Master Jake And His Maid

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Steve Jake, the CEO of Jake's limited was well known for his lavish way of living. He was also know as a loveless man, since he left high school he never dated a lady, though he was the richest guy in the whole city. He soon encountered a lady who was gonna change his life, Her name is Claire. She was from a middle-class family. After losing her mum to a fatal accident when she was still a minor, she lives alone with her step mum and sister. Her dad was in the marines and barely comes home, her step mum always made her life terrible anytime Claire's dad was away but always act nice anytime he's around. Claire has tried numerous times to tell his dad about it but he always ignored her. She later left home in search of a job, she got a job in Jake's house as a cleaner. Jake's hatred for women made him detest her seriously. As the story goes on, Jake started growing strange feelings for his maid. Will the loveless Jake end up falling for his maid?. Find out in.

RomanceSuspenseTrue Lovelove-triangleCEOBillionairePossessiveIndependentGoodgirl

Chapter 1:

Claire woke up with a heavy knock on her door as usual, she yawned and stretched her body, she stood up,“who's there” she asked, But got no reply. she went to the door and opened it slightly. she peeped out and saw her stepsister Mitchell, standing on her doorstep. She hissed and slammed the door angrily. she went to her bed and sat down.

she looked at herself in her mirror hunged on the wall,she looked like crap. Claire stood up and went to her bathroom, brushed and showered.

she went back to her room and took her phone, The knock came again. “What do you want!!” She yelled at the person knocking. “open the door Claire.. ” A voice said from outside.

“Dad?" Claire asked looking shocked,she definitely just heard her dad's voice. she quickly stood up and went to the door.

she opened the door and her dad was standing right in front of her,she hugged him happily. She wasn't expecting him to come back home by this time of the month,I was early August.

He comes home only moth endings and return as soon as its a new month.

Claire's Dad walked in and sat on her bed, she closed the door and went to him, she sat next to her Dad and stared at him waiting for him to start the conversation.

“Dad, shy did you come back home so early?” Claire asked, she knew something was wrong but didn't know what exactly it was.

Her Dad sighed, “Claire, your step mum always call and report the issue of your wayward behavior towards her" Her Dad said.

“you never came home anytime I call you and tell you she maltreats me, but you did when she called.." Claire said.

“ you've changed since you married a woman who already has her own child, you're always in support of her no matter how many times I try to tell you, I dislike this house..I don't even wanna stay here anymore! " Claire yelled and rushed out.

Her father yelled her name and went after her but he was too slow cause Claire had already disappeared into thin air, Claire went out through the back door.

she walked around the neighborhood for sometimes, she soon got tired and rested on a public chair. she was getting hungry,she sat and thought of what to do.

she definitely doesn't want to go back to her house, she thought of going to her friend's house. She stood up and started walking. though it was a long walk, Claire managed to reach her friend's place.

She knocked the door and her friend opened up, “Claire?" Her friend asked in surprise. she was shocked to see Claire in her doorstep breathing heavily. “Hi Natasha..can I come in?’" Claire asked, “Sure, come in" Natasha said.

Claire walked in and met Natasha's parent eating on the dinning table, she exchanged pleasantries with them and they invited her to join them, Claire gladly accepted and joined the family on the table.

Claire ate the food hungrily without caring if she was being stared at, Natasha's parent were surprised to see Claire eating in such manner and knew something was wrong some where, and also, she rarely comes to their house in very early hours of the day.

They excused themselves and left the dinning room. “so why did you come this early?" Natasha asked Claire who was still eating in a rush.

“my Dad's back and he didn't return because he wanted to come and check on me, He returned because my stepmother called him and told him I was been wayward!" Claire said.

“That doesn't still explain why you're here” Natasha said. “My Dad is always in support of her no matter what, I am sick of staying in that house, i don't think am gonna return there anytime soon..” Claire said.

She continued eating and soon finished the food, she drank some water and rested her back filling satisfied.

Natasha's parent walked back in few minutes later and sat back down, “So Claire, why are you here?" Natasha's mum asked.

“my Dad came back today and accused me of been always rude to my mum, I left angrily.." Claire said shyly.

Natasha's parent continued eating, they stopped few moments later and both sipped some water. “We have called your dad and he's gonna be here in any seconds.. ” Natasha's Dad said.

“What, you called him, i gotta go” Claire said and stood up, she walked to the door and opened it. Her dad was standing right in front of her, Her dad grabbed her hands and waved at Natasha's parent.

He dragged Claire back to his car and instructed her to get in the back seat, Claire stared at her step mum who was sitting in the front seat and hissed.She opened the back door and sat in, she murmur some words angrily but wasn't heard.

Her dad got in and started driving her home. The car was silent as they drove home, “Dad am not gonna stay with this bitch anymore! ” Claire broke the silence.

“you dare call your step mum a bitch, you want this the hard way?, I'll give it to you the hard way!” Her dad yelled and increased his driving speed.

They got home and he dragged her out of the car and into her room and locked her in, “You're gonna stay in there until you learn some manners! ” Her dad yelled.

“open the door, you can't lock me in here, open the damn door!!” Claire yelled and kicked the door.She sat on the floor resting her back against the for, she wept silently till she slept off.

She woke up hours later, she tried to open the door but it was still locked. she hissed and stood up, went to her bathroom and washed her face with some waters, she heard a knock on the door.

Claire quickly went to the door and opened it, Her stepsister was standing there staring at her, “Hey, Dad wants to see you now, get your ass out here quickly before he leaves, he has an appointment ” Mitchell said and walked off.

“Hey you better treat me with more respect if you don't wanna get your ass spanked! ” Claire yelled as Mitchell walked away. she was a year older than Mitchell and had always asked her to show her some respect.

She slammed her door angrily and went back to her bathroom, she checked her face In the mirror and adjusted her hair, she finished in the room and left her room.

She met her Dad sitting next to her step mum, Her stepsister had probably gone somewhere as usual, she barely stays at home while Claire barely goes out.

Claire sat on a chair facing her Dad and waited for him to start the conversation, “So Claire, I'm afraid to tell you this but you are now to stay in this house, in your room precisely ”.

“so am gonna just stay in my room till I age and die? ” Claire asked. “you didn't allow me to finish what I was saying, so you're gonna stay indoor till we get you a job or something " Claire's Dad said.

“No need for that, I'll get myself a job!" Claire yelled, His stared stared at her in confusion. “No I can't let you do that, leave that for me.." Her Dad said.

“Just give me twenty four hours Dad, twenty four hours and I'll be back with a job letter! " Claire said and walked angrily to her room.