Chapter 2

Nydia was shocked

"Don't you want to leave us? Fine, I approve, I don't want to see you again anyway," Tavish's eyes were full of indifference and disgust.

"Tavish, mommy was wrong before, mommy will change, can you give mommy another chance?" Thinking about what she had done in the past, Nydia was heartbroken and wanted to slap herself.

This was her child, how could she be so heartless!

Tavish snorted coldly, and his face, carved from the same mold as Jesse, was full of doubt. "I don't believe you! I will make dad divorce you, otherwise, both my sister and I will be in danger!"

"Tavish, don't worry, mommy won't hurt you and Molly!" Nydia said, reaching out to hug Tavish.

But he looked as if he had been frightened, watching her with caution and then turning around and running out.


When Nydia chased after him, Tavish had already disappeared from sight.

She went searching along the corridor and suddenly heard a murmur.

"That's the daughter of the Malone family! She seduced Jesse to marry her by canceling his engagement with Willette."

"Now that she has married Mr. Pascall as she wanted, she is seducing someone else! She even pushed her own son into the water!"

"She's so vicious! How can there be such a disgusting woman in the world!"

Nydia clenched her fists tightly, her eyes turning red, and her nails digging deep into her palms, the pain suppressing her overwhelming hatred.

It was the same in her previous life. After she fell into the water, Willette stirred up rumors behind her back, accusing her of seducing Jesse and stealing her sister's fiance!

She even made Nydia believe that Jesse was behind all of it, making her hate Jesse even more and become even more hostile towards her!

Willette! The pain you brought me in my previous life, I will pay you back double in this life!

Nydia suppressed her hatred and looked at the time. It seemed that person had arrived.

Nydia had just returned to the ward not long ago when Willette rushed in, hugging her tightly. "Nydia, why are you so stupid!"

"Even if you want to divorce, you can't do it this way!" What a good show of sisterly love! If she hadn't died once, she would have almost believed it!

Nydia calmly pushed Willette away and looked at her innocently. "What did you say, sister? What divorce?"

In that instant of being pushed away, Willette's eyes flickered with surprise, but soon she was relieved.

Nydia was such a fool, she was always close to her, how could she deliberately push her away? "You have always wanted to divorce Jesse, right? Don't worry, I will help you with this matter."

"How do you plan to help? Will you help me become a widow next time?"

Willette looked up in disbelief, her body covered in goosebumps. "How can you say that! I'm only doing this for your own good!" she protested.

Ha, yes, you're doing it for my own good! Kidnapping my child and forcing me to comply, making me wish for death - that's for my own good! Forcing myself to put my hand in boiling oil and let it burn me to death - that's for my own good! The pain of flesh and skin being instantly charred, the oil sticking to my bones, the feeling of my bones cracking, and the despair of watching my once-tender hand turn instantly burned and then black - I will never forget it!

Seeing Nydia remain silent, Willette looked around the hospital room, feeling nervous. "Where's Tavish?" she asked tentatively.

After Nydia composed herself, she replied flatly, "I don't know. I only woke up not long ago."

Seeing that Nydia still had an expression of disgust towards the two children, Willette felt secretly pleased. She urged, "Even though I know the children are your precious treasures, Jesse is not going to give them to you. You still need to be prepared to let them go, you know? Don't stay with Jesse for the sake of the children. He'll make you wish for death!"

Nydia sneered. Wish for death? Thanks to Willette!

"Why are you looking at me like that, Nydia?" Willette was frightened by Nydia's gaze. She had never seen such hatred in Nydia's eyes, as if she wanted to devour her!

Nydia lowered her gaze, trying to calm herself down. "I'm sorry, sister. I just remembered something."

"When I was drowning before, I felt someone pulling me under. Do you know what happened?" Nydia asked.

Willette's expression changed and a sense of unease flashed through her eyes. But when she spoke, her emotions had changed. "Someone pulled you under? Could it be... Could it be Jesse, he wants to..."

Nydia looked at her in shock.

Suddenly, Willette grabbed Nydia's shoulder and spoke seriously, "Nydia, you can't be soft-hearted from now on. Either he dies or you die!"

"In the future, listen to me and Barclay's arrangements, okay? We'll protect you!"

At this point, a hint of malice flashed in Willette's eyes. She handed her phone to Nydia. "You should call Barclay first and let him know you're safe. Ever since he found out you were injured in the water, he's been worried about you. He keeps asking me if you've woken up yet. I'm starting to get jealous!"

Yes, let Barclay Evans worry about when she will die, so he can join forces with Willette to take her and Jesse's property!

Nydia suppressed her hatred and took the phone.

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