Chapter 2: Formal Divorce

The sleek black Lamborghini had stopped at the door and assistant Chris Richards stood by the car, solemn and composed.

When he saw the two figures approaching, he respectfully opened the car door.

"Go to the law firm first." The man ordered coldly.

Cute dimples were brought out as the woman smiled. It was as if she wasn't the one getting a divorce today...

Cheyenne intentionally sat on Kelvin's left side to get closer to his heart, even though he never gave it to her.

As soon as the driver started driving, an oppressive atmosphere filled the car and it became silent like a dead water pond.

Kelvin kept staring out of the window, as if wishing they could arrive at City Hall immediately.

Suddenly there was a piercing sound from tire friction against pavement followed by an emergency brake which caused Cheyenne's body to uncontrollably lean towards him.

The man swiftly avoided her, letting her bump into the door handle.


The sound was loud.

A bruise appeared on her fair and delicate forehead.

For some reason, when he saw the bruise on her forehead, a strange feeling flooded him, but it soon vanished, since Kelvin didn't think a dirty and despicable woman like Cheyenne deserved his sympathy.

"I... I'm sorry, Mr. Foley. Someone crossed the road just now," Chris explained incoherently out of fear.

He breathed a sigh of relief only when he heard the man's cold voice.

Cheyenne sat up while holding her head, feeling upset as she looked at Kelvin's cold and serious expression with bright eyes.

"You are too heartless. After all, I have been your wife for three years. They say that one night as husband and wife leads to a hundred nights of love. Haven't we spent more than one night together? And yet you just watched me bump into the door like this?"

Despite his disgust towards her, Kelvin had been forced by his grandfather to marry Cheyenne and engage in intimate relations with her every month. The thought of it made him feel strange emotions inside him.

His face instantly turned dark with anger as he interrupted her with a shout. "Shut up! If it weren't for my grandfather's orders, women like you would only disgust me."

"He-he... disgust..."

Cheyenne laughed but there was sadness in her eyes.

Kelvin looked at her smile and felt extremely uncomfortable. What kind of smile was that? It was self-deprecating, disdainful, and carried a hint of inexplicable sadness. Her fair small face bore bruises, evoking pity.

Damn it, he had this absurd thought again. It was all because Cheyenne's acting skills were too superb; otherwise, his grandfather wouldn't have liked her so much and forced him to marry her.

Soon they arrived at a law firm where Kelvin's hired lawyer had been waiting for them.

The lawyer handed Cheyenne the prepared divorce agreement and said, "Miss Lawrence, you and Mr. Foley have been married for a short time with few property disputes after marriage. Also, you don't have any children together. Out of obligation, Mr. Foley has agreed to give you a considerable amount of alimony."

When she heard "you don't have any children," Cheyenne couldn't help but bitterly smile to herself.

Every time they had sex, Kelvin always took precautions so she wouldn't get pregnant; even when his grandfather pressured them into having kids, she used the excuse that her health wasn't good enough.

Forget it; having a child wouldn't change anything anyway - she didn't want to use a child as leverage against Kelvin.

Cheyenne didn't bother looking at the agreement before facing the lawyer directly. "I don't want alimony."

This sentence was like a thunderclap.

Kelvin sneered. "What are you pretending for? Didn't you marry me just for the Foley family's money?"

His sarcasm pierced Cheyenne's heart like a cold blade, causing it to bleed.

She lowered her head, and her thick eyelashes covered the tears sparkling in her eyes.

When she looked up again, her bright almond eyes were smiling as she said to him, "That's right. I am just as materialistic and fickle as you say I am. Mr. Foley, you are handsome and always right!"

Her indifferent expression made Kelvin feel like he was punching cotton - frustrated!

"Do what you like." Kelvin gestured for his lawyer to revise the agreement according to Cheyenne's request.

Soon enough, they signed the agreement together.

Next was the formal process of divorce.

At that moment when Cheyenne confirmed that she was no longer married but single again, her nose felt slightly sour.

She had only been married to Kelvin for three years but had secretly loved him for far longer than that time span.

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