Mated to the Wolf King

417.0K·JK Bartolome

I am nobody. My Dad hates me for the pain. He claimed that I cause. Now I am bound to meet my mate and that will change my whole life forever. I am Katharina, and this is my story.


Too Beautiful for the Alpha

140.0K·Sydney Marie

Rae East has always cast herself off as a girl not worthy of a Mate. With a past of self-doubt and expectations of a hopeless future, her theory crumbles when she discovers she is mated to an Alpha. Not expecting anything from it, Rae finds herself in a confusing situation. Giving no clarity, her Alpha Mate brings her back to his pack with no purpose. She sinks into herself, lost, alone, and in pain. With a Mate who has no interest in her whatsoever, Rae struggles to find her purpose in the pack and in her own world. Not knowing if she has a future with the Alpha she can't help but want, Rae must search elsewhere for happiness like she had once planned. But with a taste of the bond she can't help but share, it becomes difficult to move on from the Alpha who holds her heart captive.


Double Penetration

174.0K·Emilia Dark

Description While getting a job as a courier, I never thought that fate would bring me into contact with two charming and powerful men. They deprived me of anal virginity and opened up a world of new sensations. Now I felt like I was born again. I am constantly on the lookout for new orgasms, I like it when powerful men force me to have sex and most of all I want to try double penetration. And every day I am now looking for two guys for myself who will help me fulfill my dream. #anal_sex # mzhm # Sandwich


Deadly Herbs


In the past five years when he was away, two mysterious objects appeared in this world. One of them was the Reaper's Gem and whoever saw it would have a sure death. The other one was the Primal's Gem and whoever had it would have all the wealth and luck in this world... He was the sole owner of these two gems... With his return to the city, there would sure be a turmoil coming up...


The Accursed Lord

29.0K·Edward London

Five years ago, before he was forced to joined the army, they had the sweetest night and made the most solemn vow in their youthful life. Yet, when he finally returned from the most deadly battlefields, that sweet girl in his dream had become his stepmother... What had happened...


The Girl With Lycan Blood

63.0K·Sydney Marie

Annalee Evans loses everything but finds hope when she discovers her mate is an Alpha.


The Alpha and The Fool


Book 3 of the Alpha and... Series Nic, Nicole, had to become the son her father needed after her brother abandoned the pack. Now that her father is retiring, he insists she have a mate before she can lead. Nic neither needs or wants a mate, but her father will not budge. At the Blue Crescent annual meeting, Nic actually runs into her mate. Only, he is not quite what she expected at all.


Kidnapped By The Alpha

7.0K·Authoress Dammy

What should have been the happiest day of Emma Dane's life turned into a nightmare as she was kidnapped by a tall masculine brooding man who claim her to be his mate. Despite her pleas and cries, she was shipped away into a world she had no idea of, a world she thought she would never accept but of course, Emma was bent on escaping the stranger who had kidnapped her and claiming her to be his soul mate. On the other hand, Emma's fiance a powerful Italian mafia set out to get his kidnapped bride back. Two worlds will clash, an Alpha Lycan prince and a Mafia human Don, fighting for not only dominance but also the power to claim her as their own. Unbeknownst to Emma, she's much more than she thought, what happened when a new enemy is aroused from the past and wanted her dead? Who is the enemy and Why? torn between love, duty, and war, how will She survive the worlds she's thrown into? Find out!


The Alpha and the Exile


Book 2 of The Alpha and... Series Untrained and without a mate, no one believes Alice is capable of leading the pack. For six months, with no time to mourn, Alice has did her best to lead. Finally, she finds her mate, but he is Michael Howe, the feared son of Ryan Howe. Can Alice turn this violent, abusive man into a alpha fit to lead with her or is he the final piece of her destruction?


Big Bad Alphas

43.0K·Sydney Marie

After an attack on her pack, Isabella must chose between her new Alpha mate or her young sister.


Unbreakable Heart


Ever loved someone so dearly that you are ready to give up everything for the person just to find out that the person isn't worth your love?? Valentina knows how it feels... Ever trust someone with all your heart, with all your soul so much that you made her the Queen of your life, just to find out that the person isn't worth your love?? Well Ricardo knows how it feels... Valentina Williams is a 22 years old lady. With an inky black hair, model-like body, and also a very cute face. She works as a receptionist in a restaurant and it's through it that she feeds her kid sis and mom with. Ricardo Thornton is a 27 years old young and dashing gentleman and one of the richest billionaire in the country. He's the eye candy of all the women. With a gorgeous and well built body, godlike face but there's still one more thing....He's a single dad.


The Sheik's Children

3.0K·JL Oliveira

Emhre the irresponsible son. Nadia the desert ice lawyer. They are the promised bride and groom. Between Helena and Rajj not everything was smooth, but after so many problems and adventures, the triplets arrive to tell their stories. Esam, Emhre and Nadia are ready for their own adventures and confusion. He wants to know who Emhre will be forced to marry. Whether Esam will really marry his betrothed he doesn't love. And if Nadia will get her long-awaited revenge. Welcome to this adventure. With you. The Sheik's Children. ♡Plagiarism is a crime! According to article 184. Say no to plagiarism! All rights reserved.


Slave To The Ruthless Master

14.0K·Ezeh Blessing

Damien; The Ruthless and Merciless Master of the Guthram clan; the biggest and most powerful clan among the seven clans of the Carran community. Anyone who goes against his words and rules dies in a twinkle of an eye and would turned their daughters to his sex slaves and wifes to labourers, the male children wiped off to end the generation of the offender. Nothing gave him joy more than War, swords and Blood shedding. Mercy was no where near his books. The villagers serve and worshipped him as their god. Nobody dare to utter word when he spoke. They all trembled at the mention of the name DAMIEN. All that and more was he until he met her and she slowly melted his cold stoned heart. Galene- just like the meaning of her name; peace, she slowly brought peace and serenity to me. Sold to him by her drunk and gambler father, Naive, beautiful and endowed was she. Just like molten lava, she melted him and brought out the human in him. Power of love!!!!!!


Betrothed To The Alpha

2.0K·Pop Precious

*WARNING* Sensitive readers might find this book disturbing, this book is rated 21 so you might have to skip, it is a Dark Romance bdsm book that contains abusive or forced sex, torture and all that so please do not expect lovey dovey*** BLURB "From today you rule my bed, just you" The king groaned as he increased his thrusting pace. Just after a three years coma, Pearl was back to her family to celebrate her 23rd birthday party. Her birthday party was supposed to be a happy reunion but no, it was the end of her happy life. She is betrothed to the ruthless young king in her absence and he was back to take what rightfully belonged to him, on the day of their engagement ceremony Pearl found out she was pregnant. How can she be pregnant when she had been in a coma for 3 years?


His Personal Maid

21.0K·Alphabetical B

“Why do you defy me, little dove?” He demanded and Desire was torn. Torn between pleasing her Master and bending one of the rules holding their region together. His blue eyes bored into hers for a while before Desire finally looked away again, waiting for her judgement, her dead judgement for breaking a rule.“The first option is to have you killed by hanging, the second one is to send you to the Harem while the third one is to make you my private maid and you’re the only person who has the privilege of this rare chance. So, my dear little Dove, what do you say?” “I’ll pick the first option, let me die at stake or by hanging. Whichever option suits you, My lord but please just let me die a quick death” Desire pleased with a determined look on her face.


Alpha Ozymandius


My face was a red tomato at that moment, my whole body was shaking as Ozymandius turned me to him. Our eyes met and I saw the lust in his eyes. His hand gripped my waist tighly, as his eyes raked over my body. His other hand went to the strand of hair that fell onto my eyes as he placed it at the back of my neck.His face came closer, his grip tightening on my waist. "You are driving me crazy libimaya."~Alpha Ozymandius rules the warewolf Kingdom. He is feared among every warewolf. He is known to be ruthless, arrogant and posessive.Pearl as her name describes her is a precious pearl. A human who only goes to the airport to pick up her cousin but does she know the fate that awaits for her there........


The She-Wolf Slave


(Completed)This is a story about a slave girl called Illyla, who is about to come of age to find her mate. She lives in a small shack in one of poorest parts of the village with her family, a younger brother, abusive mother and ignorant father.When her mother becomes sick she's forced to take over her job at the castle, cleaning the rooms and serving the royal family. While she works cleaning the sheets of the Prince, the Prince himself feels his wolf become anxious. His mate is soon to become of age and he does everything in his power to find her, obvious to the fact that she is right under his nose.


The Villainess Went Back Time


Maxine lived her life with difficulties since she was born. Everyone expected her to be the Princess because of the God's message. She struggled learning how to become the best leader in the future. Her family became distant from her for her sake. But one day, the Prince fell in love with the Princess from the neighboring Empire. Horrible and unfortunate things happened. The death of her five brothers and father stole her sanity. She stab the Prince and led her to her own death. She thought she was dead but when she woke up, she realized she went back time 15 years ago and now, she's inside her younger self. Will the history repeat itself or will she change the fate of her family?


Depths of Winter

12.0K·Andra Kinsley

A story of a villain and his obsession."You are bred to be an Alpha King." A pup born with the only purpose. His goals conflicted when a female caught his attention.A determined female in a male-dominated pack. Fought against the law, will she survived and be strong or left broken and dead?


The Duke's Unwanted Wife


While falling from the building, there was only one thought in her head. "If rebirth is real, I hope I’m not born ever again. Life is too horrid to live again." Her head hit the ground, splitting into a million pieces. The perfect way to die for someone who wanted to be unrecognized and forgotten. Like a painful dream, she opens her eyes she’s back again, 10 years in the past. She was back to the day she was being married off to the duke who was destined to abandon her and love another, to a prince who was obsessed with other people’s possession, and a witch who pretended to be a saint. "One of you gods up there must be messing with me, right? I said I didn’t want to live again! What is the meaning of this?" Brought to the past, Natalia has two choices, flight or fight.