Erotica Affairs

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The following consists of short steamy stories. If you're offended by sex stories, then this one isn't for you. PS: It's rated 18+




"I'm very sure I'm allowed to fuck who so ever I want to fuck" I yelled at him, unaware of how close we were"No Cara, you only get to fuck me, I own you and this sweet pussy of yours" he said, sliding his fingers into my pussy.All this started because of that stupid threesome I agreed to.Sewa has been alone for most of her life, not because she couldn't have friends, no, she just enjoyed her own company and she loved peace and quiet. It lasted for a while until she came across the greatest disturbance Antonio Rivera, an Italian womanizer who took to liking her and her body.She can't seem to get him out of her mind after their first meeting and likewise.The man started to grow a strong sexual desire towards her until it became something more, something he dreaded.


Sex Tales

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This is a compilation of the best erotic stories you have ever seen driven by pure lust. It involves sex between couples and even families. It's ranging from erotica to bdsm and all more sex drama you have ever dreamt to experience or read about. Delve in a world filled with the most mouth watering tales you've ever read. Note: This is rated 18+ so if you're younger than 18 or you don't like sex stories, then this novel is not for you.


The Billionaire's Obsession


[Mature Content] **** "Do you think help is just rendered for free in this world?" I said, a smirk playing across my lips as I stared down at her befuddled expression. But my eyes were fixed on those sexy lips of hers. Gosh! I'd imagined the wonder her lips could perform ever since I met her. "You want something in return for helping me?" She asked innocently, her honey brown eyes in their almond socket gazing at me innocently. Oh. Kitten is so naive. "I'd saved you twice...twice you'd seen me naked. Could that be a coincidence?" I took a step forward. My little kitten stepped back, she bit her lower action that gives me a boner. Fuck it! She should not do that again. And to say that the redness of her cheeks made me want to slap my hard cock on her face. Good grief. "What do you want me to do?" That's the first mistake she's made. Little kitten should never have asked me what I wanted. A smirk grazed my lips, passing my tongue over my lower lip. "Your lips," I replied. "You want a kiss?" "On my cock, little kitten."


Sex Delicacies


If steamy adventures is your poison, this book is for you. Prepare to enter a world where BDSM is termed as a normal thing. This is a compilation of countless steamy stories. PS: This book is rated 18+


Now and Forever

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"No Alexander! Listen-" In a flash I was against the the wall with his hands placed on either side of my head. I was trapped. "No you listen Amelia. Nothing happened between us. We just talked, okay?" He put his finger under my chin and made me look at him when I'd looked away. When I didn't say anything he started trailing wet kisses down my neck- it sounds disgusting I know but boy did it feel amazing! ~~~ Amelia - Beautiful, friendly, kind and gentle are the words you could use to describe her. Alexander - handsome, ruthless, cold hearted and rude are the words you could use to describe him. But was he always this way? Could Amelia heal him of what ever he's suffering from? They were both total opposites of each other, but there's a saying that goes 'opposites attract', what if these to opposites really do attract? What will happen then? Join Amelia and Alexander on an adventure of a lifetime.


My Husband’s Boss

17.0K·Kwasa Sikakane

Lizelle Howard, growing up she's always struggled with her weight. Thinking she has finally found the man that loves her for who she is, she's proven to be a fool. Will the Italian man that happens to be her husband's boss sweep her off her feet just like she's always dreamt, or would the obstacles their complicated relationship face defeat their strong attraction towards one another.


The Griffin's Woman

10.0K·Zena Wynn

Isobel “Izzy” Ryan knew she’d regret accepting the last minute, all-expenses paid vacation offered by her best friend. A meticulous planner by nature, the word impulsive is not in her vocabulary. When a case of mistaken identity gets her kidnapped and taken to a shifter-only island called The Playground, she has no choice but to stay until the boat returns. Then she meets a sexy eagle shifter named Griffin. The attraction between them is immediate and intense. Will Izzy fight her cautious nature and indulge in a casual vacation fling? Or will she deem the risk to her heart to be too great?


Reyna's Vampyr

10.0K·Zena Wynn

Reyna Leoine has good reason to hate the Vampyr after what one did to her mother. Her goal in life is to stay as far away from them as possible. When she compulsively accepts a dare to enter their domain—The Gladiator—Reyna questions her sanity. When the leader of the local Vampyr clutch claims her as his, Reyna does the sensible thing. She runs.Tariq Bastien recognizes his Heart’s Blood the minute he sees her sitting at the bar. After centuries of being alone, he has no intention of allowing her to escape him. When she manages to do just that,Tariq goes a little crazy.Tariq does what Vampyrs do best—he hunts. The more he discovers about her, the less it makes sense. No human should be able to escape him, and he’d recognize one of his kind. When he finally finds her, will the mystery of her past draw them together or drive them apart?Genre: Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Vampire, Shape-shifterHeat Level: Spicy


Load Moans

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If hot and steamy adult action is your poison, then this book is for you. Dive into a world where only the word 'sex' rules. A world where sexualities dominates and fantasies come alive. P.S This book is rated 18+


My Bestfriends Grandfather (BWWM)


This is a HOOD story. Karma Brismé. 19 years old. 5 foot 7 brick house for damn sure. Ass to tittie ratio on point. A face so beautiful you could say it was carved from the hands of Michael Angelo himself, actually she was once told. Bred from a white heroin addicted mother and fifty year old Haitian pimp. Attracting older men definitely ran in her blood. Archibald Jackson. 57 year old. 6 foot 5 Caucasion male. Millionaire ceo. He's watched his granddaughter (Laura) and Karma play and grow up together for years and he can't help the rush of emotions he feels at the sight of a now fully adulted Karma.Literally a story about a teenage girl going from rags to riches. From the hood to the suburbs.


Lycans 1 and 2: Seduced by the Lycan and Possessed by the Lycan

13.0K·Zena Wynn

Seduced by the LycanEveryone has secrets...Von Washington has a secret. She never stopped being pen pals with her fiancé Derrick's former army buddy, Sean, and now he's come to town to visit.Master Sergeant Sean Jacobson has secrets. He's been in love with his former army buddy's girl, Von, for years and believes she feels the same. After this last disastrous mission, he's ready to do something about it. Then there's the other thing that happened…But some secrets are deadlier than others…Minister Derrick Wilkins also has a secret, and his might get one of them killed.POSSESSED BY THE LYCANShe’s not interested in younger men...Mateo Gonzales chances to overhear two female coworkers discussing the merits of dating younger men. A wounded veteran, he’s been going through the motions of life, borderline depressed, living in survival mode. Something about one of the women sparks a flare of interest. Intrigued, he can’t ignore the challenge she presents.He’s persistent, determined and won’t take no for an answer...Camille Anthony’s first encounter with Mateo is in their employer’s parking garage when he graciously changes her flat tire. He asks her out. She says no. The man may be sexy as hell, but she’s simply not interested. Too bad lycans never, ever listen to reason when pursuing their mate.Danger lurks in the shadows...Lycans. Loyal, possessive, and territorial. Once one has you in his sights, he never stops until his objective is achieved. But what happens when you’re the focus of two, both of whom believe you’re their mate?


Mated To The Dark Lord


He was cursed by a sorceress to hell where he exhausts decades of his life crawling his way up until he becomes the king that rules the dark lands in the pit of hell. For hundreds of years, he longed to be human again, to breathe in the fresh air of the earth above. He was waiting until the right time, the right key that could set him free back above the pit of darkness. But he was not ready when that key turned to be a very beautiful innocent woman that was mated to him, the descendant of the sorceress herself. ********* From a very young age, she had been a lone survivor. Her parents had died in a tragic accident, according to the police report. But she knew it wasn't an accident, it was fate as her elders had explained to her days after the incident. Her elders also guided her all through her adolescent life, up until she reached adulthood. Then they unveiled her true destiny as they told her that she was to set the dark lord free. She was skeptical but mesmerized when she saw the handsome, arrogant, controlling lord of darkness. She was not ready when her elders told her that she was mated to him. ********* Will the innocence break down his arrogance? Will her bubbly personality crushed by his controlling attitude? Follow me and uncover the story of a man and woman from different worlds.


Beyond the Breaking Point and Broken

2.0K·Zena Wynn

BEYOND THE BREAKING POINTBreaking point. Everyone has one. For Dr. Cassidy Brannon it was discovering her husband, Phillip, in a compromising position with his best friend Max’s almost fiancée, Amber, while vacationing with the other couple. Angry and heartbroken, she and Max indulge in a night of drunken, vindictive sex. The next day, Cassidy returns home with one goal in mind—divorce.However, nothing goes as planned. Phillip, hell bent on fixing their marriage, won’t agree to a divorce. What was only meant to be one, never to be spoken of again, night with Max is evolving into something much more complicated. Then Cassidy discovers she’s pregnant. With both Max and Phillip adamantly claiming to be the father, how much more can Cassidy take before she’s pushed beyond the breaking point?BROKENMax Desalvo is a broken man. Two years ago he gave his heart, soul and body to another man’s wife, Cassidy Brannon. And, he’d thought, his child. They’d made promises, vows. One year. One year for Cassidy to secure her freedom, so they could be together. Unable to be in the same city with Cassidy and not see her, hear her voice, or touch her, Max left. While gone he waited, waited, and waited for the call that never came.Now he’s returned to Philly, his home. Running into Cassidy was inevitable, but she isn’t the woman he remembers. If he’s broken, she’s shattered. Phillip, her husband, is dead. Why hadn’t Cassidy contacted him once she was free? And why does she gaze at him with eyes full of hurt and mistrust, as though he were the one to break her heart?Max has a choice. Discover the truth of what happened and reclaim the love he’s lost or forever remain…broken.


He’s My BOSS!!


BWWM STORY VERY MATURE STORY!! DONT STEAL MY BOOK THANK YOU AND ENJOY READING!!! Naomi Owens, 25, graduated and is a registered nurse but isn't ready for that hospital life. Thinking that taking a year off could help her with her nerves she decides to land this assistant job just because, not knowing who she is working for. She landed the job to an Ace Moretti. Not knowing who he is yet her friends keeping saying how important. Ace Santiàgo Moretti,33, successfull business man with an AMAzing family but a cold heart. Could his new assistant warm his heart.


Clueless Love

1.0K·Amal A. Usman

"What he means is that I am moving in, whether you like it or not," Ismail says with the same nasty look "I have never killed a human being, but if you wake up tomorrow and find your brother dead, don't be surprised. We all know we can't stand each other for a minute and you want us to live under the same roof" -------------------------- This is a book about two people who dislike each other more than anything in the world. They rather be in the North Pole than be in the same room together. The dislike they had for each other was strong. But what happens when they find themselves sharing a roof. Do they tear each other part or learn to live together. Read to find out how these two people handle the situation of living together and face the obstacles they have in life


May To December

1.0K·K. T. Bond

First, he loved her words... Then, he loved the woman... Lola Cassidy, aka Cassidy Hunter, 49 years old, has almost everything she could ever want in life. She loves her work as a writer and blogger, she’s moving to a nicer house, and she has friends who are her rock. But after a disastrous marriage, she’s decided that she is more than fabulous alone, that it’s not the worst thing in the world to be single. She doesn’t see Dr. Scott McCallum coming and she’s definitely not prepared for how he makes her feel. But if she doesn’t get involved with the delectable doctor, she won’t regret losing him when he inevitably finds someone younger and prettier, and she’s all about living without regret at this point. Scott McCallum, 38 years old, is living his best life, fulfilling a dream he’s had since he was a Navy corpsman. If he works a lot of overtime in his day job, and his part-time gig keeps him busy the rest of the time, he’s not complaining too much. It’s not like he has a life outside of work, anyway. Only one other thing makes him smile as hard as his job does. His favorite writer by far is Cassidy Hunter, so when he has the chance to meet her, he grabs it with both hands. And as he’s secretly been crushing on her since her first book went to press, he’s not surprised that he’s bowled over by her in person. So he’s determined to overcome every roadblock to her heart that she throws in his way. Scott must convince Lola that she’ll never regret trusting him with her heart.

Soul MateCompleted

The Alpha's Princess

3.0K·Sapphire Spadez

Isra is not the average werewolf. She can make her eyes glow white and manipulate water also she doesn't quite have a full human appearance and is known as a rogue. Understands little to no human behavior. Has no clue where she came from or even if she ever had a pack. Alpha Blake is 25 and has yet to find his mate that has made him even more cruel over the years. He's even given up on the idea that he has one. He is Alpha to the Bloodmoon Pack. His pack is one of the largest and most deadliest packs know in North America. He's notorious for being a brute to anyone unwelcome in his territory and even his own pack members if they don't keep a safe distance. A lonely brute Alpha stumbles across his mate for the very first time or is this the second time? Journey through the love story of Blake and Isra as they reconnect in a new lifetime while still carrying thousand year old baggage from their previous lifetimes as lovers.


SMITTEN (a mafia romance)

3.0K·Hanifah Amirah

I After the disappearance of her father and the death of her mother.Korina Black is left orphaned and grief-stricken for years.She moves to New York to start afresh and live a quiet normal life and swears to keep off men after her various failed relationships and heart breaks.Her quiet life is soon disrupted when she has to deal with racists more often , a boss who is always angry and her ever persistent Cousin and best friend, Daniella.she also finds out she's being stalked and finds her vows of staying off men hard to keep when she meets a man by the name Jace Lander.Jace lander is the typical hot billionaire with American playboy looks that you can't stray your attention from, he is a man whose life is woven around many secrets,a man with a dark past, darker present and maybe a worse future.He finds himself obsessed with a beautiful black lady, Korina black and is determined to have her for himself by hook or crook even if it meant keeping a lot from her.What happens when he attempts to court korina?would she give him a chance?and when she does, would she stay with him when she finds out his dirty secrets and what happens when a child comes in the way?


J and M Consulting 1 and 2: Played and Gamed

2.0K·Zena Wynn

PLAYED Mike: I’ve spent years watching my business partner and our administrative assistant moon over each other when they thought no one watched. It’s time to do something about it. If they won’t make a move on their own, like a master chessman, I’ll maneuver them into position until the outcome is a foregone conclusion. I just hope my plan doesn’t get us all killed. GAMED Jackie: I swore I'd never go undercover again. I was wrong. The mayor's daughter is missing and our only clues are a mysterious new older boyfriend and her sudden interest in BDSM. After what happened to my niece, how can I say no? Once again, I'll pretend to be in a relationship with both men as we troll BDSM clubs for information. Mike swears it will be easy. Jake promises what happened last time was just a fluke. What can possibly go wrong? Here’s hoping that bad luck doesn’t strike twice.Warning: Contains menage elements, BDSM, dubious consent