Master Jake And His Maid


Steve Jake, the CEO of Jake's limited was well known for his lavish way of living. He was also know as a loveless man, since he left high school he never dated a lady, though he was the richest guy in the whole city. He soon encountered a lady who was gonna change his life, Her name is Claire. She was from a middle-class family. After losing her mum to a fatal accident when she was still a minor, she lives alone with her step mum and sister. Her dad was in the marines and barely comes home, her step mum always made her life terrible anytime Claire's dad was away but always act nice anytime he's around. Claire has tried numerous times to tell his dad about it but he always ignored her. She later left home in search of a job, she got a job in Jake's house as a cleaner. Jake's hatred for women made him detest her seriously. As the story goes on, Jake started growing strange feelings for his maid. Will the loveless Jake end up falling for his maid?. Find out in.


Claiming Her


Mia attended a high school reunion to meet her high school crush whom she had not seen for years. Unfortunately, she entered the wrong private room and ended in a man's bed. No young girl ever had plans of getting pregnant out of wedlock and so was our Mia. Mia later discovered she was pregnant for the unknown man and didn't have the courage to flush out her baby. She felt she was going to strive to take good care of her baby on her own. Meet Zenith a young handsome guy whose parents were so wealthy and needed him to get married as soon as possible. But one thing Zenith and his family didn't know was Zenith already had a son somewhere. What happens when Zenith finds out and he didn't just want his son but also his baby Mama?


Entrapped To Him


It all started on the night of Kassady's signed a contract, thinking it was a business contract, not knowing she'd just signed a contract to be the wife of Davies Markson a billionaire tycoon. What happened when Kassady got the shock of her life after finding out about the type of contract she signed. What worsen the issue was the fact that Davies didn't want to get married to her either, and all this was planned by her Dad and Davies’ parents. They wanted Davies to get married as soon as possible in order to take over the company. Even at this Davies refused to get married to, he loved how free his life was, and how to get to sex bitches whenever he wants. Davies finally agreed to get married to her after he was threatened by his Dad that he'll hand over the company to his cousin brother. Though he made his own contract with her, stating that they'll divorce after one year, which Kassady agreed to, she knew within the span of one year they'll both achieve what the wants. After the marriage what happens when Kassady found herself falling in love with Davies who was busy fucking and flirting around with someone else? She finally made a decision, maybe giving him her body and her whole self would make him fall in love with her. That was indeed a rash decision she made. Would Davies finally get to love her? Is it a tragic ending or a happy ending? Find out and stay tuned.