Mistaken Identity

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Alliyah decided to have an affair with an older man. The affair led to Alliyah getting pregnant. After couple months of taking care of the child, she realized that motherhood wasn't for her, her career as a model was more important. She abandons her baby at Alexander's office. Alexander is that older man's legitimate child. Later Kalliyah is mistaken for her sister, Alliyah and is forced to take care of Alliyah's child. She has to live with Alexander. Will the two fall in love? Or will Alexander still believe that Kalliyah is truly Alliyah, the mother of the child?

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Chapter 1 The meeting

I could feel someone's eyes on me as I walk on Fifth Avenue. It was weird, every time I look around I saw a man with shades on his face. He was wearing jeans and a plaid T-shirt. Each time I turned around he had a newspaper in his hands. I know he was following me and it was making me upset.

I hate people staring at me and I hate unwanted attention.

Why would someone even want to follow me?

I am just an assistant secretary, nothing big.

I walk a few more steps and then look over my shoulder to see if he was still behind me and he was. Goddammit! Why can't he leave me alone? I don't know if I should be worried or irritated that a stranger was following closely behind me in shades. That's how most murders start on TV but this wasn't TV, this is real life. New York city is a very big place. I don't really know if he's following me. Maybe he was just going in the same direction but why were a sunglass and have a newspaper.

I start thinking about it. Each moment he was reading a newspaper but he wasn't moving, he stops each time I stop. He is definitely following me.

I turned on my heel and walked straight up to him, stopping in front of him. I snatched the newspaper he was pretending to read right out of his hand. He seems surprised at my action but I knew he was following me, no doubt.

"Why are you following me?" He opens his mouth to say something but I cut him off by raising my hands. "Don't give me crap, I know you're following me. What do you want?" I demand as I look at him in eye or shades since his eyes weren't visible. I wish I could look in his eyes to see his reaction. The eye is the window of all things and this man window wasn't open. I look up and down at him trying to make out his body posture.

He is tall, probably 6'2, well-shaved, his cheeks browns were wonderfully shaped. His lips were slightly pink. His dark hair swept across his forehead. He has a mysterious look about him.

"People always say looks are everything, but I guess looks can be deceiving," my stalker said. I had the need to slap him in the head. How dare he insult me! He doesn't know anything about me.

I continue looking at the mysterious man in front of me.

Who is he?

Why his he following me?

The questions just popping up in my head. It's not like, I want to find out anyways. The fewer persons in my life the better my life is and will be. I need no anyone in it to complicate things.

I raise my brows at my stalker and then said "Look, I don't know you and I don't want to. So do me a favor and stop stalking me, before I call the cops." I don't know if I'd go far as calling the police but maybe my words will ward him off me.

He began to laugh at what I said. I guess my words didn't affect him. "Calling the police won't help you in this decision. The police will be on my side after you're the one who is at fault here."

I look at him with my brows raised.

Me? Under fault. I can't remember doing anything against the law. "Look, you must have me mistaken with someone else. I've never done anything illegal before." I lied. In teen years, I did a lot of things illegal one of which was getting a fake ID but it wasn't anything major. Everyone gets fake ID these days, especially teens.

"Oh, you've done something more than illegal." he states.

"What have I done that worse than doing something illegally?" I queried. I don't remember doing anything bad, just a normal teen enjoying like. A secret life.

"Oh, stop being innocent. You know what you did."

I look at him annoyed. I was getting pretty irate at him each second. I shake my head and turn around and beginning my journey to the train station, which was my original goal. I am not going to let him waste my time if he isn't willing on being straightforward, he was beating around the bush.

"Alliyah Bisson." He shouts after me. His words grabbed my attention immediately. I sprung around to look at my stalker, Ready to correct him from the mistake.

"FYI, my name is Kalliyah Bisson, why don't you go look somewhere else for your mistress," I shout back. With that said, I enter the train station.

So that's the reason why he was following me.

I hate when people mistake me for my sister. How could they? We were complete opposites at least in personality. I have curly hair, she has straight hair. I love animals, she hates them. I prefer dating men who were my age, she prefers older men, old enough to be our father. She is the popular one, I was the nerd. She's a model, I'm a secretary. She is rich, I'm poor. Yes, we are indeed opposites. If we weren't identical twins, no one would even guess we were related, well no one still doesn't know and know one will ever know. Alliyah and I now belong to two different worlds. Alliyah and I are no longer close, loving sister. We didn't speak to each other or should I say, I don't speak to her.

How can I?

She's hurt me so much.

What she did will forever be in my memory.

It was weird that the man in shades mistaken me for her. I haven't seen my twin in three years, she was probably somewhere showing her body off, not that I care. I stopped caring when she did.

I collect my ticket and enter the subway and it took me to my destination. I came out of the subway station and it to my apartment. My apartment isn't located in the best areas of New York city, in fact, it was one of the worst. The crime level is high, the roads are a mess and the people are disgusting. That's East Side, Brooklyn for you. I've gotten used to it, though, after all, it is the best thing I can afford. Although I went to college and had a degree my future was ruined my the person closest to me. It took me a long time to get back on my feet and when I did, I accepted any job I was able to get even though it was not withing my qualified area. There is no way on earth will I ever get a job in that area again and that's all because of my dear twin sister, Alliyah.

I open the door to my small apartment and my cat, Spongy and my dog, Grey greet me by rubbing themselves against me.

Weird names?

Yeah, but I have an obsession with Spongecake and the color gray. I place my handbag on the table and made my way to my couch and sat in it. Spongy started to play with my feet while Grey hopped on the couch next to me. I reach for him and started to rub him

"You must be hungry," I said to my dog and he began to groan. I took it as a sign for me to get him some food. I got off my couch and went in my kitchen. I took up the bowl specially made for my cat and dog. I went to my cupboard and began to take out their food and put it in their bowls. I took a loaf of bread out of the bread bag , spread some peanut butter on it and start to eat it. I guess that's my dinner.

I went to the bathroom and after taking a long shower I went to my bed thinking about the man who mistaked me for my sister.