The Triplets

Giselle’s POV:

“Goodbye dad” I whispered, knowing he could hear me.

I looked at my dad for the last time before I sighed and entered the Arizona international airport. I was moving in with my mom, Vera Smith, in Texas after she won my custody case. Yeah, I was their drunken mistake which was born on this planet nearly 17 years ago.

Both of my parents were ordinary werewolves. My father, Fin Swan, is the omega of the Silver Moon pack. An ordinary pack of Arizona, nothing special to brag about.

My mom and dad were childhood sweethearts. They didn’t care about the fact that they were not each other’s mates and were happy together until my mom’s hot Alpha mate, Riley Smith, Alpha of Dark Sapphire pack, appeared in her life nearly 16 years ago, just one and half years after I was born.

My mom was so in love with her mate that my dad had no choice but to let her go. Soon after she moved with her mate in Texas, my dad also found his mate, Melanie. Melanie and dad got married quickly, because he wanted someone to take care of me with him.

Melanie and I had the love-hate relationship from the start. We never behaved like normal mother and daughter but for the records, she was also not really the b*tchy stepmother. We had mutual understanding about keeping a safe distance and avoided each other’s business.

What else can you expect from a good stepmother than a personal space?

Over the years, my real mom, tried taking my custody and held a lot of pack meetings but every time, the elders took my dad’s side. Hence, she was left with no choice but to take the matter to court.

The Dark Sapphire pack is filthy rich and Alpha Riley made sure to use his influence during the trials. After the trials, the human judge was convinced that my now billionaire mother can give me a better life than my father and hence, she won my custody.

It's not like I don’t love my mom. I used to meet her when she visited our pack house to spend time with me when I was little. It’s just she left me and chased the man when I was barely two years old and now, she wants to take me in?

I am just sad to leave my father alone. He always loved me more than his life. My mother told him that he can come and meet me at any time and Dark Sapphire’s doors were always open for him.

I was supposed to move in Dark sapphire dark like three months ago, but I somehow managed to drag it this much, but right now, she just can’t accept any of my excuses and wants me there before my birthday.

I am turning eighteen in one month. I wanted to spend my eighteenth birthday with my father and my friends at my own pack but I know that my Luna mother will move to court and hurt my father if I don’t comply.

After I turn eighteen, I can recognize my mate. At first, I was so excited about it but since I am moving, I don’t really feel the excitement anymore. What if my mate is still in Arizona when I am moving to Texas?

This is my first time visiting my mom’s new home. All I know about the whole situation is, my mom is the Luna of that pack, Alpha Riley was always welcoming and warm towards me, the Dark Sapphire pack is stinking rich! And…. they have triplets and Caleb.

Well, Alpha Riley was also not really clean before marriage. He had this girlfriend in college who gave birth to the triplets, Kevin, Riven and Stefan Smith but due to weakness, his girlfriend died after giving birth to them. Alpha Riley was in depression for four years, until he met his mate, my mother!

He directly married her and made her his Luna. He was really worried about having kids with my mother after his girlfriend’s death during labor but then my mother was dying to have kids with him, so, he ended up allowing it. Now, they have another kid, named Caleb who is two years younger than me and six years younger than the triplets.

Unfortunately, I have met the triplets before, when my mother brought them during my thirteenth birthday. They spoiled my birthday and tried to bully me like three teenage b*tches but it was like four years ago but I still I have no faith in them.

Caleb, on the hand, was cute and shy at that time but now, I have no trust in him either, he has been living with devils his whole life and influence is a big thing!

That is all I know about my mother’s pack.

‘Quite knowledgeable for someone who is going to live with them for god knows how long!’ I taunted myself for being so dumb and not gathering more information.

I thought I could easily pass some more time until my mother blackmailed my father.

I don’t know when I fell asleep during the flight while thinking about my new family.

A small nudge woke me up from my dreamland and dragged me back to reality.

I was dreaming about meeting my mate after I change. I was roaming around in the valleys and river near my pack house, playing with him, loving him.

I looked at the handsome flight attendant who smiled at me sweetly and said,

“We have landed, Miss.”

“Thank you so much for waking me up” I replied with a gentle smile.

I gathered my stuff and got off the plane. I was done with all the formalities, picked up my luggage and arrived at the receiving point.

I looked around and my eyes fell on a board on which, “WELCOME HOME, STEPSISTER” was written in bold.

I looked down and I saw one of the triplets holding the board with a smirk and the other was resting their hot backs on the railings.

I took a deep sigh and moved towards them with a forced smile.

“Welcome” said one of them, with a cute smile, but his deep husky voice could make any girl wet!

“Thank you” I replied gently.

“Oh, introduction! I am Stefan, the youngest; this is the oldest, Kevin, and this brute is Riven”.

He pointed towards his brothers with a wicked smile.

There was not much difference between them. Stefan and Kevin have short hair while Riven had long hair. All of them were towering above me with their 1.9 meter height.

Their facial features were exquisite. They had blue eyes and blonde hair. Their chiseled jaw can cut a melon in half. They have the body of a Greek God! Everything about them was just perfect.

“Nice to meet you” I replied politely.

“Same to you”. Kevin had the same deep voice as Stefan but was lacking the smile.

“Believe me, pleasure is all ours”, Stefan added with a wink. Cute!

Riven, however, didn’t show any interest in the conversation.

Stefan guided me towards the car. Kevin was driving, Riven was sitting next to him and I was sitting on the back seat with Stefan. The drive from airport to pack house was silent. We reached the pack house in nearly 30 minutes.

I looked outside the window and saw a freaking mansion in front of us. A small ‘wow’ left my mouth and I know it didn’t go unnoticed by the triplets. As we were moving towards the parking lot, I noticed their pack house wasn’t a house, it was a f*cking town guarded by the huge stone walls at every corner.

The Alpha’s house was at the end of the whole town, having a different entrance itself. On the hill, there was a huge castle-like building which was none other than Dark Sapphire Extramundane, the university for super naturals where I am going to be studying soon.

My eyes were stuck in the castle like a university and now I get why it is called ‘Stone Fortress’.

Kevin pulled the car at the parking lot and we entered their house. I saw my mother excitedly waiting for me at the living with Alpha Riley, whose hand was on my mother’s shoulder.

“Giselle, my little girl, I can’t believe you are finally here" My mother said excitedly.

“Same here” I replied with a sarcastic smile.

She didn’t seem to catch the sarcasm in my tone, hence, she literally chocked me in a bear hug. Alpha Riley also hugged me, which was awkward and then lastly, I got a gentle hug from a Caleb.

“I was waiting for your arrival for so long” He said politely.

If we talk about looks, Caleb looks more like me than the Triplets. He has dark hair and hazel eyes just like me. His chiseled face with v-shaped jawline, small nose and doe eyes also resembles me.

“Nice to meet you”. I couldn’t be rude to one of the cutest persons on the planet.

It looks like he didn’t really get that much influenced by arrogant Triplets.

I was dragged out of my thoughts by Alpha Riley’s strong, intimidating voice, giving me every sign of where the triplets got their sexy voice from.

“Giselle, thank you for coming. Your mom is so happy. Please make yourself feel at home. We have made all the arrangements for your comfortable stay. I am not going to say that you are like a daughter to me. In fact, you are my daughter and you have all the rights as my other kids have”, Alpha Riley spoke kindly.

I was about to say ‘Thank you’ and end the awkward conversation, when he spoke again,

“And since you are our daughter, you have equal respect as Kevin, Riven, Stefan and Caleb. In fact, if they are at the position of Alpha, you are at the position of Luna. You can have a competition with them. We have no problem”. He chuckled, my mother and Caleb chuckled.

But the triplets didn’t really like the idea. At least, that’s what their furious faces were telling me.

“No, thank you. I will pass. It’s too much responsibility for sweet little me”

As I was just having a nice chat with Alpha Riley. The Triplets appeared in front of us.

“We will give her the house tour” the Triplets said in unison.

‘I smell trouble. Why do they suddenly want to give me a tour?’

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