Chapter 1 No Nag, Just Divorce

That night.

Lyra Carroll tossed and turned on the pillow and could hardly sleep.

She felt like she was pinned underneath something and was almost out of breath.

Strangely enough, she even seemed to hear some heavy and rapid breathing so close to her.

Immediately after, a sharp and stabbing pain came straight from somewhere between her legs.

An idea suddenly crossed her mind and Lyra opened her eyes in horror. She vaguely saw a shadow propping up above her. It was a man!

"Melvin, is that ... you?"

The man replied lightly with a "hmm". His breath smelt just like alcohol and after carrying rounds of attack, this man made no sound.

When she heard the familiar voice, Lyra sighed with relief. Following the moves of the man, she also began to enjoy the pleasant tingly sensation. Involuntarily, she let out delicate and contented grunts.

The attack became more and more fierce. She gritted her teeth and endured the pain and indulged in the unparalleled ambiguous passion.

After three years of marriage, Melvin Freeman was finally willing to touch her!

Because she was chosen by the old Mr. Freeman, Melvin had never even looked at her properly over the past three years.

Tonight, he finally came into her room.

Whatever his reason, she was indeed very happy!

It was two hours later when Melvin was finally exhausted and lay on top of her with a heavy and muffled moan. The moonlight outside the floor-to-ceiling window sketched the contours of his perfect body.

Lyra listened to his extremely fast heartbeat. It was so real, yet it still felt like a dream.

If it was really a dream, she would rather never wake up.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, almost obsessively, with a post-exercise panting, "Melvin ... Melvin, I really ..."

She wanted to say, "I really love you." Before she could speak it out, she heard Melvin muttered in a low voice.


Lyra was petrified on the spot.

Her heart trembled fiercely.

Lottie was the nickname of Charlotte Matthews, who was the first love of Melvin. For the old Freeman's sake, Charlotte had been abroad over the years.

But just yesterday, Charlotte was back.

And, she even sent provocative text messages.

"Lyra, I'm back. There's no place for you in the Freeman family!"

"I've been Melvin's friend since childhood. Do you really think you can replace me? Get back to your orphanage. That's where you belong."

"You don't know how much Melvin loves me. He'll definitely call my name even when he's lying in your bed. And you're only worthy of being my stand-in. Lyra, it must be bad to feel this way, right?"


She was appointed by the old Mr. Freeman as his granddaughter-in-law, the rightful Mrs. Freeman. She is Lyra, not somebody else' substitute!

However, Lyra could still hear Melvin's murmur, "Lottie, Lottie ..."

The sarcastic text messages from Charlotte kept echoing in her head, showing how self-deluded she was!

Tears suddenly gushed out uncontrollably. Lyra clenched her fists, suppressing her body from shaking.

Over the past few years, she had always been careful to be a good wife of Melvin, and she event quit her job just for him.

Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law only felt that she was a kind of person who was from unknown origin and extremely snobbish. Repeatedly they made things difficult for her and humiliated her. Nevertheless, she did not want to cause Melvin any trouble, so she had to endure this all by herself.

Wasn't she humble enough to get his love?

Why did he even viciously trample on her last bit of self-respect!?

The night was extraordinarily long.

Lyra stayed awake all night.


The next morning.

Melvin was awakened by the blinding sunlight outside the windows.

He rubbed his brows. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Lyra sitting by the dressing table with her back to him.

The absurdity of last night suddenly flashed through his mind. He realized something and closed his eyes tightly with the coldness around him gradually rising.

Lyra, although her back was turned to him, could clearly feel the hostility of the man's body.

She continued to apply her skin care products as if nothing had happened, but her wrist was suddenly clutched fiercely and yanked up.

The thing in her hand fell to the ground, and its glass bottle was smashed into pieces with the cream being spilled all over the floor.

Lyra looked up and glared, but her heart still shook uncontrollably when she met the man's eyes of rage and disgust.

"You think you can be the real Mrs. Freeman? Used such a despicable way to drug me and make me sleep with you?"

Melvin stood tall, gritting his teeth and staring at her. His hand did not let go of her, but instead clenched harder.

His handsome face was unusually appalling because of his ruthless and tyrannical look.

Drug him?

Lyra smiled miserably, "In your eyes, am I that kind of woman?"

Melvin's corners of mouth were turned upwards with sarcasm. In his eyes, there was great disgust at her, "You used some means to fool my grandfather as well at that time. So I had to marry you. Now why do you pretend to be innocent?"

"You're cheap and mean by nature. Can't even compare to Lottie's one toe!"

Cheap and mean, pretend to be innocent...

It turned out that she was so bad in his heart.

As for drugging, if she really wanted to do it, she would have done it since the beginning of their marriage. Why did she wait until now?

It was ridiculous that the effort she had made over the past three years was nothing.

In that case, there was no need for her to cling to their marriage.

Lyra endured the pain in her wrist, gritted her teeth, and fiercely shook off his hand.

And then she looked up with a firm tone.

"Melvin, let's get a divorce."

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