Chapter 2

Chapter Two (Mated To The Blood Alpha)


"Get in, will you?!"

I jumped in fright, holding my chest with my frail hand as the guard on duty yelled at me, indicating that I should enter the cell once again. My cold dark cell.

My blood rippled at the thought of losing my freedom because I was weak, I couldn't shift to activate my super speed. My speed was no match for him as he caught me effortlessly. My screams, wails and kicks had no effects on him as he dragged me to the cell.

A glare from his ugly scarred face sent shivers down my spine, making me look away in fear almost immediately, biting my fingers nervously. Those ugly sharp eyes that shot daggers at me, piercing through my soul, threatening to make me pee in my pants. If looks could kill, I would be dead.

With shaky knees, I stood at the entrance of my cell with my hand still clutched tightly to my chest as if to protect it from him. Torn between two options, I flickered gaze from the murky cell that was impossible to get a glimpse of the whiteness of one's tooth to the room I dreaded the most, the correction room.

My gaze swept past the first few rooms and landed on a door that was made with heavy iron bars, while some iron ran vertically, some ran horizontally on it, just like the bars at the entrance of my cell.

Big, thick, rusted, ice-cold bars.

I shivered at the thought of the rusted, cold iron bars coming in contact with my skin. I took two steps away from the iron door at the entrance of my cell. It was like I could feel its impact already.

A huge wooden slate hung at the top of the iron bars, wired firmly to it. 'Correction room' was spelt on the slate, inscribed boldly on it. The right name should be punishment room or the room of torture. Correction room was way too fancy for it.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I made a mental picture of the interiors of the room.


I didn't want to be there, not after encountering the horrors in that room. But I knew if I wasted more time, I would be in there, screaming in pain, gnashing my teeth in regret. Garry would waste no time shutting me behind the heavy bars of the correction room, my screams were like music to his ears. He hated my guts, I wish I knew why.

"Don't make me repeat myself," He said in a dangerously low voice.

Think! Think fast!

I said to myself, as my mind raced across many thoughts. I knew he was running out of patience and I knew what came after it.


As much as I dreaded the correction room, I didn't want to be in my cell. I was sick of being shackled from head to toe, sleeping in an uncomfortable position as the heavy chains clung to me like a second skin.


But I couldn't think, it was as if the presence of my cell and the correction room was suffocating me. I couldn't go to my cell and the correction room was a no-go area for me either. As much as I didn't want to be punished, I didn't want to be engulfed in total darkness, overwhelmed by my unending nightmares either.

I needed help, I needed to be free from unending pain and torture, I needed illumination and freedom like the rest of the members of the pack.

Was that too much to ask?

It was not my fault that I was an omega, the name that the rest of the pack had called me. But I knew I was not. I remembered my dad telling me how powerful I was, but it was useless because I couldn't see any power manifesting. I almost thought my father was lying to me but I knew he wasn't the type that tellstell lies.

I summoned all the courage I had left in me, clearing my dry throat as I found my voice, "Please, can you help me fix the light in my cell?" My voice came out weaker than expected.

One look from him almost made me pee in my pants, this time, I wrapped my hands around my small frame as if protecting myself from him.

"What I mean is, can I get another cell? A more comfortable one," I looked away from him, looking at my cell, "I don't like it here anymore,"

I closed my eyes and bit my trembling lips, hoping for a positive reply, but he didn't make a sound. It was as if I was invincible and he couldn't hear me. We stood staring at my cell for another irritating minute, I was scared but I knew I had to speak up.

"Uhm, sir..." I reluctantly tried to get his attention again but he didn't let me finish talking before he yanked my hair hard, dragging me away from my cell as I screamed in pain, trying to rescue my hair from his strong grip.

It was a useless fight as my strength wasn't match for his and I could feel the strands of my hair pulling from my scalp.

I kept crying and screaming in pain as he threw me against the hard wall, making me fall to my knees immediately.

"Say what Garry, this thing ordered me to change her cell," He let out a burst of deafening laughter, trying to get the attention of the second guard on duty, Garry.

"She said she doesn't like it in there anymore," He leaned on a door for support as he let out a burst of more deafening and annoying laughter, making me stop crying for a minute.

What was funny?

"The guts!" Garry's angry voice resonated throughout the room, seizing my breath. I couldn't see him as the room was dark but I could tell that he was close and he was pissed by my actions.

"She even tried to run away,"

This time, his voice was deadly and I knew he wasn't going to take it easy on me.

I knew I needed to defend myself, else, Garry would deal with me mercilessly. I didn't know why the guard left me at Garry's mercy knowing Garry hated me with passion. He hated me just like the rest of the pack hated me, for no reason.

"I swear by the moon goddess, I didn't order him, I pleaded with him. Please believe me.." I pleaded, wiping the tears on my face with trembling hands as I glanced around the dimly lit room, checking for Garry.

"So he is lying?" He let out an angry growl, causing me to jump in fear. I knew I was in deep shit and nobody could save me.

"I didn't say that, I was just pleading with him, not ordering him," I replied sharply, regretting my words immediately as I realized that I had fallen into Garry's trap. I shouldn't have answered his question, that made him dangerously angry.

A heavy slap landed on my cheeks, causing my ears to ring violently. I bit my lips, trying not to let out a sound as I was close to tears.

"You'll learn," Garry growled, looking at me with raw hatred, "Take her to the punishment room," He pronounced my judgment, walking away immediately, making me wish for death instead.

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