Healing my disabled husband

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Tracy Swift


She was forced to marry a disabled man, who is handsome. Although she is a professional doctor, she doesn't know whether she should heal him or not......

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Chapter 1 The most suitable candidate

At Innisrial General Hospital, Aimee Read emerged from a operating room, pushed open an office door, and spotted an elderly man seated on the sofa, patiently awaiting her arrival.

"Grandpa," Aimee obediently called out. Despite her exhaustion, she remained humble, harboring no resentment towards this unexpected visitor.

Mason Read, gripping his crutches, did not offer her a friendly gaze and didn't respond immediately.

Aimee had grown accustomed to Mason's demeanor over time, so she chose to say nothing and instead returned to her desk.

Having just completed a lengthy surgery, she felt physically and mentally drained. The procedure had lasted a grueling 20 hours, and she could easily fall asleep with each blink of her eyes.

Finally, Mason relaxed and spoke, "I've already told you to quit your job as a doctor. Our family can afford your living expenses."

Aimee didn't respond.

In the past, she would have resisted and passionately defended her love for her profession, pleading with the old, authoritative man to grant her a bit of freedom.

However, those discussions had always ended in vain, leaving her only with a string of curses.

Aimee had grown weary of enduring such exchanges.

As he observed her silence, Mason's anger surged even more.

But considering the purpose of his visit today, Mason refrained from cursing and altered his tone.

"You don't have to show me that attitude, as if I owe you something. Aimee, the Read family has never owed you anything," Mason declared.

Aimee bit her lip. While she didn't want to respond, she also wished to prevent Mason from saying anything more hurtful, so she softly replied, "I know."

She had been brought into the Read family when she was 7 years old. She understood that these so-called relatives had taken her in merely to improve their own reputation, without truly caring if she was their blood relative.

Recognizing this fact at an early age, Aimee concealed her enthusiasm and no longer yearned for affectionate family bonds.

"Now that you understand, it's time for you to do something for your family," Mason continued, seizing the opportunity.

Aimee looked up at Mason, realizing that this matter had likely been discussed within the family recently. Initially, she believed it wouldn't be her turn, but upon reflection, she understood the situation. It was a delicate matter that the other granddaughters at home would never agree to.

Mason explained, "As you know, the third son of the Hayden family has reached the age of marriage. Mr. Hayden has chosen a bride from our family, among numerous candidates from other wealthy families. However, Iris and Jaylah already have boyfriends of their own, and Mikayla is still young. So, for the engagement with the third son of the Hayden family, I believe you are the most suitable candidate."

As she heard this, Aimee's expression remained largely unchanged, but she felt a sense of desolation.

How pompous Mason's words sounded! Aimee, aware of the truth, found only irony in her heart.

6 months ago, due to an accident, the third son of the Hayden family became paraplegic. It was she and her mentor who had performed the operation together.

Wasn't it because the three girls from the family knew the inside story, refused to marry into the Hayden family, and become widows, that they passed the responsibility to her?

Otherwise, why would Mason come to the hospital today to discuss this matter in person after the Hayden family had sent a message three days ago?

It was because the Hayden family possessed immense power and wealth. Though they ranked third on the public list of wealthy families, the truly affluent and influential were aware of the Hayden family's low-key nature. If their true wealth were exposed, the Hayden family would likely be recognized as the wealthiest in the world.

While the Read family also made it onto the wealthy list, they were situated at the bottom.

For a family as lofty and wealthy as the Hayden family, the Reads desired their beloved daughters to marry into their ranks.

Aimee remained silent for a while, testing Mason's patience.

In the past, he would have scolded her harshly, but today he displayed a measure of patience.

Seeing that Aimee remained silent, Mason proceeded to lay out the conditions he had previously pondered, "I know you genuinely love this job. If you marry into the Hayden family, I won't meddle with your future anymore. If you wish to remain a doctor without prospects, I won't object."

Aimee finally reacted. She lifted her gaze to meet Mason's eyes and replied, "Thank you, Grandpa."

And so, an agreement was reached.

Mason let out a cold snort. His demeanor abruptly changed as he commanded Aimee, "After you marry him, do not forget our family. You are a daughter of the Read family. You must always consider our family in everything you do. You must assist your siblings, uncles, and aunts."

Aimee couldn't help but sneer inwardly at his words.

By now, she had virtually no connection to the Hayden family, and Mason had already contemplated this.

But at this moment, Aimee simply yearned to swiftly bid her profit-driven grandfather farewell. Thus, she nodded and replied, "I understand."

Ultimately, the decision rested with her.

With no further questions from Aimee, Mason provided a few additional instructions before departing.

Finally, the office fell silent. Aimee rubbed her forehead, her eyes filled with pain.

After a while, Aimee removed her white coat and stepped out of the office.