Surprised Wife With Twins

1.0M·Olive Bailey

Seven years ago in a charity dinner, she inadvertently became his antidote, pregnant with the twins. Seven years later, the two kids hacked his computer and got his attention. "Give birth to my kids secretly? And say not my girl?"


The Billionaire And His One Night Stand


In the wake of a heart-wrenching betrayal by her fiancé, Gavin Campbell, and the potential diagnosis of infertility, Mia Anderson's world shatters. An anonymous sender delivers a pregnancy test report claiming to carry Gavin's child, urging Mia to sever ties with him. Confronting Gavin, she learns of his affair, driven by his family's demand for an heir. This shocking revelation unravels the man Mia thought she knew and pushes her to end their relationship. Determined to avoid drama, Mia keeps her brother, Kieran, in the dark about her predicament. Returning to her abandoned career as a fashion consultant, Mia's life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Sebastian Thornton at a wedding. Their passionate one-night stand surprises them both, but they never anticipate that it will lead to consequences neither could have foreseen. Mia's world is further upended when she discovers she's pregnant, despite previous infertility concerns. She confides in her friend Bella, revealing her one-night stand with Sebastian. Determined to raise the child alone, Mia chooses not to inform Sebastian. Kieran, stumbling upon Mia's pregnancy test results, takes matters into his own hands and contacts Sebastian, urging him to relinquish parental rights. As tensions rise, Sebastian receives the news and flies to New York to confront Mia. Their meeting is fraught with misunderstandings, and Mia rejects Sebastian's proposal for marriage and relocation. Sebastian, driven by duty, fails to understand Mia's reluctance. As tension and miscommunication envelop them, Mia and Sebastian find themselves at a crossroads, uncertain of what the future holds for their unexpected connection and the child they share.


Accidentally Married


She was Dumped. He needed a bride. Jessica was to be married to her high school sweetheart and heartthrob Burke They decided to only go to the courthouse and do something small. Jessica gets dumped on her wedding day as Burke confesses to cheating on her. She is devastated. On the other hand, Xavier is the only grandson of the famous billionaire grandmaster. His grandfather who had been raising him since his parents died while he was still at a tender age is now nearing death. The grandfather wants his grandson to be married before he transfers ownership of the company to him. He doesn't care who the grandson marries he just wants him to settle down. Xavier had contracted a wife to get married to him. The strange girl whom he had never seen before doesn't show up on the day of the wedding. Coincidentally, Jessica and Xavier happen to be together in the same courthouse at the same time. While Jessica overhears the conversation with Xavier over the phone she goes to propose marriage to him and then gets married to him. She usually carefully overthought everything. She decided to do something spontaneous for the first time and it landed her into a marriage. She was going to get married either way. What happens when two people begin to spend time together? Read on to find out the thrilling love story between Jessica and Xavier


Taming Mr. Black

18.0K·Goddy Francis

Welcome to Club K, home for the finest and wealthiest men in the country, owned by playboy billionaire, Killian Black. He is the handsome, cocky, and dominant bachelor with a shitty reputation. He has one simple rule—never mix work with pleasure. Born and raised in a family who worked hard for what they get, Naomi Alderson despises privileged men, especially this particularly attractive and annoyingly sexy billionaire, Killian Black. She has one simple rule—never get involved with privileged men, especially Killian Black, who happens to be her boss and doesn't even know she existed. But what happens when the mysterious and arrogant Killian Black sets eyes on shy and innocent Naomi Alderson? And one thing's for sure, Killian is willing to break every of his rules to get Naomi in his bed. Even if he has to win her heart first.



1.0K·Tricia Jean

"You're impossible." I hissed lowly, unable to back away as his rough calloused hands went under the hem of my dress to touch the skin of my thighs. A small smirk graced his lips, blue mischievous eyes darting around, making sure that nobody in the restaurant was staring as his lips went close to my ear, "I know." Chad Montgomery is certain she is gifted for being confusing and naïve. Which only captivated him. Rachel Maxwell is sure that he is cursed in the flames of arrogance with a devil-may-care attitude. A dangerous stranger to her which excites and scares her at the same time. Can she trust a man who keeps so many secrets? Will the heiress find her true love after being hurt by her ex-fiancé? Or is the playboy businessman only after breaking her heart for kicks?


Santa Fe Billionaire

318·Kerry Kennedy Author

Ava Richards, an adventurous travel blogger with an insatiable wanderlust, never expected her next adventure would lead her straight into the arms of a captivating billionaire. In the sun-kissed streets of Santa Fe, Spain, fate takes an unexpected turn when Ava crosses paths with the enigmatic and devilishly handsome Sebastian Garcia. Sebastian Garcia, a self-made billionaire with a guarded heart, finds himself drawn to the fiery and independent Ava, despite their seemingly opposite worlds. As the owner of luxurious hotels and resorts worldwide, he is used to being in control. But Ava's infectious spirit and undeniable beauty threaten to unravel the carefully constructed walls around his heart. Their initial encounter sparks an intense clash of wills, with their respective worlds colliding in a battle of words and fiery exchanges. Ava and Sebastian find themselves entangled in a passionate game of cat and mouse, each determined to outwit and outmaneuver the other. Little do they know that beneath the surface of their heated banter lies a smoldering desire neither can resist. As they embark on a thrilling adventure through the picturesque landscapes of Santa Fe, their hearts become entwined, and the line between love and hate begins to blur. Together, they explore ancient ruins, breathtaking beaches, and hidden gems, each moment deepening their connection. But when a secret from Sebastian's past threatens to destroy everything they've built, Ava must decide whether to let go of her fears and trust in their love, or retreat to the safety of her solitary adventures. Will Ava and Sebastian surrender to the alluring power of love and bridge the vast divide between their worlds? Can two souls from different walks of life find a way to overcome their differences and create a lasting bond?


Drawn to You: The Billionaire's Second Wife


Warning: Mature Content "S slowly, hurts. You are hurting me. I can't take it." "No. You can. You will. C'mon. You are so tight. It makes me wanna cum faster." Xavier Brown, a thirty-seven years old billionaire could be described as a man of his word. He hates imperfections. People call him a perfectionist because he loves everything to be in order not until his wife died. He was shattered and heartbroken. He got engaged to Lilian Smith but when he saw that she couldn't play a good role of a wife and a mother he got attached to his children's babysitter, Vanessa Rowens. Lilian became jealous of her and she cheated on him with Jasper Turner. When Jasper set his eyes on Vanessa in her bakery, he fell in love with her but the love soon turned to obsession. He wouldn't let her be. Xavier finds out and he did everything he could to make Vanessa his. Vanessa, who seemed to be the gentle, innocent, and sweet one fell into the trap of Lillian and Jasper. Would love prevail over everything?


Entangled To The CEO


After losing his wife on foreign soil without warning, Major Jake Middleton is left to raise their son alone. He's put on a brave face for his child, but the pain of his loss lingers every day. Now out of the military and running a successful company, Jake is surprised to find himself drawn to his stubborn and sexy secretary, Kristen. Jake never thought he would want another woman after his wife's passing, but Kristen has him questioning everything. He's torn between the idea that she could be his salvation or that he's a fool for even considering it. As Jake navigates the complexities of his grief and his growing feelings for Kristen, he must also confront the challenges of running a business and being a single parent. Will he be able to find love again, or is he destined to be alone? And will Kristen be the one to help him heal and move forward? "Entangled To The CEO" is a heart-wrenching and steamy romance that explores the depths of grief and the power of love to heal even the most broken of hearts.


Kidnapped by the Alpha

180.0K·Lubna Shaikh

He was merciless and ruthless. She was kind and compassionate. He was a werewolf. She was a human. He was an Alpha. She was his mate. Natalie D'costa, a normal girl who lives in the city of Boston in America with her wicked Uncle and Aunt after her parent's death. She is being tortured by them. One day her uncle and aunt decided to sell her to a business tycoon, Henry Machado, who is a womanizer. Natalie escaped from her house and while running she entered the territory of Blue Moon Pack. Theodore Jackson, the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, is dangerous. What will happen when Natalie turns out to be the mate of Alpha King, Theodore Jackson? What will happen when she gets kidnapped by the Alpha King? What will happen when Theodore gets to know that Natalie is related to his pack? There will be a lot of mysteries that will be unfolded as the story proceeds.


Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife


"Will you re-marry me?" He asked lying on the hospital bed after surviving an attempted murdur. "Yes. A thousand times!" She nodded with tears in her eyes. Jessica had dreamed of this moment for more than 10 years! She had had a crush on Lucas at 14 when he saved her from a group of gangsters. Eight years later, she married him despite all opposition from her parents and friends. But Lucas chose to save and defend another woman rather than her in face of danger. Sick of this toxic marriage, Jessica decided to leave and embark on the journey of vengeance. Three months later, she came back, as a billionaire CEO instead of that country girl in his eyes...


The Scarlet Bride

400·Tricia Jean

“You know I could kill you, right?” I hissed at him with narrowed eyes, putting a great distance between us. “You won’t.” He smiled. “Because you love me.” “Since when did you become egotistical?” Elise Skylar lives in a city where money does the talking and the richest people walk like they own the place. She aspires to be an actress and to be known for her talents. However, all her dreams seemed to disappear slowly. Everything was getting out of hand when an audition she participated in went wrong. Was it even an audition? Son of a famous business tycoon, Aiden Salvador is the C.E.O. of one of the biggest companies in Devont City. He has it all yet there seems to be something missing in his life. His cool, calm world suddenly caught fire when a certain audition occurred in search of his wife took place. Watch and get tangled with the story of Elise and Aiden as they fight, tell, and accept each other's differences. Will they rise from the burnt ashes together as husband and wife? Or will everything just burn down leaving nothing? Is there anyone to blame? Will they separate in the end or will they try to get along?




Adriana is fighting for custody over her little niece Amelia..but things aren't going so good for Adriana because she doesn't meet certain requirements to obtain the rights and legal guardian ship over her niece but faith is about to shine some light into Adriana's life when a woman named Diana contacted her claiming to be her grandmother..her father's mother..a father she never knew... With little time left to live Adriana's grandmother's has one last request before she takes her last breath and that's for Adriana to marry her Godson Max Torres the handsome billionaire who seems to hate her guts and thinks she's after Diana's money...which he couldn't be more wrong...Adriana refuses the alliance but then she hears something that's about to change all their lives making her reconsider her marriage to Max...


The Hot Tycoon's Ex Wife

992·Starry XX

Astra wanted nothing more but genuine happiness and the strength to move on from her failed marriage. When she got married to New York’s most eligible bachelor, she felt her joy was at its peak. One night, she got thrown out in the rain by her billionaire husband, and she had no idea her marriage was about to end. Billionaire Nicholas Michealson felt betrayed when he discovered his wife of almost two years was cheating on him, and he divorced her without listening to her side of the story. He felt betrayed and hurt by the only person he ever let into his heart. Five years later, and the hurt is still fresh, they both want closure to move on from each other. In a period of five years, everything has changed except the truth. Astra has huge secrets, and Nicholas has been wrong all along. Maybe it was indeed too late for both of them.


It Wasn't Meant To Be

6.0K·Beenish Saeed

Dr. Violet Carlot M.D is someone who would do just about anything for someone, be it the person who hurt her, married her, and cheated but she knew that everything was temporary and would too pass away. After being forced into a marriage with Reed Wilson, life is nothing but a turbulent adventure. Can they start from the ground up as friends knowing that Reed cheats right in front of her? Reed Wilson is the typical arrogant, cold, and distant billionaire. He doesn't understand Violet, they started from being "friends" despite being in marriage. However, he loves Melanie, his long-time girlfriend, he doesn't care about Violet but she has a strange way of opening doors even though they are closed. He cannot keep up with her kind nature and she cannot keep up with his reserved personality but he respects her. Love has a strange way of flowing in colored veins.




Mr.Stone is a great businessman. He is the CEO of Stone corporations in Mumbai. He earned this position with a lot of hard work. It is life for him. Actually, Mr.Stone is not his real name. He is not named like that after his company’s name. He is named like that after his personality. Ms.Pari is a loving and caring person who is kind to everyone. Being an only child, she is quite pampered by her parents. She always wants to be independent, so she starts to job hunt. It results in her moving to Mumbai, leaving her hometown. So, like we all know that melting stone is quite difficult. But is it?


unexpectedly Yours


(Continuation) "Do we look cool, Mommy?" It turned around and smiled broadly. I nodded adjusting the suit he was wearing. "Of course, baby." I fixed her hair a bit. "Better." Ika nito. Max encircled his arms on my waist possessively. He held both of my shoulders to force me to look at him. "You look beautiful." I smiled. "Thank you. You look so handsome." I said he nodded. "Mommy! Dada! Let's go!" We stepped in on Max's limousine. Nathan was playing truck-truckan as we headed to the date venue. There were vehicles following us with Max's staff. We were quiet the whole trip and I couldn’t understand why I was nervous. After an hour sitting on the limo, we finally arrived at our destination. I don't know where we're going. The driver just said we were here. I adjusted my father's clothes. Max came down first and the child opened the door for us. My eyes went wide when I saw a very beautiful cruise ship. It was different from what I saw before when Max brought us here. It’s bigger and more beautiful! It was a beautiful view of the lights scattered around and roses as we stood towards the inside of the ship. It also has a red carpet in the hallway and has stooped oversized men and maids. "Wowwww! That's nice!" Exclamation of our child. Max picked up Nathan and let us follow him inside. I was amazed at the beauty when I could finally see what was inside. It's triple the beauty on the outside! Wealth is shouting from every corner. There is a large chandelier in the middle and a small one on the side. It was a modern and majestic terrestrial cruise ship everyone dreamed of. The floor was made of glass that will make you feel afraid to break whenever you step your feet. The hallways look like a dancefloor where disney princesses used to dance with their princes. Theirs a lot of expensive paintings hanged in every wall. This whole ship was breathtaking! I wonder how does it look upstairs. "Suprised!" Max kissed me in the forehead. "Wow!" Nathan's voice was filled with amusement. Max put Nathan down and the son went for a walk. I just stood next to him and couldn’t move. I was so amazed at how beautiful it was. Max put his arm around me and whispered it in my ear. "Looks like our son is enjoying." He nodded with a smile on his face. I also smiled and we went to the child. "Nathan come here." Nathan turned to us and smiled. Max picked him up again. "Let's have dinner here, dada?" Max nodded. "Actually our dinner was in the upper deck. Come on, let's go." I felt the sudden movement of the ship so I was very close to Max. "Careful, Wife." I nodded. We ride on the elevator and he pressed the up button. We waited for almost two minutes before we arrive at our destination. I was amazed to see the dinner he prepared for us. One is your long table with so much food. The wind blew my hair and clothes. It's cold! "Wow! Lots of food!" Nathan exclaimed. He made us sit on the chairs. Even if the table is too long, we are just next to each other. There were many bodyguards surrounding the area. I also saw musicians playing soft music. There are many unfamiliar foods to me, especially the leafy ones. I laughed at my thought. "Why are you laughing?" "Ah nothing." Nathan giggled. "Mommy, Dada I'm hungry. Let's eat." Max and I nodded. We prayed first before eating. The fun was obvious on my son’s face while chewing food. He missed nothing but those who were unfamiliar with him. Someone's POV "The dinner started." He smirked as he put the sniping rifle on his arms. He fixed it temporarily and he took his place. We waited for them to arrive so we will be able to do our job. We need to kill Maximor Villano, Vienna and their son. But i asked our boss if we can kill Vienna and not Max. Because he would be in hell if something happened in her. I would not let them harm my Max. That's the reason why i joined them anyway! To protect Max from them. "Ready?" I smiled at him and nodded. He counted one to three before he pulled the trigger. There's no sound escape from the rifle. It was so smooth. I grinned. Finally the hindrance will lost it way. "Shit!" He cursed. "Why?" I'm confused question. "Start the engine of the car now!" Shout it out. My eyes widened and started the engine immediately. "Fuck! I missed!" Its bottom while tweaking itself. I saw Max's staff chasing us one after another. I was stunned. Oh no, we're doomed!


Hades Persephone


Don't come near me...-- she cried. Or what will you do? -- he raggedly said. I said don't come close to me...-- she again cried, tears are continuously coming through her eyes, but it was not seen by him, he was so much angry towards her. Rajshree, why you did this? Why? -- he cried and ran from there after picking her in his arms, she just cut her wrist in all this mess..., She didn't want to eat by him and that's why she took this step. Are you guys ready for the rollercoaster journey of Ardhansh and Rajshree? Will Ardhansh and Rajshree are meant to be together or live apart without each other?


Her Mysterious Lover


Her life was full of misery and pain until she found out about her mysterious lover on the day of her thirteenth birthday. That person started to take care of her from a distance. What would happen when she gets separated from her mysterious love? What would happen when she finds out her true identity?


TO Love Again


...Bruised by the past,unwilling to love again but then his love healed me... After going through three failed relationships that literally broke her,Dicey Hartley refuses to give another man a chance to come into her life and hurt her again so she locks herself and her heart in a shell..., "All I ever do is love but unfortunately I do not have a lot of people in my life who love me...." Samantha Blakes,a friend who is set on changing her mindset towards love arranges blind dates for her and she almost gives up..., "Daisy listen to me,love is real,it's out there waiting for you..." But then Mark Milan comes into the picture,his sole mission?To teach her the beautiful art of love and free her from the "prison"she had locked herself in. What Mark doesn't know is that her wounds go even deeper than she's letting on and she has an even bigger story to tell. "I know about your scars and bruises but if you will give me the chance I want to be the one to take away your hurt and your pain,I do not only promise to not be like the others but I will be better" The question is Will Dicey accept the love being offered to her?And will Mark succeed in his mission?And how will this story of a broken lady who believes she has no reason to believe in love and a determined gentleman who wants to give her every reason to believe in love end? no


The Billionaire's Wife


Aviena Carrinuevo, a famous celebrity. A star that always shines through the darkest night. The star that everyone likes but what happens when the star started to dim? When her career started to turn upside down because of one scandal, her sister slash manager made her marry the hot billionaire that has the power to control the industry she was in.