I Won My Ex Back With My Cultivation Superpowe

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Christopher Lane, formerly dismissed as a cowardly and useless live-in son-in-law, unexpectedly came into possession of the Taiji Sutra and the Life and Death Stone. This remarkable turn of events transformed his life. With his new medical skills, he healed and saved lives; with his martial arts prowess, he vanquished his enemies. He gradually dispelled the contempt and ridicule of others, won the heart of his beautiful wife, and ultimately ascended to the pinnacle of the world, standing triumphant and overseeing all.


Chapter 1: Enduring Scorn

The hospital corridor was bustling with people. Christopher Lane, however, sat in a corner, crying his heart out.

"Your mother’s stomach tumor has turned malignant. If you don’t pay $100,000 for the surgery, she only has a month to live," the doctor’s cold words pierced his heart like needles.

But Christopher couldn’t come up with the exorbitant treatment costs.

A year ago, Christopher’s adoptive father, Tom Lane, went missing during a sea voyage. His adoptive mother, Sandra, developed a stomach tumor and collapsed, ending up in the hospital. Freshly graduated, Christopher became the pillar of the family.

Over the past year, to treat his adoptive mother, Christopher exhausted the family savings, maxed out all possible loans, and even married into the Byrne family to counteract their bad luck.

He worked tirelessly for the Byrne family, losing all dignity, just to earn $100,000.

But that money was quickly used up at the hospital.

Now, Christopher had nothing left but a phone and ten dollars.

"Another $100,000..."

The doctor’s words filled Christopher with deep despair. He had no idea where to find such an amount.

But he couldn’t just watch his mother die.

"No, I must borrow $100,000."

Christopher wiped his tears and stood up resolutely. "I can’t let anything happen to my mother."

He decided to swallow his pride and borrow money.

Christopher went to his uncle’s house.

His aunt opened the door with a stern face.

Desperately, Christopher pleaded with her, "Auntie, my mom needs money for surgery..."

"More money? Didn’t we already give you two hundred dollars?"

"Get lost! Don’t come here again. We don’t have such greedy relatives..."

His aunt pushed Christopher out and slammed the security door shut.

Hearing these harsh words, Christopher trembled with anger and punched the wall.

He knew people could be cold-hearted, but he didn’t expect his uncle, who had taken his father’s ancestral house, to refuse any help.

With no other options, Christopher thickened his skin and sought help from other relatives, but all doors were shut in his face.

They even warned him not to bother them again or they would call the police.

Then his landlord called, threatening to clear Sandra’s room if rent wasn’t paid within a week.

Loan companies bombarded him with calls.

Christopher reluctantly called Ruby, who was vacationing in the Maldives.

Ruby hung up as soon as he asked for money.

After wandering the streets in the cold for a while, Christopher dried his tears and headed to Zero Degree Bar.

The bar was owned by his ex-girlfriend Chole—no, it was funded by Ellis Hudson, who lent Chole five million dollars to fulfill her dream.

Of course, because of that five million dollars, Chole left Christopher for Ellis.

With a school belle as its attraction, the bar became a hotspot for many rich kids in Pridset.

Christopher became a laughingstock.

Despite feeling humiliated coming here, he had no choice but to enter Zero Degree Bar for his mother’s surgery costs.

He believed Chole would lend him $100,000 for old times’ sake.

The bar was lively with someone playing guitar and singing. The scent of perfume made Christopher feel inferior.

As he walked into the hall, the place fell silent instantly.

A dozen well-dressed men and women looked over at him.

Christopher looked at Ellis and Chole.

In Ellis’s eyes, he saw arrogance and disdain but no guilt whatsoever.

Chole wore a low-cut top revealing her white midriff and shorts that couldn’t be any shorter. Her fair skin and long legs combined with her beautiful face drew many eyes. However, her cold and haughty expression deterred many from making eye contact.

She looked at Christopher indifferently, as if seeing a stray dog on the street.

Chole’s friend Lauren jumped off her high stool and spoke disdainfully, "Christopher, what are you doing here?"

Christopher mustered his courage. "I came to..."

"We don’t need cleaners here," Lauren mocked. "Leave."

She had always looked down on penniless Christopher and had pushed Chole towards Ellis.

Christopher quickly explained, "I’m not here to clean. I came to..."

"Lemonade is twenty-eight dollars a glass; cocktails are one hundred eighty. Can you afford that?"

Lauren sneered. "Even if you have some pocket money from the Byrne family, you’re still not welcome here."

Ellis spat on the floor. "Damn it, what bad luck to run into this loser today."

The dozen men and women laughed at his words.


Christopher stepped forward despite himself. Just as he was about to speak to Chole, a pretty girl shouted, "Take your dirty hands off; that’s a leather sofa."

She waved her hand in front of her nose as if Christopher had come from a sewer.

Christopher withdrew his hand as if bitten by a snake, blushing furiously.

He knew he would be humiliated but didn’t expect them to be so heartless.

Gritting his teeth, he blurted out, "I’m here to see Chole."

"Chole, let’s talk outside..."

Christopher hoped to retain a shred of dignity.

Chole crossed her long legs; her white toes glistened under the light. She showed no ridicule or movement but exuded sheer contempt.

Ellis smirked. "Chole is my girlfriend now. You can’t just see her whenever you want."

He provocatively caressed Chole’s leg.

Christopher’s cheeks burned. "Chole, I really need to talk to you. Let’s go outside."

Chole looked at Christopher without responding; her face only showed pride and indifference as if looking at an insignificant ant.

"Get lost; you make me sick," Lauren shouted impatiently. "Don’t ruin our mood."

Seeing Chole give him no face at all made Christopher feel deeply disappointed and sad. But he still managed to say, "Chole, I want to borrow $100,000."

Christopher promised earnestly. "Don’t worry; I’ll definitely pay you back. I can leave my ID card and diploma with you as collateral..."

"$100,000?" Lauren exclaimed exaggeratedly. "Christopher, you want to borrow $100,000? You’re not even worth a hundred bucks from head to toe and you dare ask for $100,000?"

Christopher explained to Chole. "My mom needs money for surgery..."

"I know it’s sudden but I really need this money to save her life. Please."

He took out his mother’s medical records hoping to move Chole.

Ellis looked at him like an idiot. "Your dad is missing; your uncle took your ancestral house; now you’re renting a place; you’re a live-in son-in-law without a job. How can you borrow $100,000? Do you have any means to repay it?"

Over the past year since graduation, Christopher had been busy taking care of his sick mother or serving the Byrne family’s daily needs without finding time for a job search. So he was still unemployed now.

"As soon as my mom’s surgery is done, I’ll find a job right away. I can definitely pay it back."

Christopher felt utterly humiliated; he wanted to turn and run but had to persist for his mother’s sake.

"Chole, please help me. My mom needs this money for surgery..."

At that moment, Christopher felt as lowly as a dog.

Lauren sneered. "We’re not your parents. Why should we care if your mom needs surgery?"

"Chole, please help me," Christopher begged Chole. "I promise I’ll pay you back."

Everyone looked at Chole.

Chole looked at Christopher coldly and spoke in an even colder tone that chilled him to the bone: "Borrow money from me? Don’t you find that laughable? What does your mother’s life or death have to do with me?"

She sneered. "Do you think there’s still something between us?"

"Don’t flatter yourself. No swan cares about a toad."

Christopher stared at Chole in disbelief that she could say such things.

"Our circles are not ones you can enter."

"My money isn’t something you can borrow."

"And there’s absolutely no affection between us."

"Oh right," she added nonchalantly. "When we were dating before and I got sick once, you gave me a Taiji Jade saying it would protect me."

"Now I’m returning this Taiji Jade to you; use it to protect your mother."

Chole pulled out a Taiji Jade from under the table and tossed it into Christopher’s hand without any emotion:

"Leave and don’t come back here again."

"Your presence at Zero Degree Bar is inappropriate; it bothers Ellis and me."

Her voice was calm without any arrogance but full of insult nonetheless.

"One should know their place."

Lauren pushed Christopher aside: "Get lost, you toad."

Christopher felt utterly hopeless.

Suddenly Ellis spoke up: "I can lend you $100,000."

Christopher’s eyes lit up with excitement: "Really?"

Ellis smirked playfully: "Kneel."

Blood rushed through Christopher's veins; anger flashed in his eyes but quickly subsided into calmness.

Christopher knelt straight down.

His knees hurt; his heart hurt more.

But for his mother’s sake, he had no regrets.


Lauren and others laughed loudly; they never expected the supposedly toughest guy would kneel before them like this.

Someone took out their phone to capture this moment.

Chole raised her snowy chin proudly like a princess; her disdain deepened: A man without any backbone.

Ellis went to the restroom and returned with a cup filled with yellow liquid then placed it before Christopher with a thud:

"Kneel down and drink this."

Ellis threw out a bank card: "This $100k is yours."

Seeing that cup of liquid made Christopher pause before realizing angrily—it was urine!

"You bastards!"

Christopher threw the cup back at them: "This is too much!"

Chole and others screamed in disarray covered in filthiness now.

Ellis roared furiously: "Beat him!"

Christopher turned around and ran immediately.

Seven or eight rich kids swarmed him quickly overpowering him until he fell down completely beaten up against the wall shielding his head tightly with both hands instinctively though feeling nothing anymore except protecting himself somehow while blood started flowing after several heavy punches landed on him making Chole & Lauren cheer gleefully seeing such defiance punished severely thinking he deserved every bit of it purely self-inflicted ultimately while Ellis stomped hard on Christopher's head finally breaking apart whatever little resistance left within him collapsing helplessly unconscious eventually bleeding profusely from palms soaking ancient Taiji Jade...

A flash of light flickered briefly.