Chapter 3: The Person He Liked Came Back

Cheyenne stood on the side of the road watching as Kelvin drove away in his black luxury car.

Now divorced from him meant she no longer qualified for rides in his car anymore.

They came out together today to go through a divorce, and in the end, he was even unwilling to give her a ride.

A man could be so ruthless towards a woman he didn't love.

As she stood there, a white car slowly pulled up in front of her. The window rolled down, revealing a young and handsome face. The man looked to be in his early twenties and was dressed in a white double-breasted suit.

His hair was dyed golden blonde, which contrasted with his fair skin and made many women feel inferior.

This man's name was Reece Gray, Cheyenne's childhood friend and classmate. They used to be enemies when they were in elementary school but became "best friends" as they grew older.

On the night that Reece found out Cheyenne was going to marry Kelvin, he drank two cases of beer and had a hangover all night long to celebrate the fact that Cheyenne was finally married off.

"Cheyenne, get in the car," Reece smiled at her with his row of pearly white teeth shining brightly under the light.

Cheyenne sat down on the passenger seat, feeling dizzy. She couldn't believe she had divorced Kelvin so easily.

Even though she forced herself to smile, her heart still hurt like hell.

"Don't feel bad. Now you're single. There are plenty of men out there waiting for you to conquer. By then, you'll be a playgirl and I'll be a playboy." He joked around with her, trying to make light of the divorce, though it seemed unbelievable for him to hear that.

Cheyenne rolled her eyes at him immediately upon hearing his comment. "If you can't comfort me properly, then just shut up! And don't even think about becoming a playboy. You didn't forget how you ran away when a girl confessed her love to you, did you?"

Reece blushed instantly upon being reminded by Cheyenne about what happened back then. "You're really something! That happened a long time ago. Why do you keep bringing it up?"

Back when Reece was in elementary school, a girl who was in junior high had a crush on him. She was popular and always had a group of people following her around. Reece thought they were going to beat him up, so he ran to Cheyenne for help.

It was not surprising that he was scared. He had always been delicate-looking and timid, so many people mistook him for a girl and bullied him. It was an instinctive fear.

"Okay, let's not talk about that anymore. Let's talk about when you were in high school and the girl of the neighboring school gave you a love letter..."

"Cheyenne, how come your sharp tongue doesn't work on Kelvin? Look at you...he has tortured you into being such a coward."

Reece brought up Kelvin and Cheyenne's voice suddenly trailed off. Her eyes lost their sparkle as she forced out a bitter smile.

"I am pretty cowardly," she admitted.

Seeing his friend like this made Reece regret bringing up Kelvin; he wanted to slap himself across the face for doing it.

Cheyenne used to be fearless but ever since she met Kelvin it seemed like she'd been put under some kind of spell - losing herself while trying to please him.

Not wanting to see her this way any longer, Reece quickly changed the subject.

"C'mon now! There aren't many three-legged monsters in this world, but there are plenty of two-legged men! If you really can't find a good man, let me marry you. I don't mind you being married once."

His words earned him a hit from Cheyenne on the forehead. "Just drive properly!"

"Okay. Where to next?"

Cheyenne leaned back on the car seat and replied wearily, "We're going to the Foley Villa. I'll pack my things and move out today."

"Okay." After a while, the car stopped at the villa's gate.

Reece looked at her with concern and asked softly, "Do you want me to come in with you?"

"No need. I'm just grabbing something," she smiled and closed the car door.

Cheyenne walked into the villa confidently but was met with a room full of busy servants who ignored her presence. Only Eliza, who took care of her daily needs, approached her and asked, "Miss Lawrence, what brings you here?"

In less than half a day, she had become an outsider!

"I'm just here to grab something and leave quickly," Cheyenne whispered before walking into the villa.

As soon as she entered the house, she saw two people sitting on the sofa.

Kelvin returned before her, dressed in black home clothes, and his usually handsome and cold face had a hint of tenderness. Across from him was a woman wearing a moon-white floral dress with long chestnut hair tumbling in a cascade down her back.

Her features were delicate, but her pale skin added a touch of pitiful fragility to her appearance. From afar, she looked like a small white flower that people couldn't help but pity.

Abbie Berry - his sweetheart - had finally returned. She was the daughter of the Berry family.

After her father Foster Berry got into a car accident and her family's company went bankrupt, her mother remarried, leaving Abbie with nowhere to go. Foster entrusted Abbie to Corey Foley - Kelvin's father.

Corey always liked Abbie and treated her as if she were his own daughter.

Kelvin who was only one year older than her lived under the same roof as Abbie and went to school together with her, so their relationship naturally grew closer.

To be honest, if it weren't for Abbie's health problems due to an inherited disease, Corey would have had Kelvin marry Abbie long ago.

"Why are you here?" Kelvin glared at Cheyenne in disgust; he felt that she had thick skin coming here after their divorce. Was she trying to harm Abbie? For a moment, his eyes were full of warning and vigilance which made Cheyenne sneer inwardly.

"Kelvin, don't treat Cheyenne like this. She's the mistress of the house here, and I'm just a guest," Abbie said softly, looking down with a hint of embarrassment.

As soon as Abbie finished speaking, Kelvin announced firmly, "From today on, she's no longer the mistress of the Foley family!"

"What? guys..."

Abbie's face was full of surprise and disbelief as she looked at Cheyenne with a sense of smugness.

"I divorced her. Now she has nothing to do with me," Kelvin said bluntly, perhaps afraid that his true love would misunderstand him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. Let me talk to Kelvin for you. How can he be so hasty about divorce?"

Abbie looked anxious and even more heartbroken than her, which disgusted her so much.

Cheyenne glanced at them subtly before smiling wryly, "No need. I've known for a long time that Kelvin likes you instead of me. Divorce is good because then I can openly find some handsome young boys."

As soon as she finished speaking those words, it was clear that Kelvin's gaze towards her became colder.

Abbie felt even more pleased and satisfied upon hearing Cheyenne say that Kevin liked her instead. She thought inwardly, 'Cheyenne, you know what? There will never be a place for you here."

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