The Wedding Night

11.0K·Oluwatosin Melody

A wedding night that was supposed to be memorable for a couple turned to a sorrowful night. Melody and Franklin were happy to be married and on the night of their wedding, a terrible event occurred which leads to their separation. Now, 5 years later, they met again, and this time Franklin is now Giovanni, a ruthless billionaire who doesn't give a damn about other people's feelings. The shocking fact is that Giovanni has no memory of what happened 5 years ago and the first time they met, Giovanni couldn't recognize Melody. What happened on the wedding night that led to their separation? What happened in the past? How come Giovanni didn't recognize Melody? Read and find out in this story.


The Duke's Unwanted Wife


While falling from the building, there was only one thought in her head. "If rebirth is real, I hope I’m not born ever again. Life is too horrid to live again." Her head hit the ground, splitting into a million pieces. The perfect way to die for someone who wanted to be unrecognized and forgotten. Like a painful dream, she opens her eyes she’s back again, 10 years in the past. She was back to the day she was being married off to the duke who was destined to abandon her and love another, to a prince who was obsessed with other people’s possession, and a witch who pretended to be a saint. "One of you gods up there must be messing with me, right? I said I didn’t want to live again! What is the meaning of this?" Brought to the past, Natalia has two choices, flight or fight.


The Villainess Went Back Time


Maxine lived her life with difficulties since she was born. Everyone expected her to be the Princess because of the God's message. She struggled learning how to become the best leader in the future. Her family became distant from her for her sake. But one day, the Prince fell in love with the Princess from the neighboring Empire. Horrible and unfortunate things happened. The death of her five brothers and father stole her sanity. She stab the Prince and led her to her own death. She thought she was dead but when she woke up, she realized she went back time 15 years ago and now, she's inside her younger self. Will the history repeat itself or will she change the fate of her family?


Mated To The Mafia Werewolves: The Alpha and Beta wants me


**Contains strong language, smúts, abúse and some really explicit content. Please, read at your risk. Thanks. ARABELLA Arabella's life took a u-turn after falling into her enemy's hand. She should feel nothing for him, however. He made her lose all her senses, even her clothes. At the mercy of her foe, she discovers some secrets about him and wishes to unravel more, but got what she didn't bargain for. ALESSANDRO An Alpha werewolf assuming the identity of a mafia Lord. An aloof man that kills without remorse. He was the most wanted criminal in COOAN, and his name incites fear in all werewolves' packs. He was a man fighting his demons and needs a saviour before he drowns. BLAZE After a traumatic childhood event that left him scarred, he often kept to himself and trusted no one until he met Arabella, whom he believed was the perfect mate sent to him by the moon's goddess. However, she was taken. The powerful urge to save her from her miserable life catapulted them into another world, which was more chaotic than theirs.


The Witch And The Dragon Clan


Anastasia would never had believe that dragons were real, until a blue eye guy appeared into her life with the most unrealistic story ever. Not only did he say dragons were real, but that they become men by night and dragon by day. And now, she's the witch the dragon clan has been searching and waiting for...., for over a decade. The only way the spell could be broken was for Anastasia to travel back in time, with the help of the blue eye guy... Who's name is Christian. Together, they witness a whole world of magic, while staying hidden from a fearful enemy. But what Anastasia didn't know is that the break to spell she had to pay a heavy and costly price.

True LoveCompleted



He's a Playboy He's a heartbreaker He's cute, hot and Arrogant He's a prince Charming Chases everything under skirts and he's just nineteen years old . He's the only son of the popular multi billionaire and as a result, he's treated like an egg. He's Xavier Maddox His mum has tried all she could to make him fall in love and live a decent love life instead of jumping from one lady to another and causing heartbreaks, but he wouldn't listen and claims he's too young to settle with one woman. He wouldn't fall in love with anyone – not even his childhood friend that's been crushing on him. He's stubborn and arrogant and feels he can do whatever he likes. But, what happens when he meets Delaney – an extremely pretty lady who ran away from her planet after they tried to kill her? Yes – she isn't from earth. She grew up in a different planet which consisted of just females. She's never set her eyes on a boy before and didn't even know they exist. Something happened and she was sentenced to death by the Queen – unjustly, but luckily, she was able to escape and out of anger and revenge, she ran away with the Kingdom's most Valuable treasure which Was connected to the throne. She had to go far away and found herself in a different planet – earth where she gets saved by Mr Arrogant's mum. Mr Arrogant gets to be the first handsome boy she's seen and she's shocked to know an opposite gender existed. There is romance, comedy and war in the house as Mr Arrogant gets angry at his mom for bringing a stranger home. He's determined to make Delaney leave, but naïve Delaney is scared to leave because earth is completely new and strange to her. What happens when she can't even use a spoon and has to be taught like a baby? ???? What happens when she enters into people's rooms without knocking because she had no idea the door was meant to be knocked at????????????? What happens when she breaks a Television the first day she saw people in it? ???????????? She had no idea it was a movie ???? And the whole time, the people from her planets were seriously looking for her because of the treasure. What about her parents whom she's never set her eyes on? Could they be on earth? Find out


The Secrets of the Elements

166·Drishika Lekha

It was curiosity that led Tej to discover a book which held unparalleled powers. The book was the product of a century-old prophecy which predicted the fate of their entire race resting in the hands of five chosen individuals - Tej, Advika, Ray, Maya, Zarna. They must learn to harness their powers and grow into their role as the Elements before the Evil King Azazel and his army succeed in gaining the unmatched potential of the book and destroyed them and the human race. Tej has stepped into the Circle of Oath, and he knows that there is no turning back. It is either his victory or his death. Join Tej's journey with a world brimming with magic, prophecies, deceit, unlikely friendship and love.


Murder Borne

196·Awgawin Firesnap

There are three species in Esternia. Demons, Angels, and Humans live in their own kingdoms. The war has been avoided for many years, until four years ago, the Holy War began. Gavin should have been killed at birth. Maybe then he wouldn't have started the Holy War, or be the most wanted criminal in Esternia. When Gavin met Aeiln, a girl with a similar past, he was dragged along with her to fight the system.


A Knight's Vow

679·Aliyah Burke

(Knight Series Book 1) What happens when a 21st Century woman gets transported back to 12th Century England? She butts heads with her 'rescuer'. That's what. When Kit wakes in the past she has no choice but to go with the knight that stands before. The sword at her throat determines that. With absolutely no idea on how to return home, Kit will be called upon to use every bit of strength and love to stay alive long enough to do so. Even with Marcus' help it might not be possible. Will these two lovers find a way to be together for all time? Can Kit trust that once made, it will never be broken? Perhaps. It is after all, A KNIGHT'S VOW.


Secrets and Lies

70·Katherine Petrova

Lying and holding secrets comes to us naturally, as natural as breathing and looking on either side of the road before crossing. We all do it to protect ourselves because sometimes the truth can hurt us. Some are harmless little white lies, but some secrets hide horrible things. Those lies will always come haunting those who seek to keep their lips sealed. Follow Caroline, Charlotte, Chloe, and Caleb's journey, as their life is turned upside down as they fight to keep their lips sealed about the murder they accidentally committed. Everyone keeps secrets. Everyone lies. You better make sure no one saw what you've done before making up your lies because all it takes is one person with the truth on their lips for your life to be destroyed. **** "Blood." Caroline stuttered, seeing the blood flowing from her head. Charlotte looked at the steel bat in total shock, a few drops of blood dropped on the ground. "I had to save you," Charlotte explained, looking at Caroline. "I know. Is she breathing?" Care walked closer, holding her injured arm. "I will check," Caleb volunteered. He put his hands over her nose to feel for her breathing. "No, no, no," Caleb repeated in fear. She's dead.

Female leadCompleted

I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please


Superpowers abound. Villains rule the world. A transmigrated dork that has absolutely no idea what’s going on. Strong-armed by the Superhero Enhancement System into the thankless job of endlessly performing good deeds in a world where such actions are often met with violence, Lucas Lynn doesn't have much choice in regards to using his supposed gifts. It’s bad enough having to pretend to be a supervillain, but how exactly does Boss System expect him to save the world with only the help of a homeless orphan, a dog that’s smarter than he is, and a yoyo? Oh, just trick some supervillains into becoming superheroes instead? You make it sound so easy! ----- >>>Excerpt from the end of Ch1; [Bzzt... Scan complete. Analyzing...] 'Eh?' [Analysis complete. Positive value found, now loading... Loading complete.] 'Okay, WTF is...' [Binding successful. Congratulations upstanding citizen. You have been selected by the Superhero Enhancement System. Please select your desired enhancement. The following options are avail...] 'I'M DYING! IS NOT DYING AN OPTION!?' [Error, invalid selection. An enhancement will be randomly selected. Randomizing... Strength has been selected. Enhanced strength will be calibrated for your rebirth. Please look forward to it.] 'WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F...' With this final thought, Lucas has finished dying in a pool of his own blood on the sidewalk. ----- Little character theater: Lucas, attempting to broker a deal for benefits for his freshly forced vocation of heroic servitude: “Hey 427, do I at least get some vacation time?” System # 427, completely deadpan: [...There's a new minor task available to the southwest. There's also a cute dog you can pet over there.] Lucas, with newfound enthusiasm: “WHERE'S THE PUPPER!?” ----- Discord for myself as well as a small handful of other authors and their works, a few fans are already in here if you care to mingle: Personal WP page that has other relevant links for the novel, a little about me, information about the novel's inspiration, as well as a link to the character reference sheet and art gallery:



85·Renshey cruz

The eyebrow of female chances of fabrics before rugged answered, "Do you have an appointment? If not, you can leave." I would have talked but I had abandoned me. My eyebrow increased due to unprofessional behavior. I decided to ask others. I've turned away from leaving someone else. "Oh My Gosh! Its So Hot!" Peeting female fabric. Is this company's dress code like this? Asked Mama later. "You! Its Your Fault! You RUINED MY DRESS, B * TCH!" He shouted at the attention of employees. "Hala! Really Ms. Kimmy did it." "Is applicant? Oh! "Do not you want to apologize, b * tch?!" He shouted. My eyebrows increase because I realize. Our company employees have attitude problems. "Why would I? I know that you meant to lay behind me when I noticed that I was going back. Do you think, I'm dumb?" I seriously answer. I would have left me. I do not want to keep me back. How Dare Her Hurt Me?! "You do not know me! I can get rid of it!" He shouted. None to help me and they are all very happy because of what is visible. Most of them are cheering more! I looked at them all and remembered their faces. "Let me go!" I shouted but instead of doing that he was pushing him to the floor. "Oh my! Faith Son!" My mother was shouting before I felt her coming. "Son, are you okay?" It is worried about asking. I just hugged and embraced him. "It hurts Ma! He struck me mama!" Mama Sakin and Angry Shout, "How Dare You Hurt My Daughter?! You have no right to hurt my son in my own territory!" Mama helped me to stand before he shouted, "What right do you hurt my child?! Secretary only!" They bow. Some of them are crying. The woman would have spoke to me when we heard, "What's happening here?" I looked and I saw the serious face of Kuya Kiel, "brother!" I call him before I run and embrace him. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, BABY?" It is concerned about asking her before fixing my hair. "You! You're all fired!" Mama will cry. "Maam! I'm sorry! I do not know that son. "You do not know?! Meaning, who you want to hurt, you will hurt! Why? Who are you in you, ha?!" Mama's cry. The woman just gave up and did not speak anymore. Mama taught the woman on the front desk, "You're fired!" Mama came to us before I embraced, "I'm here, son. They will not hurt you." We would have been in the elevator when Kuya Kiel, "All of You, Pack Your Things and Leave Our Company! That's The Consequence of Hurting My Sister."


His by Law


I wasn't ever going to belong to Bodin. I wasn't his for the taking! Bodin Charters had been my friend since we were kids. Painfully shy and uncomfortable in crowds. I was always the outgoing one. Willing to fight and shout for what I wanted. But Bodin wanted something now. Me. I had told him he'd not have me countless times over the years. I was waiting for a man who wrote me sonnets and climbed walls to sneak into my chambers. Bodin would never do any of that. He didn't have an unpredictable bone in his body... Until he did. My father was ill and had been for a long time. I didn't know Bodin, who'd inherited the Charter's fortune and property, had persuaded my father to make me his ward upon his deathbed. Now my father is gone. And Bodin is stating I can't be his ward because it'd be improper. I must become his wife. I won't. But as his ward, he has law over me. Law where he can make me do things I don't want to do. And he keeps reminding me, he'll have more sway over me as my husband so I best start learning to obey him. The devil I will. Unfortunately, I'm finding Bodin is a far more clever devil then I expected...


CODE A: You're My Mission


SECRETS. Too many secrets! Naiah is a girl who grew up with hardly any guidance from her parents. She, however, grew up fine. Really fine! She had been traveling for so many years and finally settled in a place she wants to call home. Naiah went into a school, called Coded University, where she meets or better say, someone, introduced her, to an odd male cousin. From then on she meets many vibrant people along the way. She felt out of place upon meeting these people, they all seemed much too familiar with each other. That's when she learned, they all had a secret that can shatter you down the core. Those secrets, how deep did they go? How sharp can those secrets be? Time goes by and everything begins to become unleashed from their secretive tight grip. No one knows what will be the consequences once they are exposed. How deep will their scars be? Secrets! A simple word that can make your life a living hell. A sharp word that can hurt you more than you could ever think. A dangerous word that will be your greatest enemy.



23·Warren Remo II

Haig was given a task by an old man named Cain. His mission was to eradicate a hundred wicked people in the world. He realized that killing people is an unjust thing itself. Though he doesn't want to kill, he can't control his power that's forcing him to commit the heinous crime. Haig became busy helping people, but he was also killing those bad people. One day, Haig meets a woman named Sheena Breaks, with whom Haig didn't expect to fall in love. Haig hid everything about his power from Sheena, because he knew that she would leave him if she knew that he was killing people. In contrast to Haig's expectations, Sheena also has a power that comes from the wicked and powerful woman named Alicia. Sheena is also using her power to kill those bad people, because of the task that was given to her by Alicia. One day, the path of Haig and Sheena will meet. The hundredth person that they need to kill is themselves in order to get rid of the curses of Cain and Alicia. The tale will tell you how Haig and Sheena are destined to fight against each other. Will they change their fate? Who will sacrifice oneself to make the other survive? Will they just let destiny decide everything? Which one is more important to them, love or freedom?


Please! I Want To Have Fun!


Belle Stefano woke up one day in a different world. Later she realized that she’s inside the comic book that she’s read. Luke Andres Hendrick is cold and heartless. He doesn’t care about the people around him but when he meets Georjia Norjia, he falls in love with her at first sight. Belle did her best to not get in the way of the male and female lead of the comic book but she slowly falls in love with the male lead. Will she confess her love for him or run away without telling him how she feels?

Female leadCompleted

Our Destiny

751·Annis Pearl

A story of intertwined love story that was unfulfilled three hundred years ago. The following lifetimes were unsuccessful due to the existence of an evil woman. Will this love be fulfilled in this lifetime?



147·Safina Bello

Lara was different, she was like the two sides of a coin. At home she is an angel but in school she is a devil. She is like the wind that can destroy you or the wind that can keep you chilly.


The Misjudged Alpha


"It was a regular day like any other when I got into the Hardwood Forest. However, staring at the terribly wounded human with a deadly poison almost engulfing his heart, I was utterly confused. I couldn't help wondering, " how did he get here?" "Oh yeah! How do I know his heart was almost engulfed with poison?  The answer is simple. I saw through his organs." Gosh! Do I regret saving him? I don't even know, but one thing I know is that I want to be with the seemingly dangerous man, even though I feel strongly that it's best to avoid him." ... More than five centuries ago, Annabel the elf princess, Celine the vampire princess, and Monella the werewolf royal joined their powers to stop the century-long rivalry among their kind. They aimed to unite all beings within the realm.  One among them was to wield that unimaginable power but they were all killed before the transference.  Hidden in an inconspicuous pendant on Monella's neck, she kept it away, wishing it finds its rightful owner.


A Legend of Woof-Woof

18·Kwen Kit

Dandeline, an aromantic and intimidating enchantress, has added stressful days to her other 99+ more problems when she agreed to help the newbie werewolf. Hessuel, who’s annoyingly humble and determined to learn how to howl with no grammatical errors, has set a country trip with Dandeline to find his ‘ghost’ mate who also left him a mark. That was the plan… until the time they spent together, the moments they cheered up each other, their fights together, even their nonsense arguments, have made it possible for their ‘friendship’ to culminate into lovers. But as their trip led them to the grave of the ghost mate, their beautifully invested feelings suddenly changed by a bitter betrayal. Discover how this duo turned their friendship into lovers, lover into enemies, and still marked the craziest legend of werewolves in history! ✔ Romance-Comedy ✔ Slowburn ✔ Action-Adventure ✔ Historical Fantasy ✔ 3 seasons in 1 book ✔ NOT FOR KIDS

Best FriendCompleted