Chapter 1

"Mr. Pascall, your wife was underwater for too long, causing severe lack of oxygen to her brain, and with her head hitting the rocks, there's blood clotting, I'm afraid she may never wake up again."

The man by the hospital bed was extremely handsome and serious.

He sat in a wheelchair, gripping the armrests with his thin lips tightly pursed.

He stared at the unconscious woman.

It had been three days since she had been in a coma, and if she didn't wake up soon...

"Nydia, if you wake up, I can divorce you." His deep voice was filled with a heavy sense of repression.

However, as soon as his voice fell, the woman on the bed suddenly opened her eyes.

As her pupils moved, the confusion in Nydia Wagner's eyes dissipated. When she saw the man, she excitedly lunged towards him.

"Jesse, you're still alive?!"

She clearly remembered that in the last moment of the explosion, Jesse Pascall pushed her out of the cave filled with explosives, but he didn't make it out.

How could he still be here? Where was this?

Before she could finish her sentence, she was violently pushed away by a strong force, hitting the sturdy bed frame, and the IV needle on the back of her hand was yanked out, causing blood to splatter.

"Nydia! How dare you lie to me!" Jesse's eyebrows furrowed with anger, and he exuded an intimidating coldness. He suppressed his rage and asked the doctor, "Is this what you meant by never waking up again?!"

The doctor was also at a loss, how could she suddenly wake up? "Let me examine your wife first."

"Get out!" Jesse shouted, and the trembling doctor retreated.

He unbuttoned his shirt collar, and his handsome face was now covered in gloom.

"Nydia, you really went to great lengths to divorce me!"

"Divorce? Jesse, what are you talking about?"

Nydia widened her eyes in shock, looking around at the familiar surroundings.

Hospital, divorce, Jesse alive...

Could it be that she was dreaming?! She pinched herself in disbelief.

But it hurt, this was not a dream. Why was he standing here unscathed?

Nydia was full of doubts, what was going on? Did someone save him?

"Are you pretending to be dumb now?" In Jesse's eyes, Nydia's confusion was just an act. He leaned forward, pinching Nydia's chin and forcing her to meet his gaze.

His cold eyes were now filled with sadness and exhaustion. "Nydia, even if you hate me and want to divorce me, how could you harm Tavish? He's your own son!"

A familiar buzz and tone flooded Nydia's mind, bringing back a flood of memories!

Her child, her son! She had somehow gone back to the day she and Tavish fell into the water a year ago! Oh my god, her wish had been granted!

When Jesse pushed her out of the cave filled with explosives, Nydia looked back at the collapsed cave and confessed to God. She realized that she shouldn't have treated her husband, who loved her deeply, that way. She shouldn't have listened to others' instigations and mistreated her child. If given the chance, she would love her husband and child dearly.

Unexpectedly, God was willing to give her a second chance to make up for her past mistakes. She was grateful for God's mercy and allowed her to live again.

In her past life, she hated Jesse for ruining her innocence to get help from the Malones, causing her to become pregnant before marriage and forcing her to marry him.

After their marriage, she acted recklessly under the provocation of her step-sister-in-law, Willette Malone, not only ignoring her two biological children but also constantly antagonizing Jesse. She went to extreme lengths to get a divorce, but until the cave was blown up, she discovered that everything was Willette's conspiracy.

When Jesse misunderstood her words, Nydia explained, "No, I didn't want to harm Tavish. When I saw Tavish falling into the water, I jumped in to save him, but..."

"Save him?"

Jesse sneered, his eyes full of violence. "Tavish said that you arranged for someone to deliberately throw him into the lake!"

Nydia's blood ran cold at the man's cold eyes.

She had jumped into the water to save Tavish immediately after finding him falling into the water, but someone seemed to have dragged her down and hit her head hard on a rock under the water.

She lost consciousness after that.

It was also because of this incident that Jesse's patience towards her was completely exhausted, and since then, he did not believe anything she said.

"Jesse, you have to believe me..."


Jesse suddenly approached her, his beautiful face flawless but as cold as ice. He was almost face to face with her. "You did all this just to force me to divorce you?"

"No, in this life, I will not divorce you! I will never divorce you!"

But as soon as she finished speaking, Jesse approached her again, almost touching her face. "Not getting a divorce?"

Jesse suddenly laughed. The smile was somewhat crazy and even his eyes became slightly narrowed, revealing a sense of destruction. "Okay, I want to see how long you can pretend this time!"

Jesse said as he opened the door and drove his wheelchair out of the hospital room.

Nydia closed her eyes and tears fell. But when she opened her eyes again, there was a sharp, icy, and ruthless look in her eyes.

Suddenly, the door of the hospital room was pushed open.

Nydia didn't have time to withdraw her ruthless gaze when she was surprised to see a pair of round, big eyes.


In Nydia's surprised voice, there was more guilt.

Looking at the child before her, her heart was almost broken.

This was her son, who she had neglected in her past life, but who still called her "Mommy" until his death.

"Tavish, I'm sorry..."

Tavish said in a whisper, faintly but earnestly, "You can divorce my daddy and I can help you!"

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