Chapter 1

The room was silent as Rachel Bradley stood at the bedside, gazing at the man lying there.

She slowly and reluctantly began to undo her nightgown, feeling a wave of shame wash over her with each button she unbuttoned.

As she revealed her shapely figure, the cold room suddenly grew warmer.

Closing her eyes, she reached out to unbutton the man's shirt.

The feel of his skin against hers made her blush deeply; it was as if every inch of her body heated up.

But just as she reached for the third button, a hand suddenly grabbed hold of hers.

"Ah!" Rachel cried out in surprise before being yanked down by an unseen force.

Her hands were pinned down while the weight of his body pressed heavily on top of hers.

The scent of disinfectant mixed with the smell of male filled her nostril and momentarily left her dazed.

The next thing she knew, his cool lips were upon hers.

She tried to struggle but he held onto her tightly; his kiss deepening until it felt like he was trying to devour every inch of her being.

"Don't move," he growled in a low voice near Rachel's ear before placing a large hand on her waistline.

"Hmm! Let me go..."

Seemingly her erogenous zone being touched, she was stunned.

The next second, the man tore apart the only clothes left on Rachel's body and forced himself on top of her.

As their breaths intertwined, Rachel let out a cry from her lips, but it was quickly drowned in the sea of desire.

The sky was slightly bright, and the man on the bed opened his eyes and sat up.

In just a few seconds, a group of doctors wearing white coats and a person who looked like a butler hurriedly came.

"Master Russell, you finally woke up!" Luke Harvey was overjoyed and hurriedly walked forward with doctors. "That's great. I'll arrange for a doctor to examine your body right away..."

"Find the woman from last night."

The man on the bed's eyes drooped slightly, and a white jade earring lay in his palm.

The butler was first stunned, then quickly lowered his head and said, "Yes!"

Just as the butler walked out of the door, a sinister smile touched his lips.

Three days later, the butler brought a woman back, and it was Rachel's sister Lauren Bradley.

"Master, I've found that woman."

The butler, Luke Harvey, walked into the living room with a happy expression, gesturing for his subordinate to bring the woman over.

Russell looked up suddenly and gazed at the woman who had entered the room.

"Master Russell," said a petite woman, her face shy and timid as she met his gaze.

"You're the woman from that night?" Russell stood by the window, his brow furrowed slightly.


Lauren waited for a response but none came. She couldn't help feeling nervous.

"Master Russell, I know my status doesn't match yours. Even though I've admired you for so long, I don't dare to expect anything. That's why I haven't shown myself these past few days. Please don't blame me."

She deliberately tucked her hair behind her ear to reveal a white jade earring.

Russell's gaze fell on the earring and he furrowed his brow again for some reason.

After a moment of silence, he slowly lowered his eyes and turned around without saying a word. "I see. Send her home first."

Lauren raised her head in bewilderment, only to see Russell show his back to her indifferently.

After she was taken out of the villa, her face darkened suddenly. "He suspects me."

The person beside her asked cautiously, "What do we do next?"

Lauren snorted with an icy glint in her eyes, "I wanted Rachel to try it out but didn't expect that she would actually wake up that vegetable man! But since he has woken up, no one can stop me from marrying Master Russell."

"Find that bitch Rachel. As long as she's dead, no one will ever suspect me."

Eight months later, in a secret room which was dark and damp, a woman sat on the ground. Except for her bulging belly, she was skinny with a pale face.

Suddenly, the door lock made a sound and several figures walked in.

Rachel looked up alertly and her face instantly changed when she saw the person approaching.


Shock and anger crept over her, and her heart sank heavily.

She never thought that the one who had her captured and imprisoned here would be her half-sister, Lauren.

"Lauren, what do you want to do? Haven't you stolen enough things from me? Why won't you let me go now?"

As the anger overwhelmed her, her eyes turned red.

She was the daughter of the Ujose Bradley family.

When she was thirteen years old, her mother's maiden family declined, thus making her father begin to show a bad attitude towards her mother, and even bring home a girl who was two years younger than her.

That was Lauren, her half sister.

Back then, Rachel was young and had no ill will towards this younger sister who suddenly appeared.

She even sympathized with the mistreatment Lauren had suffered as an illegitimate child before.

So she did her best to protect this poor sister.

But it wasn't until she was abandoned by her friends, hated by her father, kicked out of her home, and forced to wander the streets with her mother and younger brother that she finally saw the true nature of Lauren.

Everything was just her ploy to win over their father Sean Bradley's affection, bring in her biological mother, and become the true heiress of the Bradley family.

"What do you mean by saying 'stolen'? Those were rightfully mine," Lauren's eyes glinted with malice as she stared coldly at Rachel.

"Rachel, your mother shamelessly ruined my parents' relationship back then. And now you're trying to steal my man? How can you two be so slutty?"

As soon as those words left Lauren's mouth, Rachel couldn't help but think about the man from a few months ago and she froze.

Before Rachel snapped out of it, Lauren walked up and gripped her face, saying through gritted teeth, "I'm telling you, Russell's wife can only be me. As for're willing to sell your body for money and even got knocked up by so. You're such a disgrace to the Bradley family and deserve to die! Today, I'm here, on behalf of my father, to send you dissolute woman to hell!"

Startled at these words, Rachel shivered violently with hatred and regret.

If she had seen through Lauren's true colors earlier, she, her mother and her brother would not have ended up so miserably.

Watching Lauren's distorted face, she closed her eyes helplessly.

She knew she couldn't avoid this suffering.

"Lauren, you can kill me, but the baby in my belly is innocent."

As if hearing a big joke, Lauren sneered sarcastically, "Baby?"

A lot of scenes where she was being humiliated as an illegitimate daughter raced through her mind.

Her eyes glinted with coldness as she stared at Rachel's belly and said, "Since you like this baby so much, I'll have it C sectioned and make you watch it die!"


"I'm here."

Rachel suddenly opened her eyes wide and trembled all over.

A man approached her with a scalpel. She struggled to get up, but her strength had been exhausted.

Despair swept over her in an instant, and she stumbled and fell to the ground.

"Lauren! You will suffer retribution!"

Her vision became blurred as she was pressed down against the floor.

The scalpel went down her belly, and cut open her skin, causing the excruciating pain spread throughout her body.

The last glimmer of light outside the window disappeared, and Lauren revealed a sinister and twisted smile.

In a trance, Rachel seemed to hear the cry of a baby.

Tears silently slid down as her consciousness disappeared and her eyes closed completely.

"Miss Bradley, they are twins, one boy and one girl," said the man.

Lauren glanced with disgust on her face, and suddenly paused when she caught sight of the boy.

A plan emerged in her mind and a glint flashed across her eyes.

"Give the boy to me. Set the fire here after we left."

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