I've Been There Before


She finally escaped away from him. The man pulled a long face and gave an order, “Put her on the wanted list.”“What crime has Miss James committed?”“She’s a thief.”“Did she take anything valuable from you?” Alas, it is necessary to put her on the wanted list?“She’s stolen my heart.”


Revenge On Love Rats After Rebirth

347.0K·Olivia Marsh

Before rebirth, she was betrayed by the love rats. They harmed her mother, defiled her name, and plotted her wealth...... When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer the weak and deceitful girl. She had to revenge on the love rats!!


Renewal Of Love

2.0M·Ye Xi

Anne followed a certain contract: she would get married to Kevin and give birth to his child by the end of the year. Otherwise, she would lose it all. However, it was easier said than done. Faced with humiliation day by day, she had run out of patience. This time, she didn't want to give in. On the day of his accident, she sacrificed herself to save him. Although she lived, she would soon disappear in the face of the world. It wouldn't be until their baby grew up that their fates would tie together once more. She might have returned to him, but she was no longer the woman who was simpering after his love. Now, she was ready to fight for her son.


DEIMOS (Alpha of Alphas)


"Do not run, my female. Face my fire. I promise it won't burn you but bring pleasure of... all kinds." He whispers hoarsely his pink tongue sensually caressing his moist plump lower lip, he is hungry for my flesh for my body. "Please let me go." I plead with him a faint whine leaving my lips. He shakes his head in denial a wicked devil's grin on his face. "If you run, I will take it that you want me to hunt you. If I find you after, I will gobble you up." He speaks with a deep aroused growl his eyes keenly studying my bouncy breasts and my exposed trembling thighs. "Have mercy." I whimper knowing I will be mercilessly eaten by him. "Come here, mate." His tone is innocent as if he promises he wouldn't do anything to me. But I know the beast that hides behind in disguise. Deimos opens his arms wide taking a big step forward to capture me and that is all it takes for me to ignore his sinful warning and run. ~~~ DEIMOS is neither man nor wolf. He is a God, the Alpha of Alphas. They say he has no soul for his eyes hold coldness that no heat can melt, his heart unyielding and emotionless scarred from his battles guarded by high walls. He is ruthless, injecting horror within others and striving off it. Slaughter is his pleasure. He does not understand the true meaning of love or mates, but he is mine. How can I make a male like this call me his? How can I make him want me? Opposites attract they say but is it worth bleeding for your mate? Tell me, is it possible to bring a God to his knees all in the name of love?

Female leadCompleted

A Sweet Night: The CEO Loves His Wife Ardently

505.0K·Nine-Colored Phoenix

On her eighteenth birthday night, she was framed by her fiancé and stepsister, who brought paparazzi to catch her in bed. Her reputation therefore was ruined. In order to avenge herself, she had to seek a big protective umbrella. One night, Bryson Cordova, the wealthiest man in Peace City, stood in front of her. Audrey Koch, who was drunk, looked at the long legs in front of her and got furious, "It's not big at all!" The next morning, Audrey woke up with a sore back. Bryson asked, "Is it big?" Audrey was lost for words.


When We Were In Love

1.0M·Clark Dixon

Vivian had loved him so much that she even didn’t care about her own life.It was unrequited love for which she had been badly hurt. Eventually, she handed the divorced agreement to him.Christian didn’t realize how much he loves her until the car exploded and he lost her.Even if she was presumed dead, he had to find her because he had something important to tell her - “I love you!”


Good bye, You Never Love Me

152.0K·Helena White

Married to him all those years, she suffered coldness and endless humiliation, and eventually died in the operation to keep his first love alive... A few years later, she returned as a famous painter, vowing to get back everything that belonged to her, and also to make the people who wronged her pay the price. The funny thing was that the man who hated her so much stalked her when he saw her again. Later, he used all sorts of means to win his ex-wife back. One day, the man was so angry that he blocked her in the corner - "You are my wife!" The woman smiled flirtatiously, "We are over."


Virginity in second marriages


Instead of her sister, she married a powerful and dominant man who suffered from leg problems. Cristian Ferrari said, "I will never want a woman pregnant with another man's son." Serena Gallo thought it was a commercial wedding, but she lost her heart falling in love with him, and eventually left sad and disappointed. Years later, the boy exactly the same as him gave him a blow to the head: "Idiot Dad, by whom do you mean another man's son?"


The Most Loving Marriage: Don't Be Too Bad, Mr President


By a strategic marriage, they got together. She then pretended to be ugly, cold, virgin, which successfully repulsed him. He ignored her since then and hook with all kinds of many women, never returning home. He knew nothing of her except that she was extremely bad-looking. One day, they finally let it all out and got divorced. "You'd better promise you will never trouble Schlay and accept all the consequence!" "You have my word!" When she signed the contract, a smile formed stealthily by her lips...


Be My Mate


It started with Percy then Max and now, Xander. If that was not enough, I have a true mate in a world that is new to me. A world where I am celebrated and respected.I went from being an ordinary girl from a beta family to the moon goddess and boy has my new life introduced drama!?Will I truly end Cayden and his reign or will I let him live out his days in my prison? Will Josey love her mates again completely or will she secretly hold a torch for Cayden?The fight to stay one happy family may prove to be harder than I thought.. ........................ PS: You need to read Not Your Mate Anymore to understand this book.


Forgive My Ex-husband

547.0K·Bu Wang

In his heart, she was the woman, who tried by hook or crook, to marry him for the name, status, and position. Five years of humiliation, five years of disregard, and five years of torture. As that time went by, all these consumed her love for him, little by little. When his true love returned, she knew it was the right time for her to leave and end their marriage. Thoughtful about him, she signed the divorce agreement and left. She wanted it to be her last gift for him. However, what awaited her was boundless anger and silence. But this time she wanted to live for herself!Where will their story lead them?


The Rejected Mate


"his grey eyes had more darkness than any black eyes she had ever seen" She was shy She was kind She was quiet She went unheeded He was merciless He was cruel He was captivating He was the storm The first time he set his eyes on her he regarded her with a blank look, and the second time he uttered the words that would crush her world . "I, Damien Blackwood, future Alpha of Midnight Moon Pack reject you, Serenity Martins, as my mate and future Luna." he says with a blank look. Serenity Martins is a young she-wolf, who had a crush on her future Alpha Damien Blackwood, when she finds out that he is her mate but loves someone else - her human best friend. So what happens when Serenity goes back after 3 years for her best friend's wedding, her past is catching up to her...something she has never told anyone, a bit of jealousy, rage, and a surprise in the form of a little bundle of joy. Read and Find out in 'THE REJECTED MATE'


Billionaire Lost to His Surrogate In A Love Game

595.0K·Rosanna Manifold

Five years ago, Ophelia got married with Zachariah, a billionaire, knowing that he still had his first love Cora in mind. Ophelia was told that she was nothing but a surrogate for the sake of money. Their relationship was just a love game. In Ophelia's mind, as long as she was getting well with Zachariah, someday, he would change his mind and fell for her head and toe. However, she leant a hard truth that male would never fall for any female just because they were touched. Five years later, they were still a couple. But Cora, Zachariah's first love returned, and Zachariah was determined to divorce her and abort the baby in her belly...


The Transfer

203.0K·Miss Paige

He was like an anchor, my anchor. He pulled me back to reality whenever I was straying up into the clouds. ••• Alison Grey is trekking across territories and borders to a new land in which she's never adventured to before. After a traumatic event, Alison finds herself being whisked away with a group of other wolves to the Takiani pack in which they will stay until their Alpha claims its time for them to return home. But Alison knows that she won't be going home anytime soon and decides to let herself settle into her new home, where she meets vampires and a group of wolves that she never expected to be friends with. The secrets come out to play sooner than Alison expected and she finds herself struggling to keep up with it all. With the help of her new friends and family, will she be able to pull herself together to become the Alpha female that she's always wanted to be? ••• Warning: This story contains coarse language, sexual content, violence and possibly triggering content. Read at own risk!


My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates


“You had a boyfriend?” Stefan nibbled on my ear, driving me crazy. “Hmm” It came out more like a moan when I felt Kevin’s warm breath on the burning skin of my neck, making my whole body shiver with excitement. “Did you sleep with him?” Riven’s hoarse voice came from my side, his hands roaming my body freely, touching the forbidden places. “Noo…” My voice was breathy, full of need. My head fell back on Stefan’s chest. “Don’t worry, we are going to f*ck him out of your system!” Kevin promised in his seductive deep voice. …………… Giselle Swan was forced to join Dark Sapphire pack to stay with her mother, Vera Smith and her new husband, Alpha Riley and his kids, when Vera won the case of her custody. The Dark Sapphire pack is one of the wealthiest packs and Alpha Riley cherishes her. But the problem was her triplet stepbrothers Kevin, Riven and Stefan. The Famous Triplet Alphas! For some unknown reason, Triplet always despised Giselle but they made sure to make her life a living hell when she entered their territory. What will she do when she will get to know that Triplets are her mates? What will happen when the two of the triplets Kevin and Stefan will try their best to persuade her to be their Luna? Will she accept them? Why is Riven so hard to impress? Will she be able to tame him? Will she reject them all because of one? What will be their reaction when it be revealed to them that there are foxes around them in the disguise of werewolves, who are playing with their lives? WARNING: Extremely Mature Content (18 only)

Sad loveCompleted

Capture Your Heart


On a luxury cruise, the two who should not have known each other meet and embark on the unknown future. Late at night, he breaks into her room, and she sees the bright red blood on his chest. He asks for her help. When she comes to the crossroads of chastity and justice, she chooses to cover him with her body. When the two meet again, love emerges. However, he has to marry someone else. He says, “Stay with me. Except marriage, I would give you anything.” But she says, “You can never give me what I want..."


From Divorce to Dominance

43.0K·Amy Watts

She married him for three years, however, the man sent her a divorce agreement at the end of the three years and fell in love with his first love. She was disheartened and resolutely divorced, and became the daughter of the rich family......


Mastering The Virgin 1-5

236.0K·Simone Leigh

The boys are back in town.... James is a Dom. Michael loves women. When the two become unlikely friends, they form a team, working the clubs and enjoying a carefree bachelor existence. Until, one day, James is offered an unusual opportunity: To Buy A Virgin... A Tale of BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance. Explicit adult content. For mature readers only.


That Stranger Lying Beside Me


"Valeria Brown was the only daughter of the Brown family, which was rather rich. But her bestie Ashley and Ashley's mom planned to take everything from her. Also, Mason, who had been dated with Valeria for four years, cheated on her. Valeria caught Mason making out with Ashley in the car! But Ashley never felt ashamed, instead, she drugged Valeria and asked a pimp to take her virginity. A stranger saw through all of this and chased the pimp away. Valeria woke up and found this hot stranger lying next to her. She was annoyed when Ashley told her that man was the pimp. But actually, this stranger who got rid of the pimp and slept with Valeria was the richest CEO..."


You Are My Destiny


Three years ago, Emma was infatuated with a man and married him at all costs.However, she had never thought that it would become the means he tortured her."You're pregnant? Abort it."She got pregnant twice, but was forced by her husband to have an abortion both times.And when his first love came back, her husband threw a divorce agreement in her face."She's back. It's time for you to get out of here..."