually stopped trying to be friends with any of these girls. They don't date very long for me to remember their names anyway. Although I was hoping with graduation coming up in a few months. They would chill on the dating, but its only getting worse.

Not to mention they skip school so much that. I don't even know if they have enough credits to graduate. Not to mention I haven't had time to tell them about me moving out of town yet. I was hoping to still keep in contact with them after graduating high school.

" Well, She isn't wrong. You are practically showing your ass and tits to everyone." Dimitri says bluntly as he gets a pack of cigarettes from the slot in the door. He pulls out a cigarette and hands the box to Lucia. Who pulls himself out a cigarette and passes the box to Liam.

" I wanted to look good for you." She says batting her eyelashes at him seductively and leads forward into his left hear and whispers something.

" Yeah?" He says a smile forming on his face. He takes a lighter from his jacket pocket and lights it.

I am guessing she promised him sex. Did I mention he is also a horndog? No, guess it slipped my mind.

Watching her kiss the side of his neck made me want to gag. I am the only one in this friends group that is a virgin. I could never understand how they can just have sex with random girls like all the time.


Dimitri pulls into the school parking lot and parks in the back like always does. He gets out and finishes his cigarette.

He tosses it on the ground and steps on it with his black tennis shoes.

As I climb out the truck I notice Dimitri wrap his arm around Sara shoulders. She lets out a giggle as they hurry into the school building.

I shake my head.

Don't have to be a genius to know they are heading to the bathrooms to have sex.

I feel my hair being pulled slightly. I turn to see Lucia with a cocky smile on his face.

" Really!? You know my hair is pain to tame!" I say running my hand through my hair.

" Why? You trying to impress someone?" Liam asked me as he takes a drag of his cigarette, before flicking in onto the the ground and stomping on it.

I smile at the both of them, " What if I am?" I ask acrossing my arms over my chest.

" They will get punched in the face." Lucia says casually as he leans against the truck door.

This is why no guys ever ask me out. The three of them scare off every boy that comes close to me. I didn't mind it, but they can't do it all my life.

" Right? What are you guys going to do? Follow me around all my life? Just punching every man in the face?" I ask.

Lucia takes a moment like he is deep in thought before answering. "That actually sounds like a good plan." He says happy with himself.

I give him a soft punch in the arm. He lets out a laugh and stands upright, " I'm not joking. I will do it." He says all serious.

" Yep, and I will help him." Liam says yawning as the bell rings for first period to began.

" Yeah, yeah I got it." I say in defeat and reach out grabbing both there hands. " Lets go, before we are late! I can't wait for graduation! No more school and freedom to explore!" I tell them both excitedly as I drag them both into school with me.

I got a lot of glances in my direction, but I just smile and greet everyone happily as we pass them. I let go of Lucia when we reach his homeroom class.

" No more skipping you guys! I would like to graduate with you and not by myself! We only have four month left! So no more skipping and turn in all your work!" I snap at them.

A smirk forms on Liam faces and he puts his hand on his forehead giving me a standing insulate, like the people in the army do."yes, ma'am" He says in a cocky way, causing Lucia to laugh.

I smack both of them on the shoulder, " I am not playing you guys!" I tell them.

Lucia was still laughing and holding his stomach. He wipes his eyes and stands up, " Okay, we will try not to skip school. So we can graduate together." He tells me.

" There shouldn't be reason to try. All you have to do is show up." I tell him sternly.

" Rrrright." Lucia says slowly as he just walks into class.

I let out a sigh as Liam walks beside me, " I swear you guys are a pain." I tell him.

Liam chuckles, " You know you will miss us." He tells me.

Huh? He says that like he is going somewhere.

" Why are you saying that like you are leaving or something?" I asking him out of curiosity.

" Its nothing don't worry about it." Liam says quickly and rushes into his homeroom class leaving me alone in the hallway.

Geez, What was up with that?


Walking into my homeroom class. Its loud and rowdy like always. I take a sit in my assigned seat in the back. The teacher was already up front flipping those some papers at her desk.

Dimitri shows up just as the bell rings.

His hair was a mess and he was currently buttoning up his black long sleeve shirt with his lather jacket on his right arm exposing part of the tattoo on his right wrist. It was part of his dragon tattoo.

I know because I been to his house when he was shirtless and working on the mustang he was trying to fix up.

As he sits down I get a whiff of Sara perfume and the smell of sex coming off of him. I even notice the hickey on his neck.

I let out a soft sigh and redirect my attention to the front of the class room.

For some reason I feel like this is going to be a long school day.

First period went by slow and everytime I look over at Dimitri is he texting on his cellphone. His face looked all serious and from the way he was clenching his jaw. I am assuming the person on the other end was pissing him off.

" You okay?" I whisper to him.

He lifts his head up from his phone and stares at me. " Yeah, I am fine." He says giving me a smile that doesn't exactly reach his eyes.

Why do I get the feeling he is lying..

Even If I do blunty ask him. He isn't going to give me a direct answer he never does.

The bell rings and I watch as Dimitri rushes out of the classroom. I let out a sigh and put my books into my bag. As I walk down the hallway. I can't help but feel a little sad. We graduate in four months and ours lifes will change forever. I am excited and scared at the same time.

I am excited cause I get to start my life as an adult. While at the same time I am scared, because once people graduate from high school. A lot of people lose touch with their friends.

Even though I talk to everyone. My only true friends are Dimitri, Lucia, And Liam but they have been acting strange the last few weeks and have been skipping a lot more school. They still pick me up, but leave after first period.

I have Liam in my math class. If he isn't in class I know they are all skipping class again for some reason.

I look at at the time on my phone and decided to take a quick bathroom break. Walking into the bathroom empty, and go into an empty stall. I close and lock the door.

After a few seconds I hear a group of girls enter the rest room. They are loud and gossiping about boys.

" Did you hear Dimitri dumped Sara right after having sex with her." One girl says to other.

" Man, I lost a bet with my brother. I figured she would last at least one more day." Another girl adds.

" I have Sara in my first period class. She was bawling her eyes out." Another girl says laughing.

Thats a little harsh of Dimitri to do. He had sex with her and dumped her afterwards. As fucked up as it sounds. It honestly does sound like something he would do. He can be a real asshole.

I had finished my business a seconds ago. I had just been standing in the stall waiting for them to leave. I look at the time and see I have three minutes to get to my next class.

I guess since they aren't leaving. I have to come out. I put my backpack on and open the stall.

All the chattering stops and it goes quiet in the bathroom. I can feel six eyes staring at me. As I wash my hand I take a quick glance at my reflection and see all their shocked faces.

I laugh mentally and keep a straight face as I walk past them to get the paper towels. I dry my hands and toss the towel into the trash can. I give them all a smile, as I walk out the bathroom door.

I giggle to myself as I walk down the now almost empty hallway. The look on all their faces was priceless. I really am going to miss this.