Yes Daddy

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Red Inkling


"You want daddy to f*ck you, hard and rough then reward you with his c*m, is that it, little slut?!" "Yes, Daddy" * MONALISA I thought I had a problem being aroused. My ex boyfriend broke up with me for being insensitive to his touches and I thought I really had a problem with myself until I met him, Lucius Devine, my late father's best friend. He could make me wet just by staring at me and his slightest touches could make the 'insensitive' me shudder and c*m. Yet, he wanted boundaries, he wanted to be a father figure to me but I didn't want him as a father. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my daddy. I wanted to be his little submissive sl*t and I was going to break his boundaries until I become Daddy's Little Sub.

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A Hot Stranger


I walked down the rainy and lonely path leading home, not caring about the rain pouring down my body and wetting me up in a way my boyfriend could never.

My boyfriend had just broken up with me and I was heartbroken, perhaps not very much so but it did hurt me. His reasons? I never responded to his touches well enough and never melted in his arms like I should.

He claimed I never let him touch me enough too. Just once I had let him touch my pussy and his remark? I was dry as fuck and penetration would hurt.

That was just a week ago and today he had broken up with me, giving me one advise... To become a virgin nun for the rest of my life as I was too insensitive to a man's touch.

I was mad at how much he had shamed my body. It wasn't a lie that I couldn't get wet with him but I knew that was not entirely my fault. It could not be my fault.

I had to be sexually attracted to some type of people but I had no idea what type of people I could be attracted to. At a point, I had thought maybe I wasn't straight but that wasn't the case.

I was straight but I was hardly aroused by my now ex boyfriend.

"To hell with him!" I muttered, almost angrily and stopped at the gates that led into my home.

The lights were out and that was a little bit weird as I was sure that mum should be inside. Brushing it off with a guess that she went somewhere and was caught up there because of the rain, I proceeded into the house.

My father was dead, long dead in fact. I was just 6 when he died and if it wasn't for the pictures I stare at constantly, I would probably not even recall what he still looked like.

After my father's death, things had gone south for a few years until we suddenly moved into this huge beautiful estate. Mum said it belonged to Dad's friend who had found out about our state.

I had never seen him, never even heard his voice but he was the owner of the estate and also the one sponsoring my education. I pushed the door open after unlocking it with my thumb print and walked into the living room.

It was dark inside with only a small lamp turned on but almost immediately, I sensed the presence of someone in the living room. I looked towards the sofa and I was shocked to find a man sitting on the sofa.

He was shirtless and the only fabric on him was the towel wrapped around his waist. As much as the first thing I wanted was to scream at this strange man in our house, I could not.

I found myself tongue tied. His abs were visibly well built and those biceps and triceps, they made my insides churn with excitement!

His tanned skin looked so smooth, so well taken care of and my gaze trailed slowly to his face. He had a stern look on his face but that didn't take one bit or gorgeousness away from him.

I could see his blue eyes as he raised his head up and his eyes met with mine making my heart jump.

That was one weird feeling. I had never felt my heart react like that to my now ex boyfriend.

"What are you doing?" He spoke, his lips moving and my wet thighs subconsciously clamped together as I felt it throb! My pussy throbbed! With just this man's voice.

It was little wonder though. His voice was deep and in all shades, masculine. It was hot!

"Get over here already, I am not so patient" he added in that same voice and my pussy did it again. But this time I tried to reason, who was this man? Why was he in my home? And why was he calling me over?

But strangely, I could not reason. His voice was authoritative and I could not help myself from doing just what he said. I walked over to him, my wet thighs brushing each other.

"A naive slut is what I get tonight? Get down on your knees already. Now." It was more like an order from him and that tone just made it clear that whoever this man was, he was used to giving orders.

I wasn't the type to always follow orders but with this strange man I didn't know from Adam, I was doing just that! I slid down to my knees, feeling the heat in my pussy.

He reached for his towel and loosened it, letting it fall both sides and revealing his cock to me. It wasn't big, it was hugee! And it was just semi hard. How much bigger would it be when he got fully erect?!

"Take my cock in your hands and put that mouth to good use" he said to me and almost instantly, I felt a warm liquid in my pussy. That could not be the cold rain that had drenched me, it wasn't the rain but me getting wet. This strange man who could as well be a pervert who had broken into our home had made me wet without touching my skin even one tiny bit.

What the hell was wrong with me?!

I didn't know what was wrong with me but I did reach my hands out to touch his huge cock, gulping down hard as I realised that I wanted this cock in my mouth.

My nipples had hardened in this weird situation and were pushing the fabric of my wet dress. My both hands wrapped around his cock as that was the only way I could get his cock wrapped up. With both hands.

"Fuck... Your hands surprisingly feel good." I heard him curse and taking that as a compliment, I moved my hand on his cock and that was when I realized that he was pierced too.

"Use your saliva, bitch. Get that cock slick and lubed up" he said those dirty words to me but it made me wetter. I swear it did!

I moved my face closer to his cock and breathed in the manly scent of his cock before spitting on it. I had watched this in a few porn videos but I had never thought I would do this soon, especially with a stranger!

I was definitely going crazy! And out of my mind too! But this also... It also felt good.