Mated To The Blood Alpha

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"Your kind belongs to a cell, shackled against a wall with no freedom!" He yelled at me before ordering his guards to shut me up in the darkest part of the cell, hijacking the little freedom and illumination I had. ******************** How overjoyed I was when I thought I had found my mate, the one gifted to me by the moon goddess, the one to end my pain and suffering, the Blood Alpha, Alpha Kade. But I had no clue that he had other plans for me, to use me! to break me! to make me bend to his will! Why would he want me as his Luna? An insignificant clumsy omega? He was...The Big Bad Alpha.

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Chapter 1

Chapter One (Mated To The Blood Alpha)


I huddled up in my cell, hugging my bruised knees that touched my chest and burying my head between my lap.

I was afraid.

Afraid to look back at the gross darkness that overwhelmed me. By the moon goddess, I hated dark places but no amount of pleading will make my master change his mind.

"Your kind belongs to a cell, shackled against a wall with no freedom!" He had said before ordering his guards to shut me up in the darkest part of the cell, hijacking the little freedom and illumination I had.

I longed to be anywhere, anywhere apart from this cold, barren, empty room of darkness, save for my one bunk bed and a few used plates and cups laying on the cold floor. The only time I had the privilege of leaving my cell was when I wanted to use the restroom as the restroom was detached from my cell and when I was ordered to work for the pack, to assist in cooking, cleaning in preparation for the pack ceremony.

I missed my family. Even if my stepmother hated me with passion and my half-sister wanted me dead, at least, they made me feel better and complete. I wish I could turn back the hands of time to see my parents one last time. To hold them, talk to them, to feel them one more time, but that wasn't going to happen as they were already dead, brutally murdered by my jealous half-sister who got mad because I possessed certain powers and she didn't.

I spent all my life running and hiding from my half-sister who labeled me as her sworn enemy, vowing to take my life at any slightest opportunity. But that won't be happening anymore as she was already taken care of. This time, I hope it was permanently as I was tired of the unending game of running and hiding. Running and hiding got me to where I was.

I needed someone to tell me that I would be okay and I would scale through this phase. Maybe my mate, but that was almost impossible as my wolf was weak. Identifying him will be difficult except he identifies me, but that will not be possible either because I rarely leave my cell except when my attention is needed.

My beloved parents would have been in the rightful position to tell me this but they were no more, leaving me behind in this cruel world. Every day, I craved death to deliver me to them as I was miserable without them. Though they were faced with challenges, they didn't fail to tell me how I was the best thing that happened to them and how much they loved me.

The sound of footsteps and rattling chains jolted me from my long train of thoughts. This time, I was brave enough to look in any direction without getting scared by the darkness as I could feel a presence within my cell. I knew it was the guard, even if I couldn't see him, I could feel him.

"I need some water," I cleared my dry throat, "Please,"

I grabbed the nearest cup laying on the ground and stretched it out to him. Instead of attending to me, he simply continued with the chain, preparing to lock me up with it, taking my freedom. I thought I won't be shackled tonight but I was wrong, a wolf's memory was sharp, never forgetting anything.

"It's been days, I just want some water,"

"It's just three days, you weak omega. You can survive five," His hoarse voice reverberated throughout the room, spitting hatred.

What?! He was planning on keeping me thirsty for two more days?! Three days without water was like hell and I don't think I will survive another hour without it as I was badly dehydrated.

"But I could die..." My voice quivered as tears ran down my pale cheeks.

"You don't know how much we wish for that to happen," He smirked, making me gasp.

I was almost surprised at the level of hatred he had towards me. It was no news that everyone in my pack hated me for many reasons. I was a weak omega who couldn't shift, I was conceived as a result of a mistake, I was a bastard, and I was the reason my family was wiped out.

"Please," I sniffed, closing my eyes, preparing myself to accept whatever comes next.

I snapped my eyes open as a bottle hit my forehead, searching the ground frantically because my vision wasn't sharp in the dark as the rest of the wolves, my hands came in contact with a plastic bottle. My joy knew no bounds when I figured out it was bottled water. I wasted no time opening the bottle and draining its content in my mouth, allowing it to revive my dying organs.

"Thank you," I mouthed to the guard who squatted before me, selecting the chains he would use in shackling me to the wall.

I stared at the red marks on my body given to me by the chains and tears dropped from my eyes. It was as if my arms and ankles knew what would happen next and they were protesting against it. I needed to help myself.

"Stretch out your hands, Esmeralda," The guard ordered, bringing it closer to my hand as the annoying sound it made disrupted my thoughts.

I needed to get out of this place, I needed to help myself. I looked at the guard who was busy with the locks of the chain, then I looked back at the chains laying on the floors waiting to come in contact with my skin before my gaze landed on the door of my cell.

I smiled mischievously.

I need to get the hell out of here.

But I needed a plan. Fuck.

I mentally slapped my forehead as I began to rack my brain, thinking of a way to escape without being caught. I wanted to end the pain and suffering and live free like other wolves in the pack.

Think, Esmeralda!

They won't let me out of the cell except when I want to use the restroom.

That was it!

I cleared my throat and placed my hand on my extremely flat belly, pretending to be in discomfort.

"Please, I am pressed, I want to use the restroom,"

"Seriously? I gave you water and now you are pressed?" He barked at me like an angry dog but I simply ignored him. Getting out of here was the only thing on my mind and I won't let anything ruin it.

Without warning, he yanked me up by my hair and led me to the restroom, patiently waiting outside while I did my business.

When I was done, I searched frantically for an escape route but there was none. The only window that hung above me was too small for me to fit in.

I opened the door and followed him behind as he led me to my cell without glancing back at me or holding my hands. After talking a few steps I stopped in my tracks, watching if he would take note but he didn't as he was consumed with the chains in his hands.

Slowly, I turned away from him, dashing from the hallway to anywhere my legs carried me. Running fast like a wild beast seeking freedom.

Now was my only chance of freedom!