Lost in Lust

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Here is another compilation of steamy stories ever written and compiled in one collection! Full of insta-love and lust at its finest, forbidden, naughty and so satisfying. The very idea makes your mouth water, and that delicious feeling jolts down between your legs. These stories feature all the lusty, explicit action you could ever hope for... Drop your reviews, and share... **********************************

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Love Behind

I rolled over and reached my arm across the bed, finding the spot beside me empty. I opened my eyes and rolled onto my back, breathing deeply as I stretched out with a small groan. The kids were away for a few days and she was up before me. That's hardly possible, I thought to myself with a chuckle. Sitting up and throwing my legs over the edge of the bed, I hooked my toes into a pair of shorts I'd tossed to the floor the previous evening and brought them up to my hand. After slipping them on, I went into the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth before going to find her.

I heard the sounds of kitchen activity and followed them to their source. I stepped inside and froze. She had her back to me and was standing in front of the counter whisking eggs in a bowl. My breath caught in my throat as I took her in. She was barefoot, wearing only a pair of black, laced edge panties that clearly couldn't contain her ample ass along with a white sleeveless top that came down over the top third of that beautiful ass.

As always, I was taken by how incredibly wonderful she looked. She looked so damned hot I was spellbound, unable to move. She is a striking combination of beautiful and sexy. She is what many people would call full figured, afraid to use the f-word. Call her whatever you like; it makes no difference to me. I'll call her fat, certainly not as an indictment but as a descriptor. And I wouldn't change a single thing about her, because to me, she is perfect. Her legs, her ass, her tummy, her back, her arms. All of her. All of her fits together flawlessly, resulting in a whole that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

As much as I admired the view, I wasn't about to stand there and do nothing with this beautiful woman a few short feet away from me. I took another step into the room, voicing my presence so as to not startle her.

"If there is a more beautiful sight to come across first thing in the morning, I can't even imagine what it could be," I said. "My god. You're so damned hot I'm surprised the room isn't on fire."

She turned her head to the side and glanced at me over her shoulder, smiling through the red curls of hair that hung from her head.

"Hi. I thought I'd make you some eggs," she said, flashing her smile once again.

That smile. The one she reserved for me. She had it right then. Just about everyone wants to feel attractive. It's part of our DNA I think. But when the right person, that person you love shows up and makes it obvious that you are everything they want and need...that smile is what you see. It's a combination of happy and love and desire and damn it I belong to you and you belong to me. It's a self-satisfied little smile because of everything it means.

I walked up behind her and reached my right hand down, grabbing one of her ass cheeks and squeezing it. I brought my lips to the bottom of the left side of her neck and placed a trail of kisses from the base of her neck up to her earlobe and back down again. My other arm wrapped around her tummy, my hand grabbing hold of her right breast. She leaned back into me and cooed softly as I kissed and touched her.

I gently bit the hole in her earlobe normally occupied by a plug. Pulling her more tightly against me, I whispered in her ear.

"Let's forget about eating eggs for now. How about we pretend we're fertilizing yours?" I asked pinching her nipple as an exclamation point.

"Fuck," she replied, her body seemingly melting into mine.

There weren't more children in our future, but even so, the thought of impregnating her with my child was always a powerful turn on for us. Under the right circumstances, there is no greater gift of love between two people who adore each other. How mine would she feel with me inside her? How hers would I feel having done that? So yes. There were times we talked about it like this, and they never failed to ignite our love fueled passion.

I moved a hand up to her chin and turned her head to the side, bringing her lips over to mine. I kissed her gently at first, enjoying the feel of her full soft lips on mine. My hunger rapidly grew, and the kisses became stronger and more aggressive. My tongue found hers and we kissed like that for a while, full, wet open mouthed kisses as I continued to grab and stroke her ass with my other hand.

Eventually, I allowed my hand to roam all over her body, the feeling of her soft flesh exciting me. She moaned as I touched her, the desire she felt in my hand flaming her own. I allowed her to turn around and face me as we continued to kiss. Soon, her hands were traveling all over me as well, her nails occasionally lightly grazing my flesh. I broke the kiss and pulled back for a moment, gazing into her eyes at the need I knew would show in them.

I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, under her shirt and then back down inside the waistband of her panties. She shifted slightly and parted her legs, knowing where my fingers were headed. A second later they were on her, and I could feel the wetness of her need.

"Oh god baby," was all she could say as I deftly slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy. She let out a soft moan and moved her mouth to my shoulder, biting me softly as she closed her eyes. I worked my fingers, causing her hips to move with me.

"I love the feel of you wrapped around my fingers like this, baby," I growled in her ear. "I'm going to bend you over this counter and fuck you, but you're going to come for me first. Then again after," I said as I moved my thumb onto her clit for emphasis.

I grabbed her by the hair and turned her head back to mine. I could see the redness of the skin on her chin caused by my beard stubble when we kissed. There would be more, I thought, as I kissed her again. Deeply. It didn't take very long for her body to begin to tense up as her orgasm approached. I continued kissing her, and when she came she moaned deeply into my mouth, something I have always found to be extremely hot and satisfying. When she'd had enough, she moved her hips back and pressed down on my hand, forcing my fingers out of her. I brought them up and licked them as she watched, then kissed her so she could taste herself on my tongue.

I didn't even wait for her breathing to calm before I turned her around and pushed down on her back so she was bent over the counter. She pushed away the food she'd been preparing and stuck her ass back as far as she could, inviting me inside her. I quickly pushed my shorts down and kicked them away. I smacked the top of her bountiful ass with my stiff cock several times before I maneuvered between her legs and pulled her panties aside, rubbing my hot stiff cock on her pussy. She was so wet I glided in very smoothly, slowly moving forward until she had all of me inside her. For good measure, I grabbed her hips and pulled her back on them hard, ensuring I was as deep inside her as I could be. I held that position for a few moments, purposely making my cock throb inside her.

She glanced over her shoulder at me, and her lust-filled green eyes begged me to move. Of course, she needn't have begged. Seeing her standing like that in the kitchen, me fucking her was a given. She was mine and I was going to have her. I moved my hips back slowly, then thrust them forward hard and quick, my body slapping against her ass. Again. And again, waiting a couple seconds between thrusts, pulling back on those wide hips each time. I started to wait a little less with each thrust, and finally I w,as in a rhythm. She began to match my movements, pushing back onto my cock as I thrust forward.

The sounds in the room were unmistakable. I could hear her moans and cries combined with my grunts; I could hear the sound my cock made in her drenched pussy, and I could hear our bodies slapping together with the completion of each thrust. On another day I might have taken my time and adjusted my pace. Today wasn't that day. Today I was going to empty myself into her. I needed to. She could tell I was getting close and gave me a sexy smile. I knew from past experience she needed me to need her like this.

"Come on. Come on baby. Yes. Show me. Show me. Take me." She spoke breathlessly as I picked up my pace, and with a last powerful thrust, I let out a long growl and the first of my load shot out deep inside her. I continued thrusting until I had emptied myself into her, and then I pulled her tight against me once more. Finally, I pulled free and stood behind her, petting her ass with my hand as she remained leaning over the counter.

She straightened up and I kissed her again, pulling her against me, reveling in the feeling of her soft flesh against mine. I wasn't finished, but it was time to move out of the kitchen. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. She seemed to read my mind as she climbed onto the bed and rolled onto her back, waiting for me. I got on the bottom of the bed between her legs and started to kiss my way up. I started on her calves and moved up slowly to her thighs, first the outside then moving to the more sensitive flesh on the inside. I moved from one thigh to the other and then back again. She was struggling to remain still, her need growing with every inch higher I moved.

I could smell our sex as I kissed my way up, and it drove me wild as if I was a feral animal. After what seemed to be forever, I was kissing the inside of her thighs just below her pussy. They were wet with our juices and I lapped them up, savoring what we tasted like. And then my mouth was on her. My tongue was inside her; it was on her; it teased her and toyed with her. My lips wrapped around her clit and I sucked it into my mouth as I flicked at it with my tongue. She pressed her thighs against my head, muffling her words and sounds as I brought her along. The shaking of her body told me all I needed to know when I sent her over the edge once again. She put a hand on my head and pulled my hair as she pushed my face into her, only letting go when she became too sensitive for me to continue.

I rested my head on her thigh and looked up at her with a smile. Her breathing was heavy and her face was flushed. She never looked quite so beautiful as she did in that moment. We lay like that for a little while, but I wasn't yet finished. I crawled up between her legs and laid on top of her. She moaned, smiled, and wiggled as she felt my once again hard cock pressed up against her.

She whispered my name as I moved my hands on her, taking her tits in my hands and tweaking her nipples. I found first one, then another with my mouth. After a minute, she let out a sigh.

"Please. Just come up here and kiss me," she asked. "Kiss me and make love to me."

I guided myself inside her and rested on my elbows so we were face to face. Our movements were slow and leisurely, and we kissed deeply and with meaning the entire time. Time may have stopped for all I know; it felt as if it did. As my orgasm approached, I broke the kiss and gazed into her eyes. It was in that way I went over the edge, taking her with me a moment later. I stayed inside her until my erection subsided and I slipped out. Looking down into her eyes, I saw heaven.

"I love you," I said, with all of the feeling in my heart and soul.

"I love you too," she answered, a tear that had formed in the corner of her eye escaping and running down her cheek.

I rolled over and onto my back, and she curled up onto my shoulder and chest. I wrapped an arm around her and gently stroked her hair as we lay together. A short time later I could hear her breathing change and knew she was asleep. I pulled her a little tighter to me, the smile on my face matching the happiness in my heart.