The Arranged Bride


The 30-year-old billionaire bachelor Nicholas Carter isn't really fond of the word 'love', owing to his past. What happens when he is arranged in marriage to the 27-year-old sweet and independent Sophia Jones who refuses to bow down in front of him and accept everything he throws her way unlike an usual arranged bride? Oh! Did I mention Nicholas Carter's 5-year-old son?


Kidnapped by the Alpha

170.0K·Lubna Shaikh

He was merciless and ruthless. She was kind and compassionate. He was a werewolf. She was a human. He was an Alpha. She was his mate. Natalie D'costa, a normal girl who lives in the city of Boston in America with her wicked Uncle and Aunt after her parent's death. She is being tortured by them. One day her uncle and aunt decided to sell her to a business tycoon, Henry Machado, who is a womanizer. Natalie escaped from her house and while running she entered the territory of Blue Moon Pack. Theodore Jackson, the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, is dangerous. What will happen when Natalie turns out to be the mate of Alpha King, Theodore Jackson? What will happen when she gets kidnapped by the Alpha King? What will happen when Theodore gets to know that Natalie is related to his pack? There will be a lot of mysteries that will be unfolded as the story proceeds.


Billionaire Baby Daddy


Starts as a revenge against her ex-boyfriend then to her being a new mom. Isabella, 22 years old, her life has encountered more misfortunes than a lifetime and she struggles to overcome them. She calls herself 'the tigress'. She claims she's a virgin, but life has fucked her over and over. Her life changes when she decides to get revenge against her boyfriend by giving her virginity to a random man whom she finds she's attracted to. What will happen when she finds out her one night stand resulted to a start of a new life?




Sage had a one-night stand with a total stranger and as a result of that night she had her adorable baby boys Liam and Logan. As a cleaner her job doesn't pay much but it pays the bills and she's happy regardless of her job descriptions. The company she is working for relocated to Miami and that's when Sage crossed path with her mystery man...the man she slept with...the father of her babies and also the owner and CEO of the company...


More Than A Secretary


When Katrina Jones started working as Lucas Evans secretary she never envisioned falling for the handsome but arrogant CEO. But as she worked alongside him she discovered that there is a lot more to him than he let the world see. Her heart couldn't help but fall for him. But Lucas saw her as just his secretary and nothing more. Or so she thought....


The Alpha's Slave


"Strip! Don't make me repeat my words" His croaky voice brought cold shivers down my spine. Hot tears rolled down freely from my cheeks. My name is Madison Adams, 21 years old, and I'm still a virgin, but about to lose my virginity to my ruthless master in the cruelest way. I live with my mother's husband since she's late. My stepfather borrowed some money from him but couldn't pay back. I became the payment for the debt my stepfather owes the devil. Yes! I call him the devil because that's the only word that I can use to qualify him. His name is Lucien Smith. He's called Stone, because his heart is made of stone. He's calloused. He's cruel, inhumane and heartless. Despite the fact that he has so many s*x slaves, he hates me so much. Why does he loathe me so much among the other slaves? I'm his slave, and he's my master. All he has for me is hatred and lust.....


Until I Met You

19.0K·Goddy Francis

She stood nervously opposite this grey-eyed delinquent. No matter how hard she tried to avoid him, he was always coming back to her. Her heart skipped the more he leaned closer to her. Her back leaned against his desk as her eyes locked with his. He was something words can't describe. "Why are you scared of me, Ariel?" "I'm not..." She stuttered. She seems to lose her breath at just his sight. "What if I kiss you right now?" That makes her heartbeat skip. They were inches apart and all she could feel was his hot breath against her neck. "I'm not feeling very well." He whispered, trailing his fingertips on the naive brunette. "Why are you telling me this?" "I want you to be my nurse, kiss me till I feel better. Or maybe..." He whispered, leaning closer to her so she could feel him. " Babysit me tonight..." **** She's a good girl. She's no different from a boring introvert. She likes to read and stay indoors. One dream she loved was going to Nun school. She was about to take her vows in the convent, but her dream went down the drain when her male best friend stole everything away from her, tearing away her holy garment as he stole her innocence. She hated herself and her family despised her more for making them lose their positions in church. Just when she was picking up her broken self, Gray Carter, bad boy, billionaire, walked into her life with his mysteries.


Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother

11.0K·Joy Apens

"I'm about to cum in your smart little mouth and you're going to swallow all of it. Do you understand?" He didn't let me answer, holding my head in place as his cum filled my mouth. He waited until I had swallowed every drop before he released me and I fell to the bed, sobbing. Zipping himself up, he stalked to the door, then paused and turned to smirk at me. "Don't even bother to tell anyone about this. Or you and your mother will suffer. And get ready, because this is just the beginning." *** Jasmine Scott is an omega, a nobody. Born in the slums and living with her struggling, single mom, she is an outcast at her school. Until her mom gets married to the alpha. Relieved that her status has been elevated, Jasmine is glad to be part of the alpha’s family except that Hardin Scott, the alpha’s gorgeous son is out to torment her. Hardin hates Jasmine. She might be his step-sister but she is no blood of his. He knows she is a gold-digger out to get his father’s money and for that she must be punished. But what happens when he starts lusting after his step-sister? Hardin craves for a taste of his step-sister's body and he won’t stop until his sensual mark is branded on her skin.


Taming Mr. Black

8.0K·Goddy Francis

Welcome to Club K, home for the finest and wealthiest men in the country, owned by playboy billionaire, Killian Black. He is the handsome, cocky, and dominant bachelor with a shitty reputation. He has one simple rule—never mix work with pleasure. Born and raised in a family who worked hard for what they get, Naomi Alderson despises privileged men, especially this particularly attractive and annoyingly sexy billionaire, Killian Black. She has one simple rule—never get involved with privileged men, especially Killian Black, who happens to be her boss and doesn't even know she existed. But what happens when the mysterious and arrogant Killian Black sets eyes on shy and innocent Naomi Alderson? And one thing's for sure, Killian is willing to break every of his rules to get Naomi in his bed. Even if he has to win her heart first.




Adriana is fighting for custody over her little niece Amelia..but things aren't going so good for Adriana because she doesn't meet certain requirements to obtain the rights and legal guardian ship over her niece but faith is about to shine some light into Adriana's life when a woman named Diana contacted her claiming to be her grandmother..her father's mother..a father she never knew... With little time left to live Adriana's grandmother's has one last request before she takes her last breath and that's for Adriana to marry her Godson Max Torres the handsome billionaire who seems to hate her guts and thinks she's after Diana's money...which he couldn't be more wrong...Adriana refuses the alliance but then she hears something that's about to change all their lives making her reconsider her marriage to Max...


The Billionaire's Creed

12.0K·Gia Hunter

I did everything against my beliefs in marriage. The day our worlds collided, I hated his guts. If you think a man who is striking—so damn good-looking, shallow, narcissistic, and extremely rich like Mykel Creed will ask the love of his life to marry him? You’re wrong. It was me who asked—a complete stranger, a hardworking independent woman who took a different path from the family business. Yet, right now, I’m marrying him for my inheritance. I blame myself for my self-defeating action. It doesn’t take long for me to realize my biggest mistake is marrying the right man for the wrong reason until my actions speak the loudest, and my heart starts to get a mind of its own. *** Not so long ago, my only priority was making billions with a little bit of fun along the way. Yet it only took Adley Kross a minute to make me agree to marry her—the woman who called me names. If you think I will laugh in her face, call her nuts, and show her the way out? You’re wrong. Well, I owed her, and now she comes to collect it, but that’s not the point—she had me at the first sway of her ass. I blame myself for being drawn to those sterling eyes and her gorgeous curves. But being with her seems to matter more than my money and being bound to her stupid terms.




Abigail was happily in love with her boyfriend Alejandro and she also has some fantastic news to share with him...but a conversation held between the brothers changes everything for Abby when she learns the truth about Alejandro...and that the man she's in love with is nothing but a figment of her illusion... Devastated and completely heartbroken she went home and vowed that Alejandro will never find out about his child...or she presumed...


Married To A Sex Demon

17.0K·Ayam princess

"Please don't do this to me your highness, I am married with two kids please" a young maid pleaded with Kayden but he was not willing to listen as he looked deep into her eyes and soon she fell into his arms. "Yes…f*ck uhhh…more...yes…yes..I want you deep inside me…I am a wh*re please take me" the maid found herself pleading as he was mercilessly pounding into her p*ssy with his erection. She shut her eyes tightly, unable to take the pleasure and pain at the same time but he wasn't done with her yet. "You will moan some more now!" Kayden ordered as he smacked her behind causing more hot liquid to flow from her tight p*ssy and making her bite her lower lip.


The Playboy's Downfall

7.0K·Belle Scarlet

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT! *** Since high school, Isla Peterson, a college student, had a crush on her brother's closest friend. She wished to be noticed by the man not just as a young sister, but also as a lover. She begged her brother, Apollo, to invite him to her 18th birthday party. Because her brother adores her, he eventually agreed. She was overjoyed when her long-time crush arrived—her wish had been granted. After reaching the legal age, Isla relaxed during her after-party and assured her brother that she would only drink a little. However, she got drunk and involved herself in a situation that forever changes her life. She had sex with her long-time crush, Zero, the famed womanizer. Zero Cohen is a well-known monster in bed who prefers extreme sex over making out. He only had one rule: "keep up with his pace," and he will lavish you with joy. Zero didn't realize it was Isla he claimed that night because they were both drunk at the time. And he admits, the lady was too good for first-timers. He began to crave her body, and every time he saw her, his pet hardened and desired to delve deeper into her core. But can they really expect to go very far in this game? What if they have to face their difficulties? Will one of them give up, or will they fight? What could it bring if the playboy faces his downfall?




Cassandra Miller had a one night stand with a complete stranger and unfortunately that one night had ever lasting consequences...she fell pregnant and had her mystery man's baby...but she soon realises her mystery man isn't such a mystery after all when she discovers that the father of her baby is actually her boss and that he still wants her... Emiliano is shocked to find out that his new secretary is the woman whom he'd had a one night stand with.... seeing her again only proves that he still desires her and what better way to have her...but this time as his wife... and her having his baby only sealed the deal further.....


The Billionaire's Choice


"You girls wear these sexy revealing dresses making it harder for men, every minute you arch your back or bend over." his mouth was dangerously close to my ear. I felt his hot breath and I was nearly a weak mess. He placed his hand flat on my back pushing it down as he pushed me towards a wall. I sealed my lips. I couldn't let out a moan. I couldn't even talk. Heat made its way down to my panties. Guarantee I was already wet. I had to look around just in case anyone saw. "Shake your gorgeous assets." he added on moving his hands down to my ass. **** Lorenzo was a man of strength, speed and charm. He could get any girl he wanted but he only wanted her. Kristina lost both her parents in a fatal car crash when she was younger, she needed a man to love her not just lust for her.


Dirty Affairs

13.0K·Authoress Naughty

Warning!!! This story isn't suitable for young readers!!! "I like it rough! The size of my cock can make you cum only by setting your eyes on it. I can make your wet tight pussy beg for my hard cock only by placing the tip of my cock on your wet pussy." He said authoritatively. Upon hearing him speak, Sophia swallowed her saliva as the thought of having his big sized cock inside her tight pussy struck her heart so hard, imagining how painful or enjoyable it may be since it was her first time. "Hey! You can touch my cock. It's all yours for only this moment." He ordered as she lifted her feet not knowing if she should take a step forward or backward. Meet Ace Micheal Diamond, a young mafia billionaire CEO who owns a sex company. His company was in charge of supplying women to rich men who were willing to pay for sexual satisfaction. He saw women as sex slaves. He belonged to no woman but that didn't last for long. Read to follow Sophia and Ace's story. Happy Reading!!!


Sex With the Virgin Maid 18+

15.0K·Bommy AH

WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN STEAMY AND SEXUAL CONTENT WHICH IS STRICTLY NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 18 . "Bryce!". I screamed as I feel his huge cap nudge at the entrance of my womanhood. He groaned as he pressed in deeper before he slides into my wet entrance. My walls clenched around him while he stretched my inner muscles as he kept pushing deep inside me. "Please". I cried and placed the tip of my finger down at his waist in an effort to push myself away from him. "Please". I begged but he only retracted his hip and thrusted into me fully, deeper, stretching me wide enough to accommodate his full length. . He is the handsome, sexy and heartless devil. The sinner. She is the purest, innocent and beautiful angel. Two polar opposites, one single attraction. *** Having lived in the convent all her life, Hera Whitson manages to secure a job as a maid in the household of Bryce Donovan. The inhuman sex god that has the entire female population at his feet. He lives for sex; he celebrates and relish the electricity of it with every fiber of his being and sees no better reason for being alive. One look at Hera and Bryce is smitten. She is like an addictive drug, a moth to a flame and he will do anything to get burned by her. Relinquished by her heat. What happens when Hera finds herself battling against her principles and sexual attraction for Bryce? Will she be caught in the web of Bryce's twisted game of lust?


My Father's Best Friend


Andrea Owen had always been a sucker for older guys - preferably handsome, tall, masculine with really light-colored eyes with a dark and dangerous aura. What she does not know is that the man she had been looking for all her life had been there ever since she was born, in the form of her father's best friend, Lance Gallagher.


The Billionaire's Desire


No man could ever make her weak. With a strict yet passionate bringing up, she made sure to keep her hard façade up without letting any man ruin her chances of greatness. She got to where she is now because of her passion and determination, and nothing could stand in her way. That was until she was sitting sipping from her glass of champagne one night at an event. She spotted the tall dark handsome man being introduced on the stage. Her lips just perched on the glass as she moved her eyes down his form, noticing the light highlighting his body, the glasses looking sexy as they sat on his nose. Selene was about to ask her father who the man was, but she didn't hear the murmur from her dad as her attention was fixated on the desirable man speaking out to the room with such passion and dominance. The man finished his speech and raised his glass up to the crowd gracing everyone with a dangerous smile that no doubt that all girls soaking their panties. "Delicious." she whispers. Her eyes never leaving the man as he saunters off the stage and down the steps. A/N: this book will contain some sexual scenes. Please only read if you're 18 and over.