Revenge On Love Rats After Rebirth

963.0K·Olivia Marsh

Before rebirth, she was betrayed by the love rats. They harmed her mother, defiled her name, and plotted her wealth...... When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer the weak and deceitful girl. She had to revenge on the love rats!!


After Reborn, I Become a Billionaire

441.0K·Isabella Hunter

Ten years of marriage! She thought she had married the best man in the world. However, the man killed her and stole all her money. After reborn, she returned to 22 years old and become a billionaire. She will revenge!


Reborn: When I Drown Back

74.0K·Beatrix Sharp

Before she was reborn, she hated him, and was forced to die in order to leave him. It was only when she was disfigured and tortured in a cave by a bad man and woman that she realized that the man she hated most had already loved her! In order to save her, he would give up everything! In her new life, she will love him, spoil him and make money to support him! She has lots of identities, with a pair of cute babies to earn a billion!


Cherished Heart


She was a well-known ugly girl from the Gale family, while he was mysterious, noble, handsome and one of the most welcomed men.In the face of the envious eyes, she just wanted to get divorced.He forced her to the corner of the wall and said in a domineering way, “Divorce? Over my dead body!”If not that she got set up by her sister, she would not have hit on this powerful man.She thought she would have only been suffering in life, but unexpectedly, she was spoiled by him.


My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet


Amanda Jackson is the daughter of a rich tycoon. She is framed by her stepsister on her engagement day, and she ends up in prison. An accident happens and Amanda dies, instead of finding herself in hell, she finds herself in her bedroom when she opens her eyes. It was the same day she was sent to prison. She thanks God for giving her another life and embarks on her journey to take revenge on those who made her suffer in her past life.


Rebirth of the Avenger: Confronting the Love Rats


Before rebirth, she was betrayed by the love rats. They harmed her mother, defiled her name, and plotted her wealth...... When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer the weak and deceitful girl. She had to revenge on the love rats!!




Underestimated...That is what I have been almost all my life just because I am a female, a woman, a lady... but I understand... this world is filled with egotistic and chauvinistic men that need to be taught a lesson and I am more than happy to do so...My life has never been all fun and roses... I still had my mum and brothers but it will never be the same without my father. I may be of age. Far past the finding your mate age but that doesn't mean I am in a hurry to get a mate not that I don't want one. I do but I'm just not in a hurry.But the goddess and fate as always did the exact opposite of what my heart desired... they brought my mate to my doorstep and I took it with a determined heart but I was in for a surprise. My mate wanted another yet he didn't want to let me go. He wanted to eat his cake and have it. Forgetting that life doesn't work that way. He welcomed me into his home and pack with a happy face yet I was being disrespected, ridiculed and pitied behind my back.I may act ignorant but I'm no fool. I like to plan my actions before I take it so that I would be well prepared for the consequences that may follow. And as usual my new pack comes first before my needs but that doesn't stop me from showing my mate that he messed with the wrong bitch.Because I was named CHAOS for a reason. I am going to tear into his conscience and torment the living daylights out of him for I may be a bitch. But I am nobody's bitch...


A Girl Adopted By Wolves

127.0K·Akshata Vaidya

Life is a beautiful journey but not for everyone. For some it comes out easy but for the others, it’s a ride on a bumpy road. For Amara Cross, life has never been easy. Despised by her parents and her sister from the day she was conceived, she never believed she would have a place to call home. Her sister accused her of breaking the perfect family she had and their parents believed the very same thing. How could she be responsible for something that she didn’t even have the account of, being only a month old at that time? But that didn’t stop them from loathing her. They ignored her existence and never ceased to make her life more miserable. On one summer evening when she was visiting her father, he verbally abused her being drunk and almost hit her in the process. What would a kid do at times like these being only ten years of age? Yeah she ran away. Not leaving everything behind though. She ran into the woods surrounding the house of her father. Running blindly through the dense trees due to tears streaming from her eyes, she tripped, hitting her head in the process. There on the verge of passing out, she was found by a wolf spirit. The wolf spirit took her back to his alpha. The alpha after hearing about her took pity on her and adopted her as his own. This is a journey of a girl from a nobody to somebody, from a lonely girl to an independent and confident person, from not having no one by her side to finally finding her own family.


Daddy Lucifer

1.0K·Cassa Beer

I misbehaved. My knees ached from being planted on the aggressively cold floor for so long, but I would take the pain for as long as possible, if it meant gaining the Devil's forgiveness. I whimpered helplessly as the beast of a man pierced me with his cold eyes, ever so subtly patting his strong thigh twice. "D-daddy please-" My pleas were unfinished and went unheard as he continued to pick up the black paddle from his desk and roll up his sleeves. "Don't waste my time, angel." He muttered gruffly, the depth of his well matured voice making every fibre of my being to tremble. "Bend over daddy's lap and receive your punishment, princess." "Y-yes daddy." For her he'd slaughter a nation and drag many to Hell. The Devil has had his eyes on Vanessa since he met the innocent, untainted angel. His Angel. He'd do anything to keep her, to feel her impeccable skin under his impure fingertips, to kiss and stain the luscious lips of an angel with sin and to ruin her innocence and carve his name into her soul. And she's not just about to resist him. When an innocent, naive, little angel mingles with the step-father from Hell.


Billionaire's Reborn Baby


Word had it that Vincent Scavo, who never took interest in women, suddenly showed special preference towards a retard from the Britt family. Believing that it was just a rumor, women in City Y set off together to disclose the truth, only to find that: The retard was lying on Vincent's legs leisurely, playing a game on her phone. While gently giving her advice, Vincent peeled an iced grape with his slender fingers and fed her himself. "No way!" The women howled with their eyes popping. Hearing them, the retard put on a mischievous smile. "You got so many, admirers!" Vincent looked down and nibbled her delicate chin. In a husky and charming voice, he whispered, "Cannot see any of them. I only have eyes for you." All the women outside fainted from anger and jealousy.


I am a second female lead


What if you can go back in time and alter everything? For the sake of going back, are you willingly take on any mission? Can you stoically endure if the impossible level of the tasks is hard? How long can you last? This is the countless stories of Sheri Hoal who would undoubtedly do everything to radically alter her past life. *These stories were all FICTIONAL. Some are also for adults 18+. Have fun reading it. *There will be a lot of grammatical mistakes because English is my second language. Please be kind. *If you like the story please leave a comment. To let me know if i will keep on writing or not. Thank you.


Marrying The Vampire Prince


Nicole Jane Parker is an incoming grade twelve student who lives in luxury and enjoys her freedom as much as she can. But even though she has the privilege to do whatever she wants and get anything that she asks for in life, it’s not enough to fill the emptiness in her heart. Having trust issues with other people, she grows up with no friends at all. While her parents are always away on business trips. These are the reasons that pushed her to live independently. Things will then start to change the moment she transfers and sets foot at Clarkson Academy. There she will meet Kyle Ethan Clarkson, who is treated by the students and other people in the academy as a prince. But as she starts to get along with him, she will discover something about him that is beyond her imagination. Because Kyle Ethan Clarkson is the Pureblood Prince of the Vampires—the creatures whose existence is unknown to humans and the one destined for her to marry.


The Rejected Phoenix


"I Alpha Ryker Dante of the crescent  moon park rejects you weak pethatic girl as my mate and Luna of my park. You are hereby not allowed to show your face to me again except you want it red! " Those angry and deceptive words tear Melanie apart. It was her mate who had rejected her at first sight. She has always being rejected and tainted upon but this last rejection gave a painful and scaring tug to her shattered  lost heart. She smiled out the tears and turned back. If that's what he wanted then fine! She was okay with it. She looked sideways  towards her father who had an unfathomable  look on. He looked furious and blaze. "father... " She muttered and his face grew red with anger as the guest looked at him with shock and disbelief. With urge in their eyes to know if he really did fathered the weak and ugly she wolf. No! Even a mere human is more powerful than her. Every one who knew Melanie knew she had no wolf. She looked towards her only brother. The look on his face was just like the others. He dejected her. And her step sisters couldn't  care less. "okay.  I get it....  No one wants me...  No one wants to see me...  It's okay I'll leave. You won't ever see me again!  At least the ugly me! " She snapped. Dried her tears and turned around. Sound on the rough hard sandals could be heard as she shrugged away in the cold. Life was really cruel to her. She was always ridiculed by her friends and age mates since she was small. She loved adventures but that was what brought her mother to her sick bed. She had went out to chase a butterfly  one morning and was attacked by an angry wolf. As a result her mother broke her spine  in order to save her and was confined to her room ever since. Her father hated her dearly for that. She wandered around for days around different park borders and it was not easy. She was weak and dejected with no food and shelter. She sure will revenge her evil park if she ever survived this. A ray of hope suddenly  shined at her. She no  longer want to be the weak and dejected Haman in a wolves park. She's got a life of revenge  to to leave. Will she be able to keep up with her plight for revenge or will she seccumb to taming emotions and feelings  when wasn't able to get rid of. Why don't you find out?


Ruby Redstone

5.0K·Golden Goddess

I am Ruby Redstone. Daughter of the deceased Alpha and Luna of the Red stone pack. Abused by my two brothers and cousin. Twists and turns awaits at every turn. Will the Goddess have mercy? Wil my mate find me or Wil I have a slow torturous death by the hands of the people who are supposed to love me the most?


Revenge on My Ex-Husband


Wendy Simons deeply loved Hanson Yale.Well because of him, she lost her child and her reputation was ruined. In the end, she died in front of him... In the new Samsara , things had changed, Hanson had fallen for Wendy. Well Wendy had everything and lived in a leisure and pleasant life. S she just pushed him away. She would never be with him again, unless he was willing to die for her...


Spoiled my CEO husband after Rebirth


Everyone knew that Mr. Petit had an important principle, which was: Spoiling his wife at no principles. As a result, rumors had it that the once-powerful Olivier Petit, was actually a henpeck. Mr. Petit scoffed at this. "What henpeck? I'm just being a good husband. Am I right, wife?" "Never would I believe in you, ass..." Gwenda Evans covered her nearly-broken waist with her hand. Tears filled her face as she recalled the scene on bed last night. ... Before her rebirth, she missed the chance to save him in a fire, so she lost everything indirectly. After rebirth, she held on tightly to this big boss's thighs, acting coy and cute. She did everything she could. Could there anything better than beating scum, fighting monsters, and reaching the peak of one's life? "If so, it's just by marrying a perfect husband! Then give birth to a fat boy!"


The Duke's Unwanted Wife


While falling from the building, there was only one thought in her head. "If rebirth is real, I hope I’m not born ever again. Life is too horrid to live again." Her head hit the ground, splitting into a million pieces. The perfect way to die for someone who wanted to be unrecognized and forgotten. Like a painful dream, she opens her eyes she’s back again, 10 years in the past. She was back to the day she was being married off to the duke who was destined to abandon her and love another, to a prince who was obsessed with other people’s possession, and a witch who pretended to be a saint. "One of you gods up there must be messing with me, right? I said I didn’t want to live again! What is the meaning of this?" Brought to the past, Natalia has two choices, flight or fight.


The Lycan King's Mate

531·R. Y. E.

Lycan King Alder Volcik had been waiting for his mate for over a hundred years. What would happen if he found his mate in a pack he was to visit because of the Luna challenge that occurred and he found out that she was also the same Luna who lost the challenge and was rejected by her mate, who was the Alpha. Cindy Mills is the daughter of a billionaire who was betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend and killed her after. But it did not end there. She was reborn in the body of the lost Luna named Clover, who died because of the rejection. What will King Alder do when Cindy doesn't want to accept him because of her past rejection from Alpha Vlad and, at the same time, lose her title to another she-wolf and, as Cindy, who was betrayed by the two people he trusted and cared for other than her father? As Alder tries to get Cindy's trust, they will both discover Cindy's true identity. She, on the other hand, will do everything to get her revenge on her ex-boyfriend and best friend that killed her and her father. Once Cindy accepts Alder, will she give up herself and live as Clover for the rest of her life?


Rebirth: Insatiable Ceo hubby

4.0K·Rophine writes

THIRD BOOK OF SECOND CHANCE SERIES. Jasmine was killed by the man she worshipped her whole life. Yes! Worshipped After years of suffering, he pushed her off the cliff where she met dead. Luckily her soul met a kind lady who gave her another chance. In this, she plans to take everything from Carl Lawson, who took everything from her. And dote on the man who did not leave her side even once. " Honey, you look tired, should I give you a massage? " She asked smiling beautifully at him. Her fair thighs probed forward in the red lacy transparent nightgown. His eyes narrowed as he brood down on her. Was this girl looking for trouble? He knew with a mere touch from her, he would pin her down. Without any answer, he pulled her down and 'ate her'. " Hope you got your answer now "


Cold Fate


“Jordan, can you trust me, please?”“It really wasn’t me. Please trust me one more time, okay?”Jordan remained indifferent while watching Alice beg him. He even felt that the woman lying prostrate at his feet made his feet dirty. This woman dared harm Kylie. How could she! He absolutely could not tolerate anyone harming Kylie. He kicked Alice aside and Alice was so heartbroken that she could not breathe. Ever since Alice became married to Jordan, not a day went by peacefully: she was either framed by her older sister, Kylie, or misunderstood by Jordan. She lost all hope. Finally, as Kylie had wanted, she died, and Jordan became dead inside. Three years later, she returned the way she was before. This City would not be in peace anymore…