Wild Epic Sexcapades

44.0K·F. Prince

WARNING: This Book Contains Explicit scenes And Adult Languages. Do you like reading steamy, naughty, dirty, and filthy romances?? If your answer is yes, get ready for the ultimate erotic excitement that will get your blood pumping and your ovaries twitching. This novel is a collection of short erotic stories. It contains all manner of sexual explicit including friends with benefits StepSister And Brother, Stepdaddy, Office, Stepmother, Lesbian, Teacher and student, Doctor and patient, domination Etc. If you are under 18yrs, this book is not for you.


Erotica Affairs

27.0K·Erotic writer

The following consists of short steamy stories. If you're offended by sex stories, then this one isn't for you. PS: It's rated 18+


Her Angels

6.0K·Electra Storm

Warning: mature content. There will be many sexual adventures, from sweet vanilla sex to rough/light BDSM play, including GirlxGirl action and BoyxBoyxGirl action.


Room With The Bosses


But he'd never notice a girl like me . Four guys , hot guys rooming with you and that's not all , they're princes . Supernatural princes . As if that wasn't enough , I might as well have feelings for one if them . Afterall , he's a demon prince soon to be king and I'm a normal human ; aren't I ?


Married To My English Teacher


A simple yet rich girl named Christine started her last senior year in high school with her bestfriend, Angel. Christine has a lot of untold secrets including her extra package. Now what happens when she actually falls for the new English teacher? Will she soften her heart for her? Will she ignore and keep being a bad girl?



2.0K·Arielle Aarons

When she comes to school sick and sneezes on the notorious 'bad girl', Avery's attempts at being a wallflower backfire and an epic love story commences. Tag along as Avery learns more about life, herself, how to love and most of all, how to grow. Trust me, it’s worth the read.


Taming The Badboy


STEAMY SCENE FOR 18+ ONLY... She scanned around the place but couldn't find it and that's when she remembered she has left it on the bed. She hit her head and hissed,"How can I be so foolish", She thought. Precious tied the towel around her chest, it covered her body and left the lap exposed. The towel isn't long enough to cover her laps. She stared at herself at the mirror before she opened the door and came out of the bathroom. After making a few calls, Sean unloose the towel that was tied around his waist on purpose and it fell over on the floor. "Don't turn!!!!", Sean exclaimed as he saw Precious coming out from the bathroom. Precious shierked in fear and immediately turn to see why Sean made that statement. *** What happens when a crazy girl ends up with a BADBOY in the same room as a roommate?? Find out in this mind blowing romance...



812·John Savage

Crystal was very kinky. As a member of an informal group of like-minded, mostly lesbian young women, a little pain and heavy, extended bondage were her favorite activities. But one dark night, naked, tied, completely helpless and left alone in a remote, abandoned building, she begins to wonder whether her “friend” is ever going to return to release her. As the hours pass, she becomes more and more certain that she will never be rescued. Struggling does no good. All she can do is hope, and she spends hour after hour trying to relieve the boredom and quell the panic by recalling the previous "games" she has played in her extraordinarily kinky life in all their erotic detail…


The Case of the Blackmailed Lesbian

264·John Savage

Every great private investigator has to start someplace. This is the story of that famous private investigator, Sled Speed, and the case that started him on his fabulous career. It involves a pair of drop-dead gorgeous lesbians and a blackmailer who gets greedy and wants a lot more than money. As with all Sled’s cases, there are beautiful women in peril and Sled, naturally enough, cannot sit back and do nothing when he knows there’s a beautiful woman waiting to be saved. Can he come to the rescue before the kidnapper does his worst? Will the young woman suffer anything worse than confinement, harsh treatment and strict bondage?


A Passion for Bondage 6: A Kinky Club Forms

260·John Savage

This is a continuation of Mayleen Gets Lucky. After finding a lottery ticket on the sidewalk and becoming filthy rich, Mayleen and her very close friend, Aika, buy a house and settle down to a lifetime of leisure and kinky games. With a friend who helped save Mayleen’s vast fortune, they decide that their mini-mansion would be the perfect place to hold kinky BDSM parties. This is the story of the first such party and the founding of an exclusive and very kinky club. Membership is limited to bondage loving lesbians and only by invitation. As with most John Savage novels, there is lots of strict rope bondage, punished females galore, and sex all over the place as they get to know their guests, and have so much fun that they decide to form a club and have regular meetings. **** A Passion for Bondage Series: Vicky's Story, Part 1 Vicky's Story, Part 2 Vicky's Story, Part 3 Double Kidnapping Mayleen Gets Lucky A Kinky Club Forms Long Timers Hell's Belles Halloween Party


A Passion for Bondage 8: Hell's Belles Halloween Party

193·John Savage

A very rich Mayleen and her partner, Aika, created a club for their lesbian, kinky, B&D loving friends, and called it "Hell’s Belles". In this book, they’re having a Halloween party. There will be a lot of strict bondage, sticky predicaments and nasty punishments, not to mention unlimited sex between the seven current members of that club. For this Halloween, they added a real coffin with soft padding, straps inside to hold the victim, and a locking lid. Rather typical of their games. The whole club is addicted to real helplessness and seek any chance to experience it. To add to the atmosphere, a storm blows in, with lots of thunder and lightning. But this party will have an uninvited guest, a very scary one! **** A Passion for Bondage Series: Vicky's Story, Part 1 Vicky's Story, Part 2 Vicky's Story, Part 3 Double Kidnapping Mayleen Gets Lucky A Kinky Club Forms Long Timers Hell's Belles Halloween Party


A Passion for Bondage 5: Mayleen Gets Lucky

167·John Savage

Mayleen, of Chinese ancestry, and Aika, whose parents hailed from Japan, are roommates. More than that, they are lovers both of each other and of kinky B&D games. Quite content in their lesbian relationship, they, nevertheless, are not happy with their thankless, boring jobs that barely allow them to live in a small rental in a poor section of town. In a flash of incredible good luck, Mayleen finds a lottery ticket and guess what? Suddenly she’s richer than Midas! They buy a mini-mansion and settle down to some serious kink. That is, until a serpent enters their Eden. A woman claims that the ticket Mayleen found was hers and that all the money should be turned over to her! She does not get any money in her first attempt but returned with a friend, an Amazonian black woman named Shayla. Together, they take Mayleen and Aika prisoner and begin a program of torture to force them to give up all that money. Things don’t look so good as the two lovers are captives in their own home and being cruelly persuaded. Lots of strict rope bondage, punishments and sex. **** A Passion for Bondage Series: Vicky's Story, Part 1 Vicky's Story, Part 2 Vicky's Story, Part 3 Double Kidnapping Mayleen Gets Lucky A Kinky Club Forms Long Timers Hell's Belles Halloween Party


The World Only We Exist


Anya Moore is a pop sensation with lots of people who look up to her, though her passion is something else. Sadie Ozoa wants to chase her dreams and doesn’t want to take no for an answer, but it feels like she doesn’t have a choice. But unexpected decisions they made had created unfaithful circumstances that have brought two different individuals together. The next unthinkable move: run as far away from the situation that could have led to their wishes. They don’t know how they ended up walking together and they don’t know why. But all they want to do is to escape from the environment they were surrounded in. Anya and Sadie thought they would be distant but with every step they took, they started to know so much about each other and what they have one thing in common: they hated how the world has become. They then thought what if they rebuild Earth where it is all ruled by only the two of them and make it a reality? As they go on the journey to create their own world, Anya sees that Sadie is more than an outcast and Sadie sees that Anya is more than just a star--they are each other’s world. But with the world that is against their odds, will they be able to show their truth? In this first debut comes a coming-of-age story about realizing that in order to survive the world, you must choose whether to follow the rules or break them for the sake of doing something right.


Forced Escort

280·Olha Lavin

I'm just a girl. We met by chance. I wounded him defensively and ran away. And we were never supposed to cross paths again. But fate decided everything for us. Now I'm his girl under duress. Passion. Sex. Excitement. Crime. He thinks he's playing his game, but I'm sure he is.


Illicit Feelings


Olivia had only one goal when she was transferred to Clover High School—she wanted to be popular and stand-out academically and in extracurricular activities. She wanted to be a part of the popular crowd so she wouldn't have to go through again with her bad experiences during elementary and middle school. She discovered that her beloved stepsister Zoey is the bullies' favorite prey. And she acted like she despised Zoey at school and hid the truth about her genuine relationship with her. How long will Olivia conceal the truth? How far will Olivia hide her true self and ignore her growing feelings for her stepsister?

Best FriendCompleted


153·Elif Miranda

A young woman has lived locked up in the highest tower of her mansion all her life, due to a deadly disease for which her grandfather and the only person she knows has not found a cure. His greatest desire is to see the world outside the walls, something that is strictly prohibited. However, she is forced to marry a man she does not love and who behind a serene attitude hides his true self. On the night of the wedding, she is saved from being raped by a mysterious shadow. A shadow that hides in her mansion, which she is determined to discover.


My Alpha Maid


Natalia Aquino is the spoiled brat daughter of the President. She can get all that she wants in just a snap of her fingers. She has a lot of maids and security guards, but she wondered why her father needed to hire another maid for her. Now, she had to deal with her personal sexy maid/lady guard, July Mercado, who promised her father to tame her.  She argued to her father that she didn't need the sexy maid, but one situation changed her mind when the maid saved her from a threatening creature, who was a vampire, who tried to kill her.  And as that killing event happened, Natalia discovered more from her maid/lady guard. She's not just a mere human, she's a wolf!


Love her beyond time!


Caline Soveneer is a daughter of a wealthy family. She was inherently disgusted with her current life, when she was young, Caline was jealous of children her age who were always allowed to go out on weekends by their parents. Her parents are always on business trips, not working at home, they just go to the office continuously, not even looking at her…. …. One day, she met an old woman at a jewelry store. She said she would meet her true love in a very strange situation. Caline half believe it anymore…. …. She was absorbed in the story she wrote and did all the assigned tasks to return to her real world. Here she also met someone who could make her happy, even though it was a girl…. He can bring her happiness, and warmth. Can give you everything you need. Caline has been in love with that person ever since I don't know…. Her heart has already fallen into the hands of that girl... Does Caline want to stay here or not?

True LoveOngoing

Addicted cousin, pervert cousin: a dream vacation


Erotic work is the story of a girl; Josiane, and her cousin David, who is vacationing with David's parents in Benin, Josiane, already open, and very informed about sexuality, she will therefore leave her country, Côte d'Ivoire, with well-defined objectives: to meet her sexual partners, whom she has never been able to, because of the distance that separates them, Indeed, she is all in Benin, and when I say all, it is literal, because she is bisexual!


Loving Miss Daniels

213·Little Baby

Morgan Daniels never felt the love of her parents growing up. They were always so discriminative and distant towards her, and it only worsened after her father died. She found out that he left the majority of their home decor service to Roi, her big brother and also found out that her girlfriend has been shagging her brother. Betrayed, Morgan decides to sell her share of the company and starts afresh in a new city. Now at twenty-five, she is a successful club owner and a ruthless playgirl. Love is no longer her language as she sleeps around and doesn’t care who she hurts. Maia Shelton grows up in a foster family, and she dreams of going to college to make her dreams come true. And after taking up several jobs, extra shifts and a gap year after completing high school, she gets to live her dream of going to college as she gains enrollment into the University of the Community- Mildenhall, to study Business Management. At first sight, Morgan is hooked on Maia. Maybe it is her innocence, her beauty, or the fact that Maia reminded her of her very first love. However, Morgan finds it impossible not to request an indecent proposal from Maia. --------