Like what you see, baby?

Giselle’s POV:

‘I smell trouble. Why do they suddenly want to give me a tour?’

“Yes, boys. I love your enthusiasm! That is what I was talking about the other day. You have learnt your lesson” Alpha Riley looked at Vera and she nodded with a bright smile.

“Yeah, dad”, Stefan was the one who replied but Kevin didn’t look really happy. Riven, on the other hand, was glaring at me coldly.

Are they blind? Riven is literally digging daggers at my flesh!

They smiled at Alpha Riley and Vera before Stefan and Kevin held my waist and dragged me out of their sight. We entered the kitchen and all the servants moved out almost immediately when Riven looked at them coldly like he was giving them a sign to run before I will cut your balls.

They pushed me at the counter and cornered me with their giant bodies. I can’t find an escape. Before I could scream, Riven covered my mouth with his giant palm.

“What the hell!” I said angrily, pushing his hand away.

“Don’t you dare think that you own anything here” Kevin’s deep voice passed a shiver down my spine.

“We are just letting you stay here because Vera took care of us when we were little, but you are not part of our family! Don’t take our father’s words seriously”, Stefan added with an arrogant smirk.

“Yeah, you don’t belong to Dark Sapphire. You belong to that poor pack. You are nothing but an Omega of that small pack. Don’t you dare think you can compete with us and become Luna here! You can never climb up to our rank!” Riven’s tone was harsher compared to others.

“Know your limits, Giselle, before we make you understand our way!” Kevin’s deep voice held warning.

“F*ck you… all!” I growled at them.

How dare they speak to me in such a tone!

“Don’t test my patience, Giselle!” Riven smirked at me.

“We would love to comply, babygirl! But I don’t think our parents would love it if any of us were inside you”, Stefan said with a teasing smirk.

My eyes widened. I wasn’t really expecting that reply. The thought of them inside me made me arouse.

Stefan’s grin widened after observing my expression and he held my waist with his one hand and pushed me towards his chest.

“Don’t say things you don’t want to do or else you will regret it in the end” He had a dangerous devilish smirk on his face. His hand caressed my back.

I tore my eyes from him to look at Kevin and Riven, who had the copy paste expression on their faces.

Wow! Not even fifteen minutes I spent in this pack house and I am already aroused by my wicked stepbrothers!

To my surprise, Kevin removed his brother’s hand from my waist and moved him away from him. Riven, as usual, just glared at me like he had a problem with my existence.

“Don’t take us lightly, Giselle, and make sure you don’t come in our way” Saying it in a dangerous tone, Riven took his brothers away.

I just noticed that I was holding my breath this entire time since Stefan held me.

‘F*ck it! Why was my mouth sealed? Why didn’t I reply to him harshly? Urgh!’ I groaned loudly.

“What happened, sister?” asked Caleb confusedly, who had just entered the kitchen.

“Nothing, dear. I will go to my room”. I started moving when Caleb held my arm.

“Sorry if the triplets have irritated you, they are acting really weird these days. Maybe because they are the only people who haven’t found their mates from their entire group”, Caleb said in a polite tone.

He is so easy to talk to!

“They have not?” I asked with interest.

“Nah, let me tell you something, but don’t tell this to anyone, okay?” Caleb looked at me with hopeful eyes.

“Don’t worry, each word is safe with me” I nodded, excited to hear the latest gossip.

“They are really frustrated. They change girlfriends every week but still, they are not satisfied with any of them. I heard Stefan talking about it to Tyler the other day”, Caleb grinned.

He was the youngest and had the most cute boyish grin.

“Serves them right for being so annoying” I replied, chuckling and gave him a Hi-Fi.

“Riven, on the other hand, has an on and off girlfriend. They sleep with each other and break up! Honestly, she is really weird! I get this negative vibe from her, but the rest two told me to shut my mouth. You know, they were okay at first, but since Riven changed and found out she is not his mate, he is not satisfied with her either”, Caleb whispered.

Just when I saw myself enjoying the company of my youngest step brother, I heard Kevin’s voice from the living room.

“Did I hear you saying something about us, Caleb?” His voice was stern.

“Nope, bro. We were just chatting”, Caleb replied with wide eyes.

Of course, he heard it. He is not just a werewolf, but a freaking Alpha! How can he not! We should have been more careful.

“Okay, you know what happens when you piss us!” Riven’s voice held warning.

“Yeah, bro” Caleb swallowed hard before replying.

“Come, I will take you to your room. People eavesdrop here”, Caleb said with an eye roll.

Caleb accompanied me to my room. When he opened the door, my eyes and mouth were wide open. It was literally five times bigger than my room in my old pack house.

There was a large king-sized bed with antique wooden furniture. Also, there was a small living area with a sofa set at the entrance and a private bathroom at the corner.

“This is your room. Hope you like it”, Caleb said, smiling.

“Like it? I love it!” I was blown away by the number of antiques in the room.

I went inside the room to take a good look when I realized something and turned towards Caleb,

“No closet?”

“Oh, there is a walk-in closed at the end. That door”. He pointed towards the door.

I opened in and saw a giant room, filled with clothes of all styles.

“Well, I went shopping with mom. We didn’t really know what your personal taste is like, so brought almost everything” He laughed and scratched the back of his head.

Well, my personal taste is a 3XL t-shirt with dolphin shorts, but am I going to tell him that? Absolutely not!

“Okay, I will take my leave. You must be tired after travelling almost the whole day”, he said smiling.

For someone who slept for the entire day before coming here, sure I was tired!

“Yeah, thank you, Caleb” I smiled at him.

“Most welcome, sis”, Caleb flashed his cute smile and left the room.

I took a shower and changed into a grey set. I was about to go down for dinner, but then my mom brought the dinner to my room.

“Caleb told me you were tired, so I brought you dinner here” Mom kept the dinner on the table and sat there, waiting for me.

I sat next to her and ate my dinner quietly. She was just watching me like I am the most adorable thing in the world, but I was getting uncomfortable.

“Thank God, you are finally here” Mom stroked my hair gently.

I only smiled at her. I didn’t know how to answer her. I met her after three years straight. I was really awkward.

“I get it. You must be nervous, but as your father said…” I cut her off immediately,

“Stepfather! My father lives in Arizona”, I corrected her.

“Yes, yes, as your stepfather said, you are now part of this family” Vera’s smile wavered for a moment but she plastered it again.

When I was done with my dinner, she let the servant clean my room and left after kissing my forehead.

They were right about being tired because, even after sleeping for so many hours yesterday, I instantly dozed off as soon as my back touched the soft bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night when I heard a loud knock on my door.

I rubbed my eyes, turned on the nightlamp and moved towards the door. I unlocked the door to see the triplets standing in front of me shirtless.

My eyes widened. I am completely awake now. My hazel green eyes met with the three pairs of baby blue eyes. I swallowed hard when my eyes fell on their chiseled chests to their washboard six-pack abs.

“Like what you see, baby?”

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