Chapter 2:

Claire had dropped out of school a year after her Dad remarried, Her step mum had one way or the other convinced her Dad to stop paying her fees for a reason best know to her.

Claire had always asked her Dad to continue paying her fees so she could finish her schooling, some times she asks politely, most times she does it rudely, but it always ended up in disapproval.

It was gonna be a hard job for Claire to find a decent job under twenty four hours, she didn't even have a particular location to head to, she just planned on roaming the city for some while till she finds something.

Claire got dressed and headed out in search of a job, she started by walking round her neighborhood for some while, she boarded a taxi to a popular fast and food restaurants, she was hoping to find a job there.

After a long drive she got to the restaurant and paid the taxi driver with the last money she had. “wait how am I supposed to get back home when am done here?" Claire asked herself after realising what she just did.

She sighed and walked into the restaurant, she looked around and found the place busy as usual, she had only been here once, a long time ago. Claire walked to a old woman who was mopping the floor and greeted her.

“Hi Mam, am here to see the manager.." Jane said. The old woman directed Claire to the managers room, she reached the door and took a deep breath, Claire pushed the door open.

She gasped when she saw A man fiercely kissing a woman on his desk, Claire quickly closed the door, “Hey come back in!" The man yelled from inside.

Claire opened the door and walked in slowly, the lady quickly adjusted her cloths and left quickly, Claire stood there and stared at the man.

“Are you the manager?" Claire mumbled, “yeah sit, how can I help you?" The manager asked. “i want to work for this restaurant, am good at cooking, cleaning, anything you want me to do, am good at it!" Claire said.

“Really?, we could use one more waiter but it has to be someone of Five years experience, but you don't look old enough for that so you can leave my office now, bye! " The manager said.

“wait what! ” Claire asked looking quite shocked, The man repeated his statement asking her to leave, Claire pleaded the man to just give her a chance to show how good she is but the man refused, after some much pleading, Claire gave up.

“Fine I'll leave, I'll leave and tell the owner of this restaurant what her manager does secretly in his office!" Claire said and stood up. “excuse me, you don't even know the owner of this restaurant, so you can't do anything " The manager said.

“I just said ‘she’. I know who she is and where she stays, I am gonna tell her everything I saw!" Claire said and turned to leave.

“Stop!, Alright I'll give you the job!" The man said, Claire jumped up happily and did a victory dance, The manager instructed her go sit and handed her some forms to fill, she was to bring back the already filled form and start work the next day.

Claire thanked the manager and left the restaurant feeling fulfilled. Her mood soon changed when she realised she had to walk home, she walked back in and went to the manager's room.

Claire opened the door and met the manager fondling and kissing the lady again, “Holy shit, what do you want from me for God's sake!” The manager yelled.

“Em..I need taxi fee, Am out of cash” Claire said slowly, The manager angrily handed her some cash and asked her to immediately leave. she left the restaurant and boarded a bus back home.

Claire got home feeling so tired, she stood on their doorstep and stretched. she opened the door and slowly walked in, Her dad was sitting on a chair, he stared at her as she walked in looking tired.

“you're ok?” Her Dad asked, “i got a job in a restaurant" Claire said. “Well congratulations dear, you just made me proud of you ” Her dad said.

Claire nodded and walked slowly to her room, her Dad was talking when she walked off, He paused and stared at her as she walked away. “you're sure everything's okay?” Her dad asked.

She walked to her room and dropped the file she was holding on her small desk, she fell on the bed feeling very weak. she soon slept off some while later.

Claire woke up few hours later feeling good, she yawned and looked at the time on her cell phone, it was already Seven pm.

She stood up and went out of her room to guest's room, she met her whole family seated and talking, she greeted non of them and went straight to the kitchen.

she drank some water and exited the kitchen, she walked past them again and was stopped by her Dad, “Claire, can we have a minute with you?" Her dad asked.

She sat next to him with a stern face, Her dad cleared his throat and started. “Everything's gonna be changing now that you have secured a job, if I may ask, what's your monthly salary? ” He asked.

“it's weekly” Claire corrected, “fine, what's the weekly pay?" He asked. “20 dollars per week" Claire said.

“Not bad, so you should always make sure to always get to work early” Her dad said, After about thirty minutes of counselling, Her dad finally stopped.

Dinner was later prepared and they were all invited to the table, Claire went to the table and served herself, she took her food and started walking away, “what are you doing Claire, we're supposed to eat together, as a family " Her Dad said.

“we are not families! ” Claire said, she turned and walked away from them, she went to her room and locked the door.

Claire sat on her bed and ate her food, she picked up her Mobile phone and messaged Natasha on WhatsApp. she told her about her new job and how excited she is to finally get a job.

She stood up and went to the form and went through it, she grabbed a pen and filled it, she took one more glance at the paper and hid it under her pillow She had already finished eating so she laid on her bed and continued with her phone, she slept off some while later.

Claire woke up the second day early enough, she quickly rushed to her bathroom and showered, she dressed up and rushed downstairs.

Breakfast was already served, she quickly ate some bread and cheese and rushed out to go,“oh shit my phone!" She yelled and rushed back to her room. she quickly grabbed her phone and rushed back out.

“am forgetting something, shit the form!" Claire yelled and rushed back in, Her family just watched her as she was dramatically running helter skelter.

She reached her room and stared around trying to find it. “Where's it?" She asked no one in particular, she searched her desk, under her bed, even her bathroom but still couldn't find it.

She opened her wardrobe and scattered her wears trying to find the piece of paper but still didn't find it there, she scratched her head trying to figure out where she kept it, “ohh, I know where it is!" She said and rushed out.

she went out of her room and went to her parent who were still on the dinning table, “where's she, oh there you are. where is my Application form!” Claire yelled and grabbed her stepsister by the neck.

Her father quickly dragged her away and held her, “just calm down, fighting isn't gonna find your application form. Now you, did you take anything from her room?" He asked Mitchell.

“I didn't take anything from her room, she misplaced it and is now blaming me for her carelessness! ” Mitchell yelled.

“you crazy bitch, I know you have hidden it somewhere, give it back now or I'll kill you!" Claire yelled on top of her voice.

Her father calmed her down and told her to go check her room well, Claire insisted she checked well. He left and went to her room, Claire followed her.

She got to her room and met him searching furiously for the paper, “where was the last place you saw...wait is this it?” He asked her holding the application form.

Claire nodded and sluggishly took the paper from him, “Arrange your stuffs and meet me In the dinning room, you have to apologize to your sister ” Her Dad said and walked out.

Claire checked her phone and it was already Half past eight!, she was supposed to be there by eight.

She quickly rushed out and went out through the back door, she boarded a taxi to the restaurant. Claire took a deep breath and entered the restaurant slowly.

she walked straight to the manager's office and knocked, The man asked her to come in which she did nicely, She walked to the seat and sat down.

“Am sorry for coming late, traffic was very bad” Claire said. “ok..” The manager said and collected the form from her, he glanced through it carefully, “Are you sure I can start working here today? ” Claire asked.

“Congratulations miss Claire, you are now a worker of this restaurant! " The manager said. Claire jumped up happily and gave a more thrilling victory dance, she sat back down laughing.

“you can go over to the old woman and tell her to give her your clothes " The manager said. “Thank you so much Mr manager!" Claire said and smiled.

“it's Nicholas ” The man said. “oh ok, Mr Nicholas, thanks for the job. I'll make you proud ” Claire said and walked out of the office.

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