Interview with Author

Book Name: His Lovely Obsession

Author: Gracia Bonifacio


1.How has your life changed in particular since becoming the author of Hinovel?

I got more inspired to write more English books because Hinovel readers appreciate my work. It is a writer’s dream to have his/her work be published in a platform like Hinovel who caters to international readers. I am so happy because His Lovely Obsession doesn’t only have an English version but German and Italian versions too. Thank you to Hinovel for the opportunity and thanks a lot to my readers for the support.


2.What was the inspiration for this book? What circumstances made you start writing this book?

I dreamed of a female singer on a stage wearing a mask which covers her eyes and there was a male audience who couldn’t take his eyes off her. The original plot I had was a bit different from what I had written because when I started writing the chapters, new ideas came to me and the rest is history.


3.How do you record your thoughts? What is your writing process?

I know that I have to write things down when a plot suddenly crosses my mind but sadly I don’t do that. Luckily, once I sit on the chair in front of my computer, my fingers on the keyboard are usually in sync with the flows of ideas in my head. Most of the time, my idea of the chapter’s ending changes as I write since better ideas come to me. I make an effort to make each chapter’s ending a cliffhanger.


4.Did you encounter any difficulties in the process of writing? How did you overcome?

Yes. After writing several stories in a span of three years, ideas come with difficulty so I often have a writer’s block up to this day. I overcome that problem by reading again my previous stories to be inspired and motivated.


5.Which book are you reading these days? Would you like to recommend some books?

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to read books since after work, I often want to take a rest to refresh my mind so I can write a new chapter of the book I am currently working on.


6.Is there any advice for people who want to be an author or a message for your readers?

Don’t worry about the number of readers your first book will have. Just write from the heart and once readers feel the emotion of every sentence or paragraph you wrote, they will surely look forward to the next chapter. And as much as possible, write down your thoughts so you don't forget them.


7.Do you have any writing plans in 2022?

I will definitely continue writing and soon I will have more books in Hinovel.

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