Chapter 1

Pain shot through Selena Riddle's body as she hit the marble floor. Her head throbbed, and her vision was hazy. She could hear a man growling in anger, "Selena, why don't you go and die?" A woman's frightened voice chimed in, "Dominic, you're mad! What are you wastrels doing? Why don't you hurry and pull the young master away!"

Two burly bodyguards rushed over and pried Dominic's fingers from Selena's hair. A middle-aged woman ran to Selena's side and helped her up. Selena's body was frail, and she looked at her bloodstained face and head in trepidation. "Selena, are you all right?" the woman asked.

Selena struggled to regain her senses. She surveyed her surroundings and found herself in a luxurious hotel surrounded by whispering crowds and flower arrangements. She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing a snow-white wedding dress that was stained with blood near her heart. It was tragically beautiful.

Selena was shocked to realize that she was getting married. She couldn't remember anything that had led her to this moment. The man in front of her stared at her with undisguised anger and disgust. He slammed a stack of photos on the floor and accused Selena of being promiscuous and trying to kill her sister. "You're so vicious," he spat, "I'd rather die than marry you!" He ripped off the lilies from Selena's suit, threw them in front of her, and turned away.

The middle-aged woman ran after him, calling him a bastard. Selena's heart ached as she watched Dominic walk away. She felt an explosion in her mind, memories flooding back to her. She knitted her brows and struggled to make sense of the unfamiliar feelings and memories. Suddenly, she couldn't stand anymore and collapsed, losing consciousness.

In a chaotic and bloody dreamscape, Selena Riddle watched her young and determined comrades fall dead one by one, while she dragged her sick body through the endless darkness, fighting and running for her life. "Missy, go! Missy, you must live! Missy, return alive and avenge us!" they shouted, urging her to escape.

But Selena didn't make it. Betrayed by those closest to her, she died in a desperate place, stepping over a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. As she drew her sword and slashed through her heart, her enemies watched with a mix of vigilance and regret.

Since then, there had been no more noble and beautiful Miss Riddle in the world. But in a distant land called Creephia, another Selena Riddle emerged. In a trance, she heard a voice from God, asking if she would like to experience it all again, to have another chance to live and fight for her comrades.

With tears in her eyes, Selena agreed. She closed her eyes and carefully combed through the memories that belonged to the girl whose body she had taken over. The other Selena Riddle had been about to get married, only to be stopped by her cruel sister Leah, who showed her pictures of her with another man.

In a panic, Selena reached for the photos, but Leah rolled down the stairs and cried out, scattering them all over the floor. The groom publicly repudiated the marriage, leaving Selena to face a barrage of abuse and humiliation.

As Selena blinked, she realized she was now in the other Selena's body, with memories of both merging until they were reduced to silence. She was grateful to be alive and ready to bring all the heroes home and take revenge on those who had wronged her.

"You awake yet?"

"It's been two days, is she even alive?"

"She got what was coming to her, cheating on Master Dominic and messing around with so many people. Not to mention trying to off her own sister. Someone like that deserves to die."

"Nobody's even come to see her after all this. Upstairs in Leah's fancy ward, it's packed with visitors every day. The Riddle family and even Dominic himself are taking care of her. Talk about making a name for yourself."

"Who would want to visit her? She's ugly and vicious. I hope she kicks the bucket soon. I don't know how much longer I can stand being here."

The nurse speaking glanced up and saw a slender figure standing in the doorway.

Dressed in a blue hospital gown with long hair, a pale face, and red lips, the woman had a gauze bandage tied around her forehead. Despite her worn appearance, her eyes glowed with an eerie intensity as she stared at the nurses.

"Ah!" the two nurses cried out in surprise.

Selena's gaze remained fixed on them. "Can you bring me makeup remover, clothes, and shoes?"

The nurses winced under her cold stare before nodding their heads.

Selena's faint smile brought a spark of life to her sullen expression. "I won't be dying anytime soon."

The nurses felt a shiver run down their spines.

"My mother left me twenty percent of the Riddle shares in her will. So even if I lose everything else, I still have money."

The nurses' expressions stiffened, their eyes widening in shock.

Twenty percent of the Riddle family's shares meant a fortune.

Did the Walson family know about this?

Even if Miss Riddle had fallen from grace, she was still an aristocrat's daughter, and it would be effortless for her to stick it to the working class.

The nurses began to sweat at the thought.

"Sorry, Miss Riddle, we shouldn't have spoken ill of you. Please forgive us. We'll go get what you need now."

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