He is Nicholas Derick Alcantara, 30 years old. A son of a shipping magnate. When he was 28, became a self-made billionaire . He opened up his own businesses related to automobiles. Aside from buying and selling cars, he has several auto-detailing shops all over the country. He also has car rental businesses and he is into car wash services as well. His brother is the one helping their father with their family business. He became a rich and successful businessman without the help of his old man. But since his family is well-known, his surname is very influential.

Because he is very good-looking and is filthy rich, no one hardly says no to him. He is used to getting his way. Many pretty women are linked to him but he never takes them seriously. He feels that females are all the same. They are all easy to get and if a man is not careful, they can be clingy. When he has sexual urges, he can have any gorgeous female he wants. He never has sex with the same woman twice. For him, fucking one woman once is enough. There are oceans of them so why just be with one? There is fun in variety.

Her name is Stacey Anne Ledesma. She is 23 years old.Her family used to be well-off but when her father died, they lost almost eveything. He died of a heart attack during one of his trips outside the country. Her mother didn't know that her dad got hooked on gambling. Their house was foreclosed by the bank, they had to sell their business and other properties just to pay her father's debt. Stacey was just 2 years old when it all happened. She just heard everything from her mother.

Before her father's first year death anniversary, Stacey's mother got married again. Her mother is one of those women who can't fend for themselves. She is not used to a hard life because she came from a rich family too.She got married again to an Australian and they had one daughter. Her half-sister's name is Heather. Stacey is 4 years older than her. Heather is petty and wild and she always puts her in trouble to make her look bad in their parents' eyes. She is so selfish and she can't accept that her dad had grown to love Stacey like a real daughter. Heather wants all the attention and love. She never treated her like a sister. She is only nice to her when their mother or her stepdad is around or both.

Stacey is gorgeous but she likes very simple things. She is not materialistic. Even when she was still in school, men flocked around her and wanted her to be their girlfriend. She didn't want to be in a relationship that time because her goal was to finish school. She wanted her stepfather to be proud of her since he was the one who sent her to school .

She graduated from college with a degree in Fine Arts. She chose that course because she wanted to achieve her dream of becoming a creative artist. But her career options are not limited to only that work. She can use her fine arts degree as the foundation for a broad range of career directions. From teaching, to management, to media and even advertising.

She is now working in an advertising agency. Tyler who is her boss has been wooing her for several months now. He is tall and handsome.The kind of guy who can have any woman.

But not her. Stacey told him that she is not yet ready to be in a relationship but he is persistent . He said that he will continuously woo her until she says yes to becoming his girlfriend.


Nick is tired of his lifestyle. He needs a major change.It could get boring when you always get what you want.

Stacey is content with her quiet and simple life. She doesn't want to get involved with anyone yet. She wants to concentrate on her career. She is giving herself three more years before getting into a relationship. Anyway, she feels that men are too complicated. She doesn't want that now.

When Nick set eyes on Stacey, he told himself that women like her need to be taught a lesson and he is the right man to do just that and he will enjoy every moment.

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