Chapter 2 Your Thirty Billion Dollars

"What?" Melvin furrowed his brows, visibly surprised by Lyra's mention of divorce. Having been drugged by her just the previous night, he couldn't understand what game she was playing so early in the morning. "What's gotten into you?"

Lyra shot him a cold glance, her presence matching Melvin's despite her smaller stature.

"Weren't you always eager for a divorce? You were forced to marry me by Old Freeman, and now that he's gone, nothing is stopping you from marrying Charlotte. Don't you want to marry her properly?" she retorted.

Melvin pursed his lips, giving her a disdainful look. Did she really think he would just step aside so easily?

Seeing the determination in her eyes, assuring him she wasn't lying, he let out a cold snort. "Don't come to regret it."

Lyra let out a bitter chuckle, her resolve unwavering. "The only regret I have is marrying you in the first place."

With those words, she turned her head and walked away, leaving behind a resolute and free-spirited figure.

Melvin stared at her retreating form for a long time. In the past, she would always act gentle and easily deceived around him. But today, her strength surprised him.

Could it be that he had misjudged her last night?

But if it wasn't her, then who else could it have been?


That morning, the two of them visited the lawyer, with Lyra a few steps behind Melvin. She dressed plainly in outdated clothes, standing next to Melvin in his sophisticated Prada black suit, creating an incongruous scene that caught many curious glances.

Yet, Lyra paid little attention to the onlookers. She just wanted it to be over quickly.

Within ten minutes, the weighty marriage had finally come to an end.

Staring at the dazzling divorce document in her hand, Lyra felt a momentary daze.

"Take care of yourself," came the cold voice. When Lyra raised her head, the man had vanished without a trace, without a word of farewell or even a glance, as if he had never existed.

"That's best for both of us," she chuckled, shaking her head.

Since he could be so heartless, they were strangers from that moment on.

Snapping out of her thoughts, she took a step towards the sidewalk.

Suddenly, a limited edition black Bentley limousine pulled up in front of her.

The car door opened, and a middle-aged man with partially white hair stepped out, escorted by four bodyguards.

Lyra recognized him and raised her chin slightly, exuding innate elegance. "My, my, Dad is certainly well-connected. I've barely gotten divorced, and here you are at my doorstep."

The butler, Douglas, greeted her with an obsequious smile, bowing deeply. "Miss, the three-year agreement between you and the Master has come to an end..."

He paused, glancing at the divorce document in Lyra's hand.

Regrettably, he continued, "It seems you couldn't make Melvin fall in love with you. In that case, it's time for you to fulfill your promise and return to Suham to inherit the family business."

Lyra furrowed her brows and fell silent for a moment.

At the age of fifteen, she had been set up, lost her memory, and ended up at the Frayton orphanage. Later, by chance, she saved Old Freeman and was brought back to the Freeman Manor. It wasn't until she came of age that Melvin was forced to marry her.

On their wedding night, something unexpected happened, and she coincidentally regained her memories. It was absurd how, at that time, her mind was consumed by thoughts of Melvin, refusing to go back with Douglas and ultimately making this three-year agreement with her father.

Looking back now, she had wasted these three years on a man who didn't love her.

"The Master truly longs for your return, Miss. It would be best if you went back with me. Please don't be angry with the Master anymore. He..."

"Douglas," Lyra interjected, her expression growing colder as she brought up the past. "He has that woman by his side, and the Lloyd family doesn't need me as an idle presence. I have important matters in Frayton, so I won't return."

Who was responsible for causing her memory loss and landing her in Frayton? For the past two years, she had conducted a secret investigation and discovered that the culprit was likely within the Lloyd family, though she still didn't know the exact identity.

Now that the enemy lurked in the shadows while she remained in the light, it was too dangerous to return to the Lloyd family.

Furthermore, she didn't want to confront that woman face to face.

Douglas sighed. "The Master was correct. You still hold resentment in your heart and won't easily return."

He respectfully presented a Supreme Black Gold Card. "This is your bank card, with thirty billion intact."

Then he gestured to the bodyguards behind him, and one of them swiftly handed Lyra a brand new contract.

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