Chapter : 01

Everyone has a story, I have a story, you have a story, but our stories will never be the same no matter what we live. This is a story that I lived from my childhood until I was a teenager. My father and grandfather spent their entire lives eating my pussy. Don't worry, I'll tell you everything.

My name is Emily, I am a very nice, kind, seductive and understanding girl. I am the only daughter of my parents. Many people say that I look like my mother especially in behavior. My father is a man who works as a general manager in an oil company. As for my mother, she doesn't stay at home too much, she sells at the international market in the city.

I had just turned 5, an age when I knew nothing, the age when I was still immature. That night, my mother was not at home, I was alone with my father, we were both watching television when my father started watching me. I didn't know anything, I thought my father was playing with me. He came up to me and started touching me.

Every time he touched me, I smiled because I thought my father was teasing me. Who am I to think at that age that my father was taking advantage of my innocence to touch me? I had no idea.

The scene was repeated every time my mother was not at home. One day, I was in my room reading a book because I was in first grade when my father came into my room.

___ Lay down Emile! he exclaimed.

Stupid as I was, I did what he asked me to do without asking why, he came up to me and did the same thing again, this time I felt his hand in my stomach, I started to scream, I told him it hurt but he answered me.

___ Don't worry Emilie, I'm taking out the trash.

I let him do whatever he was doing. Days went by and my dad would finger me when we were alone together. He would do it to me until I got used to it. Sometimes I would go to my dad's room when my mom wasn't home so he could finger me.

A few years later ....

I had just turned 13, I was supposed to pass the CEP that year, my parents were not at home, I was all alone. I was lying on the couch, both legs spread, reviewing my course when suddenly, someone knocked on the door. I put my book down on the table and went to open the door. It was my father.

I greeted him and he answered. I went to sit on the couch while I started my revision again, my father stopped and started to look at me. I didn't know why he was looking at me.

___ Follow me, Emily.

I put my book down on the table and followed him. When I got to the room he asked me to undress, I didn't understand why he was asking me to do such a thing.

___ Daddy, why do I have to take off my clothes? I asked my father.

___ Take off your clothes I said, he shouted.

My father's face changed all of a sudden. I've never seen him like this before, so I did what he told me to do to avoid making him angrier. He told me to lie down on the bed, I did so without question. My father undressed, I didn't know but there was something in his leg, I didn't know this thing very well, is it called the penis? In the meantime, I didn't know anything.

He approached me and started to touch me like the last time when I was still little. I felt sensations, I was still an innocent little girl. He took his time touching my whole body. As if by magic, I felt his hand in my intimate part. I tried to take his hand away but he told me not to be afraid and that he would not hurt me.

I trusted him, he was still my father. He spent the whole day fingering me with his two long hands, at the end of the act, he told me not to say anything to my mother or he would hit me too much. He told me to get dressed and leave that he was done for the day.

I got dressed and went on with the review.

Very late in the evening, when my mother had not yet returned, I was lying in my room when my father came into my room. He came up to me and started teasing me as usual.


To be continued

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