Her Twin Mates

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Why me? Why did the gods have to curse me? Why did my parents leave me? Why didn't they love me or take me with them? What was wrong with me? What was I? Why did my Alpha not care for me like the others? Why was I locked away from everyone like some shameful secret? All I ever wanted was to grow up with friends, family, and people who loved me for me and not be afraid of me because of what I looked like. Ever since I was born I was different and it's not something people just say either. I was literally born different from everyone around me and I was always bullied and looked down upon for it even though I had no control over it. I never knew my parents and my Alpha always told me that they took one look at me and just left me here. I however choose to think that they loved me and died protecting me from people who wanted to harm me which didn't matter since I didn't know what actually happened to them and I knew that I would never find our either.

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Intro - Astrid's POV

My childhood was non-existent since I was always being locked away and I wasn't allowed to be around anyone and I wasn't sure that anyone even knew that I existed. I knew that I wasn't supposed to be treated like this but I couldn't do anything about it since I learned my lesson about fighting back and resisting. Every time I would try to escape or I would struggle and fight back against the guards, the doctor, or the Alpha I was punished and beaten. They were always taking my blood and testing it and experimenting on me seeing what harmed me and what did not. They found out that wolfsbane and silver were only mildly irritating to me and not life threatening like it was to them. I was only allowed to eat 2 times a day if I was lucky to get that and I only earned that when I was behaving and when I fought back I was lucky to get anything for a few days as that was my punishment along with a beating.

I know you are wondering who I am and what I did to wind up in this cell. Well the only reason I was in this cell was because of the way I was born which scared everyone since I was the only one of my kind that I knew of. For as long as I can remember I've always been in some sort of cell away from everyone and everything besides the Alpha, the doctor and the guards he had stationed around me all the time. Hell I didn't even have a name that I could remember since everyone just called me 'girl' or 'it' when they talked about me which they didn't even care if they did it in-front of me or not. It was a very not so nice way to learn a lot about myself even if I didn't want to know.

Now that you have some background on me lets get to the present day which isn't any different from what I have already told about myself. I was hanging chained to the wall by my wrists, neck, waist, and feet since I gave them all trouble last night by fighting back wanting to be free from all of this. I didn't know what day it was since I have been in here my whole life but I was guessing that it was my birthday since I was starting to feel different. My hearing was getting better, my sight was sharper, my sense of smell enhanced which I really hated since I could smell every little smell down here which wasn't pleasant at all. My ears twitched at every little sound I could hear but what scared me the most was the voices that suddenly appeared in my head out of no where.

'Hello' I hear 2 different voices say at once scaring the fuck out of me

'Hel-hello?' I asked out in my mind in wonder

'Who are y-you?' I ask confused

'We represent your animal halves' One of them says

'My animal halves? What is going on? I'm scared' I say to them in my mind since that seems to be where they are

'It's alright we are apart of you and you are apart of us. We will always be here with you no matter what, we make each other strong.' They said together but not at once to make it confusing for me.

'How am I hearing you both right now?' I ask them confused as well as curious

'We reside within you. We share a mind and body even though it seems like we are different we are not. It seems like you know nothing about us or what you are why is that?' One of them asks but I could feel the confusion coming from the both of them

'I was never told about any of this. I've been held captive in this cell for as long as I can remember. I'm only told what I overhear and what I'm told to do otherwise I'm here alone' I tell them sadly

'Oh darling' One of them says

'Well you aren't alone anymore, we are hear now and we promise to never ever leave you against our wills but that is a talk for another time.' The other one says

'Why are you both here all of a sudden?' I ask curious

'Ah that we can answer for you. We have both resided within you since the day you were born but we were only able to talk to you once you had become of age which seems to be today. Happy Birthday' They say in unison making a small smile splay across my dry cracked lips

'It's my birthday today? That's why I can talk to the both of you?' I ask confused and scared

'Yes our human and that's not all since you are of age and have finally awoken us, we have also awoken our chances of finding our mates'

'What are mates?' I ask her seeing as this is the longest conversation I have ever had my whole life

'A mate is the person or persons who the Goddess has made for us. They are our mate or soul mate if you prefer, our other half or halves, they complete us and make us feel whole.' They tell me together

'I hope that our mate or mates can find us one day and take us far, far away from this horrid place' I say to them

'Are you able to shift?' I hear one of them ask

'Shift? What's that?' I ask curiously

'Shifting is what every shifter can do. It's when the human that's you shifts into your animals which would be us'

'Does it hurt?' I ask in wonder and fear

'Usually the first shift if the hardest one and hurts the most but after that it isn't all that painful and after a while it doesn't hurt at all' They explain to me

'I would love to shift and be able to let one of yous or both of you out but I'm afraid that I can't right now' I say sadly

'Why's that?' They ask confused

'I'm currently chained to a wall in my cell' I tell them sadly

'It's alright hunny when we get out of here we will shift into one of us or maybe a combination of us and escape which will be a surprise to them since I don't think they will ever know that we are here' they say

'How do we escape from here?' I ask in wonderment

'Easily but it's going to take some time and we need you to play nice so that we can build up some of our combined strength to be able to get us out of here' one of them states

'Alright I think I can manage that. What are your names?' I ask curiously since I wanted to call them by their names and not by just calling out to them blindly

'My name is Eve and I'm Mystique. That's good hunny we should have enough strength in no time' They tell me



'Yes?' They say in unison

'What kind of animals are you?' I ask them curious to know what I'll be able to shift into

'Someone's coming. Don't talk to us with anyone around. We will talk to you later when there's no one around. Stay strong darling we will be out of here in no time hunny' They tell me before they cut off the connection between us which made me a little sad but I could still feel them at the back of my mind which brought me comfort.