The Mafia Don's Lustful Desire


"If you do that again, I'll hurt you badly..." He threatened. Tears filled her eyes. "Chief, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to, but it just happened... I didn't know..." She cried. Dominick held her chin tightly. "Only speak when I tell you to..." He said through clenched teeth. She cried out when he let go of her chin abruptly. "Please, don't hurt me... I'm sorry..." She begged, but he didn't listen. "I don't want to do this... Chief, please... I'm scared... Please... Please..." She cried. "Take off your clothes..." He commanded, walking towards the wall. She was shocked by his order. She was so scared that she couldn't think straight. She tried to run to the door, but she didn't realize it was locked. ***** Grace is a kind and smart girl, but sometimes her kindness gets her into trouble. She was living a happy and peaceful life until a mob boss came to her house. Grace had to give up her own happiness because of her father's mistakes. But does this cruel man have any kindness in him? How long can she keep doing this for her father? How will Grace handle this quiet and mean man who barely speaks to her? After all, it's not easy to be intimate with a mob boss.


Belongs to us (sequel)


warning - Mature content Serenity panted heavily as she ran inside the dark Jungle following the light of new moon. She tripped again and again but didn't stop. Her lungs were burning due to lack of breath. She looked back and her heart skipped a beat they were close. She knows that they can easily catch her, they are just playing with her. She has no idea where to run and where to hide. After being madly in love with each other why serenity is running away from her own hybrid mates? Why hybrid kings are chasing their own mate? And why serenity is running like a scared kitten when she is the most powerful supernatural in existence? note- This is the second part of the story "belongs to us".


More Than Lust


This is More than lust series. Book 1: More Than lust Grace stepped back in fear when he stepped ahead. "Do it again and I will break your legs..." He warned. Her eyes filled with tears. "Chief, I am sorry... I didn't want to but it happened all of a sudden... I had no idea..." She sobbed. Dominick grabbed her chin harshly. "Open your mouth for only one thing in front of me..." He gritted. She whimpered and sobbed when he let it go with jerk. "Please don't punish me... I am sorry..." She pleaded but her words fell on deaf ears. "I don't want to do it... Chief, please... I am scared of this... Please... Please..." She cried. "Strip..." He ordered while walking towards the wall. Her eyes widened when he did that. She couldn't think properly. Out of fear she ran towards the door but poor girl didn't know that she can't open it. ***** Grace is a nice and intelligent girl but her kindness is her enemy. She was living happy and peaceful life until mob boss knocked on her door. Grace had to sacrifice herself to the devil for her father's mistakes. But does this devil have heart? How long she can do it for her father? How will Grace deal with this silent and cruel man who doesn't even talk to her? After all, it's not easy to have sex with mob boss. Book 2: More than lust (sequel) It's been six months since he forced her to marry him. Grace has learned to stay with Dominick or we can say that she has learn to let him dominate her life. But is she really in love with him or is it just because of his fear?


Say, you are mine!


Warning: Mature content. "I am a man, Rosa... And let me tell you I am not a gentleman... I am evil, I do bad and dirty things. I think evil and won't hesitate to act according to it. I am not rational... I know you doesn't have much knowledge about things like this, but I hope you understand that I am getting hard by looking at you... You are woman and has those things which I need right now but I can't have it because I respect consent... You don't want to do it... So do me a favor and make it easy for me, wear my shirt..." He said with heavy breathing. She looked at him confused. "I don't have anything which you might desire... I don't think I have effect on you..." She said trying to pull her hands away from him. "You want to know..." Skyler looked at her eyes with intense look which almost made her run and hide somewhere. He was looking evil, it felt like he is not Skyler. He is someone else. Skyler grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest. She looked at him confused. He slowly travelled her soft hand on his hard chest. Rosetta gulped as she felt his muscles. He guided her hand downward from his chest to torso and then to v line. Rosetta gasped and quickly pulled her hand away when she touched his hard Bulge. It was big and rock hard. First time he saw expressions of fear on her face. "This is what you are doing to me... And it's painful..." He stated while she looked at him horrified. **** Skyler and Rosetta are getting married, both doesn't believe in love, but the destiny has different plans for them. It will make Skyler to taste bitterness of love and will show Rosetta the power of love. Love and passion don't come only with happiness, it brings storms with it. Those who survives it will get happily ever after. But the villain has different plans, he makes his own destiny. Stay tuned to read spicy and thrilling, erotic love story of Skyler and Rosetta.


Bleeding Obsession


Warning: sexual content. On a regular night, Sarah witnessed a murder, she escaped from eyes of the killer but destiny played a very cruel game with her. Sarah's father forced her to marry a man whom she haven't even seen before. Forcefully and helplessly she went to aisle but the ground beneath her feet slipped away when she saw the groom, the killer. Xavier, cruel and heartless mafia, married a girl whom he haven't seen before neither he showed any interest in his newly bride. But when he finally saw her face, he... Will Sarah understand the reason behind Xavier's behavior? Will they fall in love or the hatred will be carried on to the end? Welcome to join the journey of two wounded souls...


Tangled Obsession


Warning: sexual content, polyandry. Florina was living a perfect life with a perfect job and a lovely boyfriend but her once fairytale peaceful life turned upside down in just a single night because of something that she saw. Now she was on the hit list of Russian mafia and he wanted her dead at all costs. Florina ran for her life but destiny threw her in another frenzy when she stumbled upon Sebestian King, the American mafia boss and Vincenzo Romano, the Italian mafia boss. She catched their attention at first site. And as people says, 'the devils always feed on pure souls...' These two devils have now started craving her. But the problem is vincenzo and sebestian are the biggest enemies of each other. They can't even share the same air to breath, let alone share a girl they both desire. They are ready to kill each other to have her for themselves. Will any one of them be able to get her? And the main question is whom will Florina choose OR will she run away from them scared of this new life that she was thrown into? Only if she knew that once you caught an eye of a mafia there's no going back.


Belongs To Us


She heard the door click open but it wasn't Nicolai. It was lucifer. Her eyes widened in fear as she got up from the bed. Lucifer walked towards her and she stepped back, her eyes started watering recollecting the event of this morning. She tried to run out of the room but lucifer catched her and locked her in his arms. "Shh... I am not going to hurt you, stop struggling..." She stilled hearing his angry voice. Even if he didn't wanted to hurt her, She wasn't ready to trust him. Lucifer let her go and started stripping, her heart started racing seeing that and she ran towards the door but it was locked. She tried to open it but couldn't. Her lips trembled as she felt his breath on her neck. "You can't escape from us, baby... Never..." He lifted her up walking towards the bed and she started struggling. Lucifer gently placed her on the bed and by now she was a crying mess. He was only in his boxers and that was not helping her either. ******** Three evil hybrids and one innocent mate. How is it going to work? But they know that she is innocent not weak... ********* Warning - mature content, sexual content


Damian's Rose


"I want your body Rose." He said leaning against his office chair. Her grey orbs widened at his blunt words. "I am not your whore Boss." She tried to keep her face straight not wanting to show him any kind of emotions. "I know, let's make a deal, you give me what I want and in return I will give you something which you desire the most. Tell me Rose. What do you want?" She just stared at his evil smirking face. "I want freedom." She replied and his smirking face turned into shocked one. ************************** Damian Knight, a cold and ruthless mafia boss who wants a strong-willed girl for himself, but when he found her, he realized that it's actually next to impossible to have her. What will he do to taste this forbidden fruit, will he be able to have her or will she refuse to become his? How would Damian react when her cold behavior will stomp on his ego again and again? Welcome to the journey of two dark souls... ************************** Warning: This story contains extremely mature and explicit content like fighting, killing, torture and sex scenes.


Anamika - The Broken Beauty


"she will be mine with or without consent...." Massimo Marino... A ruthless Italian mafia king whose aura screams danger....a handsome man who is hiding his darkness behind his handsome face...He don't do love he only fucks women and never look at them again.. women drool over him and throw themselves at him for his money... he demands respect and obedience...blood gives him satisfaction and fear in people eyes power... He is the king of dark world..he get what he wants and possessive about things he own....and now he wants Anamika, at any cost... Anamika singh sahay... Successful business woman....Beauty with brains, but broken inside-out...when Her world turn upside down on her 18th birthday she loses her everything and her grandmother whom she love with bottom of her heart which left her broken, empty and with darkness...but she never gives up she fought back and build her own empire..she got everything, power and money but not her old self... a girl who was once innocent and happy was now cold and stone no one can control her. She made herself like that...she don't trust and love will she react when Massimo claim her as his... What would happen when two dark world will collide with each other... will they destroy each other or build their own new world...will they learn to love or break each other for worst...will Massimo's dominating nature accept rebel behaviour of Anamika...will successful business woman Anamika let Massimo control never...How will they react when they learn the darkest secrets of each other's life... Warning- mature content 18 plus