Surprised Wife With Twins

1.0M·Olive Bailey

Seven years ago in a charity dinner, she inadvertently became his antidote, pregnant with the twins. Seven years later, the two kids hacked his computer and got his attention. "Give birth to my kids secretly? And say not my girl?"


Kidnapped by the Alpha

170.0K·Lubna Shaikh

He was merciless and ruthless. She was kind and compassionate. He was a werewolf. She was a human. He was an Alpha. She was his mate. Natalie D'costa, a normal girl who lives in the city of Boston in America with her wicked Uncle and Aunt after her parent's death. She is being tortured by them. One day her uncle and aunt decided to sell her to a business tycoon, Henry Machado, who is a womanizer. Natalie escaped from her house and while running she entered the territory of Blue Moon Pack. Theodore Jackson, the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, is dangerous. What will happen when Natalie turns out to be the mate of Alpha King, Theodore Jackson? What will happen when she gets kidnapped by the Alpha King? What will happen when Theodore gets to know that Natalie is related to his pack? There will be a lot of mysteries that will be unfolded as the story proceeds.


My Husband's Mistress

22.0K·Datu papskie

"You are so rude! Are you really flirting in the office? Are you going to fool me again?" I screamed. "You." I faced my sister again. "I'm your sister, i aren't ? Why did you do that to my husband? How did you do this, SISTER?" I stress the word 'sister'. "My sister! You should be my sympathizer in these times. But what did you do? But where are you? You hurt me. And you're still hurting me, you animal." And I tweaked her again, I even pushed her. She didn't fight back. Nate tried to stop me but once he tried to stop me, I punched him hard and slapped him. "Don't try to stop me Nate, because if I did nothing at first but run and cry now I won't do something that will make me look miserable!" I exclaimed angrily. And my sister was tweaked again. "Please Elle it's okay." sHe was crying. I slapped her so hard that she leaned over. It cries. "That's enough? Are you kidding me?" I said sarcastically, I even faked a laugh. "I would be the one to tell you that. I would be the one to tell you THAT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I CAN'T. IT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I'M SICK. IT'S RIGHT BECAUSE I'M BROKEN. HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO FOOL ME? ACCEPT YOU. YOU ARE ANIMALS!" I still scream. And i was slapped her again and then pushed, causing her bag to fall and its contents scattered. "Kelly." Nate shouted and helped Kelly to her feet. Attention turned to a small rectangular object on the floor. My knees went soft while looking at it. I approached it and looked closely, it had two lines, which means 'positive'. My lips are trembling, but I managed to ask anyway. "D-Don't tell me........ ......Y-You're...... .....p-pregnant.......? .....w-with my h-h-husb-band?" Please tell me his not the father. Please somebody tell me. But my sister cried even louder. So he is? sHe isn't, right? He's not the father right? "E-Elle, I'm sorry. Sorry." She was crying. While uttering the word sorry. "Sorry? Do you think your sorry can take the pain away? Do you think your sorry can bring back my unscathed heart? Do you think your sorry can bring back the old times? Do you think so? SISTER. All the pain will go away Are you SORRY? Sister, it hurts. It hurts so much." And I seat on the floor. "It hurts, sister. And my dream of Nate telling me that he loves me was fulfilled by you. And now? My dream of having a complete family was destroyed by you. You two destroyed it. Is it also possible to have Is the child still yours? Sister, what about me? Is there anything left of me? Well, almost everything is yours, daddy, having a complete family, the man you love, and now the man I love? How about me? What's left of me? My father didn't accept me, my husband hit me, and now, even you are gone." I was crying out loud. And so he is. Nate remained silent. It's like he, himself doesn't know what to do. "Ahhh... The pain..." sister shouted while holding her stomach. I saw blood flowing on his thigh. "Kelly? Oh f*ck." Nate promised nervously. While I just looked in disbelief. I can't not move. I was still sitting on the floor, staring at them. Nate immediately called for help, and soon an ambulance arrived. Nate was about to follow them but I stopped him. "Nate, please stay." Even now Nate so I have a reason to stay by your side. But he just looked at me and I saw the tiredness in his eyes. "I need to follow her to the hospital. She's carrying my child Elle." He said his eyes were pleading. Am I too, Nathan. I'm bearing your child. I want to say it out loud but I don't want to make my child a way to stop him. If he really wants to stay. He will stay. He was about to leave, so I let out a word that I know whatever his decision is, it's either I'll leave or I'll stay. The decision is still with him. "Nate. If you're going to step outside of this room. Then just forget that you're married." He stopped for a while I even saw how he sighed deeply. "Please don't make it hard for me Elle. I'll be back here later. Promise." And the next thing he did was break my already broken heart. I smiled bitterly. He walked away. Leaving me here sitting on the cold floor alone. Along with no one. Fountains of tears were pouring.


Taming Mr. Black

8.0K·Goddy Francis

Welcome to Club K, home for the finest and wealthiest men in the country, owned by playboy billionaire, Killian Black. He is the handsome, cocky, and dominant bachelor with a shitty reputation. He has one simple rule—never mix work with pleasure. Born and raised in a family who worked hard for what they get, Naomi Alderson despises privileged men, especially this particularly attractive and annoyingly sexy billionaire, Killian Black. She has one simple rule—never get involved with privileged men, especially Killian Black, who happens to be her boss and doesn't even know she existed. But what happens when the mysterious and arrogant Killian Black sets eyes on shy and innocent Naomi Alderson? And one thing's for sure, Killian is willing to break every of his rules to get Naomi in his bed. Even if he has to win her heart first.




Avery isn't proud of her past as a stripper nor of the fact that she slept with a man that treated her no different than a prostitute by slamming a check in her hand thanking her for her services...Hurt and humiliated she went home only to discover weeks later she is pregnant....deciding she will keep her babies she changed her lifestyle and become a nanny for a wealthy couple...but all that changed when a blast from the past is back and wants the woman he met in Palomino Club but Alex will soon learn that Avery isn't the woman he thought she was...and what will the billionaire do when he finds out she has been keeping a secret from him?




Adriana is fighting for custody over her little niece Amelia..but things aren't going so good for Adriana because she doesn't meet certain requirements to obtain the rights and legal guardian ship over her niece but faith is about to shine some light into Adriana's life when a woman named Diana contacted her claiming to be her grandmother..her father's mother..a father she never knew... With little time left to live Adriana's grandmother's has one last request before she takes her last breath and that's for Adriana to marry her Godson Max Torres the handsome billionaire who seems to hate her guts and thinks she's after Diana's money...which he couldn't be more wrong...Adriana refuses the alliance but then she hears something that's about to change all their lives making her reconsider her marriage to Max...




Casabella Smith, a twenty-five-year-old young lady with beautiful looks, free-spirited and an orphan. After the death of her parents, her uncle took her under his care but made life miserable for her along with his wife and their twenty-three-year-old daughter. Her look was that of a goddess which made everyone love her instantly by staring at her, but something happened which in turn changed her life forever and she decided to take revenge but with a new identity, name and lifestyle. Mark Clinton, a business tycoon in his early thirties and still a bachelor, a hard man from the surface but a softy from the inside. He has searched and yearned for true love but to no avail until he met Casabella. She came as an angel and filled his life with true love, care and happiness to the point he decided to do deeper research on her but what he found out about her made him…


The Billionaire's insatiable Desire

3.0K·Authoress Berry Julie

A story of a young lady named Irish Levine who has been through enough problems in her life to last her in a lifetime. She was desperately in need of job after she lost her Model Job. She applied for a job and was offered a nanny Job to the Billionaire's daughter. Ethan Harlow Was in need for a nanny for his 6 years old daughter Arin. Arin's Mother who as his ex-wife had dumped him for another man. Fortunately, Irish happened to be there when his daughter went into depression after being bullied in school, Irish was able to calm her down when no one can. The nanny and his daughter grow a very strong bond. What happened when they start having uncontrollable feelings for each other? Will his ex-wife allow them to be? Will they be able to look past their flaws and pasts?

Second ChanceCompleted

Marrying A Billionaire I Don't Recognize


WARNING: 18 Randall lifted the veil I was wearing and gently pressed his soft lips against mine. I closed my eyes. “I am so pleased to present the newlyweds, Randall Adams and Winter Harris Adams!” I yearn after I open my eyes. It is just a dream. But that didn't happen because rising my eyes, only the click, the light of the camera, and the applause of the people popped into my depressed eyes. Randall, the handsome billionaire, stands beside me, claiming that we have been a pair of lovers for so long. But I don't recognize him. Because I lost my memory.




Sabrina had to do a life changing decision and that's choose between letting the father of the baby know or marry a man to save her family's reputation...she chose the latter and married Craig, not knowing the decision she took will not only ruin her life but that of everyone involved... When she and Alessandro meet again months later there is no denying the desire that still burns between them but can Sabrina give in to temptation and succumb to the feelings she has for the father of her baby or will her obsessive husband be the end of her?

Soul MateCompleted

My Bossy CEO husband


Rachel was dumbfounded when she realized she was betrothed to someone she does not know but after realizing it is her father’s last wish, she has no choice but to get married. Unknown to her, her betrothed is none other than her bossy CEO at work who is bent on getting her fired. Leo has always been a conservative, arrogant, cold-hearted person who cares about nothing besides his friends. But things began to take a turn when they both started to get attracted to each other. Can they be able to avoid this attraction?


One Night, Six Days & A Date Later

2.0K·Authoress Estevania

She took his hand, leading him back to her wet sex but he drew back, pulling the fabric down to cover her slick thighs. She frowned. "What is it, Cian?" Adjusting the neckline of her dress, he said, "The things I plan to do to you require the privacy of my home. I will fuck you tonight, lass, and you will scream my name for the entirety of it." When Ivette King's long-term boyfriend proposes to her, in a bid to find some semblance of peace, she takes a step in the wrong direction. A one-night stand with a rival. A mistake, she called it. An unforgettable experience, he begged to differ.


The Billionaire's Wife


Aviena Carrinuevo, a famous celebrity. A star that always shines through the darkest night. The star that everyone likes but what happens when the star started to dim? When her career started to turn upside down because of one scandal, her sister slash manager made her marry the hot billionaire that has the power to control the industry she was in.


Hopelessly Addicted (A Forbidden Love Series Book)

2.0K·Rituparna Darolia

This is a combination of two Stories: 1. Hopelessly Addicted: Daughter of a billionaire hotelier, twenty-one-year-old Carmella Parker had no interest in her family business. Studying fashion design, she was on the lookout for a good internship opportunity. So when she saw an opportunity to work for a famous fashion house, she immediately applied, only to land a job as an assistant to the elusive Jaxon Craddock, a famous figure in the world of fashion designing. After many bitter experiences with women, twenty-nine-year-old Jaxon disliked and distrusted all women in general. He was surprised to see a single female application to his ad for a male assistant. However, he was more surprised at himself for recruiting her. To complicate matters, what will Carmella do when she develops a hopeless crush on her employer? How will she react to all the hatred directed at her? Will Carmella quit due to the constant insults? Or will she be able to fight her feelings? 2. A Ray Of Hope: At twenty-eight, Gilbert Prescott was the founder-director of the JC group Inc., one of the leading fashion houses in the country. However, he hadn't started so well since he had to marry at the tender age of eighteen to a girl whom he had accidentally impregnated. However, his teenage wife went into severe depression after giving birth to his twins. She divorced him and left him to deal with the babies on his own. Gilbert's parents helped him out of his ordeal, but his unpleasant experiences had already made him lose his trust in women and marriage altogether. So when he meets the innocent and kind Jacqueline Drewitt, who works as a receptionist at his office, how will he react to the attraction that he feels deep within him? Will he give in to urges or maintain his distance when he realizes Jacqueline is in love with him? Read on to find out how Jacqueline breaks all his barriers and reaches Gilbert's soul in this dramatic, romantic thriller.


The Hot Tycoon's Ex Wife

898·Starry XX

Astra wanted nothing more but genuine happiness and the strength to move on from her failed marriage. When she got married to New York’s most eligible bachelor, she felt her joy was at its peak. One night, she got thrown out in the rain by her billionaire husband, and she had no idea her marriage was about to end. Billionaire Nicholas Michealson felt betrayed when he discovered his wife of almost two years was cheating on him, and he divorced her without listening to her side of the story. He felt betrayed and hurt by the only person he ever let into his heart. Five years later, and the hurt is still fresh, they both want closure to move on from each other. In a period of five years, everything has changed except the truth. Astra has huge secrets, and Nicholas has been wrong all along. Maybe it was indeed too late for both of them.


Married with the Brokenhearted CEO


"Honey, it's time to make a baby~" "You're crazy, Adira. Get lost!" Two CEOs got in an arranged marriage for convenience. One is a strong-willed woman who doesn’t believe in love. The other is a cold-hearted man who was rejected by his unrequited love. Adira Hale and Chadwick McElroy appear to be perfect in front of many. They are rich, influential, leaders and good-looking. People said that they are the best couple, a match-made by heaven. But the truth is far from the imaginary perfect romance that one could think of. Adira only married Chadwick in order to get pregnant. All she desires is his body and not his affection. Meanwhile, Chadwick despises the idea of sharing the bed with his wife just because he’s still in love with another woman. Is there a chance for love to bloom between temptation and betrayal?



2.0K·Caroline Day

To save the life of my loved one, I sold myself to a total stranger. I know nothing about him. But his voice with a hoarse note, the unique scent of mint, his burning cuddles that make me crazy are imprinted on my mind. However, everything starts falling apart as I realize that I knew the man before we started this game. He came to my life for a reason, and he has no intention to let me go. But who is the mysterious stranger?


My Blind Husband


Talk about wealth, he has it. Talk about good looks, he also has it. But he lacks one thing, “True Love.” Brian Lincoln, a handsome, cool and friendly 28-year-old successful businessman. All he ever wanted was true love but all the women he came across were only after his wealth which made him lose the hope of searching again. But the moment he saw Chloe, a dazzling beautiful lady for the first time, his heart whispered to him, “She’s the one” but to believe so he decided to disguise himself as a blind man and try her out. Chloe West, a beautiful, free-spirited and a loving lady of 23-year-old who promised herself never to have anything to do with any man after her heart was broken by her ex-boyfriend and refused to move on with her life.



2.0K·Authoress Megti

A tale of two women of the same name who possess distinct characteristics and lead disparate lifestyles. Adelyn Henderson, a pancake girl from Las Vegas, traveled to California in search of employment opportunities to tend to her ailing nanny. Her ailing nanny was the only family she had, as she had been left behind by her biological parents. On the flip side, another Adelyn Henderson exists; a wealthy model who had won the heart of one of the wealthiest young men in California. On the day in question, the affluent Hayden Moore was eagerly awaiting his fiancée to join in his daughter Zoey's birthday celebration and become acquainted with his family. Due to his workload, he instructed his sister to collect his soon-to-be-wife, yet erroneously, she fetched the wrong woman instead. From abhorrence, to liking, to respect, and finally to that potent emotion, LOVE.


Her Mysterious Lover


Her life was full of misery and pain until she found out about her mysterious lover on the day of her thirteenth birthday. That person started to take care of her from a distance. What would happen when she gets separated from her mysterious love? What would happen when she finds out her true identity?

Soul MateCompleted