Chapter: 02

My father told me to take off the clothes that he wanted to show me something and that this thing is really interesting. I couldn't wait to find out about this thing that he wanted to show me. I took off all my clothes and went to bed. My dad took off his pants and he came up to me.

___ Close your eyes.

I closed my eyes with both hands, I didn't see it coming. Like magic, I felt something in my lower abdomen. Something that I didn't know how big it was, it hurt so much that I couldn't stand the pain.

___ Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I exclaimed, Daddy it hurts. Please.

___ Close your eyes.

Despite the pain and my screams my father did not listen to me. He was doing whatever he wanted with my stomach, I took both my hands off my face to look at my dad.

He was in a position I can't imagine, I don't know how to explain it to you. I was still a little girl, remembering these things makes me want to kill my dad.

My dad was looking at me while doing his thing. He was on top of me. He lifted me up and continued his back and forth movements, I felt nothing but pain. Suddenly, an idea crossed my mind.

I started to scream, despite the prohibitions, I didn't look at him. My screams were so loud that my father slapped me in order to calm me down so that he could continue his work, but I continued with my screams. Suddenly I felt a liquid in my strong inside, the thing was so hot to the point where I couldn't stop wondering if my dad had put something in my stomach that he had heated up.

___ If you ever say anything to your mom or anyone else, I'm going to hit you.

He took his clothes and left. Sitting on the bed, I was shaking like crazy, I had no options, I was too afraid of my father. And those few sentences he had just thrown in my face made me more wary of him. I got up slowly, my sheet was already flooded with blood. I had no idea how that blood got on my bed. I thought it was because my father had put something light in my stomach that there was enough blood but I was wrong. The real reality was that I had just been deflected by my own father.

I spent the rest of the evening crying like a bitch who had just lost her mother. I didn't know what to do anymore? Every time I tried to walk, I couldn't because my stomach hurt too much. I took it easy and took off the sheet, even my dress that I had put on that day was flooded with blood.

I took everything off and went out. When I got to the living room, my father was already there, he was already playing flood, he looked at me as if I was a stranger to him or I was not his daughter.

___ Where are you going with that stuff?

___ Dad, I'm going to put it in my clothes in the hallway.

I'm going to take care of this before your mom gets home. And if you ever say anything to your mom about what we just did, you're a dead girl.

I put the stuff on the floor and went to my room. I was so upset, I was crying like crazy. I had only one desire "to kill myself" to leave everything behind.

I was still crying when my father, who was bringing me the stuff, stopped at the door and started to look at me. I didn't recognize my father anymore, he changed completely, he who was calm and nice to me had become a monster. He came over to me and sat down beside me.

___ Did I hit you?

___ No.

___ Did I do anything to you?

___ No.

___ Why are you crying?

___ I have a sore arm.

___ It'll get better. Your vagina has never been hit like that before that's why.

A vagina was the very first time I heard that name. So the place where my father penetrated me is called the vagina.

To be continued

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