Chapter 2

After one of the nurses finished speaking, she dragged the nurse who had just cursed Selena and fled.

It didn't take long for the stuff to be delivered.

Selena stood in front of the mirror, using a moist cotton pad to wipe away the thick foundation and lipstick.

Ever since Angie told Selena that her Dominic liked flirtatious and sexy women, this silly girl made a lot of jokes every day wearing heavy make-up and clothes that were not suitable for her age and temperament, and earned the title of the No. 1 ugly girl in celebrity circles.

Looking at her plain face, which was completely exposed in the mirror, Selena froze.

Her face was bloodless and with little vivid expression, but her pair of large eyes were thrillingly beautiful.

What shocked Selena was not this stunning beauty, but the familiar face.

Not only did they have the same name, they even looked the same.

Selena lowered her eyelashes and smiled faintly. Now, when she went back, she even saved herself the effort of explaining.

She stared at her face in the mirror, her eyebrows lightly arched, with a distinctive charm, "Selena, I will avenge you."

Since she had taken her body, it was her duty to seek justice for this good girl, who had died in vain and innocently.


"Are you trying to piss me off? Do you know that before Selena's mother died, she left her twenty percent of the Riddle family's shares, with that money, our Walson family would have no problem climbing up the ladder!"

Mrs. Walson's heart was aching when she learned the news. It was so close, a step away from the money flowing into their Walson family.

Dominic, dressed in a luxurious couture suit, tall and full of elite aura, heard it, his face slightly sunken, "Mom, where did you hear the news?"

"Selena said it herself, it can't be a lie!" Mrs. Walson laughed coldly. "I told you long ago that Selena is the first Young Madam of the Riddle family. Her mother was from a prominent family. There's no way she wouldn't have left something for Selena, but you got carried away and actually did something like repenting of the marriage in public. You really pissed me off!"

Mrs. Walson gritted her teeth, her chest trembling with anger, pointing at Selena's ward, "Go now and coax or deceive her to get the marriage license with Selena as soon as possible!"

Dominic frowned and said coldly, "As I said, I will not marry her!"

"How dare you?" Mrs. Walson became angry, but when she thought of Selena's ugly face, her tone eased.

"Dominic, I know you like Leah, but you're dealing with a twenty percent share of the Riddle family, and with more effort, you are the largest shareholder in the Riddle family."

Dominic was indifferent. To have him marry a woman of poor character and upbringing was a disaster to think about.

Moreover, he had already sworn in public, so if he went to get a license with Selena at this time, wouldn't he be humiliating himself?

Mrs. Walson added, "Have you thought it through? With that twenty percent of Selena's shares, the merger of the Walson family and the Riddle family is expected to surpass Olympus Group and become the biggest business hegemon in Creephia, and may even make its way to the capital. With such huge benefits, can you temporarily put Leah on hold?"

Dominic's eyes narrowed slightly, "Mom, what do you mean?

Mrs. Walson gathered the shawl over her shoulders and snorted, "In modern times, marriage and divorce are commonplace. She made a mistake, so even if you don’t touch her after your wedding, she would not dare to complain. For the sake of our reputation, the news of your marriage will not be made public, so this is not against your words last night.”

"She is so devoted to you, as long as you say a few sweet words to coax her, she will give you the twenty percent of shares of her own accord. As long as that twenty percent share is in hand and Selena has no more value to use, you can treat her however you like."

Across a tree, on a bench in the garden, Selena lazily sunbathed, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds overhead and letting out a slight sigh of relief.

A nurse ran over and handed over the thing in her hand, "Miss, here you are."

The sudden noise startled Dominic and Mrs. Walson, who gazed over to see a girl sitting on a bench not far away.

She had long hair and wore a pure white silk dress with her two calves exposed. She wore a sun hat that covered most of her face.

The only visible chin was delicate.

Even if they couldn't see her face, the quiet girl showed her nobility.

Several drinks were placed on the seat beside her, and she had obviously been sitting here for a long time.

After all, observing a stranger for too long was not a something to be proud of, so the Dominic and Mrs. Walson did not dare to look at her in detail and turned to leave.

Before she left, Dominic looked back for some unknown reason.

He saw the girl taking something from the nurse. It was an identity card.

'Should be there to get a license...'

After this thought crossed his mind, Dominic somehow felt uncomfortable in his heart. He frowned, pondered for a moment, took one last look and left.

"Miss Riddle, what are you doing with your ID card?" The nurse asked curiously.

Selena smiled at her, her eyes dark, "To get married."


5 o'clock.

In front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Selena sat on a bench and watched people, not many of them, come and go.

The first Mrs. Riddle did leave Selena twenty percent of her shares, but there was a precondition for her to use that money. She had to get married first.

In her current situation, finding someone to marry was the fastest and most effective way to solve the problem.

She was going home at last, so there was no point in wasting her time in Creephia, and she didn't care whose name would be written on the marriage certificate as her husband.

After all, this Selena was not the other Selena. After the matter was finished, she would compensate the man for the corresponding moral damage, and even everything in Creephia could be given to him for free as long as he would be a good partner.

It didn't seem to be a good day, as only a small percentage of those who came to the Civil Affairs Bureau were to get the marriage licenses, and the rest were for divorce.

Selena waited drowsily and couldn't find a suitable one. At 5:50 p.m., both the newlywed lovebirds who had received their certificates and the divorced men and women had all left.

Selena stood up from the bench, and as she was about to leave, she saw a slender figure walking towards her direction.

She stopped there and there was more than a hint of amazement in her eyes.

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