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Pleasure In Bondage(Erotica)

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"Finish what you started. F**king defile me" Daniella's pulse raced. Her discomfort was real, but it was countered by a sense of wild excitement. She could have freed herself by a single sharp tug of her wrists but she did not want to. Not for an instant. Never in her life had she felt like this. *********** His hand cupped the moistened curve of her left breast and he fondled her rhythmically till she groaned. Slowly his fingers glided to a point over her sweat-moistened surface and pinched hard at her engorged nipple. Her shudder was visible, she knew. She felt she could hardly hold herself in any further. Then he was behind her, kneading again, his other hand flat on her sternum and plunging gradually, till it firmly applied pressure to her lower stomach. 'Miss me?' his voice growled softly, as she winced and clenched. ******* Do you crave for rough, dominating, and submissive romances? Are you drawn to sizzling slow-burn bdsm erotica? Does the idea of spicy bondage romance pique your interest? Do you long for tantalizing taboo stories? If so, then PLEASURE IN BONDAGE is the perfect companion for you. This BOOK contains a plethora of EROTIC TALES OF ENJOYED ABUSE AND BDSM stories that will keep you on the edge of your SEAT. You will enjoy it...


Lycan Pleasure(Erotica)

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The minute the scent of her arousal hit him, Cullen felt his wolf surge like nothing he'd ever experienced. No battle or woman before now had ever summoned his spirit like this. He wanted her and there was nothing else in the world right at that moment. Just this enigmatic female standing proudly in front of him, challenging him, and drawing him in. He still couldn't place her scent. It wasn't lycan, was it? But it wasn't completely human either. Could he even be drawn like this to something that was neither human or lycan? Was she fey? Maybe a druid? But he thought he knew those scents as well. Cullen felt his wolf taking too much control. He forced himself to pull his hand away from her and step back. It wasn't until he wrenched himself back into the moment that he realized his eyes had shifted. She was just standing there staring. He could smell her arousal, hear her breathing, he could almost feel her heart beat thudding in time with his own. When he felt the stirring in his pants he knew that things had gone way too far. His brain was screaming, You don't even know what she is! But his heart, soul, and wolf were insisting, Take her. **** This book also contains a compilation of steamy and erotic werewolf stories that you will love. You can be sure of getting the best collection of werewolf erotica here.


My Brother's Sinful Desires

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Mike moaned as she began to arch her hips up and down, rubbing the lips of her pussy up and down his shaft and pumping his cock with both hands. She was rewarded quickly, as he started to cum, losing the fight against the excitement of the situation. She pumped her pussy and hand on his cock several times, a few thick ropes of cum arced up and layed out neatly on her torso. Several ejaculations later, she was thoroughly coated by her brother's cum, and it began to drip down her body. Note: This story is a 36-part erotic series. It contains a lot of steamy and thigh tingling erotic scenes. If you are not comfortable with such stories, kindly check my other books. ************* This is a story about Mike, his sisters, and the voice in his head. BONUS: DO YOU WANNA READ MORE EROTIC TALES? THIS BOOK GOT IT ALL Read and enjoy.....


Sleeping With A Demon Billionaire

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This book contains strong erotic, steamy and violence scenes. Reader's discretion is advised. ********** Lena an innocent chambermaid is taken by a wealthy billionaire lord. Lena began sobbing once more. She'd never felt more alone all in her entire life and had never been betrayed by a person this way before. No one had prepared her. "Lena...I'm going to come inside of you," Renz ground out, looking down at her. Lena pounded her little fists against his chest, now desperate to get him off of her. "No, sir, not inside of me!" she screamed. Renz trapped her wrists in one hand and reached down to finger her still sensitive clit. Lena couldn't handle both sensations, and she fell back, surrendering entirely. She was coerced, seduced, romanced, ravished and dominated. Betrayed, Abused and taken, will there be any hope left for Lena? ******* Sleeping With A Demon Billionaire is an 11-part steamy erotica series. ........... Also note that this book contains other steamy erotica stories/series for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the ride....


Mafia Desire(Erotica)

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This book contains sex scenes. Rated 18+. Andrew was the most ruthless Mafia boss. He was dark, could kill in cold blood, and only loved his three-year-old sister. He was one of the most deranged people on the planet, and he drove everyone away from him. On the outside, Ava was a strong, independent, and kind girl who didn't bow down to anyone, but on the inside she was broken. She was trying to get away from her past when she ran into him.  Would she give him permission to help her run, or did she fear that he would only further break her? Find out how shit goes sideways in this epic story of love, romance and revenge. ************************ NOTE..... This book also contains other Romantic mafia fantasy stories compilations. Rated 18+ Readers discretion is advised.


Entrapped To Alien Lords

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After she turned 18, Ciara finally got out of an abusive home and life for her was just beginning to make sense. Her little world wasn't very exciting and perfect, but it was hers until late one night. After noticing a faint glowing light coming from around her back, she dropped her groceries and went to investigate and that was the last time she saw earth. She woke up suddenly in a new environment and realized she was naked. She fought for her consciousness and sanity, but it was already late. Who would save this earth woman sold into intergalactic slavery from her ruthless alien masters? Having been coerced. Betrayed, Abused and taken, will there be any hope left for Ciara? ********* Excerpt.... The men stood at my pedestal talking and occasionally looking up at me. The questions plagued my mind. Had Dark hair bought me? What would they want me to do? Were they going to eat me or beat me?


Lost in Lust

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Here is another compilation of steamy stories ever written and compiled in one collection! Full of insta-love and lust at its finest, forbidden, naughty and so satisfying. The very idea makes your mouth water, and that delicious feeling jolts down between your legs. These stories feature all the lusty, explicit action you could ever hope for... Drop your reviews, and share... **********************************


The Merciless Alpha Killer

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"Take it, bitch," I heard from the next floor up. "I paid extra so I could do whatever I wanted to you, and I want you to scream for me as I take your ass." "I'll be good for you, you're such a big and strong man," the woman's voice said, and I froze. "Fuck my ass harder, Daddy." I recognized that voice. It couldn't be. Not after almost four years of my sister being missing, the search futile, the Packs showed no help in finding her. Running back inside, I knocked the chair aside and moved the bar and the chain before flinging the door open. Going to the stairwell, I went up to the fourth floor and stalked towards the room. I could smell her; it WAS her, it was different but still the same, like her wolfy-ness was gone, the scent she had before her first shift. I was going to fucking kill them all. ***************** "You're one of the few wolves who does, that's why I like working with you. Those Pack mutts have no honor in their dealings with my kind. You, on the other hand, have always delivered what you bargained." Vampires and werewolves have had a shaky peace over the past century, and both sides would push the envelope of acceptable behavior. Three times she had killed werewolves to settle accounts for Jarrod without the Vampire Master having his fingerprints on it, and three times the Vampires had saved her. ***************** Betrayed, Abused and Taken, is there any hope left for the ALPHA? -----------------


Steamy Affairs

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“What are you doing?” She asked smacking his hands off her breast but he held her hands and got on top of her. she tried to struggle with him but he pinned both her hands. Who will save Gold Collins from the clutches of a ruthless master? Read more to find out..


City of Desire

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The sexiest and most steamy erotica stories ever written and compiled in one collection! Full of insta-love and lust at it's finest, forbidden, naughty and so satisfying. Here is a compilation of erotic, steamy sex romantic stories that you will love. You can be sure of getting the best collection here, which includes everything from horny nuns to cheating husbands, lying priests to dirty fathers and stepfathers, professors to stepbrothers, threesomes with strangers to family orgies, and even dirty priests. The very idea makes your mouth water, and that delicious feeling jolts down between your legs. These stories feature all the lusty, explicit action you could ever hope for... Drop your reviews, and share... **********************************