Chapter 1 The most suitable candidate

At Innisrial General Hospital, Aimee Read walked out of the operating room, opened the door of the office, and saw an elderly man sitting on the sofa waiting for her.

"Grandpa." Aimee called out obediently. Even though she was exhausted, she was still humble, showing no resentment towards this unexpected guest.

Mason Read clasped his hands on the crutches. He did not give her a friendly look, and he didn't respond immediately.

Aimee had long been used to Mason's attitude, so she didn't say anything, but walked back to her desk.

She had just had an operation, so she was physically and mentally exhausted. The operation lasted twenty hours, and she could fall asleep even if she blinked.

Finally Mason relaxed and said, "I have told you to quit your job as a doctor. It's not that our family can't afford your living expenses."

Aimee didn't reply.

In the past, she would have resisted and defended how much she loved her job, and begged the old and bossy man to give her a little freedom.

However, every time, it just ended without no progress, and what she got was only curses.

Aimee was really tired of going through that.

Mason saw that she did not speak, and the anger in his heart surged up even more.

However, thinking of the purpose of coming here today, Mason didn't curse, but changed his tone.

"You don't have to show me that attitude, like I owe you something. Aimee, we the Read family never owe you anything," Mason said.

Aimee bit her lip. Although she didn't want to answer, she really didn't want Mason to say anything worse, so she said softly, "I know."

She was taken to Read's family at the age of seven. She knew that these so-called relatives took a load of troubles to take her back just to get a good reputation, and they didn't really care if she was their blood relative.

Realizing this fact early on, Aimee hid her enthusiasm and no longer longed for warm family affections.

"Now that you know it, it's time for you to do something for your family." Mason said that by taking this opportunity.

Aimee looked up at Mason. She realized that it was probably something that had been discussed at home recently. At first, she thought it would not be her turn, but now that she thought about it, and this was a hot potato itself. It was impossible for other granddaughters at home to agree.

Mason said, "As you know, the third son of the Hayden family has come of the age of marriage. Mr. Hayden chose our girls from so many girls from other wealthy families, but Iris and Jaylah both have their own boyfriends, and Mikayla is still young. So, for the engagement with the third son of Hayden family, I think you are the most suitable candidate."

Hearing this, Aimee's expression didn't change much, but she felt miserable.

How high-sounding what Mason said! Aimee, who knew the truth, felt only irony in her heart.

Half a year ago, due to an accident, the third son of Hayden family had high paraplegia. And she and her tutor performed the operation together.

Wasn’t it because the three girls from the family knew the inside story, refused to marry to the Hayden family and be the grass widow, so they left this to her?

Otherwise, why did Mason come to the hospital today to talk to her in person after the Hayden family sent a message three days ago?

It was also because the Hayden family was an extremely powerful and wealthy family. Although it only ranked third on the public list of the wealthy, the rich and noble people all knew that Hayden family was low-key. If their real wealth was revealed, it was supposed that the Hayden family would be the richest in the world.

Although the Read family was also on the rich list, they were at the bottom.

For a family as high and wealthy as the Hayden family, by all means, the Reads hoped that the girls they really loved would marry into the Hayden family.

Aimee remained silent for a while, which undoubtedly consumed Mason's patience.

If it had been in the past, he must have scolded her harshly, but he was still patient today.

Seeing that Aimee had not said anything for a long time, Mason could only talk about the conditions he had thought of beforehand, "I think you really like this job. In this way, if you marry into the Hayden family, I will no longer intgervene with your future. If you just want to be a doctor with no prospects, I won't have any opinion against it."

Aimee finally had some reaction. She raised her eyes to look at Mason, and finally said, "Thank you, Grandpa."

Then it was an agreement.

Mason snorted coldly. His attitude changed sharply, and he ordered Aimee, "After you marry him, do not forget our family. You are the daughter of the Read family. And you must consider everything for our family. You must help your brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts all the time."

Aimee finally couldn't help sneering at his words in her heart.

She had the slightest connection to the Hayden family by now, and Mason had already thought this far.

But at this moment, Aimee just wanted to send her profit-oriented grandfather away quickly. Therefore, she nodded and replied, "I understand."

After all, it was up to her to decide whether to do it or not.

Seeing that Aimee had no other questions, Mason explained a few more words before leaving.

The office finally became quiet. Aimee rubbed her forehead, with a pair of eyes full of pain.

After a while, Aimee took off her white coat and stepped out of the office.

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