The Alphas' Mate


PREVIEW:''Good Evening Alpha, sorry we didn't know ..'' Dana mumbles and she look so scared. Alpha? so does that mean this handsome creature in front of me is the Alpha? I look like a fool here but I can not take my eyes off its beautiful eyes.''Shh .. stop'' he replied to Dana. So the two of us just kept quiet and held hands but, my eyes remained staring at him''Mate'' this word stopped me especially my breathing. My grip on Dana's Hand tightened even more''I .. I beg your .. your pardon sir?'' I stammered.''Mate.'' he really did repeat it."Harry her name, please.'' the man beside him then scan some papers and I did not expect him to read my name. ''Chloe Shaye G. Scott sir''-ANNA


Their Human Mate

7.0K·Cortney T

Ember Maze is a human girl working for her and her mother's lives in Tallahassee, Florida for her abusive and powerful mafia boyfriend Ryder as a personal chef after she witnessed him kill a man. After a bad argument with Ryder one night, she receives news the next morning her mother is dead, and suspects that Ryder is behind it. Now on the run, she receives a flyer about a personal chef needed in Miami and seeks a job there. Seth Lightwood and Carter Moonstone are Alpha male best friends, who run not only their pack, but the number one five-star restaurant in all of Miami, Florida. One day as they are working, they both smell the most intoxicating scent of their lives and realize not only are they mated to the same woman, but she is also a human who seems to know nothing of the werewolf world. Keep reading to explore the thrilling, lusty, and fast paced journey of Seth, Ember, and Carter as they seek to sort out not only their lives, but the danger that threatens them all as Ryder is not prepared to let her go.


Challenge Accepted

9.0K·stuti khanna

Amanda who is a super rich kid and most famous girl in her college but also a spoiled brat who doesn’t care anyone’s feeling. She has two best friends who are not more than her pets, the whole college wants to be her friend but she doesn’t treat them properly. Although she has everything in her life still she feels something missing in her life.Maaya scholarship student who is always shy and doesn’t talk to people much and very conservative. She lost her parents when she was 7 years old only and from that time she is an orphanage. How life changes when these two girls stay together and how there life takes turns and they end up together.


The Alpha Leader


I run swiftly on the forest floor. My heavy breathing was seen in the cool winter air. I felt the chill upon my skin as I kept running. I heard their paws on the ground. I heard their heaving breathing as they chased me. I stopped running and watched them slowly. I examined their movements and lifted my hands at them. I mumbled a spell and they stopped moving. I heard their bones start to crack as I start to force them to shift back. My eyes began to glow blue and they were fully shifted back on the ground. I heard them let out a growl...................


A Trillionaire’s Revenge


Playing a game of vengeance is as hard as breaking a rock, especially when that game is equally as dangerous as something much more powerful; Love. Meet Luke, one of the few Trillionaire's in Europe. Luke Carrington, 25, carries an unimaginable amount of anger, hatred and pure resentment towards the Richardson family- the family responsible for the destruction and demise of family. He holds a deep grudge towards the Richardson family, believing they had orchestrated the murder of his parents. After narrowly escaping being murdered too, young Lucas flees to South Africa. Now an established man and one of the richest men in the world, Lucas returns to London and finds his way to the Richardson mansion to strike a deal with Judith Richardson after cunningly seizing all their wealth. Best believe that things are about to fall apart for the Richardson's, and our hero might just have some dangerous motives in mind.


Loving against all Part 1


The story begins after the war that Domika was been exile from the vampire clan and also she meet her mate at the war also. The war is between vampire and werewolf but still it will never end until now. Domika suppose to be the next queen of there vampire clan but some of the vampire saw what she did, that she killed one of her kind just to save a werewolf during the battle. Now she became a stray in the woods looking for something,which where her mate is but after she found out her mate is being engage to one of the alpha from other pack.what will she going to do by then?Melise is a werewolf that fought at the battle,and she met her mate at the war but her mate is a vampire,also a female which made her cause a lot a problem to that. She is a princess at her pack Vineblackmoon which her father the alpha engage her to one of the other werewolf pack. He made a deal to that pack just to merge together for the next war to come just to win it. Melise couldn't do anything to what her father want to do so she just follow him and also her father want her to go schooling again. Melise just do what she been told and there she met again her mate that make her world change as she fall in love to her mate.what will she going to do now is she going to rebel against her father will or not?


In A Few Days


Hadley Jamison doesn't know what to think when she hears that her classmate , Archer Morales , committed suicide . She didn't exactly know him , but that doesn't stop her from feeling like there was something she could have done to help him . So to Hadley's surprise , on the very night of Archer's funeral , she has a run in with Death himself and is offered the chance to go back in time to stop Archer from ending his life . The catch ? She only has twenty - seven days to do it And if Hadley doesn't succeed ? Well , she doesn't want to think about that .




Carl and his girlfriend all started from a very young age right from high school and they were all loved up. After graduation they both got job and are doing well for themselves and as successful as they may be they bought a house and packed in together living a couple lifestyle of which they aren’t yet. There was a great economic recession that affected there locality and it appeared they lost there jobs. On a Friday night I got fired, Carl, Sy, Nancy and I were sitting around us, drinking a lot and talking about all the ways we could have gone that would help us work or even to become rich. Sy and nancy are neighbors who are close to them and they as well was out of work. To ameliorate the hot situation this neighbours went into hot romance with each other exchanging there partners. I moved so I could sit on Sy's lap. As I did, I could feel his stiff cock beneath me. I move over it a bit, maybe in some thigh dance, until I can get his dick between my legs. It is not intrusive but it has positioned its point at zero. Sy and I kiss again, with more sensation. He leaned down and began sucking at my breast, bringing my nipples to a strange state of euphoria. As he sucked on each nipple and bit into my pinches, I could feel a twitch in my buttock area. Now all my systems are screaming "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" This neighbours sorted out an idea of creating a porn movie as means to earn a living for there self. "If the movie involves much more than two, you can add more anal and double penetration somewhere, damn it with simultaneous punches and some kind of girl action, maybe with a dildo. we don't have a guy; I guess it's just for the gay or bi crowd and that's not Carl's thing." I continued, "When there are two boys and two girls in the movie, it's going to be It's a lot sexier if there's back and forth and two or three on one. Whatever happens, it has to fit the plot." He continued," I checked with the county government and unless we open a bar or lounge, there are no restrictions on filming or production in this State, provided all We are all over eighteen years old. The best news, however, is that I spoke to a company in Los Angeles that specializes in mass production and marketing of adult DVDs. There porn site boomed and they got other actors to join in the role. All 5 faces stared at me absolute confidence seeking to soak up the blunt statements with which I had posed June's proposition. A lengthy awkward silence crammed withinside the room. I walked over to Mike and placed my hands round his neck and kissed him as an alternative passionately. As we separated, Nancy got here over and pasted her frame towards Mike and additionally gave him an earth-shifting kiss of epic dimensions.


In My Blood


In a moment of anger , you could say and do things you've never thought you would , so when eighteen year old Suzen leaves her house though she knows she might become homeless , trouble starts pushing itself toward her . Heartbreak, betrayal , fights , and an unfamiliar illness . and who's this gorgeous stranger whom she gets to meet ? With her life jumping up and down in front of her eyes , will she be able to stand on her legs and find her way through ? Will her life turn the way she wishes it would? And will she ever be able to find her lost father ?


PaNi in Splitsvilla

3.0K·Manan Tara

Splitsvilla is a dating reality show where some participants try to find their true love and some simply wants to win the title. It's a game of heart but you have to play it with your brain. Some says it's fake and some says it's real. Every season this show brings some celebs from tv industries. This year is also no different. This season will bring not only some celebs but some interesting twists as well. Excited? Me too....


Fifteen with An Attitude

10.0K·Krista H.

Elena and Damon Salvatore decided to adopt a 15-year-old girl from the orphanage.


Natsu's Twin Sister!


After 11 years Natsu and his twin sister, Natsumi are reunited facing new challanges and obstacles!

True LoveOngoing

Love Birds Manan


Two childhood friends drifted away from each other and the reason is unknown to all. Four years later, they met again and then love started it's magic.He followed me to the terrace and kept saying me to stop.. When I reached the terrace I started shouting.." Why are u doing this Manik? 4 years back I agreed with u to part our ways..then why are u behaving like this now"He got angry and held my arms tightly " Because I can't stay away from you Nandini"

True LoveCompleted

7:30 PM


❝How is it that you only talk to me when the clock strikes at 7:30 pm? ❞seen 7:30 pm

True LoveCompleted

Jeon Academy


"Jeon Academy, the most prestige high school in the world has fallen down. "(Today Economy, 2014)"what happened in the academy stays in the academy"


Falling For a Thug: BOOK 1

35.0K·Dom Petty

18 year old London is your average teenager. She attends South Boston High in Virginia, she gets good grades and she's as quiet as they come. She comes from a rough background due to her father being killed in front of her and her mom's abusive behavior. Will London's life change when she Cross paths with a well known thug? Read on to Find out more..

True LoveCompleted

Sorry, But I'm Taken || Jerrie FanFic


Perrie Edwards tries not to let her emotions get the best of her every time she sees Jade Thirlwall (whom she has a massive crush on) because apparently, Jade Thirlwall is taken.


His Star!


A story from High school to a Billionaire's Arrange Marriage... Will it call Arrange Marriage or something else?


Risen | K. Taehyung


"Welcome to the world where vampires have risen and humans have fallen."She will be the Queen, and no one dares stop Kim Taehyung from making her the next Queen. Another cliché beginning of their love story but with twisted obstacles in the future. A story where betrayals and trusts will be tested.


Fallen | K. Taehyung


"Is it so wrong for me to love you even though I don't have the right anymore?""He told me that I'll be his Queen, but how come there's someone else on the throne?"

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